quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Michael Giles - The Adventures Of The Michael Giles MAD BAND

Michael Giles - The Adventures Of The Michael Giles MAD BAND - 2009

"Mad Band music is made in the moment without composition, arrangements, rehearsal or great expectations. The only idea is to have no ideas and be completely  spontaneous. In a spirit of freedom the Mad Band explores the universe of sound, silence, space and time."

On the 40th anniversary of his celebrated debut recording, KIng Crimson's legendary former drummer Michael Giles returns with his first album of original material for nearly three decades.

Alongside Ad Chivers and Dan Pennie, Giles has created a powerfully percussive and innovative fusion of Free Rock and Jazz influences that marks genuinely fresh territory for this most expressive and unique of players. 

01. Space And Time
02. In The Key Of X
03. Piano Tuning For Beginners
04. The Bitch
05. Handle With Care
06. Perverse Gear
07. Cosmic Collusion
08. Nomadsland
09. High Level Meeting
10. Flirting With Flams
11. Diminished Responsibility
12. In The Key Of Why
13. Spellbound 


terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Delaney Bramlett - Mobius Strip

Delaney Bramlett - Mobius Strip - 1973

Mobius Strip was recorded and released in 1973, during Delaney Bramlett's separation from Bonnie in the wake of their imminent divorce. Amazingly, this doesn't immediately show in the music. In fact, it's more joyous in places than its predecessor, Some Things Coming. That said, one has to wonder if Bramlett was losing it here, given that its opener is titled "Are You a Beatle or a Rolling Stone." By rights it should be dreadful; but it's not. Bramlett's cornball humor aside, the song's tale of life on the road depicts the '70s in all of its decadent glory. It's also a savagely funky R&B-drenched rocker. The band on this set is a bit larger but it's also leaner. Bramlett handles a lot of the backing vocals and percussion himself, offering his true worth as a singer. He plays guitar a lot more, too, each track is shot through his nasty Telecaster and Stratocaster fills and solos. He's got Jim Gordon and Jerry Jumonville on saxes (the latter plays bagpipes à la Rufus Harley on one cut), and George Bohannon handles the charts for the horns on a few tracks: Bramlett does the rest, and uses the same core organ session from Some Things Coming, essentially his road band of bassist Robert G. Wilson, organist Timothy Hedding, and drummer Ron Grayson. The tunes where there are other backing vocals feature Venetta Fields and Chris Thomas King and some group called "the Hired Choir," as well as a "mini-choir" comprising the children of Bramlett, and King (for Fleetwood Mac fanatics, this marks the very first recorded performance of Bekka Bramlett). READ MORE HERE

01  Are You a Beatle or a Rolling Stone
02  What Am I Doin' (In a Place Like This)
03 A Young Girl (In Her Garden)
04 Big Ol' Piece of Blues
05 Circles
06 When a Man Is in Need of a Woman
07 I'm a M-A-N
08 B.B.'s Blues
09 A Little Bit of You in Me
10 California Rain

Delaney Bramlett - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
John Ussery - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Ron Grayson - Drums
Timothy Hedding - Organ
Jim Hobson - Piano
Robert Wilson - Bass
Larry Savioe - Trombone
Darryl Leonard - Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
Jim Gordon - Sax (Baritone)
Jerry Jumonville - Sax (Tenor)


sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

Tim Bogert - Progressions

Tim Bogert - Progressions - 1981

01. Hold on to Her
02. Try to See It My Way
03. Make No Mistake
04. Love Is Ready
05. Friend of Mine
06. Take It or Leave It
07. Little White Lies
08. Caught in Her Flame
09. Fast Life
10. Blind Love

Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocal
Jay Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Platshon - Drums
Peter Schless - Keyboards
Bill Andersen, Curtis Tilton, Sue Richman & Andrea Robinson - Add Vocals


quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Pat McManus - Live And In Time

Pat McManus - Live And In Time - 2009

Patrick Frances McManus was one of 6 children born into an incredibly talented musical family in Derrylin, Co.Fermangh, N.Ireland. Pat’s father, John, and his mother Valerie were highly accomplished Traditional Irish music players, so it wasn’t long before Pat and his two brothers, John and Tommy, were picking up all the instruments lying around the house and learning to play. By the age of 7, Pat had already performed on live T.V. and by 14 he was All-Ireland Fiddle Champion. Aged 20, Pat somehow stumbled across a band called Horslips. As Horslips were a Celtic rock band, the 3 brothers could relate to their music and quickly became big fans and later attended so many gigs that they formed a friendship with the guys in the band. The brothers soon swapped their Fiddles, Uilleann Pipes and Bodhrans for electric instruments and formed their first band called - Pulse, with Pat on Guitar, John on Bass & Vocals and Tommy (who was only 12 at the time) on drums. During an interview with Radio Luxembourg , Dj – Tony Prince, who remarked how young they all were, jokingly called them Mamas Boys - the boys changed their name. It was just meant to be an ‘of the cuff’ remark but the name stuck and soon the 3 brothers were officially known as Mamas Boys........... READ MORE HERE

Pat McManus - Guitars, Fiddle and Vocals
Paul Faloon - Drums
Gordon Sheridan - Bass

01. Low Down Dirty Blues
02. Ordinary Man
03. I Take What I want
04. Gentleman Rogues
05. Got The Right
06. Juggernaut
07. Runaway Dreams
08. Email Blues
09. Back In The Saddle
10. Same Old Story
11. Return Of the G Man
12. The Professor

13. Mama Were All Crazee Now
14. Needle In The Groove
15. Straight Forward


domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

The Wheat Pool - Township

The Wheat Pool - Township - 2007

The Wheat Pool é uma banda canadense que faz um som com um tempero que engloba o bom pop, rock e folk. Township é seu album de estreia, lançado em 16/09/2007. Conheça mais da banda em http://thewheatpool.com

01. Preamble
02. Geographic Centre of Canada

03. Evergreen
04. Between You and Me
05. Peniel, SK
06. Neil Young
07. Emily Carr
08. FBD
09. Trace of You
10. Whyte Avenue
11. Phonebook

Robb Angus - Lead vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mike Angus - Lead vocals, Bass, Guitars
Glen Erickson - Lead guitar, Vocals
Steph Dagenais - Drums


sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Anthony Reebop Kwaku Bah

Anthony Reebop Kwaku Bah - 1973

Essa preciosidade é o segundo álbum solo deste percusionista nigeriano, ex Traffic, ex Can.

01. Kwaku's Thing
02. Funkum
03. Iponohinime
04. Africa
05. Lovin' You Baby
06. 200 to 500 Years Ago

Janne Schaffer - Guitar
Bobo Stenson - Electric Piano
Rune Carlsson, Erik Dahlbäck - Drums
Bengt Dahlén, Lucas Lindholm - Bass
Ahmed Muvaffak Falay - Trumpet
Gunnar Bergsten - Saxophone (baritone)


quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

Benjamin Hugg - Early One Morning & What´s Been Happening

Benjamin Hugg foi um cantor, compositor e guitarrista australiano  Ele lançou dois álbuns, Early One Morning (1974) e What's Been Happening (1975). Suas músicas são basicamente folk rock com boas pitadas de uma boa pop music. Ele chegou a excursionar com a sua "The Benjamin Hugg Band" composta por  Greg Johnson (guitarra), Keith Miller (baixo) e David Pitt (bateria). Após esse segundo disco ele simplesmente desapareceu de seu público.

Infelizmente, não disponho de mais informações sobre o artista, a não ser a de que ele morreu em decorrência de um câncer. Para sites como o Allmusic, ele simplesmente nunca existiu. No RateYourMusic, só umas capinhas em baixíssimas resoluções.

O Early One... já vi rolando por aí num vinil rip. Este segundo, ao que me consta, é uma raridade.

Divirtam-se todos!!!!!!!!!

 Early One Morning - 1974

01 - Interlude (Early One Morning)
02 - Thanks God You´re Here With Me
03 - Such Little Time
04 - Lovely Picture
05 - Silly Minded People
06 - Alleys of Austin
07 - My Jenny
08 - Here Comes Alice  And Me
09 - I´ve Found Love
10 - Hand Me Down Secondhand Smile
11 -  Epilogue (Early One Morning)

Benjamin Hugg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Peter Robinson - Bass, Acoustic and Eletric Guitars
Bill Pyman - Acoustic and Eletric Guitar, Back Vocals
Doug Sornan - Acoustic and Eletric Piano
Buddy England - Acoustic Guitar and Back Vocals
Garth Thompson - Drums and Percussion
Bruce Woodley - Acoustic Guitar
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Rick Berger - Bass
Joe McLaughlin - Piano
Kerryn Tolhurst - Steel Guitar
Wendy Cook - Back Vocals


What´s Been Happening - 1975

01 - Needle of Misfortune
02 - What's Been Happening
03 - Loving You
04 - Don't Leave me This Way
05 - I Hear You Sing
06 - Dirty Man
07 - Without You
08 - Where is the Love
09 - Easy

Benjamin Hugg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Peter Walker - Guitar
Peter Roberts - Bass
Tim Partridge - Bass (Funky)
Michael Bart - Keyboards and Synths
Russel Dunlop - Drums
Joe Tattersall - Drums
Geoff Oakes - Sax
John Sayers - Piano
Barry Leef, Peter Walker, Joe Tattersall - Back Vocals


terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Muddy Waters - The London Sessions

Muddy Waters - The London Muddy Waters Sessions - 1972

A série "The London Sessions" tratou de reunir os pioneiros do Blues americano com os seus "discípulos" britânicos. Esse disco, embora os mais puristas não o enxergam como indispensável, traz em seu line-up feras como Rory Gallagher, Steve WInwood, Mitch Mitchell, Rick Grech, Sam Lawhorn, Carey Bell e Georgie Fame, e é sim item obrigatório pra quem curte uma boa música.

01. Blind Man Blues
02. Key To The Highway
03. Young Fashioned Ways
04. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
05. Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I'm Gone
06. Walkin' Blues
07. I'm Ready
08. Sad Sad Day
09. I Don't Know Why


quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Dave Mason - Live at Sunrise

Dave Mason - Live at Sunrise - 2002 (audio DVD)

1. Let It Go, Let It Flow
2. Only You Know and I Know
3. World in Changes
4. We Just Disagree
5. 40000 Headmen
6. Look at You Look at Me
7. Dear Mr. Fantasy
8. All Along the Watchtower
9. Feeling Alright

Dave Mason - Vocals, Guitar
Richard Campbell - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Johnne Sambataro - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Scumaci - Keyboards, Vocals
Greg Babcock - Drums