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Doom Dogs (Reeves Gabrels & Jair-Rohm Parker Wells) - Personal Nuclear Assault

Doom Dogs (Reeves Gabrels & Jair-Rohm Parker Wells) - Personal Nuclear Assault - 2000

E hoje mais um álbum que aparentemente ninguém nunca ouviu, a julgar por total ausência de informações sobre ele, nenhum comentário, nenhuma crítica (boa ou ruim).

Nem o professor Wikipedia diz nada sobre esse álbum feito em colaboração pelo baixista  Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (Machine Gun) e o Guitarrista Reeves Gabrels, que vc pode encontrar mais alguma coisa dele AQUI.

Personal Nuclear Assault é um álbum quase que totalmente instrumental, com poucas (e desnecessárias) passagens vocais. É um trabalho essencialmente jazzístico, com muito espaço para improvisações e exploração de limites de seus instrumentos.

E confirmando o que disse sobre não haver praticamente nada sobre este, nem mesmo se deram ao trabalho de identificar o baterista, que foi creditado simplesmente com "doom dog".

01. Portrait of Girl with the Tin Machine Gun
02. The Wolves of Winterthur
03. Pock a Way Goes Off
04. Preamble to a Scramble
05. I Saw Myself Standing
06. Ayler's Love
07. Knit Knot
08. Muffy Meets the African Prince
09. My Baby Left Me
10. Silicon Desire
11. Where Cultures Collide


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Beat Happening - Look Around

Beat Happening - Look Around - 2015

'Look Around', is a compiled retrospective from the legendary Beat Happening. Formed in the early ‘80s at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington by Calvin Johnson, Heather Lewis and Bret Lunsford, Beat Happening combined a modern primitive pop sound with the D.I.Y. ethos of ‘anyone can do it’ and inspired countless bands and labels along the way. The music community that arose around the band and their label, K, was in many ways, the sonic antithesis of their Seattle neighbors (and friends) but was no less influential. ‘Look Around’ is a remastered, career-spanning double album anthology, handpicked by the band and a great starting point for the uninitiated as well as a refreshing reminder to those who caught the wave the first time around.

01. Our Secret
02. Foggy Eyes
03. Bad Seeds
04. What’s Important
05. Look Around
06. Bewitched
07. In Between
08. Indian Summer
09. Other Side
10. Black Candy
11. Cast a Shadow
12. Nancy Sin
13. Knock on Any Door
14. Left Behind
15. Red Head Walking
16. Fortune Cookie Prize
17. Hot Chocolate Boy
18. Pine Box Derby
19. Tiger Trap
20. Godsend
21. Teenage Caveman
22. Noise
23. Angel Gone


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The Child Who Was a Keyhole - In the Faxed Atmosphere

The Child Who Was a Keyhole - In the Faxed Atmosphere - 2004

Child Who Was A Keyhole é uma obscura banda de psicodelia que lançou esse único disco recheado de um enebriante e - alguns vezes - confuso som.

Existe pouco, para não dizer praticamente nada, a respeito da banda,  sobre este trabalho e que fim tiveram seus integrantes. Li uma pequena crítica do disco não me lembro bem aonde e que, basicamente, detonava por completo o álbum. Foi aí que me interessei em ouvi-lo, pois meu princípio é de que todo crítico bundão não passa de um músico frustrado.

Você pode ler alguma coisa AQUI e AQUI e então, após uma audição, fazer sua própria crítica. E se odiar, bastar apertar "delete". 

Eu? Eu gostei. Mas sou suspeito pois gosto de muita coisa que não presta.

01. Through the Middle of Tree
02. Micha in the Faxed Atmosphere
03. Arm in the Foam
04. We Were Alone
05. You Ruined My Baby
06. Knees High Arms Low
07. Ormus
08. How I Adore the Runnaway
09. Driving on the TV
10. Making Sense
11. You Came to Stay
12. Seeking Clou Shrimp on the Shortwave


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Robyn Hitchcock - Invisible Hitchcock

 Robyn Hitchcock - Invisible Hitchcock - 1986

from AMG
As the reference to the Soft Boys' rarities collection, Invisible Hits, suggests, Invisible Hitchcock gathers together a selection of obscurities and non-album tracks Robyn Hitchcock recorded between 1980 and 1986. Granted, the material is a bit uneven, but the album holds together well, as it emphasizes Hitchcock's gift for warped wordplay and appealingly convoluted melodies. Upon its original release, the running order for Invisible Hitchcock was considerably different in Britain and America; Rhino's 1995 reissue standardized the album, including all the material from both versions of the album (with the exception of "Grooving on a Inner Plane," which appeared as a bonus track on the company's reissue of Black Snake Diamond Role), as well as adding two songs that never appeared on either version of the record.

01. All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love
02. Give Me A Spanner, Ralph
03. A Skull, A Suitcase, And A Long Red Bottle Of Wine
04. It's A Mystic Trip
05. My Favourite Buildings
06. Falling Leaves
07. Eaten By Her Own Dinner
08. The Pit Of Souls [Country Version]
09. Trash
10. Mr. Deadly
11. Star Of Hairs
12. Messages Of Dark
13. Vegetable Friend
14. I Got A Message For You
15. Point It At Gran
16. The Abandoned Brain
17. Let There Be More Darkness
18. Blues In A
19. Listening To The Higsons
20. Dr. Sticky
21. Grooving On An Inner Plane
22. Surgery


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Nikki Hill - Here's Nikki Hill

Nikki Hill - Here's Nikki Hill - 2013 

from nikkihillmusic.com
Those who have seen Carolina girl Nikki Hill sing her ass off agree -- his isn’t just another newcomer on the scene, this is a ‘whiplash’ moment. Where did this fireball come from? Why haven’t I heard of her before? If you haven’t heard of Nikki Hill yet, you soon will, and once you see her perform, you won’t forget her.

Hill and her band have been touring extensively following the independent 2015 release ‘Heavy Hearts Hard Fists’ and debut album ‘Here’s Nikki Hill’, released in 2013. With a no-filter energy, and explosive live show, they deliver a sound that will make you believe in rock ‘n’ roll again! Nikki’s unique voice -- with raw rock and soul dynamics mixed with the strength, passion, and honesty of blues shouters of the past -- steers the driving guitar and a tight rhythm section to create a breath of fresh air with their fast forward approach to American roots music.

Nikki Hill’s self-titled, independently released EP in June of 2012 created a heavy and sudden international underground buzz that the band has traveled with across America and overseas to Europe and Australia. Those four tunes penned by Hill, combined with memorable live performances, have drawn a wide range of people from every avenue and musical taste to their shows. Her enthusiasm for music is simply contagious. One club advertisement will call Nikki “The Southern Fireball”, “the New Soul Sensation”, “amazing R&B Shouter”, and even “the new Queen of Rock n’ Roll”.

01. Ask Yourself
02. Her Destination
03. I've Got a Man
04. Right On The Brink
05. Gotta Find My Baby
06. I Know
07. Don't Cry Anymore
08. Strapped to The Beat
09. Who Were You Thinking Of?
10. Hymn For Hard Luck


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Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge (Re-post)

Ian McLagan & The Bump Band - Live At Lucky Lounge - 2013

Ian McLagan, along with singer/guitarist Steve Marriott, bass player Ronnie Lane, and drummer Kenney Jones, was a member of the British pop/rock band the Small Faces, joining in November 1965, six months after the group's formation. Before then, he had been a member of Boz & the Boz People, among other groups. McLagan's first recorded work with the Small Faces was their third single, "Sha La La La Lee," which peaked in the U.K. Top Ten in March 1966. A teenybopper success at first, the band eventually gained greater critical standing by adopting a more psychedelic style. Over the next two years, they scored further Top Ten British hits with "Hey Girl," "All or Nothing" (which hit number one), "My Mind's Eye," "Itchycoo Park" (which introduced them to American listeners, hitting the U.S. Top 40), "Tin Soldier," and "Lazy Sunday," and among their albums, Small Faces reached the Top Ten and Ogden's Nut Gone Flake hit number one.

In March 1969, Marriott quit to form Humble Pie. Three months later, McLagan, Lane, and Jones combined with singer Rod Stewart and guitarist Ron Wood, formerly of the Jeff Beck Group, to form the Faces. This group developed a reputation for its freewheeling performances, but it was overshadowed by Stewart's solo career, which took off in the fall of 1971 with his hit "Maggie May." Nevertheless, the Faces also had considerable commercial success, reaching the U.K. Top Ten with the singles "Stay with Me," "Cindy Incidentally," and "Pool Hall Richard"/"I Wish It Would Rain," and the albums A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...to a Blind Horse, Ooh La La (which hit number one), and Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners. But in 1975, Stewart quit, while Wood joined the Rolling Stones, and the Faces broke up.  

In the two decades since his arrival in Austin, ex-Faces/Small Faces linchpin and sideman-to-the-stars Ian McLagan has lived up to his status as local musical royalty, delivering consistently excellent new music and energetic live gigs with various incarnations of his crack combo the Bump Band. The veteran Brit singer/keyboardist's long-running happy-hour residency at the Lucky Lounge remains an ideal venue for his mix of boozy buoyancy and unfussy expertise, and this effortlessly amiable 14-song set spins a high-spirited document of the intimate living-room ambiance of those gigs. With effervescent rockers from McLagan's solo catalog augmented by enduring chestnuts by the Small Faces ("Get Yourself Together"), Faces ("Cindy Incidentally"), and ex-bandmate Ronnie Lane (uplifting set-closer "Kuschty Rye"), Live at the Lucky Lounge offers a joyous gem that underlines this Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's stature as a musical gift that keeps on giving.


Esse disco está postado aqui devido a mais uma cortesia do parceiro Duga, que mantém os excelentes blogs Discófilos Anônimos  e Melofilia. Ajuda essa muito bem-vinda, porque me fêz economizar uns R$ 40,00. Valor esse que pesam muito no final do mês \OO/. Valeu mesmo! 

01. Get Yourself Together
02. Someone Special
03. Loverman
04. Date With an Angel
05. I'm Hot, You're Cool
06. So Lucky
07. Been a Long Time
08. Never Say Never
09. Cindy Incidentally
10. Your Secret
11. Trapped
12. Warm Rain
13. I Will Follow
14. Kuschty Rye 


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VA - Meet on the Ledge an Island Folk-Rock Anthology

VA - Meet on the Ledge an Island Folk-Rock Anthology - 2009

from recordcollectormag.com
For long-time Island fans the most fun way to celebrate this hugelytrumpeted anniversary would be reissuing the two budget-price samplers which introduced so many cash-strapped kids to the label in 1969. The wide range of musical strains presented was packed with avenues to explore, but You Can All Join In’s Side Two, Track One was Fairport Convention’s hauntingly anthemic Meet On The Ledge, heralding the label’s oncoming “quiet revolution” combining folk and electric rock forms, examined here over three CDs.

The astutely-picked selection swings quite naturally from the worthy traditionalism of The Albion Band into the late, great John Martyn revamping the same form with his treated electric guitar (one of seven beauties from the man). In between these sonic goalposts bubble a diverse gaggle including the mighty Traffic, intensely poignant Sandy Denny, wonderfully-whimsical Dr Strangely Strange, Richard & Linda Thompson, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, Incredible String Band, Jethro Tull, Ronnie Lane and less-remembered names such as Jess Roden’s Bronco and The Sutherland Brothers. The worthy nose-pinching element may put some off but folk has always been either a multi-faceted or much-divided field, depending on personal standing, so it’s further tribute to Island that they covered all these bases and made it look quite natural.

CD 1
01. John Martyn - Cocaine
02. Fairport Convention - She Moves Through The Fair
03. Traffic - Withering Tree
04. John Martyn - Seven Black Roses
05. Fairport Convention - A Sailor's Life
06. John & Beverley Martyn - The Ocean
07. Dr. Strangely Strange - Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal
08. Jethro Tull - Living In The Past
09. Fairport Convention - Matty Groves
10. Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die
11. Fotheringay - Banks Of The Nile
12. Nick Drake     One Of These Things First
13. Fairport Convention - Sir Patrick Spens

CD 2
01. Fairport Convention - Dirty Linen
02. Cat Stevens - On The Road To Find Out
03. Sandy Denny - Late November
04. Mike Heron - Flowers Of The Forest
05. Amazing Blondel - Spring Season
06. Bronco - Time Slips Away
07. Claire Hamill - The Man Who Cannot See Tomorrow's Sunshine
08. Amazing Blondel - Siege Of Yaddlethorpe
09. The Incredible String Band - Dear Old Battlefield
10. Robin Williamson - Dark Eyed Lady
11. Richard Thompson - Poor Ditching Boy
12. Morris On - The Nutting Girl
13. Sandy Denny - Bushes And Briars
14. The Incredible String Band - Black Jack David
15. Sutherland Brothers - Sailing
16. John Martyn - Over The Hill
17. Nick Drake - Things Behind The Sun
18. Ashley Hutchings & Chums - Haste To The Wedding/The Triumph/Off She Goes

CD 3
01. The Albion Band - Hanged I Shall Be
02. John Martyn -  Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail
03. Richard & Linda Thompson - Withered & Died
04. John Martyn - Spencer The Rover
05. Bryn Haworth - Darlin' Cory
06. Richard & Linda Thompson - The Sun Never Shines On The Poor
07. Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance - Stone
08. Richard & Linda Thompson - Dimming Of The Day/Dargai
09. Ashley Hutchings & Chums - Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance
10. Richard Thompson - Calvary Cross
11. Sandy Denny - I'm A Dreamer
12. John Martyn - May You Never
13. Fairport Convention - Meet On The Ledge


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Richard Ashcroft - Keys To The World


Richard Ashcroft - Keys To The World - 2006

from Wikipedia
Keys to the World is the third studio album by English singer-songwriter Richard Ashcroft. It was released 23 January 2006, reaching number 2 in the UK Albums Chart (see 2006 in British music). Ashcroft worked on the album at State of the Ark studios and Julian Kershaw wrote string arrangements for some of the songs later recorded by London Metropolitan Orchestra. Strings are featured on 8 songs on the album which also features electric viola on some tracks – played by Bruce White. The engineer/producer was Chris Potter.

 01. Why Not Nothing?
02. Music Is Power
03. Break The Night With Colour
04. Words Just Get In The Way
05. Keys To The World
06. Sweet Brother Malcolm
07. Cry Til The Morning
08. Why Do Lovers?
09. Simple Song
10. World Keeps Turning


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The See See - Late Morning Light

The See See - Late Morning Light - 2011
Stood at a See See gig, an acquaintance commented “they’re a country-rock Oasis”. I’m not sure whether that was praise or damnation but you can just about see-see the point (on ‘Deceiver Retriever’ especially): they’ve combined the familiar tropes of the past - country, folk and psychedelia, in their case - with an acute pop sensibility to create something that constantly echoes classic sounds but also has a catchy contemporary buzz. To give you an idea, readers of Uncut will rush out to buy copies while NME readers won’t mind illegally downloading it.

The band know their stuff, with a history including the Soledad Brothers, Waxwings, The Eighteenth Day of May and solo work (Pete Greenwood’s psych-folk stuff is truly awesome) and there are guest slots from Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss and Hush Arbors’ Keith Wood. So expect to hear dreamy Elephant 6-ish psychedelic pop (‘Powers of Ten’), jangly Byrds-isms (‘Mary Soul’) and harmonious Big Star pop (‘That’s My Sign’), as well as some stunning trippy diversions as Pete Greenwood (presumably) leads them down woozy sideroads (the way ‘Mary Soul’ dissolves into a psych-folk supernova is especially mindfucking). But essentially it’s a pop record, from the gorgeous melodies of ‘And I Wonder’ to the staggering West Coast-meets-Merseybeat ‘Half A Man and a Horse’s Head’. Their four previous singles were all cracking (and they’re all here, but are not necessarily the best songs) but that was just a teaser for the full-length. Maybe they won’t play Knebworth, and I know for a fact they’re not City fans, but music this good – with its full spread of mythic sound but as catchy as fuck - deserves and should get the widest hearing.

01. Mary Soul
02. Tomorrow Come Today
03. Deceiver Retriever
04. Little Tease
05. Keep Your Head
06. It's True
07. Powers Of Ten
08. Half A Man And A Horses Head
09. And I Wonder
10. Late Morning Light
11. Clap Your Hands & Shake A Chain
12. That's My Sign