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Loz Netto - Loz Netto

 Loz Netto - Loz Netto - 1986

Em seu terceiro disco solo, Loz Netto faz uma mistura bem (ou mal?) anos 80´, com muitos teclados, namorando entre o pop, rock e disco.

Pra quem se apega a detalhes televisivos, a música "we touch" esteve presente na trilha sonora de Miami Vice.
01. Walking In The Dark0
02. We Touch
03. Dance To The Music
04. No Reaction
05. Silent Movie
06. Fat City
07. Do What You Want
08. One Night Out
09. Substitute

Loz Netto - Vocals, Guitar.
Phil Palmer, Mike Hehir, Ashley Mulford, Andy Mac - Guitar
Richie Close, Jon Carrin, Steve Piggot - Keyboards
Ian Wilson, Tessa Niles, Paul Young Backing, Steve Butler - Backing Vocals
Dave Irving - Drums
Snake - Sax


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Tommy Bolin - Fever (repost)

Tommy Bolin - Fever - 2000 (box with 15 cds)

Uma  BIG coleção de 15 volumes que trazem shows, takes, demos, improvisações, jams, boots  e mais um tantão de coisas que englobam o período de 1966 a 1977.

O repost de hoje se difere do original por esse estar todo em @320.

Disk 01 - Patch Of Blue: Correctionville, IA 1966 and  Beatles Jam with Bolin, Dave Brown, Tim Weisburg

01. It Ain't Easy
02. Midnight Hour
03. Your Love Makes The World Go Round
04. Stop There
05. Sweet Soul Music
06. It's Not Unusual
07. Born In Chicago
08. My Girl
09. Happy Together
10. I Think We Are Alone Now
11. Instrumental
12. It's Allright
13. Gimme Some Lovin'
14. Heat Wave
15. Over You  
16. Love Love Me
17. Down On Me
18. Heat Wave  
19. Mercy Mercy
20. Rock'n Roll Medley
21. Beatles Jam

Disk 2 - Zephyr: Montana Gardens 8-14-70 and - Bolin/Steig/Hamer/Cobham/Gomez New York City 01-71 Pt 1

01. See My People Come Together
02. Going Back To Colorado
03. Hard Charging Woman
04. ?
05. ?
06.  Lead Myself Away
07. ?
08. ?
09. ?
10. ?

Disk 3 - Bolin/Steig/Hamer/Cobham/Gomez New York City 01-71 Pt 2

01.  ?
02.  ?
03.  ?
04.  ?
05.  ?
06.  ?

Disk 4 -  Bolin Solo Electric Jam,  Bolin Sheldon Jam and  Energy at Summit Studios Denver 06-72 Pt 1

01. ?
02. ?
03. ?
04. Post Toastee
05. Shake The Devi
06. Burning On A Illusion Tonight
07. The Devil Is Singing Our Song
08. The Devil Is Singing Our Song
09. Since My Woman
10. Won't You Come And Stay
11. Dreamer  
12. Stop Breaking Down     8:51
13. Goin' Down     5:23
14. Jeff Beck Jam

Tommy Bolin - Guitar
Jeff Cook - Vocals
Bobby Belge -Drums
Tom Stepahnson - Keyboards
Stanly Sheldon - Bass
Jeff Beck Jam - Glennholly #2

Disk 5 - Energy at Summit Studios Denver 06-72 Pt 2

01. Guitar Solo
02. Since My Woman
03. Lukaru
04. Lady Luck
05. Dreamer
06. ?
07. Whiskey Headed Woman
08. Shaking On Your Bones
09. Boogie Baby

Disk 6 - Energy (Jackson Demos),  Energy (Iowa 1972) and  Good Rats Jam

01. Tonight
02. Stay With You
03. Walking By Shadows
04. Early In The Morning
05. Blues Shuffle
06. Since My Woman
07. ?
08. Satisfied
09. ?
10. Stratus

Disk 7 - Tim Goodman Demos November 1973,  Zephyr - Talagais, Boulder CO August 1973 Pt 1, Interviews w/Bolin,  Zephyr - Talagais, Boulder CO August 1973 Pt 2 and  - Jam Session

01. To be Free
02.  My Baby's Gone
03.  Opening Jam
04.  Cross The River
05. Boom - ba - Boom / Somebody Listen
06. Sun's a - Rising
07. Hard Charging Woman
08. Sail On
09  Interview
10. Opening Jam
11. Jam

Disk 8 - Zephyr  Arts Bar & Grill, Boulder CO May 1973

01. Warm Up Jam
02. Cross The River
03. (Sun's A - Rising) / Somebody Listen
04. Hard Chargin' Woman
05. Every Man
06. Sail On
07. You Don't Care Nothing
08. Going Home
09. Warm Hearted Woman

Disk 9 - James Gang  Live DKRC, - Interviews w/Bolin and Tommy & Friends at Ebbets Field June 1974 Pt 1

01. Seems To Me (Walk Away)
02. ?
03. Standing In The Rain
04. V A Interviews
05. Stratus
06. ?
07. Since My Baby Been Gone
08. Walking My Shadow
09. Bad Luck
10. Homeward Strut
11. Blues Jam

Disk 10 - Tommy & Friends at Ebbets Field June 1974 Pt 2 and Cucumber Jam 1975 Rehearsals AND  interview 3 Months before his death

01. Stratus
02. Honey Man
03. My Baby
04. Getting Tighter
05. Lukaru/Getting Tighter (Reprise)/60's Medley
06. Teaser
07. Homeward Strut
08. ?
09. ?
10. ?
11. ?
12. Interview

Disk 11 - Acoustic Demos and - Tommy Bolin Band - KBFH Albany, NY 9-20-76

01. Teaser
02. Nature Of Love
03. Wild Dogs
04. Someday Will Bring Our Love Home
05. Jump Back
06. Slowdriver
07. You're No Angel
08. Find Another Highway
09. I Can't See The Sun
10. Scarlet And Rain
11. Gonna Have A Good Time
12.Young Girls
13.Celebration [3:51]

Tommy Bolin Band - KBFH, Albany, NY 9/20/76

01. Teaser
02. You Told Me That You Loved Me
03. Shake The Devil

Disk 12 - DVC Jam - Jet Bar, Sioux City, Iowa 11-24-76 and - Seven Seas Lounge, Miami 12-2-76 with house band

01. Owed To G - DVC Jam Jet Bar Sioux City Iowa 24/11 1976
02. Parchman Farm - DVC Jam Jet Bar Sioux City Iowa 24/11 1976
03. Release Yourself - DVC Jam Jet Bar Sioux City Iowa 24/11 1976
04. Stratus - DVC Jam Jet Bar Sioux City Iowa 24/11 1976
05. Blues Jam - With The House Band Seven Seas Lounge Miami 2/12 1976
06. Homeward Strut - Deep Purple Philadelphia Spectrum 18/1 1976

Disk 13 - Teaser & Private Eyes Demos

01. Crazed Fandango
02. Wild Dogs
03. Marching Powder
04. Homeward Strut
05. Dreamer
06. Savannah Woman
07. Teaser
08. The Grind
09. Crazed Fandango
10. Instrumental
11. Home Demo  
12. Shake The Devil
13. Bustin Out For Rosey
14. I Gotta Dance
15. Gypsy Soul
16. Post Toastee
17. Sweet Burgundy

Disk 14 - Teaser & Private Eyes Demos and Tommy Bolin Band Live Long Island 6-22-76

Teaser & Private Eyes Demos

01. Someday Will Bring Our Love Home
02. You Told Me That You Loved Me
03. Shake The Devil
04. Shake The Devil
05. Someday Will Bring Our Love Home

Tommy Bolin Band Live

06. Teaser
07. People People
08. The Grind
09. ?
10. Wild Dogs
11. Band Introduction
12. Delightful
13. Fell In Love
14. Marching Powder

Disk 15 - Tommy Bolin Band Live Long Island 6-22-76 and  Tommy Bolin Band Live Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami 12-3-76  (last show before his death) AND Deep Purple Empire Theatre Liverpool 15/3/1976

01. Lotus - Tommy Bolin Band Long Island 22/6/1976
02. Teaser - Tommy Bolin Band Jai Alai Fronton Miami 3/12/1976
03. People People - Tommy Bolin Band Jai Alai Fronton Miami 3/12/1976
04. You Told Me That You Loved Me - Tommy Bolin Band Jai Alai fronton Miami 3/12/1976
05. Wild Dogs - Tommy Bolin Band Jai Alai Fronton Miami 3/12/1976
06. Post Toastee - Tommy Bolin Band Jai Alai Fronton Miami 3/12//1976
07. Guitar Improvisation - Deep Purple Empire Theatre Liverpool 15/3/1976


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Verden Allen's Soft Ground - Love You & Leave You

Verden Allen's Soft Ground - Love You & Leave You - 2013

Verden Allen, the founding member of once so popular rock band Mott The Hoople is back in the studio now to record a new album with a full band sound, Love You & Leave You, which was released on February 11 through the Angel Air Records. Actually, the record consists not of the new material, but of Allen’s re-worked tracks, recorded together with his band Soft Ground.

The newly released album still contains Allen’s organ, but unlike his solo album tracks with that somewhat rougher and more “basic” sound, Love You & Leave You sounds a bit fleshed out and a little more textured. But of course, both versions are simply excellent, in its own way each. The driving force of the album is the riff work of Jamie Thyer and of course Allen’s Hammond organ. They are just like yin and yang. The spine of the quartet is Rob Hankins’ bass with Matt Blakout from Tigertailz on drums.

The opening track Love You & Leave You introduces rather tragicomic lyrics about the lost lover and as a result, the lost liver. Well, Verden Allen has always been a master-wordsmith. But the musical arrangement of the track doesn’t fire up at once, but only leads you into the flavour of the whole album.

The next track, On the Rebound, includes Allen’s organ skills in full, exuding some kind of baroque cool, making the song very catchy.

A rock ballad, Find Yourself, represents Allen’s typical nasal voice in the foreground, accompanied by the dominant guitar riffs.

Read More HERE

01. Love You And Leave You
02. On The Rebound
03. Find Yourself
04. Knocking On Those Old Back Doors
05. Wine Ridden Talks
06. Hold On to This
07. Soft Ground
08. Son Of The Wise Ones
09. Do You Want Me 2?
10. Long Time No See
11. Two Miles From Heaven
12. Fine Time to Love
13. A New Way


Aviso aos incautos: O arquivo tem senha e não me pergunte qual antes de tentar onlygoodsong

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Simon Townshend - Simontownshendis

Simon Townshend - Simontownshendis - 2002

Simontownshendis é uma compilação que inclui algumas faixas ao vivo até então inéditas e versões acústicas selecionadas entre as gravações realizadas pela gravadora Stir Music.

01.  Save Me From Me
02.  Medicine
03.  Raised
04.  Soul Searching
05.  The Way It Is (live)
06.  When She Sleeps
07.  Experience
08.  Our Time
09.  Highness (live)
10.  I’m Alright
11.  Ecstasy Heaven
12.  Flying
13.  No More Never
14.  Time the Healer (live)
15.  Until Tomorrow
16.  I’m The Answer
17.  Bare Assets
18.  Girl In New York


PS: O arquivo tem senha: onlygoodsong

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Long Ago's And World's Apart - A Tribute to Small Faces (Re-Post)

Long Ago's And World's Apart - A Tribute to Small Faces - 1996

Review by Complete Modness, Select Magazine, september 1996
As Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones has often remarked, the story of the matching mod quartet is one of immense tragedy. Stitched up by unscrupulous management, frontman Steve Marriott left in 1968 at the height of their fame, and neither he nor the Faces that followed recaptured the original magic. When Ronnie Lane was already too ill with multiple sclerosis to take part, an ill-judged '70s reunion involved the tall bassist from Foreigner. Marriott died in a house fire in 1991, and with Lane struggling to pay Texan medical bills, the breezy stylishness of Itchycoo Park seems far away.Hence this well-timed tribute album to help out the ailing Plonk, and contrary to the usual grimness of tribute albums, there's much to recommend it. Mataray's I've Got Mine threatens like The Who at their most paranoid, while the 60ft Dolls turn The Universal into woozy, country-style pub rock - just like Steve would have wanted - before going all hallucinogenic courtesy of guest axeman Martin Carr. Even better, PP Arnold (backing vocalist on Tin Soldier in 1968, continuity fans) and Primal Scream make b-side track Understanding into a loose slice of Tamla stampage, with her voice closer to Marriott's r n b shout than any OCS groin-straining or Nigel Dodgy yelps. A Gallagher should be on here, you suspect, but Weller's instrumental Home Grown gives the guvnor's stamp of approval. If there's occasional lapses into Stars in their Eyes over-faithfulness (Gene, Whiteout), be thankful the threatened Blur cover of Lazy Sunday never made it. Pawning the one-off nature of the band's white soul heyday, none of these solid covers really improve on the originals but as a demonstration of continuing affection and esteem for the East End modfathers, it's strangely heartwarming. You'd think Ronnie's well-off '60s chums could have rallied round more. But in sober retrospect, a nostalgic showcase would have stymied the top mod spirit of a band who never had a chance to spoil their own legend.

01. Intro
02. Understanding - Primal Scream with PP Arnold
03. I Can't Make It - Dodgy
04. It's Too Late - B.L.O.W
05. My Mind's Eye - Northern Uproar
06. I've Got Mine - Mantaray
07. Afterglow - Changing Man featuring Kenney Jones and Mick Talbot
08. The Universal - 60ft Dolls featuring Martin Carr
09. Become Like You - Granny Takes a Trip
10. Song of a Baker - Ocean Colour Scene
11. Rollin' Over - Whiteout
12. Almost Grown - Kenney Jones All Stars featuring Paul Weller and Mick Talbot
13. Talk to You - Hyperglo'
14. Here Comes the Nice - Buzzcocks
15. That Man - Ride
16. Autumn Stone - Gene

This feature showcases the Small Faces tribute album on Nice Records. The album had sold more than 30,000 copies by January 1997 and raised more than £60,000 for Ronnie. It even made the compilation album top 20 in the UK.

Atendendo a um pedido do KidHugs


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Don Nix - Skyrider

Don Nix  - Skyrider - 1979

E hoje, pra começar bem a semana e o mês, mais um álbum que até ontem era um raridade. O negócio era tão difícil que sequer um videozinho no youtube eu consegui encontrar. Então, acabei me metendo a levantar 2 sons, como amostra. Apanhei mas consegui.

Os links deste post foram patrocinados pelo parceiro Celso, que gastou o dinheiro de sua cerveja diária para agradar ao blog (rs). Thanks a lot, friend!

Espero que gostem e bons sons.

01. Skyrider
02. Nobody Else
03. Maverick Woman Blues
04. Do It Again
05. Long Tall Sally
06. I´ll Be In Your Dreams
07. On The Town Again
08. All For The Love Of A Woman

Don Nix - Vocal, Guitar, Sax
Rob Kendrick - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Roy Halle - Slide Guitar
Ernie Chapman - Bass
Darell Norris - Drums
Memphis Horns - Horns
Len Groome - Keyboards
John Fry - Accordion
William C. Brown lll Choir - Backing Vocals