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Arlo Guthrie - Here Come The Kids

Arlo Guthrie - Here Come The Kids - 2014

Arlo Guthrie is honoring the enduring commitment of Woody Guthrie and his 100th birthday with an unforgettable night of music and stories at Mesa Arts Center. The show confirms the folk tradition of Woody is alive and well and Here Comes the Kids celebrates the legacy of Guthrie's father in a manner to make any parent proud.

Folk music icon Arlo Guthrie is a legendary artist who shares timeless stories and classic songs as he carries on the Guthrie family legacy. Arlo connects communities far and wide and leaves a lasting impression of hope and inspiration as a celebrated figure of American music. In 1983, Arlo Guthrie left the major music label system to pursue life as a truly independent artist, bringing his successful career to the family-run business, and his own label, Rising Son Records. Rising Son Records is currently operated by daughters Annie and Cathy Guthrie.

Arlo's interests and ambitions have always included more than music. In 1991, he purchased the old Trinity Church near Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which is now home to The Guthrie Center and The Guthrie Foundation. Both are non-profits, and The Guthrie Center is an interfaith church foundation dedicated to providing a wide range of local and international services; The Guthrie Foundation is a separate educational organization that addresses issues like the environment, health care, cultural preservation, and educational exchange. In 2009, Arlo was awarded the ASCAP Foundation Champion award for making a difference through social action on behalf of worthwhile causes and demonstrating exceptional efforts in humanitarianism.  

01. Oklahoma Hills Intro
02. Oklahoma Hills
03. Pretty Boy Floyd Intro
04. Pretty Boy Floyd
05. St. James Infirmary Intro
06. St. James Infirmary
07. Haleiwa Farewell Intro
08. Haleiwa Farewell
09. Deportee - Plane Wreck at Los Gatos Intro
10. Deportee/Plane Wreck at Los Gatos
11. 1913 Massacre Intro
12. 1913 Massacre
13. Mother's Voice (I Hear You Sing Again) Intro
14. Mother's Voice (I Hear You Sing Again)
15. Do Re Mi Intro
16. Do Re Mi
17. Thundering Hoofbeats of Creativity
18. This Song Is for That Guy
19. Motorcycle Song
20. Mom's Been Arrested
21. Coming into Los Angeles
22. The King of the Twelve-String Guitar
23. Alabama Bound
24. Music for All Occasions
25. Mooses Come Walking
26. Old Shep Intro
27. Me and My Goose
28. Piano Lessons
29. One Night in New Orleans
30. St. Louis Tickle
31. City of New Orleans
32. 1965 with Ramblin' Jack
33. Highway in the Wind
34. This Land Is Your Land
35. You Know the Rest
36. A Poster in Portland
37. Tuning at Carnegie with Pete
38. The Dustbowl Balladeer
39. Three Month Evaluation
40. My Peace Intro
41. My Peace


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Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires - 2015

From Rolling Stones
Alice Cooper has said the debut from Hollywood Vampires — a supergroup led by Cooper, Joe Perry and a flashy guitar upstart named Johnny Depp — is a tribute to his "dead drunk friends" (also the title of a chantey-like original tune here). But it's mostly made of surprisingly upbeat cover songs, with hard-rocking renditions of "My Generation," "Break on Through" and "Manic Depression." Better still, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh and even late Dracula star Christopher Lee make guest appearances. What holds it all together is Cooper, who, at 67, still possesses one of the best and grittiest voices in rock and the endless charisma of the undead.

01. The Last Vampire
Narration: Sir Christopher Lee
Keyboards and Sound Design: Johnny Depp, Bob Ezrin and Justin Cortelyou

02. Raise the Dead
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

03. My Generation
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Drums: Zak Starkey
Background Vocals: Tommy Henriksen,

04. Whole Lotta Love
Vocals: Brian Johnson, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp,
Orianthi, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Harmonica: Alice Cooper
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Kip Winger
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Backing Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

05. I Got A Line
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Kip Winger
Background Vocals: Perry Farrell, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

06. Five to One/Break on Through
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Farfisa: Charlie Judge
Bass: Bruce Witkin

07. One/Jump Into the Fire
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Dave Grohl
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Keyboard: Bob Ezrin, Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen

08. Come and Get It
Vocals: Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp
Piano: Paul McCartney
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Paul McCartney
Background Vocals: Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Abe Laboriel Jr., Bob Ezrin

09. Jeepster
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Bob Ezrin

10. Cold Turkey
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

11. Manic Depression
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bob Ezrin

12. Itchycoo Park
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

13. School’s Out/Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Brian Johnson
Guitar: Slash, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Neal Smith
Bass: Dennis Dunaway
Background Vocals: Kip Winger, Bob Ezrin

14. Dead Drunk Friends
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin


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Steve Marriott - Midnight of My Life

Steve Marriott - Midnight of My Life - 2015

More rare & unreleased recordings from the archives of The Darlings of Wapping Wharf from 1973 to 1990 including the very rare “Funky to the Bone “ track recorded in Germany which has been a holy grail for collectors

To coincide with a film of Steve Marriott starring U.K actor Martin Freeman as Steve  also called “The Midnight of my Life”

01. Get Down To It (1973)
02. We Can Work It Out (1975)
03. Funky To The Bone (1975)
04. There 'tis (1975)
05. You Don't Know Me (1976)
06. Late Night Lady (1976)
07. Midnight Of My Life (1976)
08. Let's Spend The Night Together (1976)
09. Soldier (1976)
10. Smilin' In Tune (1977)
11. Filthy Rich (1978)
12. Here And Now (1980)
13. Over You (1980)
14. Teenage Anxiety
15. Ain't You Glad New York City Can't Talk (1982)
16. One More Heartache (1989)
17. The Um Um Um Um Song (1989)
18. The Clapping Song (1989)
19. Black Coffee (Blend 32) (1989)
20. The Poll Tax Blues (1990)
21. Inteview (Interviewer – Lee Alsford)


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Danny Kirwan - Hello There Big Boy

Danny Kirwan - Hello There Big Boy - 1979

from AMG 
Guitarist/singer Danny Kirwan was a member of Fleetwood Mac, helping to bridge their early blues-rock phase to their eventual conventional pop/rock approach, from the late '60s through the early '70s (just prior to the arrival of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham). 

Born Daniel David Kirwan in South London on May 13, 1950, Kirwan was spotted by Fleetwood Mac members Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood at the age of 18 fronting a local group called Boilerhouse. Green took the young guitarist under his wing, attempting to help Kirwan find other musicians to play with (that were up to his caliber), but when none where found, he was invited to join Green in Fleetwood Mac in August of 1968. 

Although Kirwan's presence helped inspire the band to issue such classic releases as 1969's Then Play On, 1970's Kiln House, 1971's Future Games, and 1972's Bare Trees, his fellow bandmembers quickly saw the dark side of the young musician, who was alcoholic and prone to mood swings. The situation began to put a strain on the group, and after one specific incident while on tour in 1972 (which Kirwan smashed his guitar prior to a show and refused to play on-stage), the 22-year-old guitarist was handed his walking papers. 

Kirwan then embarked on a solo career, issuing such obscure releases as 1975's Second Chapter (which saw the guitarist joined by ex-Chicken Shack members Andy Sylvester and Paul Raymond), 1976's Midnight in San Juan, and 1979's Hello There Big Boy!, before the once promising musician seemingly fell off the face of the earth. Rumors persisted throughout the '90s that Kirwan was by this time homeless and down on his luck, which he in fact confirmed himself in an interview with a London newspaper in 1993. But by the dawn of the 21st century, it appeared as though Kirwan had put his life back on track somewhat, while a 15-track compilation of his solo work, Ram Jam City, was issued in May of 2000.


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Wes Jeans - Hands On

Wes Jeans - Hands On - 2000

Striking like a flash of lightning out of the piney wood region of East Texas, Wes Jeans ranks as one of the “Top Young Gun Guitar Players” - Guitar Player Magazine, March 2004.  Wes delivers a soul-drenched mix of high voltage, rockin’ Texas Blues.  Wes commands the stage from the start to finish and opens with a spirit of intensity that will surely grab you with his grinding rhythms and stinging leads allowing you a deep look into Wes Jeans’ Marshall, TX roots.

In 1996 Wes entered the International Jimi Hendrix Competition held in Austin, TX and placed an amazing second among fifteen hundred other young guitar players.  Al Hendrix, father of Jimi Hendrix, told Wes, "In my eyes, you won because you played straight from the heart like Jimi!"  These words along with the support of his family and friends set this young Texas Tornado in motion.  Soon, Wes was playing area venues and festivals, attracting booking agents and record labels.

Wes’ debut album was recorded with Al Green’s bass player - John Williams & drummer - Lloyd Anderson, as well as Albert King’s former keyboard player.  Released in 2000, “Hands On” became the highest pre-sale album on Ice House Records label and reached #26 on the National Blues Sales Chart.

In late 2003, Guitar Player Magazine took a poll and readers voted Wes #3 among the “Young Gun Guitar Players” in the nation between Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd (published March 2004).

In June 2006 Wes released his 2nd studio album "Forest Of The Pine" under Texas Music Records.  The album was produced by fellow axe-slayer Lance Lopez and is nothing short of blues/rock perfection.  The record showcases Wes' amazing blues guitar prowess and guest stars Memphis' Eric Gales.  XM Radio’s - Bluesville put “Forest Of The Pine” into heavy rotation – “This cd kicked my ass!  It’s one of the best blues/rock cds of 2006!" - Aaron Lee, XM Radio.  In January of 2007 "Forest Of The Pine" climbed its way up to the 3rd position on the German Blues Radio Charts.

In October of 2009 this Texas Tornado struck again with the release of his highly anticipated live CD "Live at Music City Texas", recorded at a sold out show at the Music City Texas Theater in Linden on January 17, 2009.  The walls roared as Wes cranked the show open with "Forest of the Pines", a true representation of his East Texas roots.  It continued to kick into overdrive when Wes was joined on stage by friend and fellow guitar bad ass Lance Lopez.  To top off the nitrous packed performance Wes and fellow song writer Jason Helms performed "Devil in Me", which was just a taste of the future studio CD, "Blood, Sweat and Years".  Fans all across the country agree the closest you will get to the live raw stage power of Wes Jeans is "Live at Music City Texas". 

01. Tell Me
02. Ridin' In The Moonlight
03. Now You Look At Me
04. Use What You Got
05. I'm A Good Man
06. Don't Be Hip
07. Hands On
08. Too Late
09. Drownin' On Dry Land
10. Victim Of The Game
11. Stratus


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Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends - Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends

Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends - Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends - 2015

Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends are a Nashville-based power trio fronted by “one of the most daring rock-guitar improvisers since Jimi Hendrix"( who also sings, writes and produces. Each song is its own adventure when Reeves and friends perform. Originals and co-writes have sharp lyrics and well-made melodies set in rich soundscapes. Selected rock and blues covers are re-imagined in sometimes-wild ways. One Gabrels lyric says it all: “Let me bend your ear, and your mind a little too.”

Reeves Gabrels is an American guitarist, currently touring internationally with The Cure (since summer 2012), one of Britain's best-known alternative rock bands. Gabrels is known for his long partnership with British singer David Bowie, with whom he worked regularly as guitarist, bandmate, co-writer and co-producer from 1987 to 1999. Before, during and since Gabrels has also independently pursued an active and wide-ranginginternational music career from bases in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and London. Since 2006, he has lived in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reeves Gabrels - Vocals, Guitars
Kevin Hornback - Bass
Jeff Brown - Drums

01. 13 Steps
02. Drown You Out
03. Wish You Were Her
04. Zero Effect
05. Bright Lights Big City
06. The House of Usher
07. Won't Fall In
08. Fledermaus
09. Messin' With The Kid
10. who Do You Love
11. An Inconvenient Man


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The Cruel Sea - Down Below

 The Cruel Sea - Down Below - 1989

By bringing together two very different influences, almost like adding oil to water, the Cruel Sea created a style of rock which extended Australian rock & roll culture and, at the same time, made them one of the most successful Australian groups of the '90s.

It started as an idea guitarist Danny Rumour had carried with him since his days in punk rock bands. As a regular at a Sydney pub, whenever a band cancelled or there was no gig on, Rumour would jump on stage with a few local musicians and play an instrumental set using equipment the hotel kept in a back room. People always loved it whenever it happened and when Rumour's group Sekret Sekret split up after seven years, he decided to explore the idea with a permanent group. The new group the Cruel Sea took its name from a Ventures instrumental from the '60s.

The instrumentals-only Cruel Sea played its first gigs in 1988, setting up behind the pool table at another hotel in Sydney. There was so little room, the guitarists would have to move so pool players could play their shots. But within weeks of starting this residency, the Cruel Sea was drawing regular crowds of up to 300 people. Operating the lighting at some of those performances was moonlighting Beasts of Bourbon singer Tex Perkins.

It wasn't until a party a few months later that the Cruel Sea and Perkins were formally introduced. The Cruel Sea was playing and Tex Perkins came up and said he'd like to have a go at putting lyrics to some of their instrumentals. That was something else Rumour had had in the back of his mind: to attract the right singer one day. Already an Australian music legend for his rock & roll swagger, the Cruel Sea couldn't have wished for anyone more qualified or interesting than Perkins.  

01. Down Below    
02. The Gap    
03. Deadwood    
04. Navigate    
05. I'll Take Care Of You    
06. Zip It Up    
07. The Drift    
08. Margarita    
09. Reckless Eyeballin'    
10. How Low    
11. I Don't Know Why


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Tom Johnston - Everything You've Heard Is True

Tom Johnston - Everything You've Heard Is True - 1979

Charles Thomas "Tom" Johnston is an American musician. He is a guitarist and vocalist, known principally as a founder, guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter for the Grammy Award winning rock group The Doobie Brothers, as well as for his own solo career. His off-and-on career with The Doobie Brothers spans more than 40 years, during which time the band exhibited numerous successful styles.

01. Down Along The River    
02. Show Me
03. Savannah Nights    
04. I Can Count On You    
05. Small Time Talk    
06. Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You    
07. Outlaw    
08. Man On The Stage    

Tom Johnston - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Paul Barrere - Guitar
Bob Glaub, Paul Stallworth, Rick Chudacoff - Bass
David Garibaldi, Jim Keltner, Keith Knudsen, Rick Shlosser - Drums
The Memphis Horns, Tower Of Power - Horns
Bill Payne, David Paich, Mark Jorden, Michael McDonald - Keyboards
Andrew Love, Jerry Jumonville - Saxophone
Nicolette Larson, Ted Templeman - Vocals


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Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Under The Covers Volume 1

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Under The Covers Volume 1 - 2006

Under the Covers, Vol. 1 is the first collaboration between alternative rock artist Matthew Sweet and Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs. Released by Shout! Factory in 2006, the album contains 15 cover versions of favorite songs from the 1960s and 1970s. The album was a result of their mutual love for songwriting from the 1960s. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs decided to record an album together in dedication of that era consisting of only cover versions.

They have always displayed an unapologetic love of '60s pop in their own music, and they even teamed up as part of the pop supergroup Ming Tea to record the terrific "BBC" for the first Austin Powers film, so the duo's 2006 album, Under the Covers, Vol. 1, feels logical and right. With this record, the two -- who have adopted the name "Sid N Susie," although this only appears on the inside of the CD's booklet and on their MySpace page -- tackle 15 classic pop and folk-rock tunes from the '60s (well, the Bee Gees' "Run to Me" is from 1971, but its heart is in the '60s). Their selections, a mix of familiar oldies and beloved cult classics, display exceptionally good taste

01. I See The Rain (The Marmalade)
02. And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles)
03. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)
04. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Fairport Convention)
05. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young And Crazy Horse)
06. Alone Again Or (Love)
07. The Warmth Of The Sun (The Beach Boys)
08. Different Drum (Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt)
09. The Kids Are Alright (The Who)
10. Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground)
11. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young And Crazy Horse)
12. Care Of Cell #44 (The Zombies)
13. Monday, Monday (The Mamas & The Papas)
14. She May Call You Up Tonight (The Left Banke)
15. Run To Me (Bee Gees)

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Vocals, Guitar
Ric Menck - Drums, Percusion
Michael Sweet - Bass, Guitar (Acoustic & Electric), Mellotron, Organ, Piano, Percussion
Ivan Julian - Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)
Greg Leisz - Guitar, Pedal steel guitar, 12 string guitar
Richard Lloyd - Guitar
Van Dyke Parks - Piano, Harpsichord, Organ


NOTE: Vol. 2 is even BETTER than the first!

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Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - 2015

You've probably been been wondering where the bloody hell this disc was for  years -- it was perfectly obvious it was going to be made. But when? Then into your hands comes this stunning, visually beautiful disc. Not the disc itself, but the artwork surrounding it. There are three photographs of the couple and -- damn it I hate saying this -- you can feel the love between them; it is that strong in the photos. 

For years, Larry Campbell was the band leader for Levon Helm's band both at the Midnight Rambles and when they went on the road, in whatever form. In addition, there are his eight years of work with Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour, which Rolling Stone called the greatest period of that tour. With both bands, he has been given great credit for bringing a driving energy to the band every night.

He and Teresa Williams have been married for decades and the total of albums for either or both of them, according to The All Music Guide is a great big zero. As talented as they are, this is criminal considering the glut of unadulterated crap that comes and passes  for albums. Williams has a voice that will make you sit up and notice, make the hair on the back of your neck or arms stand straight up. 

One night, we were in Nashville on a working vacation and it was the morning after the end of a long day, or maybe it was still the night. We wandered into a relatively quiet crowd and then this woman started singing. It got so quiet, you could almost hear the roaches stop what they were doing and pay attention. It was one of those rare moments when you just surrender your attention to what she can do with a song. The feeling and intonation she possesses doesn’t just bring the song to life, it snaps you into the song. She has a voice that raises so much emotion. Listen to the beauty and emotion Williams puts into the Reverend Gary Davis’, “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning.” It might be enough to take you back to that time.  


01. Surrender to Love
02. Bad Luck Charm
03. Another One More Time
04. Down on My Knees
05. You're Running Wild
06. Everybody Loves You
07. Did You Love Me at All
08. Ain't Nobody for Me
09. Midnight Highway
10. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
11. Attics of My Life


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Sassafras - Sassafras and Friends - Magic Happens

Sassafras - Sassafras and Friends - Magic Happens - 1996

Sassafras (Gary G. Bogstad) hails from Philadelphia which provided a richly diverse cultural background reflected in his music. Sassafras grew up among musicians who influenced his style. His mother was a singer,
his uncle played Ragtime piano, and his grandfather was a band leader in the 1930's.

With a strong musical background Sassafras began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Within a year the young musician began to compose songs that mirrored the events in his life. At fourteen the budding singer -songwriter began to perform at talent shows in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It was during this period Sassafras learned to expand the breadth and width of his music with the addition of piano; all the while emulating the period styles learned through his family's influence.

In 1966 Sassafras' family moved to California. The mid 60's music scene had a profoundly positive affect on his musical style. In the thirty years hence, Sassafras has refined and redefined his music many times over. The culmination of the self made artist's work was the release of his first CD at a concert held in Temecula, California on July 20, 1996. Recorded at Archer Studios in Temecula, the CD was aptly titled.

Sassafras and Friends was the result of a lot of hard work by the artist and his friends who helped in the production of the CD. Sassafras and Friends has been well received from San Diego to the Inland Empire, and is garnering ever increasing popularity with the album's mix of blues, rock and roll, and ballads. He has gained a unique reputation among his fans at local venues for producing lyrics on the fly. Live performances are followed closely for a chance to experience his split-second song writing talent.

01. Everybody
02. Sincere
03. Closer
04. Baby Bye Bye
05. Do Me
06. Alright
07. Sleeping With the Blues
08. Angelica
09. Hotel Song