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New Planet Trampoline - Dark Rides and Grim Visions

New Planet Trampoline - Dark Rides and Grim Visions - 2016

From Cleveland, Ohio, the psych-rocking four-piece New Planet Trampoline called it quits in 2008, leaving behind an unfinished album. After coming back together for 2014’s The Wisconsin Witch House EP, the ‘60s-stylized outfit set themselves to the task of finishing what became Dark Rides and Grim Visions, basking in the glow of early Floyd, Beatles and others of the ilk while keeping a harder edge to songs like “Grim Visions” and a healthy cynicism to “We’ll Get What We Deserve” and the tongue-in-cheek keyboard-laced closer “Haunted as Fuck.” Of the several more extended tracks, the nine-minute “Acts of Mania” is the longest, and provides suitable patience and atmospherics to stand up to its scope.

All told, Dark Rides and Grim Visions is a formidable journey at 13 songs/68 minutes, but after more than half a decade away, it’s hard to hold New Planet Trampoline having their say against them, particularly when that say is as lush and dreamy as “This is the Morning.”

01. There Is Nothing More To Say
02. Grim Visions
03. Ex-President
04. Confidence Man
05. Acts Of Mania
06. Pollution (Circles & Snakes)
07. Birds
08. We'll Get What We Deserve
09. Nervous Intuition
10. Dark Ride
11. This Is The Morning
12. Nearly Finished Face
13. Haunted As Fuck

Matt Cassidy - Guitar
Charlie Druesedow - Drums
Ben Gmetro - Organ
Dave Molnar  - Bass


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Lee Harvey Osmond - Live from Latent Lounge

Lee Harvey Osmond - Live from Latent Lounge - 2017

from wikipedia
Lee Harvey Osmond, stylized as LeE HARVeY OsMOND, is a Canadian psychedelic folk project fronted by musician Tom Wilson.

The act first took shape with Wilson in his LeE HARVeY OsMOND persona, backed by Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies and Josh Finlayson of Skydiggers. They wrote, recorded and released the debut album, A Quiet Evil, in 2009 on Latent Recordings. Margo Timmins, Andy Maize and Suzie Vinnick also contributed to the album. The band's current touring configuration consists of Wilson on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Goldstein on guitar and pedal steel (who also contributed to A Quiet Evil), Cam Malcolm on bass guitar, Brent Titcomb on percussion and vocals and Ray Farrugia on drums.

01. Blue Moon Drive
02. Freedom
03. I’m Going To Stay That Way
04. Cuckoo’s Nest
05. Oh Linda
06. Leave This House
07. I Can’t Stand It
08. Oh The Gods
09. Beautiful Scars


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VA - Indian Rezervation Blues And More

VA - Indian Rezervation Blues And More - 2009

A unique project presenting the best Native American music from the US and Canada of today : Blues, Country, Folk music, Traditional songs and chants, Americana... even some R'n'B and Hip-Hop music, American Indian style! 3 CDs - 3 hours of music - 30 minutes of video - 33 Artists - a 48-page booklet with an introduction by Pura Fe' (artist), Elaine Bomberry (television producer) and Guy “The American” Fay (talent scout). This 3-CD collection sets the record straight about the reality of Indian music, highlighting its strong influence on American music in general, and blues in particular. This set introduces us to the “Real Indians” of today who express their rebellion through hip-hop, performing highly original music that carries traces of blues, rock and country. It is time to re-evaluate the culture of the indigenous, “First Nations” people of North America, and the influence they have had since the beginning of American roots music.

01. Aaron White - Heart Beat
02. Wayne Lavallee - Trail Of Tears
03. Keith Secola - Wailing Blues
04. Derek Miller - Shot O' Cocaine
05. Art Napoleon - Cree Sunrise
06. A. Paul Ortega - Chicago
07. George Leach - Dizzy Dog
08. Jaques & The Shakey Boys - God And The Devil
09. Art Napoleon - Bushman Blues
10. Aaron White - Two Warriors Crossing
11. Wayne Lavallee - Shed Allot Of Light
12. Elizabeth Hill - The Grass Looks Greener In A White Man’s Yard
13. Murray Porter - Heart Of The Eagle
14. Julian B - In Da' City
15. Leilani - Go Back
16. Asani - Rez Sister
17. Slidin' Clyde Roulette - Redman
18. Aaron White with John Desmore - Heart Beat

01. Keith Secola - 4R Ancestors
02. Alex Jacobs Indian List
03. Indigenous - Leaving
04. Aaron White - John Doe
05. Corn-Bred - General Sullivan
06. Art Napoleon - Hunting Chant
07. Star Nayea - Silenced My Tongue
08. Derek Miller - Mystery Train
09. Cary Mourin - Lacrosse
10. Quese IMC - Good Ol' Amerikkka
11. Butch Mudbone - It Was In The Old Times
12. Faron "Pappy" Johns - Thru The Door
13. Sandy Scofield - Layla's Lullaby (Kawapimtim)
14. Tonemah - There's A Train
15. Keith Secola - 4R Ancestors

01. M'Girl - Kitaskinanaw
02. Cochise Anderson - Kokopelli’s Groove
03. Keith Secola - Kokopelli Blues
04. Jim Boyd - Inchelium
05. George Leach - Indian Blues
06. Derek Miller - Devil Come Down Sunday
07. Cary Morin - Live A Little
08. Pura Fe' - Stand Up For Human Pride
09. Charly Lowry - Brownskin
10. Joy Hario - Witchi Tai To
11. Jason Burnstick Band - Ain't Going Down
12. Jim Boyd - Rebel Moon
13. The Plateros - Lord Of All
14. Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers - Stripped Me Naked
15. M'Girl - Healing Song


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Steve Marriott - Live At Dingwalls

Steve Marriott - Live At Dingwalls - 1986

This 1984 show at the North London club Dingwalls was originally broadcast live on the radio,  featuring Marriott backed by his band Packet of Three. This performance has also been released  under the titles of "Dingwalls" "Packet of Three: Live" and "Steve Marriott Voice of Humble Pie"

01. What'Cha Gonna Do About It
02. Fool for a Pretty Face
03. Shame on You
04. Bad Moon Rising
05. The Cockney Rhyme
06. All Shook Up
07. The Fixer
08. All or Nothing
09. Five Long Years
10. Thirty Days in the Hole
11. I Don't Need No Doctor
12. Big Train Stop at Memphis
13. Walkin' the Dog


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The Good Rats - Making Rock and Roll Great Again

The Good Rats - Making Rock and Roll Great Again - 2016

On July 10th, 2013, the rock & roll world lost one of its great unsung heroes--the founder, leader and frontman of THE GOOD RATS, the group Rolling Stone Magazine called "the world's greatest unknown band." Peppi Marchello may not have received the international notoriety that fans, critics and fellow musicians believed he'd achieve, but his legion of dedicated fans regard him as one of the finest vocalists, performers, and songwriters of his generation.

On April 5, 2014, Stefan and Gene Marchello stepped into the shoes of their father for one last emotional performance with "the boys". The "last reunion", which took place at the legendary BB Kings Blues Club in New York City, was one of the bands most memorable performances. Every fan, friend and family member was there to celebrate the life of Peppi and his music through the voices of his sons. You could feel his smile shining down as the band put their heart, soul and tears into his songs one last time.

The band now continues with Stefan Marchello. Stefan Played with Peppi for 23 years. 11 and a half years on drums and 11 and a half on bass.

01. Suicide Ride
02. Take the Lovin and Run
03. See Me Through This (Down)
04. I Remember Loving You
05. G-Spot Robot
06. Sally Anne
07. In My Room
08. Thank You Babe
09. Every Man Wants to Be Rich
10. Uncle Henry's Wife
11. Love on the Beach (2016)
12. City Liners (Demo)
13. Major Minor Chords (Demo)

Stefan Marchello - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dan Smiraglia - Keyboards
Mike White - Bass
Joey DiBiase - Drums


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Bandit3 - EP

Bandit3 - EP - 2016

Bandit released two albums with different line-ups. Bandit's debut Bandit was released in late 1976 on Arista Records. This album featured Jim Diamond on lead vocals, Danny McIntosh on guitar, future AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, James Litherland, and drummer Graham Broad, now of Roger Waters' band. A single entitled "Ohio" was also released. The punk rock music scene of the time caused a lack of attention and the band later parted ways. Diamond went on to join Ph.D., and gained a UK Top 10 hit with "I Won't Let You Down". He later went solo and scored two more chart-toppers.

The second album, Partners in Crime, was produced by Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum and released by Ariola Records in 1978. One Way Love a single from the album reached 76 in the American Billboard Chart. The only member of the original line-up to feature on the second album was McIntosh. The other band members for the second album were Gerry Trew on lead vocals, drummer Theodore Thunder (John Dentith), and bassist Tony Lester. Both albums are long out of print. McIntosh is now the guitarist for, and husband of, the singer-songwriter Kate Bush.

A third album was recorded and featured guitarist Mick Grabham of Procol Harum but was never released and finally the band broke up. A 5-song EP from the unreleased album has been released in 2016 entitled BANDIT3 EP

01. Pushing On Through
02. Workin' On It
03. Give A Little
04. All Dressed Up
05. Fool


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Archie Brown - 2 For Joy

Archie Brown - 2 For Joy - 2017

01. Tail Lights
02. Wintertime Love
03. Send me a Letter
04. September Song
05. The Lonely One
06. Kosovo
07. A Long Time Gone
08. Fight Dirty
09. Hoping
10. Hold You Tight
11. 2 for Joy


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Spencer Davis - So Far (re-post)

Spencer Davis -  So Far - 2008

Review By AMG
One of journeyman vocalist/guitarist Spencer Davis’s stronger post-1960’s efforts, SO FAR showcases the soulful Englishman at the top of his game, delivering a diverse batch of rootsy songs backed by a crack touring band. From the New Orleans-ish R&B piano workout of “I Can’t Stand Still” to the folksy Donovan-leanings of “Golden Eagle” and Springsteen-esque straight-up soul party grooves of the title track and “Promises," SO FAR is full of spirited, lean ‘n’ mean performances that are even more impressive considering they come from a guy who in 2008 had been touring and recording non-stop for the better part of five decades.

01. So Far
02. Comin' Home
03. The Viper
04. I Ain't Gonna Go
05. The Mumbles Train
06. I Can't Stand Still
07. Uncle Herman's Mandolin
08. Promises
09. The Golden Eagle
10. Berlin
11. The Swansea Shuffle
12. Mulberry Avenue


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Chris Wood - Evening Blue

Chris Wood - Evening Blue - 2017

Perhaps best known for co-founding Traffic with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason, Chris Wood was self taught on Saxophone and Flute although he was also an accomplished keyboards player and bass guitarist too. And a fine artist as well; from Stourbridge College of Art, Chris was accepted by the Royal Academy in 1965 where he ultimately faced the choice – music or art.

Via The Steve Hadley Quartet, he moved on to other Midlands-based bands – Shades Of Blue which included pianist Christine Perfect (later McVie of Fleetwood Mac) and then Locomotive with Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth). Knowing Steve Winwood from The Elbow Room in Birmingham as well as through his sister Steph who designed clothes for The Spencer Davis Group led, eventually, to the formation of Traffic which evolved from out of hours jam-sessions at The Elbow Room.

Traffic decamped to an isolated farmhouse (The Cottage) on the Berkshire Downs. Success came with their first single (Paper Sun) with their first album (Mr Fantasy) being issued in December 1967. The group split after releasing their second album with Winwood joining Eric Clapton in Blind Faith. Wood and Capaldi reunited with Dave Mason to form the short-lived Mason Capaldi Wood and Frog before Chris left for America where he joined Dr John and toured the US. On his return to Britain, along with Winwood, he joined the first version of Ginger Baker’s Airforce, playing two gigs and releasing one album. After which Traffic – as a three piece – reformed.

Chris introduced the traditional ballad John Barleycorn to Capaldi and Winwood and it became not only the title song to Traffic’s next LP but a lynchpin of their concerts for the remainder of the group’s life.

Close friends with Jimi Hendrix, Wood played on his Electric Ladyland album as well as contributing to records by Free, Fat Mattress, Sky, Noel Redding, Third World, John Martyn, Gordon Jackson, Crawler, Jim Capaldi, Rebop Kwaku Baah, Bobby Whitlock and many others.

He met his wife via Hendrix (she was part of Jimi’s inner circle) – Chris and Jeanette Jacobs were married in November 1972 at Kensington Registry Office in London.

Traffic folded after the release of the When The Eagle Flies LP in 1974. In the years that followed, Chris took tentative steps toward recording his own LP but, plagued by addiction and his wife’s serial infidelity while progress was made, it was slow. Eventually, an album was completed and sequenced in October 1978 but, for reasons which remain unknown, Island chose not to issue it. In the mid-80s the 1/4″ masters disappeared and remained missing until 2013.

Jeanette (from whom he was now separated) died of a seizure on New Year’s Day 1980 – she was 30. Chris was affected by her death as deeply as he was by Jimi’s passing as well as other close friends like Paul Kossoff and his erstwhile band-mate Rebop Kwaku Baah.

Never to completely shake his dependencies, Chris Wood died in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the morning of July 12, 1983. Three weeks earlier, he had turned 39.

Traffic’s Far from Home LP, issued in 1994, was dedicated to Chris – the front cover shows a solitary stick-figure playing a flute.

Traffic was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 15, 2004. In Jim Capaldi’s acceptance speech he said: Chris Wood was the magic man in Traffic. He was the one who came up with John Barleycorn. We sadly miss Chris. Traffic foreve.

CD 1
01. Song For Pete
02. See No Man Girl
03. Letter One
04. Barbed Wire
05. Don't It
06. Jam In Butter
07. Moon Child Vulcan
08. Tone Blind Rhythm Deaf
09. Birth In A Day
10. No 4 B Side
11. Barbed Wire (Take 3 Alt R Mix)
12. Birth In A Day (Take 3 CW Mix)
13. Song For Pete (Studio Rehearsal Take 2)
14. See No Man Floral Dance

CD 2
01. Piano #1 - Chris Wood
02. Love - Traffic
03. Outside In (Album Version) - John Martin
04. Come Here Sweet Man - Martha Velez
05. Flutered - Chris Wood
06. Early in the Morning (Live at The Royal Albert Hall) - Airforce
07. Song For Freedom - Gordon Jackson
08. Automatic Reggae - Tyrone Downie
09. Sullen Moon (Band Recording #1) - Cris Wood
10. Zagapam - Rebop Kwaku Baah
11. Jam 1 - Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog
12. There In The Greenbriar - Sky
13. Diggin' On You (Home Demo) - Dr. John, Jeanette Jacobs & Chris Wood
14. Just For You - Dave Mason
15. The Fame Groove - Chris Wood
16. Lamb - Chris Wood and Stuar Carr
17. No Time To Live - Traffic

CD 3
01. Piano #2 - Chris Wood
02. On A Theme Of... - Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog
03. Steph's Tune - Tyrone Downie
04. 40.000 Headman - Traffic
05. So Much In Love With You (Album Version) - john Martyn
06. Cinnamon Girl (First Run Through) - Spiteri & Chris Wood
07. Tragic Magic - Traffic
08. Polo No 1 (Sketch) - Chris Wood
09. Game Called Life - Bobby Whitlock
10. Snakes And Ladders - Gordon Jackson
11. Out Of Tune With The Universe - Dr. John, Jeanette Jacobs & Chris Wood
12. Meteorites - Remi Kabaka
13. Ley It Up - Chris Wood & Vinden Wylde
14. Sold On Down The Line - Crawler
15. Waiting On You (Live At The BBC / 1969) - Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog
16. For Rfk Jfk & Mlk - Shawn Phillips
17. Sullen Moon (Demo) - Chris Wood
18. John Barleycorn - Traffic
19. Zola - Chris Wood

CD 4
01. Piano #3 - Chris Wood
02. What To Look For - Chris Wood & Maps
03. Vulcan (The Aurora Collaboration) Chris Wood & Spiteri
04. Coloured Rain (Mono Version) - Traffic
05. Sing To Me Woman - Gordon Jackson
06. Dealer (Album Version) - Traffic
07. Barbed Wire (Take 2 Alt - W mix)
08. Mourning Sad Morning - Free
09. Evening Blue - Traffic
10. Feelin' Alright? (Live At The BBC) - Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog
11. All Black Festival - Remi Kabaka
12. Three Hours (Alternate Version) - Nick Drake
13. Steph's Dub - Tyrone Downie
14. Spring Too (Live) - Chris Wiid & Stuart Carr
15. Rainmaker - Traffic
16. Seagull - Jim Capaldi
17. Sylvanae - Chris Wood