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Leon Russell with The New Grass Revival - Rhythm & Bluegrass - Hank Wilson Vol. 4

Leon Russell with The Newgrass Revival - Rhythm and Bluegrass - Hank Wilson Vol. 4 - 2001

01. I've Just Seen A Face
02. Footprints In The Snow
03. Columbus Stockade Blues
04. I Believe To My Soul
05. Rough And Rocky Road
06. Mystery Train
07. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
08. In The Pines
09. Open Up The Door
10. Bluebirds Are Singing For Me
11. Rhythm And Bluegrass
12. Pilgrim Land


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Black Merda - Force Of Nature

Black Merda - Force Of Nature - 2009


Black Merda (pronounced Black Murder), the first all black rock band to write and play their own music in the late 1960s and early 1970s are considered to be Black Rock pioneers as well as the originators of their own style of Black Psychedelic Rock.

They releasead two albums in the 1970's Black Merda (Chess 1970) and Long Burn The Fire (GRT 1972) which weren't properly promoted when first released, but are now seen as Black Rock classics by a growing number of international music fans. Their 2005 release The Folks From Mother's Mixer (Funky Delicacies 2005) contained both of their 1970 releases and is lauded as the most creative, lyrically and musically diverse albums of the genre.

Now Black Merda is back with a new batch of songs and they're funkier and as musically diverse as ever! From Charles' topical anthem "Stop the War" to Wolfe's autobiographical musical tale "Miss Hawkins' House" to VC's critically philosophical "Get On The Same Road," they're still socially conscious, personal, moody and filled with perspective, often all at the same time.

Aided by the able-bodied drumming of Terry 'Thunder' Hughley, Kenny Tudrick and Bobby Smith, as well as the keyboard talents of Robert Jones, Black Merda have managed to add an album as individualistic and potent as the pair that made them underground legends the first time around over thirty years ago!

01. Can't Get Enough of the Funk
02. Let Go
03. Maintain
04. Stop the War
05. 18 for 20 year
06. Miss Hawkins' House
07. My Inspiration
08. The Solution
09. Take a Little Time
10. I'm Not Coming Back
11. Get On The Same Road

12. Beautiful Thing

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Denny Laine - A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings

Denny Laine - A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings - 1998

This collection is Denny's way of remembering the halcyon days when Wings' wings were spread the furthest; his chance to revisit the songs with which he conquered the world, and reacquaint himself, too. With some old friends - both Paul and Linda McCartney appear here, as Denny opens the archive and retrieves one of the band's most treasured out-takes. And while the album itself is a tribute to Paul, it is also a memorial to Linda, whose death in April 1998, hit all who knew her so hard.

1. Mull of Kintyre    
2. Blackbird    
3. Deliver Your Children
4. Send Me the Heart
5. Listen to What the Man Said

6. Silly Love Songs
7. The Note You Never Wrote
8. Children Children    
9. Picasso's Last Words
10. Band on the Run
Bonus Tracks
11. Go Now
12. Reborn
13. Rollin' Tide
14. Within Walls


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Bobby Whitlock - My Time

Bobby Whitlock - My Time - 2009


Most notably known for his involvement with "Derek & The Dominos" co-founder and co-writer of many of the songs that appear on "Layla and other Assorted Love Songs". Raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Whitlock began his musical career while still a teenager at Stax, his first recording was hand claps on Sam & Dave's "I Thank You." Donald "Duck" Dunn and Steve Cropper were readying the very talented young Whitlock for pop success when Delaney & Bonnie, heard Whitlock perform at a club and invited him to join them in California and record on their record Home. in early 1970. His friendship with Clapton began when Whitlock was touring with Delaney & Bonnie, along with Carl Radle and Jim Gordon, whom Clapton admired greatly.

After the other band members left to join Mad Dogs and Englishmen with Joe Cocker, Whitlock collaborated with Eric Clapton in England. They played sessions together, most notably on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, where Whitlock and Clapton sang background (as the "O'Hara Smith Singers"). Whitlock remained uncredited on certain tracks of All Things Must Pass, where he played pump organ (Harmonium), Electric Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, tubular bells and piano on various songs.

Whitlock is credited as a writer or co-writer on six tracks from the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. He and Clapton shared a friendship and would write together on their guitars. During the recording, the tape rolled non-stop for the entire album, with the exception of "Key to the Highway". Whitlock explains that this is why you hear this cut fading in. Originally, Jim Keltner was to be the drummer, but Jim Gordon intervened when he heard that Clapton was looking for a drummer and Keltner was busy finishing up his session with Gábor Szabó the jazz guitar player. The album saw little play for the first year, and by the time "Layla" became a hit, the band had already split up. Whitlock recorded his first solo album Bobby Whitlock/Bobby Whitlock. It included Clapton, Radle and Gordon. Essentially it was Derek & the Dominos last recording together. His second solo record Raw Velvet came immediately after. When Whitlock tried in vain to get Clapton to come out and play, realizing it was not going to happen (it took two years of waiting), he went back to the United States. READ MORE HERE

01. You Sold Me Down the River
02. Bell Bottom Blues

03. It's Only Midnite
04. Wing and a Prayer
05. Home
06. Why Does Love Got to be so Sad?
07. I Get High on You
08. It's Only Thunder
09. Ghost Driver
10. There She Goes
11. I Love You
12. I was Born to Sing the Blues
13. Standing in the Rain 

Review by Whitlock   
I built a recording studio in the hill country down in Mississippi just to record this record. I sure am glad that I did too.

“Sold Me Down the River”
Brady Blade counts off this straight ahead rock and roll opener. Darryl Johnson is on bass and Buddy Miller is playing rhythm guitar. I’m playing the slide guitar and the piano and organ. My son Beau and daughter Ashley are singing background vocals on this whole record. Ashley has a lovely innocent sounding voice and Beau sounds exactly like me when I was his age and was with the Dominos. Our timbres are the same. I knew this would be the only opportunity I would ever have to sing with both of my children. Now it’s there forever.

“Bell Bottom Blues”
I couldn’t resist doing this song. I am playing a 1956 Hammond B3 thru four Leslie speakers all set differently. It is very lush sounding. Beau is singing my old part on this.

“It’s Only Midnight”
Steve Cropper and I wrote this song. After I finished recording it at I sent it to him in Nashville and he put his signature guitar on it. Jim Horn came down to Mississippi and played sax and all of the horn section parts on everything.

“A Wing And A Prayer”
The piano that I’m playing is a new Yamaha C3. Along with the Hammond B3 and a couple of Leslies and my children’s choir it sounds like the little church in the woods.

I did an acoustic radio tour across America in the mid seventies. During a live interview that I was doing in Red River, New Mexico a woman called the station on the request line and was on the air with us. She said that she had a request for me. I asked her what it was, thinking that it was going to be, what Thorn Tree was about or something like that. But that wasn’t it at all. She said that she needed help finding her son who had gone missing for some time. She said that no-one would help her because it was a domestic dispute. This conversation is live on the airwaves. I said that I didn’t know what I could do but to write a song about it and sing it. She said that she tried to get some people in Nashville to help her by doing just that but no-one would. I told her that I would do whatever I could do. After that during each and every interview that I did, and that was a lot of them, I would say to the DJ, “excuse me a second I have to say something.” Then I would say, ”Michael go home son, your Mother’s crying and she needs you and she misses you.” Then I would continue on with the interview like nothing had happened. It’s against FAA regulations to do such a thing. But it was live and no-one knew that I was going to do it. I didn’t ask their permission. I just did it. Michael did hear me and eventually went home to his Mother. After I got back home and off tour I wrote this song.

“Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad”
Big horn section and a funky track on another one of my favorite songs. I’m playing rhythm guitar and Hammond B3 and Barry Swain is playing lead guitar. With Brady Blade on drums and Darryl Johnson playing bass this song rocks!

“I Get High On You”
CoCo is singing on this one with me. I’m playing acoustic guitar and Barry is playing the lead guitar.
“It’s Only Thunder”
This is the only track on this CD that was not recorded at my studio. Jim Keltner is playing drums. Tim Drummond is on bass. Steve Cropper in playing electric guitar. I’m playing acoustic guitar and Hammond B3.

“Ghost Driver”
Ghost Driver is about me learning how to drive and wrecking my Daytona Ferrari with the speedometer stuck on 155 mph. The story is in my book “Domino”. This is a driving song just like “Let It Rain”. I used to tear down the motorway at night playing that song at full volume and I would wind the engine up to whatever key the song was changing to and then I would shift out into the next gear. Rock and rolling down the road. Awesome! Some things never change. Ferraris are finely tuned and you can actually play them if going fast and getting there very quickly doesn’t bother you. And you’ve got to have the right song on your player. Darryl Johnson plays some very funky bass on this number. Barry Swain plays lead guitar on this. It was take one on every song he played on. What a fine player.
“There She Goes”
This song came to me as I watched my daughter drive away into the night back to an impossible situation that I could not help her with. So I had to let her go.

“I Love You”
This song was written by Beau and myself. He wrote the chorus while sitting in the swing under an apple tree in our back garden when we lived in Ireland. He had just turned eight. There is a photograph of him at work in the swing. He had my white Strat in his lap and was playing an open E. He finished it and came in and said, “hey Dad listen to this that I just wrote”. And he started singing, “I love you, I love the way you always make me feel. I love you, I love you.” I finished it and recorded it in Mississippi.
I’m playing the acoustic, main electric rhythm and lead guitar and Buddy Miller is doing the fills. I love the ending. The acoustic guitar has a lovely little melody and Ashley is singing at the end, “I love you, I love you”. I can’t express my feelings with words as to what this means to me. Except that I will always be able to hear her sing and say, “I love you” to me.

“Born to Sing the Blues”
My daughter was about four and had just learned to write. One evening I was down stairs sitting on the couch playing my guitar. As usual, I was in the doghouse with her mother again. I was playing a very cool little something when up walks Ashley with pencil in hand and a piece of paper that she had been writing on. She handed it to me and said, “Here Daddy, this is you”. It read, Born To Sing The Blues. I couldn’t believe it! I wrote the song right then and there. I have written two really great songs that were both started by each of my children when they were just that. Children. What an inspiration they were.

“Standing In The Rain”
This is one of my favorite songs. I really was standing in the rain when the inspiration for this came to me. Buddy Miller plays the tenor guitar and the mandolin on this. I’m playing the acoustic guitar. The rain storm was taking place while we were recording. So I had some mikes set up on the porch recording it while it was all happening. Thunder, lightening, rain and all.


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Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick - Live Across America

Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick's SILVER CONDOR - Live Across America - 2006

From Cerisano´s Site

Silver Condor "Live Across America" was recorded at different venues large and small during the summer of 1981. That was the year that Silver Condor attempted to take flight. In a leased Dodge extended cab van they started in Los Angeles and worked their way across America playing a series of 30 one-nighters ending in Dover NJ. Like a shooting star Silver Condor got lost in the corporate halls of Columbia Records. At that time at Columbia Records, one hand didn’t know what the other one was doing. There are are casualties all along the road to success. With a little luck some bust on through to the other side. It’s said that some of the best music doesn’t make it to the radio. Well, this cd proves that to be a fact.  READ MORE HERE

About Joe Cerisano HERE
About Earl Slick HERE

01. It's Over
02. Angel Eyes
03. Standing in the Rain
04. The One You Need

05. We're in Love
06. You Could Take My Heart Away
07. Carolina
08. Sayin' Goodbye
09. For the Sake of Survival
10. Goin' for Broke
11. Long Tall Sally
12. Rip It Up


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The Coal Porters - EP Roulette

The Coal Porters - EP Roulette - 1998

After the dissolution of the Long Ryders, musician Sid Griffin (who doubles as a music journalist, having penned Gram Parsons: A Music Biography in 1985) formed the Coal Porters in Los Angeles alongside Long Ryders drummer Greg Sowders and English bassist Ian Thomson.

This six-song odds-and-ends EP from Sid Griffin's post-Long Ryders project turned out to be the Coal Porters' last studio release before they retooled themselves into an acoustic group, and it sends this edition of the band off into the sunset on a high note. The lead-off tune, "Everything," is a winning bit of country-pop with the sort of anthemic chorus Griffin was born to write, while the live at the BBC version of "Me, Here at Your Door" that closes out the disc beats the studio take on Los London hands down. In between, you get a tasty preview of Griffin's subsequent band, Western Electric ("Emily in Ginger"), a remastered (and audibly improved) cut from Los London ("Help Me"), a cool Creedence Clearwater Revival cover ("Who'll Stop the Rain," appropriately mournful), and a tribute to that other Cole Porter ("Don't Fence Me In"), which swings nicely. It's no masterpiece, but EP Roulette is a fine pocket-sized picture of what Sid Griffin does best, and captures the Coal Porters in much stronger form than on the disappointing Los London.
By Mark Deming from All Music Guide

01. Everything
02. Emily in Ginger
03. Who'll Stop the Rain

04. Help Me
05. Don't Fence Me In
06. Me, Here at Your Door (Live BBC Version)

Sid Griffin - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Bob Childs - Electric & Pedal Steel Guitars
Bob Stone - Keyboards
Joff Lowson - Guitar
Steve Beast - Keyboards
Will Morrison, Dave Roberts - Drums
Pat McGarvey - Bass


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Steve Marriott´s All Star - Wham Bam

Steve Marriott´s All Star - Wham Bam - 2007

Steve Marriott - Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard
Greg Ridley - Bass, Vocal
Micky Finn - Guitar, Vocal
Ian Wallace - Drums

Dave "Clem" Clempson - Guitar
Mel Collins - Sax
Joe Brown & Vicky Brown - Vocals
The Blackberries (Venetta Fields, Clydie King & Sherlie Matthews) - Vocals
Tim Hinckley - Keyboards

CD 01

01. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
02. Midnight Rollin'
03. Nobody But You
04. Barking Spiders
05. Soldier
06. Factory Girl
07. They Call It Love
08. Things You Do To Me
09. Times They Are A Changin'
10. Round 4
11. Scoffin' Crisps
12. Soldier
13. Ruthy
14. That'll Do
15. Run Rudolph Run
16. Hey Mama
17. Pissed As Rats
18. Gimme Some Lovin'
19. Midnight Rollin' (Different Version)

CD 02 "Be My Guest" Steve Marriott guest appearances

01. Get Off My Cloud (With Alexis Corner) (Studio Version)
02. Twist And Shout (With Blackberries)
03. Mind Your Own Business (With Henry Mcculloch)
04. Green Circles (With Twice As Much)
05. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (With Monica Tornell)
06. Get Off My Cloud (With Alexis Corner) (Live Version)
07. Good Times (With Easybeats)
08. Bonus Interview With Cort Furnald 1986  

CD1 features the very last sessions from Steve’s own studio “Clear Sounds”. Recorded during the first week of January 1976 these tracks are musically as good as anything he ever done post Small Faces.

CD2 features Steve guesting on other peoples records including Alexis Korner, Blackberries and the Easybeats, also a very rare interview with Steve from 1986.

+@192 CD 1
+@192 CD 2

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Steve Hunter - Hymns for Guitar

Steve Hunter - Hymns for Guitar - 2008

Steve Hunter started playing guitar when he was eight years old and has dedicated his life to music. His professional career began in the winter of 1971 when he joined a band called ‘Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder’. With that band he recorded his first ever album and the producer of that album was Bob Ezrin.

A mutual respect developed almost immediately between Bob and Steve and over the course of the next few years they worked on several projects together including 4 Alice Cooper albums, Peter Gabriel’s first solo album which included ‘Solsbury Hill’, and Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ album. He later toured with all of the above-mentioned artists as well as touring and/or recording with Julian Lennon, performed with Bette Midler in the movie ‘The Rose’, co-wrote and recorded songs with David Lee Roth, toured and recorded with Tracy Chapman and was involved in scoring films and music production.

(from Steve Hunter´s site)
This CD is a departure from Steve’s rock past but encompasses his unique style of blues and finger picking, with his ever present passion for music and with Bob Ezrin as Executive Producer. ‘Hymns for Guitar’ is Steve’s acoustic guitar arrangements of some of his favorite old American hymns. Many of these great melodies were written in the mid 1800s. “When I was a very little boy....maybe 4 or 5 years grandmother would occasionally take me to Sunday church with her. I always enjoyed the sound of people gently and quietly singing those beautiful old hymns. My main goal was to try to recreate the warm, peaceful sound with acoustic guitars that I had heard as a boy in church. MORE ABOUT HERE

01. Precious Memories
02. The Old Rugged Cross
03. Jesus Loves Me
04. Angel Band
05. Softly And Tenderly
06. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
07. Sweet Hour Of Prayer

08. Shall We Gather At The River
09. In The Garden
10. Will My Mother Know Me There
11. Just A Closer Walk With Thee