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The Who - Live at the Fillmore East 1968

The Who - Live at the Fillmore East 1968 - 2018

The Who will commemorate the 50th anniversary of a two-night stint at Bill Graham's famous New York venue with the double CD Live at the Fillmore East 1968, due out April 20th.

The album includes a previously unreleased cover of Eddie Cochran's "C'Mon Everybody" and a rare version of "Fortune Teller," which was penned by the New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint. The band also plays extended versions of "Relax" and "A Quick One," which came out months before the April shows on The Who Sell Out. The second CD of Live at the Fillmore East 1968 is entirely devoted to a 33-minute rendition of the Who's classic "My Generation," which culminates in "guitar-smashing and drum demolishment."

The Who performed at the Fillmore East on April 5th and April 6th of 1968, marking the first English rock act to headline the newly christened venue, formerly the Village Theatre. They were originally scheduled to play two sets each night, but due to concerns about unrest following Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in Memphis on April 4th, the Who combined two sets into one. Manager Kit Lambert recorded the shows, hoping to release them as a live album. The plan was abandoned when Lambert discovered that his equipment had failed to capture the whole first night.

The second night's concert will makes up Live at the Fillmore East 1968. The sound was restored by the Who's longtime sound engineer, Bob Pridden, using the original 4 track tapes. 

CD 1:
01. Summertime Blues
02. Fortune Teller
03. Tattoo
04. Little Billy
05. I Can’t Explain
06. Happy Jack
07. Relax
08. I'm A Boy
09. A Quick One
10. My Way
11. C'mon Everybody
12. Shakin' All Over
13. Boris The Spider

CD 2:
01. My Generation



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Steve Ellis - Boom! Bang! Twang!

Steve Ellis - Boom! Bang! Twang! - 2018

This month should host a fiftieth anniversary of LOVE AFFAIR’s “Everlasting Love” reaching the peak of charts, and Steve Ellis – one of the best rhythm-and-blues singers that Blighty produced – having become a star he deserved to be. Only it’s not the time for a celebration; fanfares will sound on April 20th, when “Boom! Bang! Twang!”, the veteran’s new album, is supposed to hit the shelves. Appearing seven years down the line after "Ten Commitments" and rather hot on the heels of the WIDOWMAKER anthology which served to remind the vocalist is able to handle heavier material alongside soul, this record finds Steve deliver a heady mix of covers and originals, some featuring Ellis’ famous friends.

Among the covers are Tim Hardin’s “Black Sheep Boy” and “Forgot To Be Your Lover” by William Bell, while the originals include “Lonely No More” that was co-penned with Paul Weller who also guests on “Cry Me A River” – although there’s Mike D’Abo, whose “Handbags and Gladrags” Ellis used to perform, to compete with them in emotional stakes, with Steve’s regular collaborator Kevin Wallbank of THE DREAM FOUNDRY and his recent accomplices COW leaving their mark, too. Gonna be a a fine album, this one.

1. Black Sheep Boy
2. Sitting In Limbo
3. Soul Trek (Holy Blue)
4. Tobacco Ash Sunday
5. Forever
6. Forgot To Be Your Lover
7. Lonely No More
8. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
9. Cry Me A River
10. Glory Bound
11. Oh Death


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Powder - Biff! Bang! Powder

Powder - Biff! Bang! Powder - 1996

from AMG

After the Beatles broke big in America in 1964, plenty of young American rockers began following the lead of their peers in the U.K., and very few did so with greater enthusiasm than Powder, a California-based combo whose explosive style was rooted in their enthusiasm for the Who, the Small Faces, the Creation, and other similar acts. The Powder story begins with guitarist Richard Martin, aka Richard Frost, who grew up in San Mateo, California, not far from San Francisco. Frost became a rock & roll fan at an early age, and had already played in a handful of local acts with his brother Thomas Martin (aka Tom Frost) when the British Invasion struck in 1964. The Frost Brothers formed a band called the Newcastle Five, whose jangly style was informed by the new British sounds and early folk-rock. The Newcastle Five were playing clubs in San Francisco when they were spotted by Ray Columbus, a rock & roll singer from New Zealand who had come to the United States in hopes of advancing his career. Columbus invited the Newcastle Five to be his backing band, and the new combo took on a new name, the Art Collection. The Art Collection released a fine example of fuzztone proto-punk, "Kick Me," in 1966, but Columbus didn't stay with the group long, and as the first waves of the San Francisco psychedelic sound began to appear, the Frost Brothers relocated to Los Angeles in search of an audience for their louder, wilder sounds. Teaming with drummer Bill Schoppe, the Frosts caught a lucky break in 1967 when they were hired to be Sonny & Cher's backing group for a nationwide tour. In addition to a well-paying road gig, the Sonny & Cher tour also gave the Frost Brothers connections with Sonny Bono, who had launched his own music production concern, Progress Production Company, with producer Denis Pregnolato. When the Frost Brothers and Schoppe formed a new band called Powder -- short for gunpowder, with the name a play on their explosive musical approach -- Progress signed them to a deal, and the group cut an album at Hollywood's Gold Star Studio, with Bono and Pregnolato as producers, that they planned to lease to Atco Records. However, the deal went sour when Progress demanded the publishing rights to the songs, and the album was shelved. Powder soon broke up, and the brothers began performing as Thomas & Richard Frost, cutting an album of introspective singer/songwriter material for Imperial that failed to see the light of day when the label was sold, and later a country rock set for Uni Records in 1971. In time, the Powder material became legendary among fans of '60s garage rock and freakbeat, and a collection of rare and unreleased Powder and Frost Brothers material, Biff! Bang! Powder!, was released in 1996; another Powder anthology, Ka Pow! An Explosive Collection 1967-1968, was issued by the British label Big Beat in 2014. 

01. Turn Another Page
02. Gladly
03. Do I Love You
04. Magical Jack
05. I Try
06. Ruby Red Lips
07. Rodeo
08. Grimbley Leitch
09. Hate to See Her Go
10. What the People Said
11. Flowers
12. Let's Look at the Mood
13. Too Many Miles
14. Turn Another Page [Gold Star Version]
15. Grimbley Leitch [Alternate Vocal]
16. Magical Jack [Backing Track]
17. Kick Me - Ray Columbus & The Invaders
18. Snap Crackle & Pop - Ray Columbus & The Invaders
19. I Go to School - The Art Collection
20. So Sad About Us - The Art Collection
21. Morning - The Art Collection
22. She's My Girl - The Art Collection
23. Millicent - The Art Collection
24. Bluey Blues Blue - Richard Frost
25. It's So Simple - Richard Frost
26. Would You Laugh - Richard Frost
27. Gypsy Girl - Richard Frost


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G.E. Smith - Incense, Herbs & Oils


G.E. Smith - Incense, Herbs & Oils - 1998

Smith is at his usual high standard on guitar as well as dabbling in lap steel, mandolin and keyboards. There's a good mix of bluesy roots rockers and slower numbers that touch at times on country blues, at others on traditional folk songs. In the former category is an instrumental called "The Chopper" with a Bo Diddley-like riff. It's good to hear Jerry Reed's swamp mythology "Amos Moses" again. "Sunday" closes the Smith-produced album with G.E.'s wife Taylor Barton wrapping her beguiling voice around a lazy melody as Smith shares pithy observations about life. Pianist Cheryl Hardwick and bassist Paul Ossola join their former "Saturday Night Live" bandmate and music director on his album. It deserves the widespread distribution it will hopefully get on the "Green Mirror" label that Smith and Barton run.

01. Trouble In The Woods
02. Amos Moses
03. Dusty Streets Of Cairo
04. Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbor
05. Tonight We Shake
06. The CooCoo
07. The Chopper
08. Heroin
09. For The Feint Of Heart
10. Down The Dirty Road
11. Sunday


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Great Caesar's Ghost (With G.E. Smith) - Live At Berkner Hall

Great Caesar's Ghost (With G.E. Smith) - Live At Berkner Hall - 2005

Great Caesar's Ghost is a band of of seven accomplished musicians that give their interpretation of great american music. Much like jazz and classical musicians, they strive to re-read the great compositions of decades past. Included in their repertoire are selections from the blues and rock oriented music of the late sixties and early seventies era. This includes The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, many of the Blues Masters, and more. GCG's sound is generated by four guitars, bass, a Hammond B-3, congas, timbales, and dual drum kits, which capture the true spirit of the music that they play. For those who like jam oriented blues/rock, or simply good time party music, Great Caesar's Ghost will not dissapoint.

01. Hot Lanta
02. Mr. Charlie
03. Franklin's Tower
04. Done Somebody Wrong
05. Whipping Post
06. Me And My Uncle
07. Dreams
08. Turn On Your Lovelight
09. Not Fade Away


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Stevie Wright - Live At The Bridgeway Hotel '87

Stevie Wright - Live At The Bridgeway Hotel '87 - 1987

Stevie Wright may well be regarded as a pioneer of Australian Rock 'n' Roll. In the 60s with the Easybeats he created several Australian hits like 'She's So Fine', 'Sorry', and 'I'll Make You Happy' and the worldwide smash 'Friday On My Mind'.In the 70s he began work on his debut album Hard Road with Easybeats songwriters Harry Vanda and George Young. Released in April 1974, the album peaked at number five on the national charts and spawned Wright's best-known hit, Evie.This concert, recorded at Adelaide's Bridgeway Hotel in 1987 is the culmination of three decades of commitment to rock from an artist whose legacy endures unabated today.

01. Hard Road
02. Guitar Band
03. I'll Make You Happy
04. Sorry
05. Wedding Ring
06. Brothers
07. My Kind Of Music
08. St. Louis
09. I've Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now
10. Friday On My Mind
11. Black Eyed Bruiser
12. Evie Pt 1, 2 & 3
13. You
14. She's So Fine