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The Mavericks - Mono

The Mavericks - Mono - 2015

from popmatters.com
The Mavericks have always been one of the most unique country bands of the last 20 years. It’s funny, though, how you can lose track of even something as distinctive as the group’s blend of country, rockabilly, blues, and Tex-Mex rhythms. As far as frontman Raul Malo’s voice goes, we should all be able to hear that powerhouse baritone from half a continent away every time he sings.

But anyone could be forgiven for wondering if the band was still together or making music. The Mavericks’ last significant hit was 1998’s “Dance the Night Away”, and lineup issues did derail the band’s momentum for a time. Until 2013’s In Time (one of that year’s best—and most overlooked—records), the band hadn’t released a full album of new material since 2003’s The Mavericks, and even that was the product of a very brief period of reuniting. For all that, the band hasn’t lost a step, and you could argue that they’re currently experiencing a surge of newfound creativity. It’s only fair. The Mavericks were one of the few bands that met country chart success by becoming more daring and adventurous. Did that hurt them in the end? It’s hard to say, but it’s hard to imagine The Mavericks finding a home on modern country radio no matter what they did.

Mono picks up where In Time left off, with the Mavericks being an absolute blast to listen to. There’s arguably not a clunker in the bunch and its very easy to imagine several tracks—“All Night Long”, “Stories We Could Tell”, “(Waiting For) The World to End”, for example—becoming live staples. The romantic “Fascinate Me” sounds like it should be strummed on a boat in the moonlight. “The Only Question Is” is a shuffling blues barnstormer on which Malo cuts loose with that giant voice while Eddie Perez delivers stinging guitar lines. As usual, The Mavericks borrow from all of their influences. Their signature horns and latino rhythms are on full display, with Malo riding the groove of even the most swinging arrangements with startling ease. Even without whimsical tracks like “Summertime (When I’m With You)” or the playful way Malo inserts “We’re just waiting for this song to end” in a late chorus of “(Waiting For) The World to End”, the Maverick are never afraid to have fun. Heck, there are even flashes of ska.

It’s uncertain how the album’s “hook” of being recorded in mono will fare in the iTunes age, but Malo is right when he says these songs are strong enough to stand without studio trickery. The Mavericks’ sound is a fairly timeless one anyway due to the way it draws from multiple generations and cultures, and the band has played together for so long that they seem to greet the demands of any style effortlessly. It’s simply a pleasure to listen to the Mavericks, and here’s hoping that they’re back with us for a very long time.

01. All Night Long
02. Summertime (When I'm With You)
03. Pardon Me
04. What Am I Supposed To Do
05. Stories We Could Tell
06. What You Do To Me
07. Let It Rain (On Me)
08. The Only Question Is
09. Out The Door
10. (Waiting For) The World To End
11. Fascinate Me
12 Nitty Gritty (Bonus Track)


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Keith Emerson Trio - Keith Emerson Trio

Keith Emerson Trio - Keith Emerson Trio - 2015

These recordings have never been for sale on CD before and have been lovingly restored from 1963 home recording and released in 6th November 2015 with the full approval of Keith Emerson.

01. You Say You Care
02. There Will Never Be Another You
03. Teenies Blues
04. Winckle Picker Stamp
05. 56 Blues
06. You Came A Long Way From Saint-Louis
07. Soul Station    

Keith Emerson - Piano
Godfrey Sheppard - Double Bass
David Keene - Drums


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Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart

Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart - 2000

from austinchronicle

There's a problem at the heart of this album -- literally. See, "Picasso II" aka "Picasso's Big Blue Heart" is a truly majestic pop song, one that was perfectly executed on 1998's Interstate 20/20 album by Flynt and his longtime band 20/20. Because that album received no promotion and was heard by almost no one, Flynt decided to drag it back out one more time. Thus, unfortunately, if you have heard the original, Big Blue Heart already has one strike against it. Still, Flynt remains at the top of his game, and this album, which features the other members of 20/20 and other quite respectable guests like the Tractors' Steve Ripley and the Faces' Ian McLagan, includes its share of fine songs as well: from the Faces-like "King of the Deep Blue Sea" to the Tom Petty-ish "I See Blue." It's not a matter of Flynt's latest being without a heart, it's just that his last disc had a better one

01. King Of The Deep Blue Sea
02. Holding On
03. I See Blue
04. Northern Town
05. River Road
06. True Love
07. Following The Bomb Squad
08. Sideways Into The Night
09. Picasso II
10. Trying To Get To You
11. Darkness
12. Go To The Windows For Keene
13. Intermission


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Other On - Strange Remain

Other On - Strange Remain - 1999
The Strange Remain is an album by the rock band The Other Ones. It was recorded live on the Furthur Festival tour in 1998 and released in 1999.[1] The album reached number one on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and number 112 on the Billboard 2000

The Other Ones was a rock group composed of former members of the Grateful Dead. They later changed their name to The Dead. The Strange Remain is the only album released by either The Other Ones or The Dead.

CD 1

01. St. Stephen / The Eleven
02. Jack Straw
03. Sugaree
04. Corrina
05. Only the Strange Remain
06. White-Wheeled Limousine
07. Estimated Prophet

CD 2

01. Playing in the Band
02. The Other One
03. Banyan Tree
04. Rainbow's Cadillac
05. Mountains of the Moon
06. Friend of the Devil
07. Baba Jingo
08. China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider

Bob Weir – Guitar, Vocals
Phil Lesh – Bass, Vocals
Mickey Hart – Percussion, vocals
Bruce Hornsby – Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Ellis – Saxophone, Vocals
Steve Kimock – Guitar
Mark Karan – Guitar, Vocals
John Molo – Drums


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Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? (re-re-post)

Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? - 1999

from Music Index
For many Peter Banks is the forgotten man of Yes which is a shame as Peter was a founder member of that band and as such an important part of the jigsaw. Although Peter likes to look forward and has released a number of fine solo albums I get the impression he is quite proud of his time in Yes and his pre-Yes incarnation. His previous project was Something’s Coming, a double CD containing radio and TV performances of Yes prior to his departure in 1970.

For this release Peter goes back to recordings made between 1964 and 1968 including his appearances in The Syn and Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, two names familiar to Yes fans as they precluded the creation of that band. As a document of what went before Yes, this is a fascinating dig into the past and includes material that would eventually appear on the first Yes album.

01. Can I Play You Something? (Peter Banks)
02. Bang/Crash (Peter Banks)
03. Peter Gunn (Peter Banks)  (recorded live in Los Angeles, 1980)
04. Hippie Loop (Peter Banks)
05. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (The Syn, 1967)
06. You Better Move On (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
07. Beyond And Before (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
08. Beyond And Before (What Bass? Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
09. Lima Loop (Peter Banks)
10. Grounded (The Syn, 1967)
11. For Your Love (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
12. Flowerman (Demo) (The Syn, 1967)
13. Flowerman (The Syn, 1967)
14. Yesterdays (Peter Banks)
15. Electric Funeral (Demo) ( Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
16. Electric Funeral (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
17. Cinnamon Touch ((Peter Banks)
18. Get Yourself Together (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
19. Created By Clive (The Syn, 1967)
20. Images Of You And Me (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
21. I Saw You! (Bang/Crash) (Yes, 1969?/70? "Affirmative Duo" (Banks/Bruford))
22. No Time ((Peter Banks)


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Weird Owl - Interstellar Skeletal

Weird Owl - Interstellar Skeletal - 2015

From AMG
Now a decade into their career, Brooklyn's Weird Owl return with Interstellar Skeletal, their fourth LP of cosmic, psych-inspired rock. As on their 2013 mini-LP Healing, Weird Owl continue to explore the more improvisatory, stoner rock spectrum of what has, at least in the 2010s, become a bit of a psych rock revolution. But while many younger bands are busy marrying the first wave of mid-'60s psychedelia with textural post-Flaming Lips electronic pop, Weird Owl continue to forge their own path of serious prog and Kraut-indebted experimental rock that manages to live just outside of trendiness. A mix of spacy, meandering guitar jams strewn with Pink Floyd-ian synth backdrops like "Flying Fortress" and the strong title cut, the album also introduces some nice acoustic textures on the the dreamy "Split from the Sun" and the brief coda "Interstellar Skeletal II." In keeping with their earlier work, the vocals remain somewhat buried under the waves of effects-laden guitars, not unlike early Spiritualized. It's a solid release with the quality musicianship and experimental nature fans have come to expect of Weird Owl, and while it may not break a lot of new ground, it remains true to the band's spirit.

01. Interstellar Skeletal
02. Silver Ziggurats
03. God
04. Split From The Sun
05. Fine Vibrations
06. White Werewolf
07. Flying Fortress
08. You Are A Spacecraft
09. Interstellar Skeletal II


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Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love

Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love - 2005

“Smart Music for Idiots” This quote about Nathan Asher and the Infantry, from Michigan’s Clarkstown News, captures a defining quality of the band’s music. Nathan Asher & the Infantry have something new and challenging to say, and they say it in a way that makes people want to listen. 

The Infantry’s sound combines a distinct, modernized version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash. Asher’s lyrics punch through the music, bridging the gap between the lyrical dexterity of hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional songwriting. 

The six young men from Raleigh, NC have created a new sound that is both folk influenced and ultra-modern. The songs are driven by interwoven organ, piano, guitar and harmonica lines. A fiercely ragged but controlled stage show has emerged from these six long time friends and studio-quality musicians who repeatedly push the envelope to create meaningful music that is greater than the sum of its parts.

01. Leave the South
02. Drift Away
03. Sex Without Love / a War
04. Storms
05. You Cannot Quit Smoking
06. Skipping Stones
07. So Long, So Short
08. No More Colleges
09. Thursday Night / Friday Morning


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Stackridge - Sex & Flags

Stackridge -  Sex & Flags - 2005
Stackridge are a West Country based group who were at the height of their success, such as it was, during the 1970s. Characterised by quirky humour and rhythmic, catchy, singalong tunes, the band gained a cult following which continues to this day.

Sex and Flags is a compilation of songs and was released in the U.K. by Angel Air.    

01. It's A Fascinating World
02. The Final Bow
03. Someday They'll Find Out
04. Big Baby
05. Charles Loius Dance
06. Wonderful Day
07. Bread And Water
08. Sliding Down The Razor Blade Of Love
09. Dirty Little Nightingale
10. Something About The Beatles
11. Wildebeeste
12. Grroving Along On The Highway On A Monday Morning Once
13. First Name Of Love
14. Beating A Path
15. It Must Be Time For Bed


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Stackridge - BBC Radio 1 - Live In Concert

Stackridge - BBC Radio 1 - Live In Concert - 1975

from AMG
Stackridge, one of the most singular rock bands to grow in soil sown and enriched by the British Invasion of the '60s, coalesced in late 1969. Andy Davis and Jim "Crun" Walter were playing together in the Bristol blues band Griptight Thynne when Davis began seeking new bandmates. Mike Tobin (who became Stackridge's first manager) introduced Davis to Mike "Mutter" Slater, then playing in the folk duo Mick & Mutter. James Warren answered a newspaper ad and connected very well with Davis, and they began writing songs together. Billy Bent showed up, listened to them developing "Dora the Female Explorer," and invited them to practice at his home studio, and they invited him to drum. Mike Evans was playing violin with traditional ballad groups in Bristol (the Westlanders and the Moonshiners). On Davis' 21st birthday, the band was celebrating at a pub when Mike Evans walked in. He was invited to join, as Davis knew him slightly and Walter agreed that a violin would fill out their sound. Meanwhile, Walter had proposed the latest absurd band name, Stackridge Lemon, which was quickly shortened to Stackridge.

The gigs were sparse at first, and Walter left. Tobin moved to London and began securing more plentiful bookings, while around Bristol, Stackridge began developing their eclectic, whimsical repertoire, with stated influences and preferences encompassing Zappa, the Beach Boys, Flanders & Swann, Syd Barrett, Igor Stravinsky, the Marx Brothers, J.S. Bach, and very significantly, the 1965-1966 Beatles. Their rummage sale stagewear, Slater's exuberant, witty patter (and his development of dustbin lids as a percussion instrument), Warren's wry, rambling story/introductions (contemporaneous with Peter Gabriel's development of same with Genesis), and the almost unique (in a rock group) inclusion of both a flutist and violinist led Stackridge to develop an enthusiastic, loyal following.

They signed to MCA, and with Fritz Fryer producing, they recorded Stackridge in the spring of 1971, sharing Martin Birch as engineer with Deep Purple. Warren wrote four songs alone and three with Davis, establishing him as the group's main lyrical voice. Stackridge was highlighted by the boisterous "Dora the Female Explorer," "Percy the Penguin" (the first of their laments for misunderstood animals), and a 12-plus-minute version of live favorite "Slark," a mythical beast that scoops the hapless narrator out of his car and flies him "beyond the fields we know." Walter was persuaded to rejoin on bass, allowing Warren to move to guitar permanently, while Davis continued to switch between guitar and keyboards.


01. God Speed The Plough (75)
02. Lummy Days (72)
03. Teatime (72)
04. Anyone For Tennis (73)
05. Amazing Agnes (72)
06. She Taught Me How To Yodel (72)
07. 32 West Mall (72)
08. Syracuse The Elephant (73)
09. The Volunteer (75)
10. Whos What's Up With Billy Stokes (75)
11. No One's More Important Than The Earthworm (75)
12. The Galloping Gaucho (75)
13. Dora The Female Explora (75)


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3 Twins - Trinkets

3 Twins - Trinkets - 2000

From Westword
Colorado, it's safe to say, isn't known for its soul men. But by creating some of the most stirring music to emerge from this state, Denver native and ex-Subdude John Magnie has been correcting that shortcoming for the past couple of decades. These days, Magnie's crafting his spiritual sounds in 3 Twins (who appear August 25 at the Soiled Dove). Formerly known as Magpie, the act recently changed its name when an act with the same handle surfaced with ruffled feathers. Thankfully, though, Magnie and his mates (Subdudes drummer/percussionist Steve Amedee and bassist Mr. Rutherford) haven't changed their tune.

Trinkets is an aptly named recording, a sparkling collection of humble little gems and treasures. The Twins conjure up rolling, New Orleans-styled treats, country-tinged doo-wops and haunting Tin Pan Alley odes, infusing all of them with emotion, knockout harmonies and a delicious sense of men-to-boys playfulness. It's a delightful amalgam of rustic Americana and Louisiana soul (Louisicana, perhaps?), as thrilling as a Cajun crawdad steamed in Colorado beer.

On the Crescent City side of things, highlights include the strolling, piano-powered soul of "I'm Trying," the layered rhythms of "If Wishin' Made It So" (a reworked version of a heartbreaker from Magnie's recent solo release) and other Creole-complementing cuts. On the hybrid R&B side, there's the glorious ache of "The Rain Song," a bayou-blessed, street-corner-singing jewel of the highest order. All of these songs are spiked with the 3 Twins' high-altitude sensibilities, mixing Dixie Hummingbirds-in-the-Rockies harmonies with a sense of Western wistfulness. This is wonderful music, as real as it gets. Best of all, the disc crackles with a loose, homemade vibe that peaks in the tipsy, three-part harmonies of "Three Days." A lonely heart never sounded so appealing. Throw in a road-trip anthem ("Wyoming Bound," with a gnarly extro-solo from Jay Clear) and you've got a CD that any soul-craving Coloradan would be proud to have in his collection.

01. This Time
02. I'm Trying
03. Julianne
04. Date With An Angel
05. Blue Mountain Girl
06. If Wishing Made It So
07. The Rain Song
08. Since Then
09. Look At The Day
10. Three Days
11. Wyoming Bound


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VA - Keep Calm And Salute Queen

VA - Keep Calm And Salute Queen - 2015

Esse CD lançado mês passado nada mais é que apenas mais um disco tributo que tanto vemos por aí. Por se tratar de QUEEN, acrescente que também serve para ra-ra-tificar o quanto que Mercury cantava. Sobre os covers, é aquele velho papo: quando mudam muito, reclamam porque fugiu do original; quando emulam o que já está pronto, reclamam que faltou capacidade inovativa.

Mas o certo mesmo que ele tá aqui pelo mesmo motivo que foi lançado. Apenas para simplesmente divertir. A mim me divertiu muito e em alguns casos, até ri. Também com alguns desta galera aí embaixo....

01. Tie Your Mother Down - Lemmy Kilmister & Ted Nugent
02. We Will Rock You - L.A. Guns
03. Bohemian Rhapsody - John Wetton
04. Killer Queen - Glenn Hughes & Carmine Appice
05. Fat Bottomed Girls - Joe Lynn Turner & Reb Beach
06. Somebody To Love - Geoff Tate & Doug Aldrich
07. Stone Cold Crazy - Robin Zander & Steve Stevens
08. I Want It All - Robin McAuley & Chris Impellitteri
09. Sheer Heart Attack - James LaBrie & Marty Friedman
10. Play The Game - Mickey Thomas & Paul Taylor
11. Another One Bites The Dust - Great White
12. Spread Your Wings - Tommy Shaw & Dweezil Zappa
13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Gunnar & Mathew Nelson & Albert Lee
14. Fight >From The Inside - Jack Blades & Jake E. Lee
15. Get Down, Make Love - Glenn Hughes & Tony Franklin
16. We Are The Champions - Paul Shortino & Robby Krieger