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Leon Russell - Bad Country

Leon Russell - Bad Country - 2008

By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, from cduniverse
One of many albums Leon Russell released on his own Leon Russell Records in the new millennium, Bad Country contains a selection of 12 original songs by Russell. As the title lightly implies, this is indeed a country album, but it's not bad - either in its quality or its sound, as the music is perfectly pleasant. There's not a lot of raunch here - it's a clean, slightly stiff production, sounding as if it has been stitched together with MIDI, as there's no breathing room in the rhythms and a slight steely ping to his keyboards. The only soul here comes from Russell's signature drawl, which is still in good shape, and while the songs here are hardly his best, they're nice showcases for Russell as an endearingly lazy country-rock stylist. To be sure, this is just for the fans - and it's even kind of marginal on that level - but if it doesn't have much that's compelling, it's not hard to enjoy in passing, either.

01. A Little Bit of Your Love
02. Honkytonk Dream
03. Oklahoma Girl
04. California Dreams
05. Hungry Eyes
06. Real Love
07. Rio Grande

08. Sweet Magic Love
09. Tennessee Hayride
10. Come Lay with Me
11. Bad Country


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John Lennon - Madison Square Garden


John Lennon - Madison Square Garden - 30-Aug-1972

In September of 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono relocated to Greenwich Village in New York City and found themselves at the epicenter of political activism. They soon became friends with high profile activists Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman and began making public appearances protesting the Vietnam War and the imprisonment of Angela Davis and John Sinclair. Fearing Lennon's influence and more specifically, that he had the ability to humiliate President Richard Nixon, the FBI began investigating, documenting John and Yoko's every move in an effort to find grounds on which to deport him. It was against this highly charged political backdrop that John and Yoko began recording their album, Sometime In New York City, with an agenda to protest against the social injustices they observed in the United States. With Phil Spector producing and accompanied by members of the Plastic Ono Band and Elephant's Memory, the album was completed in March of 1972 and remains the most overtly political recordings Lennon ever recorded.

At the request of their friend Geraldo Rivera, shortly after the album was released, Lennon agreed to headline two charity concerts to benefit the Willowbrook Home, a facility for learning disabled children. Also featuring Sha Na Na, Roberta Flack, and Stevie Wonder, the event was called "One To One," and New York mayor John Lindsay declared the date, "One To One Day." Both concerts were filmed and recorded, with excerpts of the evening show broadcast on ABC Television and performances from the afternoon show eventually compiled for release in 1986 as the live album and home video releases Live In New York City. Not only would these performances go down in history as one of the few times John and Yoko ever performed material from the Sometimes In New York City album, but they would unfortunately prove to be John Lennon's last and only full-length public concerts following the breakup of The Beatles.


01. Mother
02. We're All Water
03. Come Together
04. Give Peace A Chance
05. Imagine

John Lennon - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Yoko Ono - Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Keltner - Drums

Elephant's Memory
Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - Guitar
John Ward - Bass
Richard Frank Jr.  - Drums
Adam Ippolito - keyboards
Stan Bronstien - saxophone
Stevie Wonder,  Roberta Flack and Sha Na Na bandmembers  guests on "Give Peace A Chance"


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Delaney Bramlett - Sweet Inspiration

Delaney Bramlett - Sweet Inspiration - 2002

Born in Mississippi in 1939, Bramlett came to Los Angeles in the 1960s and played guitar in the house band for the TV pop show Shindig. With his then- wife Bonnie Lynn he formed the short-lived Southern blues-rock band Delaney & Bonnie & Friends. The band toured as the opening act for Blind Faith, the supergroup that featured British guitarist Clapton. After Bramlett and his first wife divorced in the early '70s, they parted professionally as well, and he faded from the spotlight.

During his career, Bramlett performed, co-wrote or recorded with stars such as Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Dave Mason, Billy Preston, J.J. Cale, the Everly Brothers and Mac Davis. He also produced artists including Etta James and Elvin Bishop.


01. Sweet Inspiration
02. Gone
03. Get In
04. Things I Didn't Say
05. Let It Rain
06. Funky
07. Stay
08. I Love The Feel Of It
09. Stay With Me   
10. Tight Rack
11. Sweet Inspiration (alternative mix)
12. Gone (alternative mix)
13. Get In (alternative mix)
14. Let It Rain (alternative mix)

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitars
Hank Barrio, Peter Klimes - Guitar
Spooner Oldham - Keyboards
Al Lichtenstein - Drums
Bob Gross - Bass
Mike Faue - Percussion
Steve Lawrence, Kim Carmel Bramlett - Sax
John Fumo, Chuck Findley - Trumpet
Bekka Bramlett, Kelly McCall Fumo, Clydie King - Back Vocals


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Denny Laine - Reborn

Denny Laine - Reborn - 2001

By Joe Viglione, from answers.com

Reborn is a brilliant album by an erratic and often misdirected artist. It is, actually, quite refreshing in its simplicity, with Laine's vocals surprisingly in good shape. In the late '80s and early '90s, the founding member of the Moody Blues who should never have left Wings had little of his great voice left.

He was performing in New England doing covers of previous glories, talking about a musical opera he was writing, and raising a daughter with his girlfriend Helen Grant, daughter of the late Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin. Hearing "Hard Labor" on this disc definitely shows the rebirth the title track acknowledges. The voice is more flawed here than on other tracks, but it works, like a drunken Steve Marriott might sound today had he lived, raspy and sincere. Brian Hines, in his Denny Laine persona, crams choruses he was so good at creating into compact little tunes with great melodies. "Misty Mountain" is a good example - this pop tune dives right into that sound Laine helped establish.What a shame he didn't come up with songs like this when Paul McCartney generously gave him room to express himself on Wings albums. 


01. In Time

02. Reborn
03. Rollin' Tide
04. Nightwalker
05. Hard Labour
06. Misty Mountain
07. Fanfare
08. Within Walls
09. Eternal Quest
10. Phoenix


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Pete Townshend - Live Brixton Academy '85

Pete Townshend - Live Brixton Academy '85 - 2004

Pete Townshend and the Deep End Band played live for two benefit outings - November 1 and 2, 1985 at the Brixton Academy - to help support Townshend's own "Double O' Charities. The performances are excerpted and were used in a made-for-home-video, also called Pete Townshend's Deep End Live!.  However, significant interest in the project would ultimately yield a 10-song LP which was issued to retail a few months later. Townshend is backed by an ensemble that includes a core band of John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Chucho Merchán, Simon Philips and David Gilmour.

This is THE COMPLET SHOW. The double CD set presents many Who and Solo tracks, including some rare performances of tracks from the White City album, as well as covers of fifties and sixties classics.

Disc 1

01. Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
02. Won't Get Fooled Again
03. A Little Is Enough
04. Secondhand Love
05. That’s Alright, Mama
06. Behind Blue Eye
07. The Shout
08. Harlem Shuffle
09. Barefootin’
10. After The Fire
11. Love On The Air
12. Midnight Lover
13. Blue Light
14. I Put A Spell On You
15.  I'm One

Disc 2

01. Driftin’
02. Magic Bus
03. Save It For Later
04. Eyesight to the Blind
05. Walkin’
06. Stop Hurting People
07. The Sea Refuses No River
08. Boogie Stop Shuffle
09. Face The Face
10. Pinball Wizard
11. Give Blood
12. Night Train

Pete Townshend - Guitar, Vocals
David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Philips - Drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - keyboards
Chucho Merchan - Bass
Peter Hope-Evans - Harmonica
Jody Linscott - Percussion
Gina Foster, Chris Staines, Coral Gordon, Billy Nicholls, Ian Ellis - Backing Vocals
"The Kickhorns" - Simon Clarke, Tim Saunders, Peter Thoms, Roddy Lorimer, Dave Plews


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Robby Krieger - Robbie Krieger & Friends

Robby Krieger - Robbie Krieger & Friends - 1977

Esse é o primeiro disco solo do ex-guitarrista do Doors. Não há nada nesse disco que lembre algo que houvera sido feito anteriormente por Krieger. Nada de rock, nada de blues e, principalmente, nada de Doors. Esse disco passeia entre um jazz sem inspiração e algo entre um funk "light" e um pop sem nenhuma consequência. 

É claro que por se tratar de Krieger há um ou outro lampejo de sua extrema qualidade, mas é pouco - muito pouco - em se tratando de um dos maiores guitarrista que o mundo já assistiu.

Fiz o up desse disco para atender a um amigo que o pediu em um fórum e não nego que hesitei em postá-lo aqui (até por  ele depor contra o nome do blog :)), mas, pela dificuldade em encontrá-lo na rede,  resolvi disponibilizá-lo a todos.

01. Gumpopper
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Reggie Greene - Bass
Ed Greene - Drums
Ron Stockert - Clav
Sal Marquez - Sinths, Trumpet
Jock Ellis - Trombone
Joel Peskin - Sax (tenor & baritone)

02. Uptown
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Kenny Wild - Bass
Bruce Gary - Drums & Timpani
Greg Mathieson - Organ
Sal Marquez - Trumpet
Jock Ellis - Trombone
Joel Peskin - Tenor Sax Solo
Sharon Robinson & Afreeka Trees - Vocals

03. Every Day
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Reggie Greene - Bass
Ed Greene - Drums
Sal Marquez - Clav, TrumpetJoel Peskin - Sax (tenor & baritone)
Sharon Robinson & Afreeka Trees - Vocals

04. Marily Monroe
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Reggie Greene - Bass
Jimmy Smith - Organ
Ed Greene - DrumsJohn Densmore - Reggae Drums
Sal Marquez - Sinths
Stu Goldberg - Minimoog
Sharon Robinson & Afreeka Trees - Vocals

05. The Ally
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Bruce Gary - DrumsKeny Wild - Bass
Sal Marquez - Clav, Trumpet
Perico - CongasEddie Talamantes - Timbales
Stu Goldberg - Organ, Minimoog
Jock Ellis - Trombone
Joel Peskin - Sax
Gary Barone - Trumpet

06. Low Botomy
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Reggie McBride - Bass
Bruce Gary - Drums, Sleigh Bells, Timpani, Whistle
Sal Marquez - Arp Oddesy, Trumpet

07. Spare Change
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Bruce Gary - Drums, Sleigh Bells, Timpani, Whistle
Kenny Wild - Bass
Stu Goldberg - Minimoog solo, Organ
Sal Marquez - Clav, Fender Rhodes
Pederico - Congas
Eddie Talamantes - Bongos

08. Big Oak Basin
Robby Krieger - Guitar
Ed Greene - Drums
Bob Glaub - BassGreg Mathieson - Organ
Sal Marquez - Arp Bass, Piano, Trumpet
Gary Barone - trumpet
Joel Peskin - Sax
Jock Ellis - Trombone
Eddie Talamantes, Bruce Gary - Shakers


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Nicky Hopkins - The Fugitive

Nicky Hopkins - The Fugitive - 1992

"The Fugitive" é a trilha sonora para uma série da TV japonesa realizada e executada por Nick Hopkins. Não tenho nenhuma informações sobre a série em si, como qual a trama central, por quantos anos ela torrou a paciência dos telespectadores ou mesmo se ainda ela é repetida à exaustão, numa espécie de Chaves japonês (rs).

A trilha segue àquele método de um tema central, com várias músicas derivadas dele. Foge um pouco do que costumo ouvir e postar, mas acredito que muita gente nunca tenha sequer ouvido falar nesse disco.

Aproveitem, divirtam-se e tenham um bom final-de-semana.

01. Faith (main theme)
02. Long Way to Go
03. Misty Blue
04. Lovers in The Rain
05. In Your Smile
06. A Little Prayer
07. Don't Stop
08. Night of Terror
09. Solitude
10. Tell By Your Eyes
11. Truth
12. Run For The Justice
13. Love
14. Judgement Day


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Don Nix - Passing Through

Don Nix - Passing Through  - 2008

1. Sit Down on Your Love
2. She's My Rock
3. Roads
4. I Wrote It on the Wall
5. Passing Through
6. World Keep on Turning
7. I Don't Know Why I Care About You
8. Where's the Problem
9. I Belong to My Songs


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Leon Russel - Angel in Disguise

Leon Russel - Angel in Disguise - 2007

By James Calemine, from swampland.com
Angel In Disguise contains 11 new Leon Russell songs. Russell's prodigious discography proves his influence and talent since he left Lawton, Oklahoma, in his teens.

"Sweet Mimi", a rollicking opener, employs many of the same musical elements--mercurial guitar, cosmic keyboards and a strong beat--Russell mastered over the last 40 years. "How Can This Be Love" contends as a hybrid R & B song bred with synthesized keyboards. The title track, a swinging R & B number, calls to mind Tony Joe White.

These songs - such as "Lovin' On My Mind" - begin to take on a psychedelic-swamp sound with gospel back up vocalists. These compositions represent The Master of Space and Time in 2007.

"Come For You" could easily pass for a Stevie Wonder funk song until you hear Russell's inimitable voice. "Black N Blue" operates with unrestrained R & B, funk and Russell's signature rock and roll piano.

"All Through The Night", a ballad, calls to mind a sonic landscape of Russell's fine album Will O the Wisp. "Honky Tonk Eyes" proves there's still a spring in Russell's 65-year-old step in an up-tempo ditty that revisits Jerry Lee Lewis' incandescent piano work. "Dyess Colony" sounds like cowboy swing mixed with the blues and a galloping keyboard to birth a toe-tapping tale.

01. Sweet Mimi
02. How Can This Be Love
03. Angel In Disguise
04. Lovin’ On My Mind
05. Come For You
06. Honey & Eli
07. Black N’ Blue
08. All Through The Night
09. Honky Tonk Eyes
10. Dyess Colony
11. Desire Inside Your Eyes


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Leon Russell - Signature Songs

Leon Russell - Signature Songs - 2001

For the album "Signature Songs," Leon chose 11 of his favorite songs in his 40 plus year career. This release is Leon Russell performing his standard hits with just piano and vocals. The collection includes Leon's most memorable hits: A Song For You, One More Love Song, Tight Rope, Stranger in a Strange Land, Hummingbird, Back to the Island, Out in the Woods, Lady Blue, Delta Lady, Magic Mirror and the first song in music history to occupy the number one spot on the pop, jazz, and R&B charts - This Masquerade.

01. A Song for You

02. Magic Mirror
03. This Masquerade
04. One More Love Song   
05. Tight Rope
06. Stranger In A Strange Land   
07. Hummingbird
08. Back To The Island
09. Out In The Woods
10. Lady Blue   
11. Delta Lady


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Leon Russell - Almost Piano

Leon Russell - Almost Piano - 2008

By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Allmusic
Almost Piano = MIDI synthesizers, at least in this collection of ten instrumentals from Leon Russell. One of many self-recorded and self-released albums Russell kicked out in the new millennium, this sequenced and sprightly offering clearly betrays its origins as a computerized creation. As careful as the production sounds, the compositions often seem as if Russell just set up and started playing, giving the tracks their titles afterward. Still, Russell remains a fluid, engaging player, and devoted Leon Russell fans might enjoy putting this on as background music.

01. Ixtland
02. Piano Polka
03. Friendly Fire
04. Whitewater Blues
05. Harpo's Dream
06. Kiss My Eyes
07. Girl I Once Knew, A
08. Blind Lemon Cream
09. Big Easy
10. Reba Lights


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Dean Rees - Sweet Felicity Arkwright

Dean Rees - Sweet Felicity Arkwright - 2006

Dean Rees is best known for his Hammond work with classic British rockers Humble Pie, as well as Stray, Del Bromham and the Devils and 17Black. Before that, dues were paid in the usual list of local groupings, most notably Colour Sargeant and Grand Society with Toby Marriott. As a featured artist at all annual installments of the Small Faces convention in London, Rees has shared the stage with Glen Matlock, Clem Clempson, Chris Farlow and Steve Ellis.

He's also become known as a "go-to guy" for several other high-profile special events. One of those was a most memorable stop at London's historic Royal Albert Hall for the Ronnie Lane memorial concert (featuring Pete Townshend and Ronnie Wood). Dean was also honored to play at the Steve Marriott memorial concert (feat Noel Gallagher, Humble Pie, Kenney Jones, Ian McLagen, Bobby Tench, Johnny Warman, Peter Frampton, et al). His contribution to the ModAid CD and video was added to those of Ronnie Wood, Mark Joseph and many other popular mod-influenced musos.

In 2003 Dean rejoined his good friend and mentor Greg Ridley, bassist, vocalist, and founding member of Humble Pie. First billed as Greg Ridley's Humble Pie, the new five piece was enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike at debut gigs in London. The US was then targeted with a club tour of the south & west, but sadly it wasn't to be as in early November Greg suddenly fell ill and then passed away later that month. Dean soon jumped into two projects that would be fitting and lasting tributes to Greg Ridley. A collaboration with Bad Company guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell on an unfinished song, co-written by Greg, yielded a track that was added to the Greg Ridley Anthology (2004 AngelAir Records). "Learn to Live" also featured vocals by Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Todd Sucherman (Styx) on drums.

A memorial concert in 2004 saw Dean reform Greg Ridley's short-lived band from the year before. The Greg Ridley Band payed a rollicking, butt-kicking tribute to their fallen friend at "The Party For Greg" in London. The event also featured great performances by Spooky Tooth's Mike Kellie and Luther Grosvenor (aka Arial Bender of Mott The Hoople), Bucket Colwell (Bad Company, Humble Pie), Paul Geurin (The Quireboys), Mollie Marriott and many others.

In May of 2006 Dean Rees released his first solo CD "Sweet Felicity Arkwright", an offering that not only rocks, but rhythms, blues and rolls with funkn' soul. You'll hear Dean's heaviest influences, which are rooted in the beginnings of Classic Brit Rock, yet throughout Arkwright are pepperings of American soul, blues and gospel.

Ten new Dean Rees Songs co-produced by Dean and his long-time collaborator and friend Karl Randall.

Dean is joined on Sweet Felicity Arkwright by DR Band members Karl Randall (drums), Del Bromham (guitars), Stu Uren (bass), Mollie Marriott (vocals) and Lee Devine (vocals). Two of those names will be familiar to classic rock fans as Del Bromham is the founder and frontman of the veteran British rock band Stray and Mollie Marriott is the daughter of the legendary leader of Humble Pie, Steve Marriott. Also featured on Arkwright are special guest artists and friends Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, etc), Tony Rolfe, Stefan John, Toby Marriott (Steve's son), James Coello, Ian Page, Clive Hewsen and Stuart Ikin

01. Slide Rider

02. Smilin' Joe
03. Taken a Hold On Me
04. The Blacksmith
05. Soul Patch
06. I Got You
07. The Grain Train (Get On Board)
08. What's Goin Down
09. Heavy Rain
10. Heavy Rain (reprise)