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Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island

Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island - 1978

Previously the singer for rock bands Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, Ferguson had gone the pop route by the time of his second solo album. Recorded in Miami with Joe Walsh guesting on many tracks, he hit a home run with the title track mega-hit. A sun-drenched summer anthem, it would be the biggest song of Ferguson's career and later turn up on '70s compilations. The rest of the album was similar in mood and feel: largely up-tempo late-'70s rock/pop. Most tracks are graced with Walsh's guitar, which keep the songs from falling too largely on the pop side of things. Though not a perfect album, it was less uneven than most of Ferguson's other solo efforts, though it definitely sounds a product of its time. Which can be good or bad, depending on your taste in music. 

01. Thunder Island
02. Soulin'
03. Happy Birthday Baby
04. Losing Control
05. Cozumel
06. Night Shift
07. Babylon
08. Love Is cold
09. Happy Too!
10. Magic Moment

Jay Ferguson - Vocals, Keyboards
Joey Murcia, Tony Battaglia - Guitar
Harold Cowart - Bass
Stan Kipper - Drums


Joe Walsh - Guitar
Bob Webb - Guitar
Ed Brown - Bas
Bill Szymczyk - Percussion


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Vanilla Fudge - Spirit Of '67

Vanilla Fudge - Spirit Of '67 - 2015

From somethingelsereviews.com 
One of the greatest and most influential bands ever, Vanilla Fudge is back with a bang. But the truth is, they never really went away.

Born 1966 in Long Island, New York, Vanilla Fudge created an immediate stir with their moody extended covers of popular songs of the day. Not only did the band fit right in with the psychedelic climate of the times, but they added something extra and exciting to the enterprising environment. Stately and weighty, Vanilla Fudge threaded their endeavors with improvisational escapades and symphonic measures, leading them to be quite a unique animal. The band definitely invented a style all their own, and are properly regarded godfathers of both progressive rock and heavy metal.

Although 1967 through 1970 was when Vanilla Fudge gleaned their biggest success, they reunited on numerous occasions to wild applause. The band’s latest incarnation, which features original members Mark Stein (lead vocals, keyboards), Carmine Appice (drums, vocals) and Vince Martell (guitar, vocals), along with Pete Bremy (bass, vocals), is slated to hit the tour circuit soon in support of a fantastic new album, Spirit of ’67 (due March 3, 2015 via Purple Pyramid) that pays homage to well-known songs of the fabled year.

Vanilla Fudge’s funk aspirations rise to the top on brash and bewitching versions of the Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin'” and the Motown classic, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” while the Monkees are saluted on “I’m A Believer,” which snakes and shuffles with skull-crushing grooves and gospel-induced harmonies. Sparked by military drumming, Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” then takes on a quieter tone before developing into a spinning jam.

01. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
02. The Letter
03. I Can See for Miles
04. Break on Through (To the Other Side)
05. The Tracks of My Tears
06. I'm a Believer
07. Gimme Some Lovin'
08. For What It's Worth
09. Ruby Tuesday
10. Whiter Shade of Pale
11. Let's Pray for Peace


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Lee Harvey Osmond - Beautiful Scars

Lee Harvey Osmond - Beautiful Scars - 2015

Produced by Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies) in the intimacy of his Toronto Roncesvalle studio, the humanity of the album is like the warmth of blood that rushes to the cut: a sudden alive jolt in the middle of peril and uncertainty; a suspension of possibility that anything can happen next. Redolent with swooning horns and guitars that bob and weave, Lee Harvey Osmond’s voice – forever the hallmark of his sound which spans over three decades of work – sounds, here, like a warm hand to the forehead, an arm on the arm of the stricken, a comforting growl at the heart of a screaming world.

At once evoking Howlin’ Wolf, Mike Scott and Roy Loney, Beautiful Scars bends and twists and stretches and squeezes Lee Harvey Osmond’s deep baritone – the producer treating it as if caged in a transistor radio, bathed in echo from above, or sunk in the muck of distortion. The strength of the songs notwithstanding, Beautiful Scars is a fascinating vocal journey to rank among the great sonic Canadian records of our time.


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01. Loser Without Your Love
02. Blue Moon Drive
03. Shake the Hand
04. Oh the Gods
05. Come and Go
06. Hey Hey Hey
07. How Does It Feel
08. Planet Love
09. Black Spruce
10. Bottom of Our Love


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Dell Richardson - OMOWALE

Dell Richardson - OMOWALE - 2014

Dell’s Omowale album serves as his 2nd solo project after having been recorded in studio’s all over the world. The word "Omowale" comes from the Nigerian language of Yoruba meaning ‘Sun Who Returns Home’.

01. Made In Africa
02. Walk This Land
03. Black Ibex
04. That’s Love, That’s Life
05. Sweet Sounds
06. Camera
07. J’ouvert Martin
08. Kelewele
09. Peace To The World
10. Omowale
11. Afrocalypso


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Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw

Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw - 1972

The acclaimed multi-instrumentalist first found fame in the African-rhythm rock band Osibisa. His involvement in with the group from 1969-1973 helped catapult Osibisa to the upper reaches of the UK album charts. Sales of Osibisa (’71), Woyaya (‘71), and Heads (‘72) reflected a slow but steady migration of audiences moving towards acceptance of their unusual blend of jazz and rock amid African beats. Dell briefly left Osibisa in 1973 to tour with UK favorites Free in a trek across the US. He recorded his first solo  for MCA in 1972  and then returned to Osibisa in 1975.

01. Do What You Can
02. Gypsy Girl
03. Jig-saw
04. Kodjo
05. Road Song
06. Good Morning World
07. Mama Jane
08. A Song For Two

Del Richardson - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Alan Spenner - Bass
Chilli Charles - Drums
Jean Roussel - Keyboards
Roger Ball, Malcolm Duncan - Horn
Remi Kabaka - Percussion
Rosetta Hightower, Donny Perkins - Vocals


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Sal Valentino - Every Now And Then

Sal Valentino - Every Now And Then - 2008
from Amazon
Sal Valentino is truly a living legend. Famed lead singer of The Beau Brummels and manic front man for the 70's psychedelic-funk-rock-full-stage-extravaganza, Stoneground, Sal continues to share his gift with the world. Every Now And The features Sal doing what he does best, interpreting songs and stories that can only be delivered (by what has been referred to by rock historians, as) 'the most underrated voice in Rock and Roll history'. As a nod to the past, Valentino covers The Beau Brummels biggest hit Laugh, Laugh evoking memories of the innocence of early 60's rock and roll without the slightest bit of regret that time has moved on. Every Now And Then is a musical road map of life featuring heart-wrenching songs like Jackie Greene's title tune, to the jangly rock guitar-drenched What The World Needs to the bouncy duet with Chris Webster, Just Like You. Every Now And Then is a new piece of history, a road map of the long and twisted back-roads of rock that lead us to today. 

01. Tell Me What The World Needs
02. Just Like You
03. Every Now And Then
04. Laugh, Laugh
05. Kiss Away
06. You
07. I Love You, I Do
08. Sign Of Love
09. Angel Come Home
10. Every Blue Day

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Archie Brown - Prisioner of Fender

Archie Brown - Prisioner of Fender - 1997

01. The Killer
02. There's a Hole In It
03. Can't Afford To Lose You
04. Sugar
05. Robert's Song
06. Never Gonna Be Another One
07. Don't Ask Me If I Love You
08. Why Won't You See Me Again
09. Victim of Your Own Charms
10. Murray's Song


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VA - Greasy Truckers Party 1972

VA - Greasy Truckers Party 1972 - 3CDs -  2007

From AMG
The Greasy Truckers Party, as a double-LP set, was the Great White Whale of many a music lover's collecting efforts in the 1970s and '80s -- always talked of being sighted by others and ever-eluding the best efforts. So in 2007, some 30-plus years later, the idea that the original eight-track master tapes had survived, and could be retrieved and -- more to the point -- would be retrieved by someone who cared enough to do something with them (and, equally important, had the time and budget with which to do anything with them) seemed a remote possibility, at best. But here it is, on three very fully packed CDs, the complete sets of Man, Brinsley Schwarz, and Hawkwind (with Magic Michael & Friends thrown in for good measure), a legendary performance on a legendary night for each band. For those unaware, in the world of British underground rock, the Greasy Truckers Party, as it was billed at the London Roundhouse on February 13, 1972, looms about as large as the Monterey International Pop Festival does in American rock lore; it wasn't the biggest gig ever played by the bands involved, but for reasons of exposure, and resulting word-of-mouth, and the excerpted live album that followed, it came to define what they were capable of, and who they were. Man, who'd shown a lot of promise on their early records leading up to this event, ripped the envelope with the show they put on that night. Hawkwind, who'd enjoyed some recording success and made a big splash at the previous year's Glastonbury Fayre, was boasting a partly new lineup, with a rhythm section comprised of ex-Rocking Vicar Lemmy on bass and Simon King on drums -- they overcame some initial technical problems to do a live set that, despite being abbreviated in earlier releases of this performance, loomed large in their legend for more than a decade. And included in that set on this release is their first-ever performance of "Silver Machine," the song that -- with Lemmy shifted to lead vocals a few months later -- would propel the band to the number three spot on the U.K. singles charts. And then there was Brinsley Schwarz, who were in many ways the most improbable act on this bill -- where the other two groups were known for doing extended jams, running as much as 20 minutes at a clip, the Brinsleys did short songs mostly based on American country music and other traditional forms; indeed, their opening number, "Country Girl," sounds like a lost outtake from the Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo, and is about as far removed as can be from the heavy electric jams of Man that preceded them, or the space rock extravaganzas of Hawkwind, who followed. 


CD 1 -  MAN

01. Spunk Rock
02. Many Are Called But Few Get Up
03. Angel Easy
04. Bananas
05. Romain

CD 2 - Brinsley Schwarz

01. Intro
02. Country Girl
03. One More Day
04. Unknown Number
05. She's Got To Be Real
06. Home Work
07. Nervous On The Road (But Can't Stay At Home)
08. Range War
09. Silver Pistol
10. Going Down The Road
11. Midnight Train
12. Private Number
13. It's Just My Way Of Saying Thank You
14. Wonder Woman
15. I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind
16. Surrender To The Rhythm
17. Music Belongs To The People

CD 3 - Hawkwind

01. Announcement / Apology
02. This Is Your Captain Speaking (Breakdown)
03. This Is Your Captain Speaking
04. You Shouldn't Do That
05. The Awakening
06. Master Of The Universe
07. Paranoia
08. Earth Calling
09. Silver Machine
10. Welcome To The Future
11. Born To Go
12. Brainstorm (Jam)
13. Andy Dunkley / End Announcement