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Pete Haycock's Climax - The Soft Spot

Pete Haycock's Climax - The Soft Spot - 1986

Fantastic guitarist, Pete Haycock was born Peter John Haycock on March 4th, 1951 in Stafford, Staffordshire, England. After playing in several bands, he was one of the founders of Climax Blues Band (originally called Climax Chicago Blues Band).

After many years, his departure of the band allowed him to start his own solo career with albums and several film soundtracks. He was a member of the fantastic Night Of The Guitar albums and tour.

Sadly, Pete Haycock passed away on October 30th, 2013 in Germany. He was 62. In the last years, he was collaborating with Robin George and they were to release a joint album.

01. The Soft Spot
02. Voodoo Lady
03. Big Fish
04. (Give Me Back My) Honey
05. Tell Me That You Want Me
06. Love's Just (A Part Of The Blues)
07. A Matter Of Timing
08. The Hurt Stays Home
09. Communication

Pete Haycock - Vocal, Guitar, Harmoniza
Livingstone Brown - Bass
Pete Thompson - Drums
Chris Gumbley - Sinths
Backing Vocals – Dangerous Sisters, The Warren Shaw


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John Idan - The Folly

John Idan - The Folly - 2008

Kevin Wallbank from psychedeliccentral
John Idan has spent a dozen years or more being a Yardbird and been involved in their 'Birdland' album and also the 'Live At BB King's' release, has toured all over the place and helped to ensure that the good name of this most important of 60's guitar bands lives on in the 21st century. Now he has left the band to give himself the opportunity to create his own music and to display to the world his other influences and what else motivates him apart from pumping old school R'n'B.

 'The Folly' is his first solo album and shows the breadth of his musical abilities to anyone who thought he might just be a handy bass player who sang too. John recorded, played and produced the album himself and so you get to hear his very skillful guitar playing, some really tasteful and funky Hammond organ playing and he also sings more in his own natural voice rather than having to be mindful of the vocal style of The Yardbirds' late Keith Relf. So one would imagine this has been quite a liberating experience for him. When you give the album a spin, you find that you're in a very different part of John's musical muse. It's on a funky, bright and breezy groove in places and any thoughts that it might be a straight ahead rock or even a straight rythmn and blues record are soon dispelled, there are however some hints of finest west coast influences in the mix.

 'The Ballad Of Myself' is a gentle acoustic guitar led opener that builds via string parts and features haunting Hammond passages to accompany an autobiographical lyric. 'I Began to Realise' mixes funky latin grooves with west coast stylings to conjure up a joyful feelgood number, far and away from what one might expect of Mr Idan, but it's all the more better for it's ability to surprise the listener. 'More To This Than We Know' has a cool summery laid back groove, whilst ' Banging My Head On The Wall' has a happy go lucky style with a good singalong chorus to boot. 'Sunny Franziska of the Western World' features a string quartet to great effect and ' When You Were The One' has a tension and moody atmosphere that works really well and is one of the highlights of the album.

The album closes with the bluesy 'A Long Time On This Road' and displays John's tasteful blues guitar playing to great effect. So this is John Idan the solo performer, he had a career before his most blueswailing interlude and now he is at a point where he can be be his own master and go where the muse takes him. If you're looking for a musical link from his recent activities then you'll struggle to find it. What you will find is a very talented solo multi-instrumentalist from Detroit who is making his own music and making a very good job of it in the process, this is the new John Idan.......singing like a 'bird released!

John Idan play All Instruments.

NB: Esse post só foi possível graças à generosidade do parceiro Duga, Maitre do Discófilos Anônimos e Chef do Melofilia, duas casas com menus maravilhosos. Thanks Man.

01.The Ballad Of Myself
02.I Began To Realise
03.More To This Than We Know
04.We All Belong
05.That's You And Me
06.Set Out Before The Sadness Comes
07.Five More Nights
08.No Other
09.Banging My Head On The Wall
10.Sunny Franziska of the Western World
11.The Kali Yuga's Gettin' Hot
12.When You Were The One
13.A Long Time On This Road\


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Rod Stewart - Tonight's The Night: Live 1976-1998

Rod Stewart - Tonight's The Night: Live 1976-1998 - 2014

Live 1976-1998 é um box-set com um fenomenal (e por que não demencial kkkk) legado de Rod Stewart de uma época em que ele ainda era um rock and roller. São 58 (58!!!!!!) faixas gravadas ao vivo nunca antes realizadas, distribuídas em 4 CDS.

Nestes 4 disquinhos desfilam seus maiores sucessos e alguns covers maravilhosamente recriados. Quais? Leia a relação das músicas abaixo ou - o que é bem melhor - ouça cada uma das preciosidades cronologicamente ordenadas.

Esse lançamento está previsto para essa semana e com absoluta certeza estará presente nos melhores blogs da net (e naqueles que só se aproveitam destes) em quantidade e qualidade muito melhores do que aqui. Mas, antecipadamente, por enquanto, só aqui no OGS (enquanto a DMCA não pedir pela 11ª vez neste mês, seu fechamento).

O único senão deste box é justamente o fato dele ter sido cuidadosamente montado em ordem cronológica.  Assim, fica evidente como o repertório do Rod foi perdendo a qualidade no decorrer dos anos (os sintetizadores e baterias eletrônicas presentes a partir do CD 3 anunciam o inicio dessa decadência). Mas, não desanime! O saldo é muito positivo, pois quem editou deixou de fora muitos "sucessos" que invadiram as rádios no final dos 80s e 90s e privilegiou 95% do melhor de seu trabalho.

CD 1
01. Three Time Loser (Leicester, England, 4DEC76)
02. You Wear It Well (Leicester, England, 4DEC76)
03. Big Bayou (Leicester, England, 4DEC76)
04. Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright) (Leicester, England, 04DEC76)
05. The Wild Side Of  (Leicester, England, 04DEC76)
06. Sweet Little Rock 'N Roller (Leicester, England, 04DEC76)
07. I Don't Want To Talk About It (Newcastle, England, 17DEC76)
08. The Killing Of George (Part I And II) (Leicester, England, 05DEC76)
09. Maggie May (Newcastle, England, 17DEC76)
10. Angel (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)
11. Get Back (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)
12. (I Know) I'm Losing You (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)
13. This Old Heart Of Mine (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)

CD 2
01. Sailing (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)
02. Stay With Me (Leicester, England, 5DEC76)
03  Born Loose (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
04. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Wanna Be Right (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
05. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
06. Blondes (Have More Fun) (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
07. Medley (I Know) I'm Losing You - It's All Over Now - Standin' In The Shadows Of Love - Layla (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
08. Medley Twistin' The Night Away - Every Picture Tells A Story (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 21JUN79)
09. She Won't Dance With Me (Wembley, London, England, 06DEC80)
10. Passion (Wembley, London, England, 06DEC80)
11. Gi' Me Wings (Wembley, London, England, 06DEC80)
12. Hot Legs (With Tina Turner) (Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 19DEC81)

CD 3
01. Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me) (San Diego, CA, 5NOV84)
02. You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) (San Diego, CA, 5NOV84)
03. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (San Diego, CA, 05NOV84)
04. Hungry Heart (San Diego, CA, 05NOV84)
05. Bad For You (San Diego, CA, 05NOV84)
06. Some Guys Have All The Luck (San Diego, CA, 05NOV84)
07. Rock Me Baby (San Diego, CA, 05nov84)
08. Infatuation (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
09. I Ain't Superstitious (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
10. Every Picture Tells A Story (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
11. Lost In You (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
12. Forever Young (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
13. Da Ya ThinkI'm Sexy (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
14. Crazy About Her (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
15. Try A Little Tenderness (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)
16. You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) (Reprise) (Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 11AUG89)

CD 4
01. Downtown Train (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
02. This Old Heart Of Mine (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
03. Stay With Me (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
04. Sweet Soul Music (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
05. Mandolin (Wembley, London, England, 050591)
06. Highgate Shuffle (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
07. Baby Jane (Wembley, London, England, 05MAY91)
08. Baby Please Don't Go (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 21OUT93)
09. Cut Across Shorty (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OU93)   
10. (Find A) Reason To Believe (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OUT93)
11. Handbags & Gladrags (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OUT93)
12. Having A Party (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OUT93)
13. People Get Ready (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 21OUT93)
14. Have I Told You Lately (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OUT93)
15. Medley Twistin' The Night Away - Chain Gang (Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 20OUT93)
16. Cigarettes And Alcohol (London, England, 19MAY98)
17. Rocks (London, England, 19MAY98)


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TNA - Pat Travers, Carmine Appice & Tony Franklin - Live In Europe

TNA - Pat Travers, Carmine Appice & Tony Franklin - Live In Europe - 2013

Take two sublime musical talents like Pat Travers and Carmine Appice. Let them go at it, and the results will be magical, like they were for their album, It Takes a lot of Balls. As Appice recalls, “It was the best album I’d done in years.” In 2004, they toured together and brought the house down everywhere they went, playing 30 shows in Europe. This night was no different. “That was the first night Tony Franklin played with us,” said Appice. “We had T.M. Stevens playing with us for two weeks before that, and then Tony joined us, and we did another two weeks. Somebody sent me that CD, a live gig. I don’t even know where it came from, but when I got it in the mail in my office in L.A., I played it in the car, and I said, ‘Wow! This sounds great.’ And I had it in my computer, and I would listen to it on my iTunes for my enjoyment, and it was really good.” The versions of Da Ya Think I’m Sexy and the Travers classic Boom Boom are full of vim and vigor, and there is one bonus item, an unreleased studio track that Appice finished with keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio.

02.Better from a Distance
03.I Don’t Care
04.Crash and Burn
05.Livin’ Alone
06.Tony Solo
07.Gotta Have Ya
08.Keep on Rockin’
09.Snortin’ Whiskey
10.Can’t Escape the Fire
12.Da Ya Think I’m Sexy
13.Boom Boom
14.Stand Up


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Brian Joseph Friel - Arrivederci Androssan (re-re-post)

Brian Joseph Friel - Arrivederci Androssan - 1975

Arriverderci Ardrossan foi o segundo - e último - álbum de Brian Friel. Lançado em 1975 e mais tarde relançado pela Pye Records como ""Ashes & Matchsticks" traz 9 cançõs de autoria do próprio músico.

Em relação ao primeiro disco, as músicas são mais orquestradas, mas ainda  carregando a marcante melancolia existente no álbum de estréia

01. Folk Hero
02. Sweet Vinicoombe Street
03. Growing Stronger
04. Circles
05. Ashes and Matchsticks
06. Roll That Train
07. The Least I Could Do
08. Fat City
09. Salad Green Geraldine
10. San Francisco Streetcar Fire

Brian Friel - Guitar, Vocals
Zoot Money -  Keyboards
Mick Devonport, Tim Renwick, Andy Roberts, Arthur Rodman, Colin Pincott - Guitar 
Craig Pruess -  Keyboards
Paul Vigrass - Vocals
Paul Francis - Drums
DeLisle Harper - Bass


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Spencer Davis And Peter Jameson - Fillmore East

Spencer Davis And Peter Jameson - Fillmore East - 12 feb 1971

Welsh singer, songwriter, and guitarist Spencer Davis was certainly one of the guiding lights of the 1960s British Invasion. Best remembered for his band's iconic hits "Keep On Running," "I'm A Man," and "Gimme Some Lovin'," and for first recognizing the talented Winwood Brothers (Steve and Muff) who he recruited into the band, Davis has always followed his own path. Although the initial Spencer Davis Group lasted but a few short years, Davis' approach to American blues and R&B had a lasting effect, directly influencing a diverse range of bands in the decade to follow, from Chicago Transit Authority and Traffic to the Allman Brothers Band, all of whom covered Spencer Davis Group material.

Following personnel changes and the eventual demise of his band toward the end of the 1960s, Davis went back to basics, first forming a brief partnership with guitarist and songwriter Alun Davies (a major component to Cat Stevens success) before leaving the UK and relocating in sunny California in 1969, where he would team up with guitarist Peter Jameson at the dawn of the new decade. Now an in-demand collector's item, the duo's 1970 album, It's Been So Long was a drummerless acoustic-oriented affair that featured a mix of soft ballads and traditional blues.

Despite neither being a particularly strong singer, Davis and Jameson displayed a remarkable knack for vocal harmony and their acoustic guitars blended together beautifully and tastefully, whether they were covering Leadbelly songs or exploring their own material, which combined the introspective nature of the early singer/songwriter movement with the musical esthetics of groups like the Incredible String Band.

Although Spencer Davis and Peter Jameson partnership would result in only the one album, they did briefly tour in 1971, before Davis would pursue his first solo album the following year. Due to the softer nature of their music and opening for higher profile rock bands, their sets were often performed before empty seats or were often met with indifference from the audience. Not the case on May 30, 1971, when Davis and Jameson charmed one of the most discriminating audiences in America at Bill Graham's Fillmore East as the opening act for Laura Nyro. Bassist, Steve Simone is the only addition to the duo's acoustic guitars adding depth and a tasteful bottom to this otherwise acoustic performance.

Noticeably nervous at first, but soon embraced by the Fillmore East audience, this recording may be the best testament to the duo's unique chemistry. Fans of the duo's album will be delighted, as much of the set focuses on that material. The set begins in a disarmingly unpretentious manner with three songs from that album, the Davis penned "Crystal River," and "One Hundred Years Ago," followed by the delicate title track, "It's Been So Long," one of Davis' songwriting collaborations with Alun Davies.

Next up things take a country-western turn with a cover of Marty Robbin's "I Wash My Hands In Muddy Water." Also recorded by one of the later incarnations of the Spencer Davis Group, here it is stripped down to its most basic elements sounding more like the folk song arrangement that would surface the following year on Davis' solo album, Mousetrap. Another Spencer Davis/Alun Davies collaboration from the album follows with "Thinking Of Her," with Jameson taking lead vocals and Davis providing the harmonies.

A preview of what would surface on Davis' first solo album is next with a delightful cover of Leadbelly's "Easy Rider." This is a perfect example of Davis exploring his roots and features his fine harmonica playing on a tasteful arrangement that succeeds by avoiding any flashiness.

A Davis/Jameson joint composition is next with "Jay's Tune (Mountain Girl)" followed by "Brother, Can You Make Up Your Mind," two more songs from the album. The former is a rather delicate number, which most clearly recalls the likes of the Incredible String Band while the latter features some of the duo's prettiest acoustic guitar interplay. The end of the set returns to Davis' root sound with the duo exploring another pure blue number, Leroy Carr's "How Long Blues," which was intended to close the set. The Fillmore East stage manager encourages them to continue so they follow with another Leadbelly cover on "Ella Speed," which would also be revisited on Davis' solo album debut. Although essentially a death ballad, their arrangement is bright and bouncy and features tasteful slide guitar work from Jameson.

01. Crystal River
02. 100 Years Ago
03. It's Been So Long
04. I Wash My Hands In Muddy Water
05. Thinking Of Her
06. Easy Rider
07. Jay's Tune (Mountain Girl)
08. Brother, Can You Make Up Your Mind
09. How Long Blues
10. Ella Speed
11. Good Morning Blues

Spencer Davis - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Peter Jameson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Steve Simone - Bass


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Brian Friel - Brian Joseph Friel (re-re-post)

Brian Friel - Brian Joseph Friel - 1974

Em 1973. Brian assinou com a Dawn Records (uma subsidiária da Pye Records) e realizou dois álbuns. O primeiro foi realizado no Reino Unido como 'Brian Joseph Friel', que também ficou conhecido com 'Second Hand Dealer'. Nesse primeiro disco, há participação de músicos como Colin Allen e Steve Thompson, todos do Stone The Crows; Zoot Money, Gary Osborne e Paul Vigrass dos Chocolate Watchband, além de Jimmy McCulloch, que mais tarde se juntaria ao Wings de Paul McCartney. Jimmy McCulloch foi creditado como 'The Phantom' por motivos contratuais.

Eu simplesmente não sei dizer porque esse álbum é tão raro. Não consigo entender como a audição de um disco tão bom pode ter ficado tanto tempo à mão, quer dizer, ao ouvido, de tão poucos.

Para quem gosta de John Martin e Nick Drake, é download obrigatório. Para quem simplesmente gosta de uma boa música, não há como se arrepender.

Só mais uma coisa. Em recente entrevista em janeiro de 2009, Brian Friel admitiu que nunca recebeu um único centavo de royalties da Pye Records ou de qualquer um dos atuais proprietários. Portanto, meus amigos, fazendo o download voce não estará roubando o artista. Não se pode roubar de quem nada tenha.

01. The Rock and Roll's In Me
02. Susan of the Redwoods
03. (I'm Back Inside My) Mailbox Blues (Again)
04. Brown Eyes
05. Song For Ralph
06. Railroad Mama
07. Louise is Loose
08. Don't Let My Dreams Bring You Down
09. Pisces Lady
10. I Think It's Gonna Rain

Brian Friel - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Zoot Money - Keyboards
Colin Allen - Drums and Percussion
Jimmy McCulloch (aka The Phantom) - Lead & Acoustic Guitar
Steve Thompson - Bass
B.J. Cole, Pedal Steel Guitar & Dobro
Captain Looney and the Lobsters - Backing Vocals

+@ vbr vinyl rip
+@ vbr vinyl rip

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The Dreadful Yawns - Rest

The Dreadful Yawns - Rest - 2007

review from
Alternately called nu school Neil Young, Fairport Convention, and Nick Drake, these Ohio soldiers of low-key country pop were the last band to hitch a ride on Greg Shaws emblematic Bomp! records before his sad departure. This release veers towards very mellow territory, for the bells and strings feel like sofa cushion versions of Velvet Underground and the gymnastic finger-lickin finger-pickin never feels too methodic and masterly, instead aiming for something fresh, full of heritage, and organic, especially on finer tracks like When I Lost my Voice, in which a pervasive melancholy that isnt browbeating fosters sympathy and a tug on the ol heart. Like Yo la Tengo on Fakebook, or relatively unknown bands like Bellwether, the band is able to navigate through the gates of country without falling prey to fake twang and buttered Osh Kosh posturing. It has the right amount of push, steel guitar echoes, and swing that can make the feet poke and patter. Candles lands in just about the same spot, the conjoined female/male vocals geling into gentle interplay, again, much like Yo La Tengo, forming a blanket of un-besmirched sonic gauze, all with cradling ease and lax, slow rhythmic sway. November Nights meets its maker somewhere between 1970s cosmic cowboy off-kilter unloading and Whiskeytown pawnshop folk. The organ fills all the gaps, similes fall from the tongue ( Love is like cancer/she reads through all the danger) and the vocals do have a tiny nod towards Fairport Convention elocution and artifice, a Brit-speckled delivery. Originally recorded by Tin Gerak, known for his days in Six Parts Seven, the overall texture is not lush, as the promo asserts, but well-separated, lilting, and permeable. The album, especially on tracks like Due South, feels like it is trying to the seminal album for Mojo this year: rustic and refined, sing-songwriter but choreographed with the presence of a fine inventory of players, symphonic and spare, and poetic and purposeful


01. Youve Been Recorded
02. Changing States
03. When I lost My Voice
04. Candles
05. Mountains
06. November Nights
07. Due South
08. We Go Up
09. Being Used to You
10. End of Summer 



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MAN - Live At The Marquee Club

MAN - Live At The Marquee Club - 2011

Lançado em outubro de 2011, num box que reúne 1 dvd + 2 cds, Live At Marquee marca parte das comemorações pelo 25º aniversário da banda galesa.

Gravado em maio de 1983, os dois CDs trazem 15 faixas e tentam o impossivel de correr toda a discogrfia da banda. Por tanto, os grandes clássicos estão aqui: Spunk Rockm Even Visionaries Go Blind, Back Into The Future e Many Are Called.....

É um grande show de uma grande banda. Uma rara oportunidade de ouví-los ao vivo. Como dizem com tanta facilidade por ai, "altamente recomendável"

E prometo que o dia que eu tiver uma banda larga decente eu ponho o DVD também.

Mick Jones - Guitar, Vocal
Deke Leonard - Guitar, Vocal
Martin Ace - Bass, Vocal
John Weathers - Drums, Vocal

Disc 1

01. Spunk Rock
02. What A Night
03. Even Visionaries Go Blind
04. C'Mon
05. Talk About A Morning
06. Kerosene
07. Back Together Again
08. Hard Way To Die

Disc 2

01. Back Into The Future
02. Ride And The View
03. Asylum
04. Romain
05. A Hard Way To Live
06. Many Are Called But Few Get Up
07. Bananas


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The Alan Ross Band - Restless Nights

The Alan Ross Band - Restless Nights - 1978

O guitarrista Alan Ross ficou conhecido quando tocou em dois albuns solos do John Entwistle, "Whistle Rhymes" e "Rigor Mortis Sets In", tendo em seguida participado de parte da turnê do baixista do The Who no já velhíssimo 1973. Ross também participou do álbum de Tim Hardin "Painted Head" naquele mesmo ano. Em seguida, ele formou a banda RO-RO cujo único álbum está disponibilizado AQUI no blog

Em seguida em lançou mais dois excelentes álbuns pelo selo RSO, "Ross" e "The Pit And The Pendulum", respectivamente em 1974 e 1975, como artista solo.

"Are You Free On Saturday" e "Restless Nights", foram mais 2 tentativas, gravados por uma nova formação de banda,  por um pequeno selo inglês, mas o reconhecimento e vendagens mais uma vez não se confirmaram.

01. Restless Nights
02. Ain't It A Shame
03. Kamina
04. I Will Be Alright
05. Angel
06. Joe Henry
07. Land Of The Snows
08. Salvation
09. Don't Look Back

Alan Ross - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Craig Anders - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Dennis - Bass, Vocals
Ed Spevock - Drums
John Cooke - Keyboards, Vocals

+@192 Lp Rip
+@192 Lp Rip

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The Coal Porters - Los London

The Coal Porters - Los London - 1995

Los London é o terceiro álbum da Coal Porters e O último enquanto banda notadamente "elétrica". A partir deste o "bluegrass" passou a tomar conta de seu estilo predominante.

São 10 canções originais de Sid Griffin e mais 1 cover de uma obscura música de Gram Parsons (Apple Tree), que antes fora gravada apenas por Johnny Rivers. Belíssima por sinal.

01. Me, Here At Your Door
02. Crackin’ At The Seams
03. Chasing Rainbows
04. A Woman To Love
05. Apple Tree
06. It Happened To Me
07. Santa Mira
08. After It’s Broken
09. A Jacobite At Heart
10. Someone’s Gonna Love You Too
11. Help Me
12. Ain’t No Way I’ll Be Your Cowboy

Sid Griffin - Vocals, Guitar, 12-string guitar, Harp, Harmonica, Percussion
Billy Bremner - Guitar, Background Vocals
Pat McGarvey - Guitar, Fretless bass, Percussion, Sound Effects, Background Vocals
John Bennett - Guitar, Tambourine, Background Vocals
Wes Mcghee - Guitar, Dobro
Wesley McGhee - Classical Guitar, Dobro
Chris Buessem - Guitar & Electric Guitar, Banjo, Background Vocals
Michael "Bami" Rose - Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Mark Wharton - Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Schmidt - Autoharp


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Barry McCabe - The Acoustic Album (re-post)

 Barry McCabe - The Acoustic Album - 2009

The Acoustic Album surgiu como forma de oferecer uma lembrança às pessoas que assistiam aos shows acústicos de Barry. No entanto a boa notícia se espalhou e pessoas em todo mundo passaram a exigir que este ficasse à disposição delas também.

Trata-se de uma coleção de canções, várias nunca antes lançadas, interpretadas apenas com voz e violão. Algumas foram capturadas "ao vivo" e outras de forma "intimista".

Mountains of Mourne (uma velha canção irlandesa) é uma das músicas preferidas de McCabe e Sheulaigh é apresentada em sua roupagem mais original, uma vez que o guitarrista compõem todas as suas músicas utilizando-se apenas de um violão.

Esse disco foi eleito pelos frequentadores do site como o melhor disco de 2009, deixando para trás pérolas como o  de Joe Bonamassa, Phil Bee e  Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood.

1. Nobody's Girl 
2. Talkin' Woman Blues
3. Arthur
4. Adam & Eve
5. Sheilagh (live version)
6. I Wonder (live version) (with Pat Mc Manus)
7. Mountains of Mourne (live version)
8. The Sunset Waltz


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The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause (re-re-post)

The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause - 1996

01. Roll Columbia Roll
02. I Tell Her All the Time

03. The Light That Shines Within
04. Untitled Track
05. Rhythm and Blue Angel
06. Stealin' Horses
07. Sittin' in an Isle of Palms (Live BBC Rec)
08. Stuck on an Island
09. The John F. Kennedy Blues (Live)
10. The March of the Tapdancin' Rats

Sid Griffin - Guitar, Harmonica, Autoharp, Vocals
Chris Buessem - Banjo, Guitar, Background Vocals
Pat Johnson - Guitar
Billy Bremner - Guitar, Sitar, Vocal Harmony
Ian Thomson - Bass,  Background Vocals
Billy Frank, Greg Sowders - Drums
Billy Block - Percussion, Drums
Neill King - Percussion, Keyboards
Tobie Petrie - Keyboards
Dick Fegy - Mandolin
John Herron - Organ, Keyboards
Andy Kaulkin - Organ, Piano, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord