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Shawn Phillips - No Category (repost)

Shawn Phillips - No Category - 2002

Shawn Phillips - Guitar, Vocal
Mike Miller - Guitar
Ralph Humphrey - Drums, Percussion
J. Peter Robinson - Organ, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer
Leland Sklar - Bass

01. Moonshine
02. Lost and Lonely
03. Fondest Dreams
04. Moneydance
05. I Will Never Leave
06. Calico & Rainbows
07. The Man
08. Power of a Woman
09. Most of Us Don't Understand
10. Free Samples

11. Try To Find A Way
12. One Way Ticket
13. Sleep Pretty Baby
14. Peace Song
15. Par For the Course

Phillips is a rock pioneer. Keeping true to his roots in folk music, he experimented with classical, fantasy iconography, surreal verse, mysticism and voice. The results produced the multi-million selling album "Second Contribution." Four of his 18 albums charted on Billboard's top 100. Four singles charted on Billboard's top 40. Celebrating 40 years of recording and touring, Universal Music honored Phillips with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 23, 2002.

Signifying the strength of his fan base, No Category, Phillips 18th studio album was a result of fans going to this website where they donated the money to cover the recording cost.

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wkc disse...

thank you for sharing Shawn Phillips have always enjoyed his music since I first heard Lost Horizon in theaters many years ago. Had to go right out and find his music. Didn't realize he had some newer music out there. thanks again