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British Invasion All-Star - Pickin' Berries

British Invasion All-Star - Pickin' Berries - 2009

The British Invasion All-Stars paying tribute to one of the all time great rock n rollers-Mr Chuck Berry! And the lads also give a nod to Bo Diddley and The Coasters on this good time romp thru some nuggets that you'll dig. The Brit All-Stars are Jim McCarty from The Yardbirds, Phil May and Dick Taylor from The Pretty Things, Matthew Fisher of Procol Harum, Eddie Phillips from Creation along with Ray Phillips from The Nashville Teens and Keith Grant & Don Craine from The Downliners Sect.

01. Route 66       
02. Let It Rock
03. I Can Tell
04. Sweet Little Rock n Roller
05. Talkin' Bout You
06. Promised Land
07. Little Eqypt


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Ray Manzarek and Bal - Atonal Head

Ray Manzarek and Bal - Atonal Head - 2006

Atonal Head é um álbum realizado pelo ex-tecladista do The Doors e pelo trompetista polonês Piotr Bal. Bal nasceu em 1965 em Stettin,  e começou a tocar ainda criança e ele descobriu ser um grande fã dos Doors desde os 14 anos de idade. Segundo ele, sempre soube que iria tocar algum dia com Ray Manzarek!

Um dia, já "fugido" da Polônia comunista, o músico foi convidado por  Manzarek  para participar das gravações da trilha sonora do filme "Love Her Madly".  Assim que começou a gravação, O lendário tecladista logo perguntou se ele não gostaria de tocar outros sons, com o acompanhamento de seu piano.

Atonal Head é consequência natural dessa união e explora uma fusão de jazz, eletrônica, rock, música clássica e até samba!!!!!!, em composições próprias, exceto nas "Caravan" e "Rides on the storm".

Esse disco, vi AQUI, pela bagatela de £37.60 e, salvo engano, não rola fácil pela net.

01. Hinjuku Nights
02. Riders On The Storm
03. The Hard Road
04. Caravan
05. Before The Rain
06. Kundalini Rising
07. Quick Trip In A Fast Machine
08. Feijoada
09. Brazilian Green
10. Atonal Head

Ray Manzarek - All keyboards
Piotr Bal - All Trumpets, Guitars, Programming


Cathy Larson - Flute solo on Kundalini Rising
Scot Ray - All trombones on Caravan
David Hughes - Bass intro on Feijoada
Lorca Hart - Drums on Atonal Head
Voice on Brazilian Green, Rita Richardson
Voice on Riders On The Storm, Jim Morrison


terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

Dirty Fingers - Jeff Beck Tribute

Dirty Fingers - Jeff Beck Tribute - Various Artists - 2010

Um tributo a um guitarrista mais-ou-menos, com um pessoal um pouco acima da média. :)

Este post, sem nenhum compromisso, foi feito à toque de caixa enquanto eu também ouço essa nova aquisição.


01. El Becko (Gary Hoey)
02. Play With Me (Brian Tarquin)
03. Blue Wind (Billy Sheehan & Doug Doppler)
04. Big Block (James Ryan)
05. You Know What I Mean (Brian Tarquin)
06. Star Cycle (Chris Mahoney)
07. Freeway Jam (Brian Tarquin)
08. The Pump (Howard Hart)
09. Led Boots (Greg Rapaport)
10. Plynth Water Down the Drain (Larry Van Fleet)


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Spooky Tooth - Berlin Wall

 Spooky Tooth - Berlin Wall - 1968-69-70

Berlin Wall é um razoável soundboard que reúne gravações realizadas na BBC (1968-1969) e em Berlim no ano de 1970 desta banda britânica. As faixas gravadas na Alemanda (1 a 8) fora originalmente lançado em um outro bootleg, "Alone", que na época teve uma prensagem limitada a 150 cópias.

01 - Something To Say
02 - I Am The Walrus
03 - The Wrong Time
04 - I Wanna Be Free
05 - Son Of Your Father
06 - Better By You By Me
07 - Along
08 - Soulful Lady
09 - Love Really Changed
10 - Pretty Woman
11 - Feelin Bad
12 - I Can't Quit Her
13 - Evil Woman   


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The Psychedelic Cowboys - Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs

The Psychedelic Cowboys - Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs - 2000

by Jason MacNei from AMG

Led by Missouri-cum-Los Angeles singer John "Lefty" Harlan, the Psychedelic Cowboys owe much of their style and music to early alt-country icons such as Gram Parsons, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Ozark Mountain Daredevils. With a very unique blending of standard country & western mixed with the psychedelic ambience of the '60s, the group created a buzz in Los Angeles and the southern United States. Despite guitarist Don Ian leaving the band in early 2000, they continued on. After releasing a four-song EP titled Choral Corral, the group released its debut full-length album in 2001. Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs was released on Stone Legal Records. The group has won praise in many Americana and alt-country magazines, including No Depression and Country Standard Time.

01. Kaleidoscope Canyon Drive
02. Life's Great
03. Goodbye Louise
04. Mt. Airy Mistake
05. Common Man
06. Wile Coyote
07. Say A Prayer
08. Oklahoma
09. Oh Why (She's Gone)
10. Hippie Girls & Sippin' Whisky
11. Good Ole Boy In Gomorrah
12. California Country Scene

Cover / Vinyl Version

John Harlan - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Jeff Legore - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Purgatory Dan Raziel - Lead Guitar
Skip Watson - Pedal Steel Guitar, Harmony Vocals
"Lone Gun" Harrigan - Drums, Percussion

Chris Darrow - mandolin, wmi
Dapper Don Ian - lead guitar
Tom Kelsey - 12-string guitar
Dan Janisch - acoustic guitar
John Bertini - mandolin
Jay Dee Maness - pedal steel
Atoke Das Gupta - sitar
John Bird - guitar and harmonium
Dave Sobel - vox organ
Tom Sauber, Brantley Kearns - fiddles
Pat "The Kid"Sauber - banjo and squeezebox
Eric Sung, Timothy Loo - cellos
Probyn Gregory - trumpet
Jonathan Mohr - dog house bass and tuba
Dr. Eric Hord - phantom guitar



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The Kast Off Kinks - The Archway EP

The Kast Off Kinks - The Archway EP - 2001

The Kast Off Kinks formed in 1994 to keep the music playing on, and it is what the name implies - the original line-up consisted of the band that played Lola (apart from Ray and Dave) - Avory, Dalton and Gosling - together with singer/guitarist Dave Clarke.

The current line-up is the band that played Come Dancing - Avory, Gibbons and Rodford (respectively the Kinks’ longest-serving drummer, keyboard player and bassist) - still with Dave Clarke covering for the Davies brothers. (As Jim is currently very busy playing with The Zombies and Argent, John Dalton often comes out of retirement to stand in for him.)

Almost every other ex-Kink has guested with The Kast Off Kinks, including Ray Davies.

The Archway EP, was made in conjunction with The Kinks' fan club.

01. Victoria
02. Schooldays
03. Powerman
04. God's Children
05. Muswell Hillbilly

Dave Clarke -  Guitar, Vocals
John Dalton -  Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
John "The Baptist" Gosling - Keyboards
Mick Avory - Drums, Percussion


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Harvey Mandel and The Snake Crew - Live

Harvey Mandel and The Snake Crew - Live - 2009 

Harvey Mandel is a pioneer of modern electric blues from Chicago, Harvey Mandel developed and mastered sustained and controlled feedback, displaying both extroversion and musical virtuosity. He has performed with many blues legends including Howlin' Wolf, Otis Rush. Albert King,  Buddy Guy and much more.

01. Call My Job
02. Baby Batter        
03. Luscious Life        
04. Freak Of Dawn        
05. Mona        
06. Wade In The Water        
07. Before Six        
08. Touch Of Green        
09. Boogie Your Cares Away        
10. Bud Monster        
11. Midnite Sun

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Joli Valenti - Vocal
Steve Evans - Bass
Billy Johnson - Drums
Pete Sears - Keyboard
Mick Martin - Harp, Vocals
Michael Borbridge, Jose Najera - Percussion


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Max Middleton - Land of Secrets (re-re-post)

Max Middleton - Land of Secrets - 2003

Max Middleton is best known as the pianist in the second, most successful version of Jeff Beck Group. Middleton was trained as a classical pianist but also possessed a strong affinity for jazz, and had played in a band called Flare with Trinidad-born bassist Clive Chaman. His hook up with Beck came about in the spring of 1971, while the guitarist was rehearsing the lineup of his reconstituted band (including Chaman) and decided that he needed a pianist. At 20, Middleton was one of the youngest players on the early-'70s blues-rock scene, and his youth, coupled with his devotion to jazz, quickly made him a mainstay of Beck's group - his jazz piano was one of the more successful new elements introduced on the Rough and Ready album, and on the next LP, Jeff Beck Group, Middleton also wrote an outstanding instrumental track entitled "Definitely Maybe." Middleton was also the only member to make the jump from the second version of Jeff Beck Group to the third, which was really the prototypal Beck, Bogert & Appice, but he left before that trio had gotten far into their short-lived hook up. He passed through a group called Gonzales before rejoining Beck in 1974 - with other core members of Gonzales soon to follow - to collaborate with the guitarist on the instrumental Blow By Blow album, which became the top-selling LP of Beck's whole career, reaching number four on the American charts. Middleton also played clavinette on the Wired album that followed, after which he parted company with the guitarist.

Read more HERE

Max Middleton - Keyborards
Martin Ditcham - Drums and Percussion
Robert Ahwai - Guitar
Sylvin Marc - Bass
Dick Pearce - Flugelhorn/Trumpet
Maiuko and Maquenzie - Backing Vocals

01. Loco
02. Miles Away
03. Cherry Blossom Blue
04. Mr.Godsky
05. Blues on a Summer's Day
06. Cuban Nights
07. Land of Secrets
08. Bomba's Bar

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V.A - The Yardbirds Family Tree - Birds Of A Feather (re-repost)

V.A -  The Yardbirds Family Tree - Birds Of A Feather - 2006

By Dave Thompson from Goldmine Magazine
There’s the Yardbirds’ family tree, and then there’s the Yardbirds’ family tree, and in terms of having something fresh to listen to, one is a lot more enjoyable than the other. John Mayall, Cream, the Jeff Beck Group, Led Zeppelin – whatever is left to be said about the monsters that once took flight from the Yardbirds’ nest? But step away from the antics of a few smart guitar slingers, and there’s an underground swirling around the band’s other members that rarely sees the daylight it deserves.

In fairness, this is less a Family Tree collection, than an anthology of Jim McCarty’s more recent, extra-curricular activities. The British Invasion All-Stars, the Yardbirds Experience and, of course, the Jim McCarty Band are the dominant names here, together with a clutch of McCarty-less highlights from the Ambulators’ tribute to ‘birds mentor Sonny Boy Williamson. Likewise, the 19 tracks turn up a mere handful of established Yardbirds classics (“Shapes Of Things,” of course, kicks it all off), preferring to mine the entire British beat repertoire of bluesy classics, R&B stompers and proto-rock howlers.

The line-up across the four acts is phenomenal – Don Craine, Phil May, Dick Taylor, Eddie Phillips, Mick Green, Matthew Fisher, Ray Majors, Mick Avory, Dave Walker … and that’s just the names that your pet goldfish would recognize. Noel Redding leads one aggregation across a dynamic “Jimi Hendrix Trilogy”; Pete French (ex-Cactus) fronts another through an incendiary “Wang Dang Doodle” and a Cream-stopping “Sitting On Top Of The World.” (Both tracks, incidentally, are previously unreleased.)

There’s no weak moments, no awkward segues, no annoying lapses. From start to finish, Birds of a Feather blazes as brightly as the blues should burn, and rocks with all the passion that the Yardbirds themselves made their own. Others among the band’s hatchlings may grab all the headlines, and make all the noise. But when it comes to actually playing the music, and making it matter, this is Year Zero.

01. Shapes of Things
02. Mona
03. Gimme Some Lovin'
04. Shakin' All Over
05. Green Onions    
06. I'm a Man        
07. Wang Dang Doodle
08. Sitting on Top of the World
09. Outside Woman Blues
10. How Many More Times

11. Framed
12. I Go Crazy
13. How Blue
14. Don't Start Me Talkin'
15. Nine Below Zero
16. Bring It on Home
17. Keep It to Yourself
18. Help Me
19. Jimi Hendrix Trilogy

Tracks 1-6 by The British Invasion All-Stars featuring Yardbirds founding member Jim McCarty along with Dick Taylor and Phil May of The Pretty Things, Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum) Don Craine and Keith Grant (Downliners Sect) Eddie Phillips (Creation) Ray Phillips (Nashville Teens) and Mick Green (The Pirates)

Tracks 6 and 7 are brand new recordings featuring Pete French (Cactus/Atomic Rooster) on vocals. Never before released!

Tracks 9-13 are by The Jim McCarty Band once again with Mr McCarty on drums, co-lead guitar by current Yardbirds vocalist John Idan and former Yardbirds axe-man Ray Majors along with Rod 'The Mod' Demick on bass. Vocals handled by Idan and Majors.

Tracks 14-18 are from the album 'Mostly Sonny-A Tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson' by The Ambulators with Dave (Savoy Brown) Walker on vocals. Don Craine - guitar, Nigel Watson- guitar, Ray Majors-lead guitar, John O'Leary-harmonica, Roger Cotton-keyboards, and Mick Avory (The Kinks) on drums.

Track 19 is a long out of print song by The Yardbirds Experience. 'The Yardbirds Experience' is the same basic line-up as The British Invasion All-Stars with the additional of Noel Redding on bass.

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