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Gayle McCormick - One More Hour

Gayle McCormick - One More Hour - 1974 

Terceiro e último álbum da carreira solo de Gayle McCormick antes dela abandonar o mundo da música e desaparecer dos olhos da mídia e dos fans. E eu tenho comigo a impressão de que o resultado deste álbum colaborou muito para sua decisão. Esse disco é puramente POP, uma tentativa frustrada dos executivos da gravadora e de seu produtor de transformá-la naquilo que ela jamais seria.

Entre uma ou outra faixa, como em Original Midnight, I Know ou na Faixa Título ainda há alguns suspiros (ou seriam estertores?) da cantora que encantara muitos. Mas no todo, é um disco que não merecia ser dado a ela como despedida.

01. Why Can't I Just Make Love To You
02. Creation
03. Original Midnight Mama
04. One Of Us
05. Even A Fool Would Let You Go
06. Cryin' Shame
07. One More Hour
08. I Know
09. The Days Of Lovin' You
10. Guilty
11. He Believes In Me


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The Infantry - Black Lit Night

The Infantry - Black Lit Night - 2014

The Infanty Black Lit Night eu achei por acaso enquanto eu comprava um outro disco, numa noite destas aonde você sai buscando por algumas novidades. A única coisa que descobri da banda, além de ser composta por três rapazes vindos de NY, é que esse CD traz a participação especial de alguns medalhões já inscritos na história do Rock. O som da banda é um hard rock moderno com um bom tempero dos anos de ouro do estilo. Não vou aqui dizer que ela parece com banda A ou banda B (embora pareça) pois senão me aparece alguém  para contestar e me dar uma aula gratuita sobre estilos e influências rocknianas, mas pelos nomes dos convidados já dá para prever o que apresentam.

Mais do que isso não há o que falar. É incrível (como já disse em vezes anteriores) a capacidade que as bandas atuais têm de não dizerem absolutamente nada sobre elas. Mesmo tendo uma site oficial e uma página no facebook, ninguém sabe nada da banda, exceto se tiveres procurando aonde será a próxima apresentação.

01. Keep Movin' (featuring Jim McCarty)
02. Drunken Kiss
03. If It's So (featuring Rich Fazio)
04. Free
05. Don't Say That You Love Me
06. Long Way From My Home
07. Transitions
08. Black Lit (Featuring Tim Bogert)
09. New Money
10. All I Know
11. Got To Move

The Infantry:
Matt McKeon - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Dennis Folger - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Len Minervini - Drums

Guest Apearances:
Jim McCarty - Lead Guitar (1)
Tim Bogert - Bass (8)
Ray Fazio - Harmonica (1)
Chuck Alder - Bass (3)
Rich Cerniglia - Guitar (3)
Franklin Cruz - Backing Vocals (1)


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Third World - AIYE-KETA (re-re-post)

Third World - AIYE-KETA (Steve Winwood, Remi Kabaka, Abdul Amao)  - 1973

In 1973, while Winwood was on hiatus from Traffic due to illness, he took part in a reggae trio called The Third World. It was a one-off project, not to be confused with the better-known, long-running reggae band of the same name. His two collaborators were African musicians Remi Kabaka (who had played with Winwood in Ginger Baker's Air Force) and Abdul Lasisi Amao (a founding member of the African worldbeat group Osibisa).

Their one and only album Aiye-Keta was produced by Winwood, who also played keyboards, lead guitar, and moog synthesizer. The lead vocals were done by Kabaka (who wrote all of the songs), but the album is mostly instrumental. The reggae sound is relatively spare, while Winwood's spacey keyboards add a fairly predictable Traffic-like flavor. Aiye-Keta is listenable but unsurprising. "Irin-Ajo" is the high point. Note: some later printings of the album gave artist billing to the three members instead of to Third World, possibly to avoid confusion with that other band.

01. Happy Vibes
02. Irin-Ajo
03. Black Beauty
04. Afro Super
05. Shango

Steve Winwood - Lead guitar, Percussion, Moog, Vocals
Abdul Lasisi Amao (Osibisa) - Sax, Flute, Congas, Percussion, Vocals
Remi Kabaka (Ginger Baker’s Airforce), Lead Vocals, Piano, Drums, Congas, African Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Moog Drum


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Lee Harvey Osmond - A Quiet Evil

Lee Harvey Osmond - A Quiet Evil - 2009

By Eric Risdon from
Ever wonder what a lone, bad ass cowboy riding across the plain during a down poor in the pitch black of night would have playing on his iPod? Wonder no longer, Lee Harvey Osmond is here with a rotating posse of 17 strong, which even includes a few Cowboy Junkies. Tom Wilson (from Blackie and the Rodeo Kings) heads up this rugged band of Acid Folk’ pioneers for the bands first release, A Quiet Evil.

The album’s title more than sets the mood for the entire album. Lee Harvey Osmond’s stew adds pleasant portions of Cowboy Junkies, Velvet Underground, Neil Young and Morphine in with their own unique blend of simmering delights. Hypnotic, melancholy rhythms are complimented by dusty horns, chiming steel guitars, haunting guitar riffs and mellow hand percussion. The smoky/soul piercing vocals of Tom Wilson follow the same cadence with beautiful surprises of accompaniment by Margo Timmons (Cowboy Junkies).

Dark subjects are rendered in most of the lyrics, yet they do not leave the listener depressed. The lyrics are more an offering of thought for one to make your own conclusions from. “Lucifer’s Blues” is a good old fashioned face off with the devil (reminiscent of Charlie Daniels Band, House of the Rising Sun) and “Parkland” speaks about the assignation of JFK…which may have inspired the band’s name or vice versa. “I’m Going to Stay That Way” tells the age old yarn of losing your mind over lost love and includes Margo Timmons, duet style. The stand out track, “Angels in the Wilderness” questions spirituality with its soulful saunter and sweet lingering strings.

So, if you are in need of a humble companion in your journey down any shadowy path, grab yourself Lee Harvey Osmond, partner, and ride on out into the stormy night.

01. The Love of One
02. Cuckoo's Nest
03. Queen Bee
04. Blade of Grass e 05. I'm Going To Say That Way
06. Lucifer's Blues
07. Parkland
08. Summer Girl
09. Angels In The Wilderness
10. I Can't Stand It


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Bobby Darin - Commitment

Bobby Darin -  Commitment - 1969

from AMG

Bobby Darin had done some folk-rock before this 1969 album, most notably on his hit cover of Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter." Commitment, however, was his most out-and-out folk-rock album, or at least his most folk-rockish album. That was apparent not only in the music (which Darin wrote in its entirety), but also in the packaging, with his billing changed to "Bob Darin," and a photo of the singer with a moustache and jean jacket on the back cover. It's a pity, therefore, that the album wasn't too good. The backup playing is only functional and perfunctory in a generic late-'60s folk-country-rock fashion, and the songs are neither too melodic nor too incisive in their lyrics, even as Darin was obviously striving for meaning. It's not strictly folk-rock. "Light Blue" has some period trippy lyrics and pseudo-sitar. "Hey Magic Man" has some orchestral, occasionally vaguely psychedelic embellishments, and is a little more memorable and pop-friendly than most of the other tunes. Certainly the influence of another "Bob," Bob Dylan, is to the fore, whether blatantly, as in the bluesy harmonica-driven "Mr. & Mrs. Hohner," or more subtly. Darin, it must be pointed out, was not a folk dilettante: he'd recorded some folk material throughout his career, and given big breaks to players like Roger McGuinn and Jesse Colin Young before their entrance into folk-rock. In spite of its consistent sound and vision, in the context of Darin's entire career it's a curiosity, and not something he did nearly as well as he did pop, rock & roll, swing jazz, or standards.

01. Me & Mr. Hohner
02. Sugar-Man
03. Sausalito (The Governors Song)
04. Song For A Dollar
05. The Harvest
06. Distractions (Part 1)
07. Water Color Canvas
08. Jive
09. Hey Magic Man
10. Light Blue

Bobby Darin - Harp, Keyboards, Vocals
Joey Lemon, Bubba Poythress - Guitar
Quitman Dennis, Berry Chapman -  Bass
Bill Aikens - Piano
Tommy Anato, Larry Devers - Drums


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Jim Price - Then And Now

Jim Price - Then And Now - 2014

Jim Price emerged to prominence at the start of the 1970s, in the company of such players as Bobby Keys, Bobby Whitlock, Leon Russell, and Carl Radle, playing on records and on tour with George Harrison, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Barbra Streisand, and Joe Cocker.

Price was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and first emerged from the ranks of session musicians in Los Angeles as a trumpet and trombone player. His earliest credited appearance was on Accept No Substitute (1969), by Delaney & Bonnie. Along with the rest of the band on that album and the tour that followed, which had been organized by Leon Russell, Price was grabbed up by Clapton (who had played with the group) for his self-titled solo album, by Joe Cocker for Mad Dogs & Englishmen, and George Harrison for All Things Must Pass (all 1970). He also toured with the Rolling Stones and played on Sticky Fingers (1971) and Exile on Main St. (1972) -- in between all of those projects, he worked in an appearance on the Streisand album Barbra Joan Streisand (1971).

Price, along with many of his fellow players, became nearly as familiar to the fans of the Rolling Stones as the featured artists themselves were. From projects like that, the sky was the limit, and Price went on to play with some of the top talent in the world, adding keyboards, vocals, arranging, production and more to his credits along the way. During the 1980s, however, Price added the composition of film scores, TV show themes and TV/Radio commercials to his repertoire.

Throughout the 90s and into the 21st Century, Price continued to perform, compose and record, playing alongside the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Sheryl Crow, Richie Sambora, Don Henley, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, Paul Schaffer, Stevie Winwood, Peter Frampton and many more. The name, "Jim Price" still counts for a lot to listeners of a certain age, especially those who came of age listening to records like All Things Must Pass, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St.

Jim Price has recently completed his newest album, “Then and Now”, released on September 9th, 2014."Then and Now" is comprised of five never-before-released recordings and five recordings from 2014. The unreleased tracks alternate with the new tracks

01. Ticket to Malibu
02. Morning Light
03. Mama Don't You Push Me
04. Secret Heart
05. Love Will See You Through
06. I Wanna Know
07. Hold On
08. Happy
09. Toro Solo
10. Sands of Time


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RO RO - Meet At The Water (REPOST)

RO RO - Meet At The Water - 1972

Não existe muita coisa quando pesquisamos sobre a RO RO, a não ser que ela foi formada pelo guitarrista Alan Ross e pelo baixista Warwick Rose.

Pouco além de que a RO RO é anterior à banda Ross e existiu somente por um único e especial disco e teve, segundo li pela net, a produção do Tony McPhee.

Pra quem conhece os dois discos da Ross - um cult com o advento da internet - e os dois álbuns solos  que o guitarrista Alex Ross gravou após a debandada daquela banda, dizer que aquele prima pela qualidade é o mesmo que tocar um rock de um nota só (se bem que rock de uma nota só atende pelo nome de punk).

A cópia aqui disponibilizada vem de um EXCELENTE ripagem de vinil (que não fui eu quem fiz). É uma pena que eu (ainda) não tenha em CD, relançado junto com toda a obra correlata naquele maravilhoso formato japonês.

Leia alguma coisa sobre a genialidade do Alan Ross AQUI .

Bom, o que era raridade até agora tá aqui. Altamente recomendado pra quem quiser um som nota 10.

Alan Ross - Vocals, Guitar
Rose Warwick - Bass
John Weider - Guitar, Violin
Neil Sheppard - Keyboards, Vocals
Rod Coombes - Drums, Vocals
Brian Rogers – Orchestration

01. Goin Round My Head
02. Beautiful Lady
03. Something About Her
04. Down On The Road
05. Meet At The Water
06. Mandala
07. Give Me The Benefit
08. June
09. Wild, Wild Woman
10. Whole Fire Burning


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Henry McCullough - Mind Your Own Business (repost)

Henry McCullough -  Mind Your Own Business - 1975

Mind Your Own Business foi o primeiro disco solo de Mccullough e foi lançado pelo selo Dark Horse de George Harrison, reunindo um cast respeitável composto por músicos como Alan Spenner, Alex Korner, Steve Marriott, Jim Leverton, entre tantos.

Este álbum se tornou praticamente uma obscuridade instantânea, fazendo McCullough retornar aos seus tempos de músico de estúdio. Assim como nas prateleiras das lojas, Mind Your... era até então um destes discos virtualmente impossíveis de se achar na rede;  uma das maiores raridades deste mundão de músicas. 

Nunca lançado em CD este rip de vinil foi catado do site redtelephone, a quem agradeço.

Uma postagem especial à marca dos 500.000 visitantes. Número que jamais imaginei alcançar com um blog que não é mantido por nenhum expert musical, que não tem absolutamente nenhum tempo sobrando para atualizá-lo decentemente e que  recebe pouco mais de 100 visitas diárias. 

01. You'd Better Run [Henry McCullough]
02.  Sing Me A Song [Henry McCullough
03. I Can Drive A Car [Henry McCullough]
04. Baby What You Do To Me [Henry McCullough]
05. Country Irish Rose [Henry McCullough]
06. Lord Knows [Henry McCullough]
07. Down The Mine [Henry McCullough]
08. Oil In My Lamp [Henry McCullough]
09. Mind Your Own Business [Hank Williams]
10. I'm In Heaven [Henry McCullough]

Special Thanks to Eliot W. (the original uploader) and Leonard Los, from redtelephone66 site, the first to make it available on the net.

Henry McCullough - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Marriot & Alexis Korner - Vocals on Mind Your Own Business
Frankie Miller - 2nd vocal (10)
Alan Spenner, Charlie Harrison, Jim Leverton - Bass
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
John Halsey, Bruce Rowlands, Steve Chapman - Drums
Mick Weaver - Piano, Organ, Clavinet
Tim Hinkley - Piano, Organ
Joe O'Donnell - Electric Violins
Herschel Holden - Trumpet (4)
Lloyd Smith, Lionel Kingham - Sax (4)
Sweedies - Back Vocals (7)

+@320 vinyl rip

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Chris Wood (Traffic Former) - Vulcan

Chris Wood - Vulcan - 2008

Chris Wood was originally an art student when he met Steve Winwood with whom he formed Traffic in 1966 along with Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi. The original lineup of Traffic broke up in 1968, in that time Chris recorded with Jimi Hendrix, Small Faces, John Martyn, and Fat Mattress, as well as toured with Dr. John. The second incarnation of Traffic was an outgrowth of a Winwood solo album in early '70, where Capaldi & Wood were guesting, but eventually got released under the Traffic moniker as John Barleycorn Must Die. Wood stayed with the band until their final break-up in '75. Wood was working on a solo album, tentatively titled Vulcan, when he passed away due to pneumonia in '83.

The title can be traced to the song "Vulcan" (or "Moonchild Vulcan") that was recorded for, but left off When The Eagle Flies - Traffic's last album in 1974. The genesis of Chris's intended solo effort is unclear; in August of 1970 he seemingly had no such intentions, as he said (in Rolling Stone):

 "I'm not a song instrument is my voice...but it's hard to write songs that way". The first mention of the possibility seems to have been in 1973. Perhaps the outtake status of "Moonchild Vulcan" in early '74 gave him the push (and material) to start the project - it's also possible that Chris was reading 'the writing on the wall' in regard to Traffic's long-term future at that point as well, and felt the need to start to find his own path.. 

01. Moonchild Vulcan
02. See No Man Girl
03. Letter One
04. Indian Monsoon
05. Barbed Wire (Acoustic)
06. Birth in a Day
07. Sullen Moon
08. Barbed Wire (Band Version)
09. Wood's Bolero (Moonchild Vulcan) (Live, L'Olympia, Paris, France, 25th March 1974) *

* performed by Traffic


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Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? (repost)

Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? - 1999

from Music Index

For many Peter Banks is the forgotten man of Yes which is a shame as Peter was a founder member of that band and as such an important part of the jigsaw. Although Peter likes to look forward and has released a number of fine solo albums I get the impression he is quite proud of his time in Yes and his pre-Yes incarnation. His previous project was Something’s Coming, a double CD containing radio and TV performances of Yes prior to his departure in 1970.

For this release Peter goes back to recordings made between 1964 and 1968 including his appearances in The Syn and Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, two names familiar to Yes fans as they precluded the creation of that band. As a document of what went before Yes, this is a fascinating dig into the past and includes material that would eventually appear on the first Yes album.

01. Can I Play You Something? (Peter Banks)
02. Bang/Crash (Peter Banks)
03. Peter Gunn (Peter Banks)  (recorded live in Los Angeles, 1980)
04. Hippie Loop (Peter Banks)
05. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (The Syn, 1967)
06. You Better Move On (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
07. Beyond And Before (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
08. Beyond And Before (What Bass? Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
09. Lima Loop (Peter Banks)
10. Grounded (The Syn, 1967)
11. For Your Love (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
12. Flowerman (Demo) (The Syn, 1967)
13. Flowerman (The Syn, 1967)
14. Yesterdays (Peter Banks)
15. Electric Funeral (Demo) ( Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
16. Electric Funeral (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
17. Cinnamon Touch ((Peter Banks)
18. Get Yourself Together (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
19. Created By Clive (The Syn, 1967)
20. Images Of You And Me (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
21. I Saw You! (Bang/Crash) (Yes, 1969?/70? "Affirmative Duo" (Banks/Bruford))
22. No Time ((Peter Banks)


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Too Smooth - Live and Kickin'

Too Smooth - Live and Kickin' - 2011


If you were fortunate enough to live in Austin in the 1970s, you experienced firsthand one of the most bountiful musical eras in American history. The thing is, if you were there, you knew it was special while it was happening. You didn’t need a historian fifteen years down the road to let you know what you’d been through. The scene was anchored in the explosion they called Outlaw Country, which comfortably rubbed shoulders with a solid blues scene. One of the most popular acts in the city, though, was the rock band Too Smooth.

Formed in 1973, Too Smooth featured stunning songs and twin guitar runs; intricate time changes and fall-off-the-cliff dynamics; riverine vocal melodies, close gospel harmonies and bubbling musical improvisations. These were elements of what was coming to be called progressive rock and associated with acts ranging from Yes to Wishbone Ash - yet Too Smooth also offered a decided tip of the hat to the proud tradition of Lone Star boogie, blues, and hard rock. Too Smooth should have become one of the most successful rock acts in the world; as it turned out, they had to settle for simply being one of the best.


01. Texas Hospitality / Leavin' It Up to You / You Are the One / Nobody Knows Me Like I Do        
02. Long Hair Drug Band        
03. Man of Fortune        
04. You Say When



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Archie Brown - Young Bucks in Fancy Shirts

Archie Brown - Young Bucks in Fancy Shirts - 1992

"In Fancy Shirts" é o terceiro álbum de Archie Brown, sobre o qual praticamente não se tem nenhuma informação. No site oficial dos caras existe apenas a capa e a relação das músicas e a sua biografia é confusa, incompleta e feita sem muito esmero.

Mas se for deixar de postar por falta de informações, principalmente quando você o compra no Itunes ou Amazon da vida, o blog morre de inanição.

01. 100 ECU
02. I Believe In You
03. Forever Inside Your Arms
04. Unforgiveable
05. Die For You
06. The Cat
07. Red Wind
08. Bit Of Paper
09. English Rose
10. Heart That Beats For Me
11. All Quiet On The Western Front
12. Time For Bed