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Shawn Phillips - No Category

Shawn Phillips - No Category - 2002

Shawn Phillips - Guitar, Vocal
Mike Miller - Guitar
Ralph Humphrey - Drums, Percussion
J. Peter Robinson - Organ, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer
Leland Sklar - Bass

01. Moonshine
02. Lost and Lonely
03. Fondest Dreams
04. Moneydance
05. I Will Never Leave
06. Calico & Rainbows
07. The Man
08. Power of a Woman
09. Most of Us Don't Understand
10. Free Samples
11. Try To Find A Way
12. One Way Ticket
13. Sleep Pretty Baby
14. Peace Song
15. Par For the Course

Phillips is a rock pioneer. Keeping true to his roots in folk music, he experimented with classical, fantasy iconography, surreal verse, mysticism and voice. The results produced the multi-million selling album "Second Contribution." Four of his 18 albums charted on Billboard's top 100. Four singles charted on Billboard's top 40. Celebrating 40 years of recording and touring, Universal Music honored Phillips with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 23, 2002.

Signifying the strength of his fan base, No Category, Phillips 18th studio album was a result of fans going to this website where they donated the money to cover the recording cost.

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Reg King - Reg King

Reg King - Reg King  - 1971

Reginald King (born 5 February 1945; died 8 October 2010), who has died from cancer aged 65, was one of the most accomplished white British soul singers of the 1960s. Fronting his band the Action, King was the equal of Steve Marriott, Steve Winwood or Rod Stewart, with a voice that was smooth, unhurried and deeply soulful.

King, left, with the Action in 1965

The Action were the mods' band of choice: less pop than their contemporaries the Who and the Small Faces, with a repertoire that included versions of the latest soul singles imported from America. Part of their appeal lay in the fact that they remained underground: despite boasting a devoted live following, and being feted by the Beatles producer George Martin, the band never charted and remained largely unknown until the mod revivals of the 1980s and 90s.

01. Must Be Something Else Around
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm)
Brian Godding - Acoustic Guitar
Mick Evans - Bass
Roger Powell - Drums
Ian Whiteman - Organ, Piano

02. You Go Have Yourself A Good Time
Reg King - Vocals, Piano, Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals - Doris Troy , Peter Dale
Bass - Mick Evans
Congas - Nick Jones 
Drums - Roger Powell
Organ - Ian Whiteman

03. That Ain't Living
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Tambourine
Brenda French , Brian Belshaw , Peter Swales - Backing Vocals
Mick Evans - Bass
Roger Powell - Drums
Martin Stone - Guitar
Brian Godding - Guitar, Backing Vocals
04 . In My Dreams
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm)
Brian Belshaw - Bass (Fuzz)
Ian Whiteman - Bass, Flute, Piano
Roger Powell - Drums
Brian Godding - Guitar (Lead)
Alan King - Guitar (Rhythm)

05. Little Boy
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Piano, Tambourine, Organ, Backing Vocals
Brian Belshaw - Bass, Backing Vocals
Kevin Westlake - Drums
Brian Godding - Guitar, Backing Vocals

06 10,000 Miles
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm)
Brian Belshaw - Bass
Brian Godding -   Guitar (Lead)
Kevin Westlake - Guitar (Rhythm), Drums
Vocals, Guitar [Rhythm] - Reg King

07. Down The Drain
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Harmonium
Dick Thomas, Frank Farrell - Drums
Jo Wright - Guitar (Lead)
Ian Whiteman - Saxophone
Paul Nieman - Trombone
George Barker - Trumpet
Piano - Mystery Man

08. Savannah
Reg King - Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Tambourine
Brian Belshaw - Bass
Nick Jones - Congas
Barry Jenkins - Drums
Mick Taylor - Guitar (Lead)
Jo Wright - Guitar
Brian Auger - Organ

09. Gone Away
Reg King -  Vocals, Piano, Organ
Danny McCullough - Bass
Barry Jenkins - Drums
Brian Godding - Guitar (Lead)
Elton Dean - Saxophone
Nick Evans - Trombone
Mark Charig - Trumpet

Bonus Tracks

10. Must Be Something Else Around (Guide Vocal)
11. Must Be Something Else Around (Rough Mix)
12. You Go Have Yourself A Good Time (Long Version)

13. Down The Drain (Demo)
14. Nobody Knows Where We Are (Long Version)
15. 10,000 Miles (Mighty Baby Version)
16. Gone Away (Rough Mix)

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Loz Netto - Replay

Loz Netto - Replay - 2009

By Grahame Rhodes, from bluesinthenorthwest.com

Here’s the latest album from the Brighton-based singer/guitarist Loz Netto, very much a ‘do-it-yourself’ release – with him playing all instruments, bar drums, as well as the production, engineering, mix and sleeve design! After a string of pop and soul-flavoured releases, “Replay” has a more bluesy feel to it.

Loz Netto held the guitar post in British bands such as Sniff ‘n’ The Tears, who dented the singles chart with “Driver’s Seat”, which was once in my vinyl collection, and the soulful Moon, who were fronted by the excellent vocals of Noel McCalla. He actually turned pro at just 17 and toured with soul great, Ben E King.

The 12 tracks here are all in a similar vein – a laid-back stew of blues, funk and soul – if you think a mix of Chris Rea, JJ Cale, Little Feat, Hall & Oates – you are in the territory Loz Netto covers – with his smooth at times, gritty on others, vocals and slide guitar probably recalling classic Chris Rea most.

The opening “Crossroads” is a benchmark for what follows – a smooth bluesy groove with his slide guitar work shadowing his vocal, with him also on keyboards and drums by Luke Netto – keeping it in the family! “Keep Running” has more of a funk edge to it, with “What’s Going On” being deep in soul territory.


01. What's Going On
02. Keep Running
03. Crossroads

04. Waiting For You
05. I'm Serious
06. Big Ole Moon
07. Fire
08. From A to B
09. Cruel Streak
10. What U Dun
11. Warm Rain
12. Slide of Hand


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The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause

The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause - 1996

01. Roll Columbia Roll
02. I Tell Her All the Time

03. The Light That Shines Within
04. Untitled Track
05. Rhythm and Blue Angel
06. Stealin' Horses
07. Sittin' in an Isle of Palms (Live BBC Rec)
08. Stuck on an Island
09. The John F. Kennedy Blues (Live)
10. The March of the Tapdancin' Rats

Sid Griffin - Guitar, Harmonica, Autoharp, Vocals
Chris Buessem - Banjo, Guitar, Background Vocals
Pat Johnson - Guitar
Billy Bremner - Guitar, Sitar, Vocal Harmony
Ian Thomson - Bass,  Background Vocals
Billy Frank, Greg Sowders - Drums
Billy Block - Percussion, Drums
Neill King - Percussion, Keyboards
Tobie Petrie - Keyboards
Dick Fegy - Mandolin
John Herron - Organ, Keyboards
Andy Kaulkin - Organ, Piano, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord


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Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood

Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood - 2010 

2010 album from the reformed 60's Psychedelic Pop act featuring Andy Newman, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country), Josh Townshend (Pete's nephew), Nick Johnson and Tony Stubbings. Seven of the tracks were recorded live during their reunion tour, while the remaining three tracks are all studio recordings. Track Records.

The live material on this album was recorded the week after the 'Lewes' show on 26th February, Farrington Gurney, Bristol.

01. Hollywood
02. When I Think
03. Accidents
04. Wild Country
05. The Old Cornmill
06. Wilhelmina
07. Look Around
08. I See It Also
09. I Don't Know
10. Something In The Air

Andy Newman - Piano, Woodwind and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Vocals
Josh Townshend - Guitar and Vocals
Nick Johnson - Guitar and Vocals
Tony Stubbings - Bass


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Pirataria Aprende-se Na Escola

Por Ricardo Semler
publicado na Folha de São Paulo em 14 de março de 2011

O Thoreau era um cara zen. Dizia que lei injusta se combatia com desobediência civil. Foi assim com o Lula em 1978, que fazia greves ilegais e corria o risco de ser preso a cada pouco. Ou com Rosa Parks, senhora negra que sentou num banco reservado a brancos, há apenas algumas décadas. É assim com os jovens que hoje derrubam os ditadores árabes - todos, pela lei, são criminosos.

Os 70,2 milhões de brasileiros que compram ou baixam CDs e DVDs pirata não estarão praticando desobebediência civil? Deveriam ser, todos, reunidos à penitenciária?

Estudantes devem ser rotulados? cúmplices do crime organizado porque se recusam a pagar R$ 45 por um DVD de filme antigo que custa R$ 2 para produzir e distribuir?

O Conar, que autorregula propa­ganda, omite-se ao não proibir a campanha que acompanha os DVDs. Não existe prova alguma de que parte relevante da venda da pi­rataria tenha a ver com traficantes ou armas. Dediquei dias a centenas de sites, incluindo o da Interpol, con­selhos contra a pirataria e CPIs de quatro governos para constatar isso. Claro que a pirataria envolve crime organizado — só faltava serem crimi­nosos desorganizados —, mas é uma turma focada apenas em produtos.

E vejam, que curioso: das 80 fábri­cas piratas na Ásia, 8 na Malásia são licenciadas pelo governo! Ao todo produzem 9 milhões de CDs por dia.

A verdade é que a era de ouro dos estúdios e artistas chega ao fim. Não cabe mais pedir que o mundo financie US$ 12 milhões por filme ao Tom Cruise ou fique ba­bando com os Rolls-Royce dos rappers. Muito menos que financie car­téis de estúdios que conseguem, pela leis vigentes, transformar policiais em capangas pelo lucro.

Ninguém vai defender as fábricas ilegais ou a pirataria intelectual, mas urge perceber que o mundo mudou.

As soluções são óbvias e lucrati­vas também: vender pela web no dia da estreia o download por alguns reais. O faturamento final deverá ser o mesmo. Sim, terminará a mamata do filme que passa meses no cinema ou o livro que fica em capa dura — porque o lucro é estratosférico nes­sas fases — para, então, manipular o consumidor pelas fases imaginadas pelos espertos das finanças.

É aceitar que o mundo não é com­posto de acobertadores de trafican­tes, e sim de adolescentes e adultos inteligentes que não querem mais ser manipulados pelos Gaddafis da indústria de entretenimento. Acor­dem: 1 bilhão de downloads em 2010, antes mesmo que a banda lar­ga de 10 mega seja corriqueira, é au­la para qualquer empresário anti­quado. Que criem vergonha na cara e se atualizem —70,2 milhões de cri­minosos brasileiros, todos mal-edu­cados, agradecem. 

Ricardo Semler, 51, é empresário. Foi scholar da Harvard Law School e professor de MBA no MIT em Boston. Foi escolhido pelo Fórum Econômico de Davos como um dos Lideres Globais do Amanhã e escreveu dois livros: "Virando a própria mesa" e "Você está Louco", que venderam 2 milhões de exemplares em 34 línguas.

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Barry Melton - The Saloon Years

The Barry Melton "The Fish" Band - The Saloon Years - 1997

01. I Can't Dance
02. Mojo Navigator
03. Colorado Town
04. 3rd Degree
05. Love
06. Hold On To The Good Times   
07. Just A Little Bit
08. Harlem Nocturne
09. Mona
10. SOS

Barry Melton - Guitar,  Vocals
John Cipollina - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Albin - Bass, Vocals
Spencer Dryden - Drums
Bob Flurie - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Walsh - Guitar, Vocals
David Getz - guest Drummer


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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Gallows Pole (EP)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Gallows Pole (EP) - 1994

01. Gallows Pole
02. Four Sticks
03. What Is And What Should Never Be

+@320 with art cover

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CoCo Carmel - First Fruit

CoCo Carmel - First Fruit - 2010

This record is available on Cd Baby , I-Tunes , Amazon and many other online stores (and good blogs too!). One of the last great recordings by Delaney Bramlett with CoCo Carmel engineering and co-producing. Along the same lines as their cd "Sounds From Home" that was released in Europe in 1998.

This is CoCo Carmel's first solo record, the artwork is by Michele Bramlett, the very talented daughter of Delaney. Also appearing on the record is Bekka Bramlett. This record is chock full of great songs including "I don't know why", the song Delaney produced on Eric Clapton's first solo record .

Check out HERE  to view the tracks and CoCo's thoughts on each of them and how the songs came about and click HERE too to watch "rest in peace".

01. What Am I Doin In a Place Like This?
02. Doin' It Right
03. Love Don't Deserve It (to be treated this way)
04. Mother
05. I Don't Know Why
06. Sound Of The City (feat. Delaney Bramlett & Bekka Bramlett)
07. Why Would I do That? (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
08. Go To Him
09. Let Me Put it Another Way (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
10. Imaginary Love
11. Sweet Miss You
12. Only a Game (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
13. Rest In Peace


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Shawn Phillips - Beyond Here Be Dragons


Shawn Phillips - Beyond Here Be Dragons - 1988 (2000)

Shawn has twenty albums to his credit and a host of associations with some of the most respected names in the industry including Donovan, Paul Buckmaster, J. Peter Robinson, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bernie Taupin, and many others, yet he is virtually forgotten except by his cadre of loyal fans, despite remaining active through today.

Re-issue of 'Beyond Here Be Dragons' originally released only for a short time in 1988 due to the demise of the original label, Chameleon. 9 tracks including 'Of Love', 'It Takes No Time' and 'Share The Wealth'. 2000 release. Standard jewel case

01. Of Love       
02. Circles
03. Sands of Time
04. It Takes No Time
05. Share the Wealth
06. Wind of the Angels
07. Discoveries
08. Spaghetti Inquistion
09. Moments

Shawn Phillips - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Caleb Quaye - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Ralph Humphrey - Drums
J. Peter Robinson - Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson - Bass


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Florian Opahle - Europhonics

Florian Opahle - Europhonics - 2010

A primeira vez que vi/ouvi Florian Opahle foi assistindo a um DVD de um show de Greg Lake. De imediato, pensei: "- quem é esse moleque na guitarra que ousa repetir - nota por nota - o que Keith Emerson faria em uma dezena de teclados?. Assim que pude, fui pesquisar sobre ele na internet (aonde mais é possível fazer isso nos dias atuais?) e descobri que esse alemão nascido em  1983 era um músico altamento considerado em sua terra natal. Soube também que chegou a ter aulas no Master Class de Al Di Meola e que em 2004 trabalhou e excursionou com Ian Anderson e seu  Jethro Tull.

Florian Opahle é daqueles guitarristas que esbanjam talento,  técnica  e sentimento à disposição do Blues, do Jazz, Rock e, também, Clássico. Quando excursionou com Ian Anderson, Opahle teve seu talento reconhecido por toda a europa e agora não era apenas respeitado por ser um dos mais requisitados músicos de estúdio.

Europhonics é seu primeiro disco solo e contém sete peças instrumentais magnificamente interpretadas. Acompanham-o nesse trabalho o tecladista Stephan Zeh e o percussionista Timucin Dincel. Seis músicas são  composições originais escritas por Florian e  "Pavana" foi  escrita  por F. Tarrega.

Por fim, esse post dedico para aquele seu amigo que você imagina tocar muito.

1. A Nice Day

2. Spanish Nights
3. Pick A Lick
4. Pavana
5. Synth
6. Lucca   
7. Dropped D