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The Mavericks - Mono

The Mavericks - Mono - 2015

from popmatters.com
The Mavericks have always been one of the most unique country bands of the last 20 years. It’s funny, though, how you can lose track of even something as distinctive as the group’s blend of country, rockabilly, blues, and Tex-Mex rhythms. As far as frontman Raul Malo’s voice goes, we should all be able to hear that powerhouse baritone from half a continent away every time he sings.

But anyone could be forgiven for wondering if the band was still together or making music. The Mavericks’ last significant hit was 1998’s “Dance the Night Away”, and lineup issues did derail the band’s momentum for a time. Until 2013’s In Time (one of that year’s best—and most overlooked—records), the band hadn’t released a full album of new material since 2003’s The Mavericks, and even that was the product of a very brief period of reuniting. For all that, the band hasn’t lost a step, and you could argue that they’re currently experiencing a surge of newfound creativity. It’s only fair. The Mavericks were one of the few bands that met country chart success by becoming more daring and adventurous. Did that hurt them in the end? It’s hard to say, but it’s hard to imagine The Mavericks finding a home on modern country radio no matter what they did.

Mono picks up where In Time left off, with the Mavericks being an absolute blast to listen to. There’s arguably not a clunker in the bunch and its very easy to imagine several tracks—“All Night Long”, “Stories We Could Tell”, “(Waiting For) The World to End”, for example—becoming live staples. The romantic “Fascinate Me” sounds like it should be strummed on a boat in the moonlight. “The Only Question Is” is a shuffling blues barnstormer on which Malo cuts loose with that giant voice while Eddie Perez delivers stinging guitar lines. As usual, The Mavericks borrow from all of their influences. Their signature horns and latino rhythms are on full display, with Malo riding the groove of even the most swinging arrangements with startling ease. Even without whimsical tracks like “Summertime (When I’m With You)” or the playful way Malo inserts “We’re just waiting for this song to end” in a late chorus of “(Waiting For) The World to End”, the Maverick are never afraid to have fun. Heck, there are even flashes of ska.

It’s uncertain how the album’s “hook” of being recorded in mono will fare in the iTunes age, but Malo is right when he says these songs are strong enough to stand without studio trickery. The Mavericks’ sound is a fairly timeless one anyway due to the way it draws from multiple generations and cultures, and the band has played together for so long that they seem to greet the demands of any style effortlessly. It’s simply a pleasure to listen to the Mavericks, and here’s hoping that they’re back with us for a very long time.

01. All Night Long
02. Summertime (When I'm With You)
03. Pardon Me
04. What Am I Supposed To Do
05. Stories We Could Tell
06. What You Do To Me
07. Let It Rain (On Me)
08. The Only Question Is
09. Out The Door
10. (Waiting For) The World To End
11. Fascinate Me
12 Nitty Gritty (Bonus Track)


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Keith Emerson Trio - Keith Emerson Trio

Keith Emerson Trio - Keith Emerson Trio - 2015

These recordings have never been for sale on CD before and have been lovingly restored from 1963 home recording and released in 6th November 2015 with the full approval of Keith Emerson.

01. You Say You Care
02. There Will Never Be Another You
03. Teenies Blues
04. Winckle Picker Stamp
05. 56 Blues
06. You Came A Long Way From Saint-Louis
07. Soul Station    

Keith Emerson - Piano
Godfrey Sheppard - Double Bass
David Keene - Drums


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Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart

Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart - 2000

from austinchronicle

There's a problem at the heart of this album -- literally. See, "Picasso II" aka "Picasso's Big Blue Heart" is a truly majestic pop song, one that was perfectly executed on 1998's Interstate 20/20 album by Flynt and his longtime band 20/20. Because that album received no promotion and was heard by almost no one, Flynt decided to drag it back out one more time. Thus, unfortunately, if you have heard the original, Big Blue Heart already has one strike against it. Still, Flynt remains at the top of his game, and this album, which features the other members of 20/20 and other quite respectable guests like the Tractors' Steve Ripley and the Faces' Ian McLagan, includes its share of fine songs as well: from the Faces-like "King of the Deep Blue Sea" to the Tom Petty-ish "I See Blue." It's not a matter of Flynt's latest being without a heart, it's just that his last disc had a better one

01. King Of The Deep Blue Sea
02. Holding On
03. I See Blue
04. Northern Town
05. River Road
06. True Love
07. Following The Bomb Squad
08. Sideways Into The Night
09. Picasso II
10. Trying To Get To You
11. Darkness
12. Go To The Windows For Keene
13. Intermission


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Other On - Strange Remain

Other On - Strange Remain - 1999
The Strange Remain is an album by the rock band The Other Ones. It was recorded live on the Furthur Festival tour in 1998 and released in 1999.[1] The album reached number one on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and number 112 on the Billboard 2000

The Other Ones was a rock group composed of former members of the Grateful Dead. They later changed their name to The Dead. The Strange Remain is the only album released by either The Other Ones or The Dead.

CD 1

01. St. Stephen / The Eleven
02. Jack Straw
03. Sugaree
04. Corrina
05. Only the Strange Remain
06. White-Wheeled Limousine
07. Estimated Prophet

CD 2

01. Playing in the Band
02. The Other One
03. Banyan Tree
04. Rainbow's Cadillac
05. Mountains of the Moon
06. Friend of the Devil
07. Baba Jingo
08. China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider

Bob Weir – Guitar, Vocals
Phil Lesh – Bass, Vocals
Mickey Hart – Percussion, vocals
Bruce Hornsby – Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Ellis – Saxophone, Vocals
Steve Kimock – Guitar
Mark Karan – Guitar, Vocals
John Molo – Drums


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Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? (re-re-post)

Peter Banks - Can I Play You Something? - 1999

from Music Index
For many Peter Banks is the forgotten man of Yes which is a shame as Peter was a founder member of that band and as such an important part of the jigsaw. Although Peter likes to look forward and has released a number of fine solo albums I get the impression he is quite proud of his time in Yes and his pre-Yes incarnation. His previous project was Something’s Coming, a double CD containing radio and TV performances of Yes prior to his departure in 1970.

For this release Peter goes back to recordings made between 1964 and 1968 including his appearances in The Syn and Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, two names familiar to Yes fans as they precluded the creation of that band. As a document of what went before Yes, this is a fascinating dig into the past and includes material that would eventually appear on the first Yes album.

01. Can I Play You Something? (Peter Banks)
02. Bang/Crash (Peter Banks)
03. Peter Gunn (Peter Banks)  (recorded live in Los Angeles, 1980)
04. Hippie Loop (Peter Banks)
05. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (The Syn, 1967)
06. You Better Move On (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
07. Beyond And Before (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
08. Beyond And Before (What Bass? Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
09. Lima Loop (Peter Banks)
10. Grounded (The Syn, 1967)
11. For Your Love (The Devil's Disciples, 1965)
12. Flowerman (Demo) (The Syn, 1967)
13. Flowerman (The Syn, 1967)
14. Yesterdays (Peter Banks)
15. Electric Funeral (Demo) ( Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
16. Electric Funeral (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
17. Cinnamon Touch ((Peter Banks)
18. Get Yourself Together (Demo) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
19. Created By Clive (The Syn, 1967)
20. Images Of You And Me (Radio Fun Mix) (Mabel Greer's Toyshop, 1968)
21. I Saw You! (Bang/Crash) (Yes, 1969?/70? "Affirmative Duo" (Banks/Bruford))
22. No Time ((Peter Banks)


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Weird Owl - Interstellar Skeletal

Weird Owl - Interstellar Skeletal - 2015

From AMG
Now a decade into their career, Brooklyn's Weird Owl return with Interstellar Skeletal, their fourth LP of cosmic, psych-inspired rock. As on their 2013 mini-LP Healing, Weird Owl continue to explore the more improvisatory, stoner rock spectrum of what has, at least in the 2010s, become a bit of a psych rock revolution. But while many younger bands are busy marrying the first wave of mid-'60s psychedelia with textural post-Flaming Lips electronic pop, Weird Owl continue to forge their own path of serious prog and Kraut-indebted experimental rock that manages to live just outside of trendiness. A mix of spacy, meandering guitar jams strewn with Pink Floyd-ian synth backdrops like "Flying Fortress" and the strong title cut, the album also introduces some nice acoustic textures on the the dreamy "Split from the Sun" and the brief coda "Interstellar Skeletal II." In keeping with their earlier work, the vocals remain somewhat buried under the waves of effects-laden guitars, not unlike early Spiritualized. It's a solid release with the quality musicianship and experimental nature fans have come to expect of Weird Owl, and while it may not break a lot of new ground, it remains true to the band's spirit.

01. Interstellar Skeletal
02. Silver Ziggurats
03. God
04. Split From The Sun
05. Fine Vibrations
06. White Werewolf
07. Flying Fortress
08. You Are A Spacecraft
09. Interstellar Skeletal II


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Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love

Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love - 2005

“Smart Music for Idiots” This quote about Nathan Asher and the Infantry, from Michigan’s Clarkstown News, captures a defining quality of the band’s music. Nathan Asher & the Infantry have something new and challenging to say, and they say it in a way that makes people want to listen. 

The Infantry’s sound combines a distinct, modernized version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash. Asher’s lyrics punch through the music, bridging the gap between the lyrical dexterity of hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional songwriting. 

The six young men from Raleigh, NC have created a new sound that is both folk influenced and ultra-modern. The songs are driven by interwoven organ, piano, guitar and harmonica lines. A fiercely ragged but controlled stage show has emerged from these six long time friends and studio-quality musicians who repeatedly push the envelope to create meaningful music that is greater than the sum of its parts.

01. Leave the South
02. Drift Away
03. Sex Without Love / a War
04. Storms
05. You Cannot Quit Smoking
06. Skipping Stones
07. So Long, So Short
08. No More Colleges
09. Thursday Night / Friday Morning


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Stackridge - Sex & Flags

Stackridge -  Sex & Flags - 2005
Stackridge are a West Country based group who were at the height of their success, such as it was, during the 1970s. Characterised by quirky humour and rhythmic, catchy, singalong tunes, the band gained a cult following which continues to this day.

Sex and Flags is a compilation of songs and was released in the U.K. by Angel Air.    

01. It's A Fascinating World
02. The Final Bow
03. Someday They'll Find Out
04. Big Baby
05. Charles Loius Dance
06. Wonderful Day
07. Bread And Water
08. Sliding Down The Razor Blade Of Love
09. Dirty Little Nightingale
10. Something About The Beatles
11. Wildebeeste
12. Grroving Along On The Highway On A Monday Morning Once
13. First Name Of Love
14. Beating A Path
15. It Must Be Time For Bed


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Stackridge - BBC Radio 1 - Live In Concert

Stackridge - BBC Radio 1 - Live In Concert - 1975

from AMG
Stackridge, one of the most singular rock bands to grow in soil sown and enriched by the British Invasion of the '60s, coalesced in late 1969. Andy Davis and Jim "Crun" Walter were playing together in the Bristol blues band Griptight Thynne when Davis began seeking new bandmates. Mike Tobin (who became Stackridge's first manager) introduced Davis to Mike "Mutter" Slater, then playing in the folk duo Mick & Mutter. James Warren answered a newspaper ad and connected very well with Davis, and they began writing songs together. Billy Bent showed up, listened to them developing "Dora the Female Explorer," and invited them to practice at his home studio, and they invited him to drum. Mike Evans was playing violin with traditional ballad groups in Bristol (the Westlanders and the Moonshiners). On Davis' 21st birthday, the band was celebrating at a pub when Mike Evans walked in. He was invited to join, as Davis knew him slightly and Walter agreed that a violin would fill out their sound. Meanwhile, Walter had proposed the latest absurd band name, Stackridge Lemon, which was quickly shortened to Stackridge.

The gigs were sparse at first, and Walter left. Tobin moved to London and began securing more plentiful bookings, while around Bristol, Stackridge began developing their eclectic, whimsical repertoire, with stated influences and preferences encompassing Zappa, the Beach Boys, Flanders & Swann, Syd Barrett, Igor Stravinsky, the Marx Brothers, J.S. Bach, and very significantly, the 1965-1966 Beatles. Their rummage sale stagewear, Slater's exuberant, witty patter (and his development of dustbin lids as a percussion instrument), Warren's wry, rambling story/introductions (contemporaneous with Peter Gabriel's development of same with Genesis), and the almost unique (in a rock group) inclusion of both a flutist and violinist led Stackridge to develop an enthusiastic, loyal following.

They signed to MCA, and with Fritz Fryer producing, they recorded Stackridge in the spring of 1971, sharing Martin Birch as engineer with Deep Purple. Warren wrote four songs alone and three with Davis, establishing him as the group's main lyrical voice. Stackridge was highlighted by the boisterous "Dora the Female Explorer," "Percy the Penguin" (the first of their laments for misunderstood animals), and a 12-plus-minute version of live favorite "Slark," a mythical beast that scoops the hapless narrator out of his car and flies him "beyond the fields we know." Walter was persuaded to rejoin on bass, allowing Warren to move to guitar permanently, while Davis continued to switch between guitar and keyboards.


01. God Speed The Plough (75)
02. Lummy Days (72)
03. Teatime (72)
04. Anyone For Tennis (73)
05. Amazing Agnes (72)
06. She Taught Me How To Yodel (72)
07. 32 West Mall (72)
08. Syracuse The Elephant (73)
09. The Volunteer (75)
10. Whos What's Up With Billy Stokes (75)
11. No One's More Important Than The Earthworm (75)
12. The Galloping Gaucho (75)
13. Dora The Female Explora (75)


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3 Twins - Trinkets

3 Twins - Trinkets - 2000

From Westword
Colorado, it's safe to say, isn't known for its soul men. But by creating some of the most stirring music to emerge from this state, Denver native and ex-Subdude John Magnie has been correcting that shortcoming for the past couple of decades. These days, Magnie's crafting his spiritual sounds in 3 Twins (who appear August 25 at the Soiled Dove). Formerly known as Magpie, the act recently changed its name when an act with the same handle surfaced with ruffled feathers. Thankfully, though, Magnie and his mates (Subdudes drummer/percussionist Steve Amedee and bassist Mr. Rutherford) haven't changed their tune.

Trinkets is an aptly named recording, a sparkling collection of humble little gems and treasures. The Twins conjure up rolling, New Orleans-styled treats, country-tinged doo-wops and haunting Tin Pan Alley odes, infusing all of them with emotion, knockout harmonies and a delicious sense of men-to-boys playfulness. It's a delightful amalgam of rustic Americana and Louisiana soul (Louisicana, perhaps?), as thrilling as a Cajun crawdad steamed in Colorado beer.

On the Crescent City side of things, highlights include the strolling, piano-powered soul of "I'm Trying," the layered rhythms of "If Wishin' Made It So" (a reworked version of a heartbreaker from Magnie's recent solo release) and other Creole-complementing cuts. On the hybrid R&B side, there's the glorious ache of "The Rain Song," a bayou-blessed, street-corner-singing jewel of the highest order. All of these songs are spiked with the 3 Twins' high-altitude sensibilities, mixing Dixie Hummingbirds-in-the-Rockies harmonies with a sense of Western wistfulness. This is wonderful music, as real as it gets. Best of all, the disc crackles with a loose, homemade vibe that peaks in the tipsy, three-part harmonies of "Three Days." A lonely heart never sounded so appealing. Throw in a road-trip anthem ("Wyoming Bound," with a gnarly extro-solo from Jay Clear) and you've got a CD that any soul-craving Coloradan would be proud to have in his collection.

01. This Time
02. I'm Trying
03. Julianne
04. Date With An Angel
05. Blue Mountain Girl
06. If Wishing Made It So
07. The Rain Song
08. Since Then
09. Look At The Day
10. Three Days
11. Wyoming Bound


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VA - Keep Calm And Salute Queen

VA - Keep Calm And Salute Queen - 2015

Esse CD lançado mês passado nada mais é que apenas mais um disco tributo que tanto vemos por aí. Por se tratar de QUEEN, acrescente que também serve para ra-ra-tificar o quanto que Mercury cantava. Sobre os covers, é aquele velho papo: quando mudam muito, reclamam porque fugiu do original; quando emulam o que já está pronto, reclamam que faltou capacidade inovativa.

Mas o certo mesmo que ele tá aqui pelo mesmo motivo que foi lançado. Apenas para simplesmente divertir. A mim me divertiu muito e em alguns casos, até ri. Também com alguns desta galera aí embaixo....

01. Tie Your Mother Down - Lemmy Kilmister & Ted Nugent
02. We Will Rock You - L.A. Guns
03. Bohemian Rhapsody - John Wetton
04. Killer Queen - Glenn Hughes & Carmine Appice
05. Fat Bottomed Girls - Joe Lynn Turner & Reb Beach
06. Somebody To Love - Geoff Tate & Doug Aldrich
07. Stone Cold Crazy - Robin Zander & Steve Stevens
08. I Want It All - Robin McAuley & Chris Impellitteri
09. Sheer Heart Attack - James LaBrie & Marty Friedman
10. Play The Game - Mickey Thomas & Paul Taylor
11. Another One Bites The Dust - Great White
12. Spread Your Wings - Tommy Shaw & Dweezil Zappa
13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Gunnar & Mathew Nelson & Albert Lee
14. Fight >From The Inside - Jack Blades & Jake E. Lee
15. Get Down, Make Love - Glenn Hughes & Tony Franklin
16. We Are The Champions - Paul Shortino & Robby Krieger


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The Who - Live In Toronto

The Who - Live In Toronto - 2006

Live from Toronto is a double live album by The Who recorded during the last concert of the It's Hard Tour at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, 17 December 1982.[2] These performances were originally broadcast live on cable TV and FM radio across the U.S. and Canada. It was later released in the early 1980s on VHS video tape.

This 2006 edition of the concert was also released as a DVD. The video on the DVD is essentially the same version broadcast live with some editing and video effects added in post production.

Three songs performed at this concert are not included on the album or the DVD: Behind Blue Eyes, Dr. Jimmy and Cry If You Want. However, the performances of the two former were released on Who's Last and the performance of Cry If You Want from this show was included on the 1997 remastered version of the It's Hard CD.

Disc 1

01. My Generation
02. I Can't Explain
03. Dangerous
04. Sister Disco
05. The Quiet One
06. It's Hard
07. Eminence Front
08. Baba O'Riley
09. Boris the Spider
10. Drowned
11. Love Ain't for Keeping

Disc 2

01. Pinball Wizard
02. See Me, Feel Me
03. Who Are You
04. 5:15
05. Love, Reign O'er Me
06. Long Live Rock
07. Won't Get Fooled Again
08. Naked Eye
09. Squeeze Box
10. Young Man Blues
11. Twist and Shout

Pete Townshend - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Roger Daltrey - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
John Entwistle - Bass guitars, Vocals
Kenney Jones - Drums
Tim Gorman - Piano, Keyboards, Synthesiser, Backing vocals


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Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells (re-re-post)

Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells - 2002

from wikipedia
Sadler's Wells 2000 is a live album released by Pete Townshend in 2000. Townshend presented the music from Lifehouse at two concerts at Sadler's Wells in London on February 25 and 26, 2000, supported by a number of musicians and vocalists and The London Chamber Orchestra.Musicians included Pete Townshend, Chucho Merchan, Phil Palmer, John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Peter Hope-Evans and Jody Linscott. Vocalists included Chyna, Cleveland Watkiss and Billy Nicholls. Violinist and orchestra leader Gaby Lester performed the violin solo on "Baba O'Riley".  The live recording was issued on a CD album titled Pete Townshend Live: Sadler's Wells 2000 and a video/DVD titled Pete Townshend - Music from Lifehouse in 2002.

Disc 1

01. One Note
02. Purcell (Quick Movement)
03. Teenage Wasteland
04. Time Is Passing
05. Love Ain't For Keeping
06. Goin' Mobile
07. Greyhound Girl
08. Tragedy
09. Mary
10. I Don't Even Know Myself
11. Bargain
12. Gettin' In Tune
13. Pure And Easy
14. Baba O'Riley - Orchestral

Disc 2

01. Baba O'Riley
02. Hinterland Rag
04. Behind Blue Eyes
05. Let's See Action
06. Sister Disco
07. Relay
08. Who Are You
09. Join Together
10. Won't Get Fooled Again
11. Tragedy Explained
12. The Song Is Over
13. Can You Help The One You Really Love?

+ @320

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Magic Kramer - American

Magic Kramer - American - 2014

Magic Kramer " Grammy" winning guitar player for Ray Charles is a gifted and self taught singer/songwriter/producer/engineer & electrifying guitarist. A native of Hollywood, CA, he has proven himself as a legendary musician with a wide range of styles - Blues, R&B, Country, Rock, Jazz.

Besides keeping busy with his own projects, he’s been fortunate and grateful to have recorded and/or played with many legendary musicians. Ray Charles was impressed by Magic’s talent and commitment and hired him to play on and Associate Produce the all-star studded “Ray Charles - Sings for America” and contributed his musical talents on the soundtrack of the musical biographical drama “Ray.” His work with Ray culminated with his being the "core guitar player' on Ray Charles’ triple-platinum album and multi Grammy award winning “Genius Loves Company.” This was Ray Charles final studio recording and featured several world renowned guest musicians. It took home eight awards at the 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards (2004), including Best Album of the Year and Best Record of the Year ("Here We Go Again" with Norah Jones).

Partial list of who he has played/toured/recorded with: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Ritchie Havens, Albert Lee, Natalie Cole, Elton John, Norah Jones, B.B. King, Diana Krall, Michael MacDonald, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Bramlet, Skip Batten (The New Riders of the Purple Sage), Alan Rich (son of Charlie Rich), Mark Tanner, Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics), Howie Epstein (Tom Petty), Ralph Carter (Eddy Money), James Ralston (Tina Turner), Phillip Bayley (EWF), Paladin’s, Jeff Laine, Rubinoos and the Knack.

While writing, playing and singing are his passions, he’s lucky he has the skills that have enabled his day job to be engineering, producing and teching to the highest levels.Partial of people he’s Engineered/Produced/Tech for: Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Phillip Bailey (EWF), Carlene Carter, Paladins, and BTM

01. Sweet Angel
02. Misery Man
03. Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
04. 'xept Fo' da Money
05. Had It to Here
06. Teardrops to Diamonds
07. Better Safe Than Sorry (feat. Albert Lee)
08. I Have Fallen
09. Lucky in Love
10. The Man in the Bottle
11. One Step Up
12. Sweet Angel (Video Version)


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John Phillips - Pay, Pack and Follow (re-re-post)

John Phillips - Pay, Pack and Follow - 2001

Pay, Pack and Follow é um álbum de John Phillips realizado em abril de 2001, um mês após a morte do músico. Ele foi gravado nos anos 1970 e seria lançado pelo selo "Rolling Stones Records". Mick Jagger dá uma canja nos backing vocals e assina a co-produção junto com o parceiro Keith Richards que toca sua guitarra. Mick Taylor - à época também nos Stones - e Ron Wood aparecem respectivamente nas guitarras e baixo.

01. Mr Blue
02. She's Just 14
03. Wilderness Of Love
04. Oh Virginia
05. Sunset Boulevard
06. Pussycat
07. Zulu Warrior
08. Very Dread
09. 2001

John Phillips - Vocals, Keyboards
Keith Richards - Electric, Acoustic & Electric Slide Guitars
Mick Taylor - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Ron Wood - Bass Guitar
Mick Jagger - Backing Vocals
Rebop Kwaku Baah - Percussion
Chris Spedding -  Electric Guitar
Sid McGinnis - Acoustic Guitar
David Wooford - Bass Guitar
Yogi Horton - Drums
Paul Shaffer, Jean Rousell - Keyboards
John Kito - Keyboards, Piano
Debra Dobkin, Jeb Guthrie - Percussion
Michelle Phillips, Laura MacKenzie Phillips - Backing Vocals


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Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - Live In The UK 2010

Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - Live In The UK 2010 - 2014

In 2010 Ian Hunter and The Rant Band embarked upon an UK tour, accompanied by a string quartet.

The shows were recorded professionally using a 32 track mobile, and the songs are completely live with no overdubs or fixes. The finished CD was mixed and mastered by Peter Moshay (Shrunken Heads, Man Overboard and When I’m President). The track listing mixes fan favourites from the Mott era – Seadiver, Waterlow, All The Young Dudes – with songs from throughout Ian’s solo career – Irene Wilde, Michael Picasso, Wash Us Away, Flowers.

Ian has decided to release these recordings himself, eschewing the traditional record company process. Both he and Trudi have been involved in every aspect of putting this CD together, from track and running order selection, through to artwork and mixing / mastering.

01. Sea Diver
02. Arms & Legs
03. Big Mouth (Words)
04. The Great Escape
05. Ships
06. Irene Wilde
07. Flowers
08. Soul of America
09. Man Over Board
10. Waterflow
11. Michael Picasso
12. Wash Us Away
13. 23A Swan Hill
14. Sweet Jane
15. All the Young Dudes


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Lobby Loyde Obsecration - 1976 - (Remastered 2006)

Lobby Loyde Obsecration - 1976 - (Remastered 2006)

Lobby Loyde (May 18, 1941 ? April 21, 2007) was an Australian rock music guitarist, songwriter and producer. He was a leading figure in the 1970s Australian pub rock scene, particularly as a member of the bands Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and the Coloured Balls. Known for his plectrum guitar technique, Loyde inspired a legion of Australian musicians, and was also cited as an influence by international musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Henry Rollins.

He was a leading figure in the 1970s Australian pub rock scene, particularly as a member of the bands Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and the Coloured Balls. Known for his plectrum guitar technique, Loyde inspired a legion of Australian musicians, and was also cited as an influence by international musicians such as Kurt Cobain and Henry Rollins.

Born in Longreach, Queensland as John Baslington Lyde, he first came to prominence under the name Barry Lyde in the Brisbane rhythm and blues band Purple Hearts in 1965. In January 1967, he left to join the second incarnation of the Melbourne band Wild Cherries, and he wrote most of the songs that made up the band's four singles for the Festival label.

The Coloured Balls can be best described as skinheads playing punk rock, about four years before punk emerged. Dances and concerts around Melbourne became battlegrounds between rival skinhead gangs, fuelled by the music of the Coloured Balls. The band released their debut album, Ball Power in 1973. Loyde released the critically acclaimed album Obsecration which was instrumentally based.

Loyde lived in the United Kingdom for several years, apparently unhappy with the Australian media's linking of his music to violent skinhead brawls. Before moving to the UK, he wrote a science-fiction novel and recorded an accompanying concept "soundtrack" album: Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster over the course of one weekend. The manuscript was destroyed, and no film made of the story, but the master tapes of the album were found and released in Australia in 2007.

In 2005 he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and a benefit concert in Melbourne (at which Loyde himself played) raised $90,000 for his medical costs. He was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006. A fellow inductee, Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo said of Loyde:

More than anyone else, Lobby helped create the Australian guitar sound. Long before Angus (Young) or Billy Thorpe or the Angels or Rose Tattoo. Lobby inspired Australian bands to step forward and play as loud and aggressively as they could. People are still trying to copy it today.

In August 2006, Loyde joined Rose Tattoo to replace slide guitarist Peter Wells, who had died of cancer. Loyde, himself gravely ill from cancer, had previously played bass for the band in the 1970s upon his return from the UK, replacing Geordie Leach. Loyde recorded an as-yet-unreleased album with the band.

Loyde also worked on as a record producer, producing albums for such bands as Machinations, The Sunnyboys, The Red Crayons, Kevin Borich, X and Painters and Dockers.

Lobby Loyde died in Box Hill, Melbourne, after a long battle with lung cancer, aged 65.

01. Obsecration Parts A To D: A)Play My Guitar, B)Obligato, C)Continuation, D)Legato
02. Rumble With Seven Parts & Lap Dissolve
03. Rock & Roll Sunset
04. Dreamtide A)Statement, B) Refrain
05. Going To Lousianna
06. Congratulateonies
Bonus Tracks
07. Do You Believe In Magic (A-Side)
08. Love Lost On Dream-Tides (B-Side) (Previously Unreleased)09. Gypsy In My Soul (Previously Unreleased)
10. Too Poor To Die (Previously Unreleaded)
11. Desperate For A Quid (Previously Unreleased)
12. Fist Of Is: A)At The Colosseum, B)Fist Falls (Previously Unreleased)


sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2015

Van Morrison - Duets Re-Working The Catalog

Van Morrison - Duets Re-Working The Catalog - 2015

from Rolling Stones
The duets album is often a stroke session that involves a minimum of thought — but not for Van Morrison. Duets is as cantankerous and eccentric as any of the man's other projects. Rather than just bring in a few glossy names to decorate his greatest hits, he digs up deep cuts from mostly overlooked albums. (You won't find anything from Moondance or Astral Weeks here.) And his partners range from grizzled vets — Steve Winwood, Mavis Staples, Taj Mahal — to surprise guests like Natalie Cole, Mark Knopfler and Michael Bublé. Even if the artists probably figured they were signing on for "Into the Mystic" or "Tupelo Honey" karaoke, they rise to the Van challenge, helping him rescue songs that only die-hards know.

He opens Duets with the late Bobby Womack on a searing "Some Peace of Mind," from the 1991 album Hymns to the Silence, and Staples sounds raw and weathered on 1970's "Lord, If I Ever Needed Someone." Knopfler's voice and guitar seem right at home in "Irish Heartbeat," just as George Benson's smooth-jazz touch lifts "Higher Than the World." But the surreal highlight comes when Van teams up with Mick Hucknall — that's right, the dude from Simply Red. He torches up the poetic Celt ramble "Streets of Arklow," from the unjustly forgotten 1974 cult classic Veedon Fleece. It's a gem that only could have been imagined by a crank of Morrison's brilliance. That's what makes Duets more than a tribute to the obscure corners of his songbook or his undimmed growl — it's a tribute to his pugnacity.

The duets album is often a stroke session that involves a minimum of thought — but not for Van Morrison. Duets is as cantankerous and eccentric as any of the man's other projects. Rather than just bring in a few glossy names to decorate his greatest hits, he digs up deep cuts from mostly overlooked albums. (You won't find anything from Moondance or Astral Weeks here.) And his partners range from grizzled vets — Steve Winwood, Mavis Staples, Taj Mahal — to surprise guests like Natalie Cole, Mark Knopfler and Michael Bublé. Even if the artists probably figured they were signing on for "Into the Mystic" or "Tupelo Honey" karaoke, they rise to the Van challenge, helping him rescue songs that only die-hards know.

He opens Duets with the late Bobby Womack on a searing "Some Peace of Mind," from the 1991 album Hymns to the Silence, and Staples sounds raw and weathered on 1970's "Lord, If I Ever Needed Someone." Knopfler's voice and guitar seem right at home in "Irish Heartbeat," just as George Benson's smooth-jazz touch lifts "Higher Than the World." But the surreal highlight comes when Van teams up with Mick Hucknall — that's right, the dude from Simply Red. He torches up the poetic Celt ramble "Streets of Arklow," from the unjustly forgotten 1974 cult classic Veedon Fleece. It's a gem that only could have been imagined by a crank of Morrison's brilliance. That's what makes Duets more than a tribute to the obscure corners of his songbook or his undimmed growl — it's a tribute to his pugnacity.

01. Some Peace Of Mind (Bobby Womack)
02. If I Ever Needed Someone (Mavis Staples)
03. Higher Than The World (George Benson)
04. Wild Honey (Joss Stone)
05. Whatever Happened To PJ Proby (PJ Proby)
06. Carrying A Torch (Clare Teal)
07. The Eternal Kansas City (Gregory Porter)
08. Streets Of Arklow (Mick Hucknall)
09. These Are The Days (Natalie Cole)
10. Get On With The Show (Georgie Fame)
11. Rough God Goes Riding (Shana Morrison)
12. Fire In The Belly (Steve Winwood)
13. Born To Sing (Chris Farlowe)
14. Irish Heartbeat (Mark Knopfler)
15. Real Real Gone (Michael Buble)
16. How Can A Poor Boy? (Taj Mahal)


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Archie Brown - A Weakness of Mine

Archie Brown - A Weakness of Mine - 2014

from flyinshoes.ning
Those who know Archie Brown from post-punk skirmishing with The Upset, his days leading the belligerent, no-nonsense soul attack of The Bureau, or even the latter-day outings with GI Blythe, would be prepared to stand up in court and give witness statements evidencing his status as one of the UK's great larynx-lacerating soul voices. Yet even some of those would be surprised to learn that Brown is not only about soul passion, sax-shredding and Telecaster attack.

His sporadic appearances fronting The Young Bucks, whilst demonstrating that the old soul embers continue to glow and smoulder, see him embrace a mellower vibe amid some still-thrilling rock n roll tunes. On A Weakness Of Mine, it is the less-frantic side that predominates.

Occupying the territory somewhere amid the complementary genres of folk, country and, of course, soul, A Weakness Of Mine betrays the album title. It has none. Driven by Pat Rafferty’s almost ever-present swelling accordion, counterpointed by piercing Bradley Creswick violin and viola, this is a constantly-beguiling collection of fine tunes, thoughtful lyrics, passionate, meaningful delivery and outstanding musicianship.

A Celtic folk feel predominates, most notably on ‘This Town’, ‘Can't Get Used To It’ and Pat Cunningham's ‘Tara Shore’, remarkable songs in themselves but beautifully enhanced by Creswick’s strings and Brown’s ability to inhabit the song, adding credibility to powerful lyrics.

Although Rafferty provides sterling support across all twelve tracks, a particular highlight is the languid, pastoral accordion-bedded ‘English Rose’.

There’s a touching and gently humorous tribute to Robert Ward, a Young Buck taken before his time, and in ‘Bit of Paper’, Brown even leads a joyous banjo-driven hoedown.

But it wouldn’t be an Archie Brown collection without the passion. Whilst the sax stays firmly in its case, the title track, ‘Low Life’ and the country-tinged ‘Temporary Arrangement’ demonstrate that even in mellower mood, the fire still burns.

The affectionate sleevenotes, written by long-time friends and collaborators, Rafferty and Tony Wadsworth, pay respectful homage to Brown the writer and interpreter, and are a fitting illumination to the contents of a delightful album.

01. Just a Little Weakness
02. This Town
03. Can't Get Used to It
04. Tara Shore
05. Low Life
06. Temporary Arrangement
07. Bit of Paper
08. English Rose
09. Nothing Personal
10. Robert's Songs
11. Dixon Street
12. Time For Bed


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Jackie Greene - The Dig Years 2001-2005

 Jackie Greene - The Dig Years 2001-2005 - 2007

Jackie Greene was a tender 21 years old when he cut GONE WANDERIN', his debut for Dig Music. On that album, and on his subsequent two releases on Dig, Greene established himself as one of the more notable roots-oriented singer-songwriters on the scene, with a sensitivity and skill that belied his age. The Dylan comparisons came quickly, but Greene has his own voice, a light touch, and a particular blend of folk, country, roots rock, and blues. DIG YEARS 2001-2005 takes a thorough, satisfying look at Greene's Dig output, and provides a fine sampler of his promising early work.

01. Gone Wanderin'
02. Travelin' Song
03. Georgia
04. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
05. Sweet Somewhere Bound (Live)
06. Gypsy Rose
07. Mexican Girl
08. Love Me Just A Little, I'm Down Here On My Knees
09. The Ballad Of Sleepy John
10. By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill
11. Talkin' Midtown Women
12. The Red And The Rose
13. The Rusty Nail
14. Gettin' By
15. I've Come Undone
16. Falling Back
17. Down In The Valley Woe
18. Worn Out Welcome


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Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte)

Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte) - 1999

ULYSSES (Della Notte) was the second full-length solo album for Gabrels. It appeared originally in 1999 as a then-pioneering digital-only release that comprised eight songs and won a Yahoo! Internet award. E-Magine Entertainment then put it out on CD in 2000, adding a ninth track. After a hiatus of several years in availability, the rights reverted to the artist and the album is now being offered again for digital download and on CD.

Gabrels' inventive style on guitar and ironic style in writing songs--with lyrics by turns acerbic, by turns sweet--both shine in this recording. ULYSSES (Della Notte) is first and foremost a collection of finely crafted songs, all of which organically incorporate genre-bending, mind-bending guitar playing as well. All nine songs feature Gabrels on vocals, and some in addition include notable guest appearances by talented musical colleagues.

"Jewel" is one of these special tracks: it combines vocals by Gabrels with Frank Black (Pixies), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and David Bowie. "Yesterday's Gone" is a beautiful ballad sung by Robert Smith of The Cure and representing a dreamy songwriting collaboration for Gabrels and Smith, who at the time were simply friends. It would take another fifteen years for then to become band mates.

01. Arrow (feat Dan McCarroll / Mark Plati / Amanda  Reisman)
02. Lines
03. Thirteen Years (Della Notte)
04. Jewel (feat Frank Black / David Bowie / Dave Grohl / Mark Plati)
05. Accident
06. Trap (feat Mike Levesque / Mark Plati)
07. Yesterday's Gone (feat Jason Miller / Robert Smith)
08. Standing (feat. Mark Plati)
09. Party Puppet


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Tin House - Winds of Past

Tin House - Winds of Past - 2009

TIN HOUSE was formed in 1969 by original members Floyd Radford (Guitar), Mike Logan (Drums) and Jeff Cole (Lead Vocal and Bass). They were one of the first progressive rock bands to be signed to a major label out of the Central Florida area. Their debut album entitled TIN HOUSE was released on Epic Records in 1970. This album produced by Rick Derringer went on to win international acclaim.

Fast Forward to 2009 TIN HOUSE releases their second  album “WINDS OF PAST”. The new lineup of the band still includes Floyd Radford and Mike Logan. In addition joining them now are new members David Mikeal (Lead Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards), Robby Crouse (Guitar) and Jimmy Smith (Bass).

01. What Your Head Says
02. Thundercloud
03. Don't Destroy Our Future
04. Long Gone
05. World of Ours
06. All Your Love
07. Be Good and Be Kind
08. It's Your Day
09. Allusion
10. Straight and Cold
11. Photograph
12. Winds of Past


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Young Ancients - Fishstory

Young Ancients - Fishstory - 2015

Young Ancients unites three renowned performers - John Magnie (accordion, keyboard, vocals), Cary Morin (guitar, pedal steel, vocals), and Steve Amedée (drums, percussion, vocals) - whose musical roots intertwine in an inspired blend of blues, folk-rock, soul, gospel, Native Americana, and New Orleans R&B. Fusing three remarkable musicians’ signature styles, Young Ancients’ sound features rich vocal harmonies and unexpected instrumentation - soulful accordion, maverick percussion, and deft fingerstyle guitar. This alchemical collaboration combines an acoustic earthiness, brilliant musicianship, and a dynamic, ragged edge - a singular feat of seasoned musicians in the prime of their creative power.

Magnie and Amedée’s previous collaborations include internationally acclaimed band The Subdudes, as well as The 3 Twins, renowned on the Colorado-Wyoming music scene. In 2010, both artists portrayed themselves in New Orleans-based HBO series Treme. Known for his skill as a musician, songwriter, and producer, Magnie’s credits include numerous movie and TV soundtracks and appearances. He is a pioneer of accordion in the rock and roll genre, realizing its untapped rhythmic possibilities. Amedée has been a mainstay drummer/percussionist on the Colorado music scene for decades, and has traveled extensively as a studio musician. His iconic sound is instantly recognizable, particularly his use of tambourine - from which he coaxes a range of tones and effects. With The Atoll and The Pura Fé Trio, and also as a solo artist, award-winning blues/world groove musician Cary Morin has performed internationally on stage, TV, and radio. His stage credits include co-authorship of Turtle Island, a 50-member production that played two consecutive years to sold-out audiences in Northern Colorado. In 2013, Morin was named Colorado’s International Blues Challenge Solo Champion.

Each an accomplished artist in his own right, all three band members have performed across the globe, sharing stages with such legends as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Al Green, and Al Jarreau. They’ve played celebrated venues including New York’s Lincoln Center, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Paris Jazz Festival, and Folk Alliance International. As individual artists, these three have shared many a local stage for over 25 years, and stand side by side in the Jazz Alley Mural in their home base of Fort Collins, Colorado.

01. Live a Little
02. Angels and Devils
03. Cheap Guitar
04. Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do)
05. Me and My Broken Heart
06. Idle No More
07. Rosemary
08. She Caught the Katy
09. Yellowbird
10. Exception to the Rule
11. Going Back to Tulsa
12. Not Ever Again


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Rod Argent - Red House

Rod Argent - Red House - 1988

This comes off as a New Age movie soundtrack, but a good New Age movie soundtrack. It's mostly instrumental, and mostly done on synthesizers - even the drums sound like drum machines - augmented by occasional sax, guitar (Clem Clempson, ex-Humble Pie), or bass (Mo Foster, ex-Jeff Beck). Argent scat sings on "Salvation Song" and delivers fantastic soul vocals on "Helpless" and "Baby Don't You Cry," but that's it. He'd been doing movie and TV scores for years at this point, and he really had the form figured out: even though some of the numbers drag over six minutes, you hardly notice because they're so light, tuneful, and relaxing. When Argent breaks from the New Age thing to deliver a sparkling, slowed-down 3/4-time classical piano solo ("A 4th Gymnopedie," reprised with synth and sax on "In Memory")

01. Teenage Years
02. Salvation Song
03. A 4th Gymnopedie
04. Helpless
05. Sweet Russian
06. In Memory
07. Baby Don't You Cry
08. First Touch
09. Suite T
10. Spirits

Rod Argent - Keyboards, Vocals
Clem Clempson - Guitar (2, 4, 5, 7)
Dave Bronze - Bass (4)
Mo Foster - Bass (9)
Peter Van Hooke - Drums, Percussion
Phil Todd - Soprano Saxophone (5, 6)


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Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77

Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77 - 2015

from RollingStones
In 1977, Alex Chilton was 10 years out from his Box Tops hit "The Letter" and recovering from the recent collapse of his power-pop band Big Star. Still in his mid-twenties, the Memphis singer tried his luck in New York, playing gigs like this one (in strong quasi-boot fidelity) that were as close, in plaintive voice and power-trio scruff, as he ever got live to the open wounds on Big Star's farewell, 3rd. There's a song from that LP here, "Night Time," along with earlier Big Star jewels and odd, magnetic originals from a rejected Elektra demo. It's all clanging pop delivered with scrappy purism — the way Chilton did it forever after. 

01. All Of The Time
02. September Gurls
03. Memphis
04. In The Street
05. Walk Don't Run06. Back Of A Car
07. Windows Hotel
08. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
09. The Letter
10. Nighttime
11. My Rival
12. Wouldn't It Be Nice
13. Way Out West
14. O My Soul
15. She Might Look My Way
16. Dominating Force


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Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry

Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry - 2004

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nathan Asher describes the songs of his band, the Infantry, as "smart music for idiots." The Raleigh, NC band aims to create a distinct, modern version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest, full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash.

Asher, an award winning poet, and playwright, has a unique style of storytelling. His lyrics bridge the gap between hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional folk songwriting.

These six, long-time friends are driven by the rhythm section of Nick Abbate (bass) and Dan Abbate (drums), brothers who have performed together their entire lives. The other members include Turner Brandon (organ and harmonica), Chris Serino (guitar) and Lawson Taylor (piano).

The Infantry released their self-titled, debut album in 2004, which includes the featured track, "Turn Up The Faders." The band's new album, Sex Without Love was released in September 2005.

01. The Last Election
02. They Won't Find Me
03. Turn Up the Faders
04. For Diane
05. The Deficit
06. Into the Fourth World
07. Animal Instincts
08. Tel Aviv, July X
09. The Flag Is Waving You
10. The Great Divide
11. David & Marie
12. No Turning Back


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Tony Galla - ASAP

Tony Galla - ASAP - 2000

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Tony Galla was discovered in Buffalo, New York by renowned disc jockey Joey Reynolds, recording his first hit single, “In Love” (Swan Records). Climbing quickly up the Billboard charts, “In Love” became a national cult hit in the U.S. and throughout the UK and Europe, where it currently remains a popular hit.

Heavily influenced by the soulful sounds of artists like B.B. King and Ray Charles, Tony developed his own bluesy sound and unique passionate style quickly becoming the lead singer of the blues band, Raven.

After releasing their first album, Live at the Inferno (Discovery Records), rock legend Jimi Hendrix helped Raven land a recording contract with Clive Davis and Columbia Records, releasing a second album, Raven and the single, “Feeling Good”.

Soon Tony could be found jamming into the wee hours of the night with Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin at local nightclubs in New York City. Tony toured extensively with Raven gaining worldwide attention and opening for prominent groups like Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, Procol Harem, The Byrds, The Young Rascals, Blood Sweat and Tears, Three Dog Night, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy.

01. The Blues Would Slip Right In
02. A.S.A.P.
03. The Jealous Kind
04. Travellin' On
05. Take A Giant Step
06. Man In My Blues
07. She's All I Ever Need (Angel Of Mercy)
08. Desire
09. Worried Mind Blues
10. That'll Do It For Me


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Tex Perkins' Dark Horses - Sweet Nothing

Tex Perkins' Dark Horses - Sweet Nothing - 2003

from Rockthegate
To discerning fans of Australian music, the work of Tex Perkins holds pride of place. In the popularity stakes, there have been number one albums, ARIA Awards aplenty, and a litany of unforgettable live performances that are the stuff of local rock & roll folklore.

More recently, beyond the rebel rousing status earned from fronting seminal outfits such as The Cruel Sea and The Beasts Of Bourbon, Tex's solo records (1996's Far Be It From Me and 2000's Dark Horses) have revealed a more intimate side of the artist: That of an emotive singer/songwriter, an acoustic guitar strumming balladeer with a voice that delivers its message in a whisper rather than a roar.

And now, Sweet Nothing.

On the creative side of things, Tex has changed everything with Sweet Nothing, moved, as the artist himself puts it, from "portraiture to landscape". "To me, this isn't another journey to the interior, this feels like… standing on the outside…looking out.".

Songs come across like dreams, smoke signals from the subconscious. But their sound, you'll soon discover for yourself, is as broad and textured as the outback.

Much of the credit for the vast vision of Sweet Nothing, Tex hastens to point out, goes to The Dark Horses, the band that came together following the release of the album of the same name. For SWEET NOTHING is not really another solo recording at all. It is, in fact, the debut release by Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses.

"The Dark Horses features the divine and sublime talents of Joel Silbersher (bass) and Charlie Owen (guitar, keyboards), Tendrils by another name. Then there's Tex's closest collaborator of recent years, Murray Patterson (guitarist), and the most recent addition to the outfit, Skritch (drums).

Together, in various configurations as well as a whole, the five men each contributed to the songwriting of SWEET NOTHNG. As a performing ensemble, it's as if their combined talents have invented a new type of music that appears to physically grow as you listen on.

As always, there's a self-assuredness that shines even through apparent despair, such as on the rather direct lament of "Days Like These". But more than just coming on like Tex unplugged, The Dark Horses also show they can crank it up when it comes to the atmospherics stakes in songs like "Lucid" and "A Name On Every One", which sound more suited to a rock stadium than the backyard.

Sweet Nothing is a work of incredible beauty and delicacy. A major new work by one of the most distinctive vocalists and performers this country has ever produced.

01. A Hair Of The God
02. Midnight Sunshine
03. Lucid
04. Cold Feet
05. Great Apes
06. Changelings
07. Days Like These
08. Hang On To My Love
09. This Wind
10. A Name On Every One
11. Everything Or Nothing


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Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim

Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim - 2015

Texas guitarist Gary Clark, Jr. has been compared to guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his playing is a powerful and inspired mix of blues roots with contemporary soul and hip-hop, and when he's rolling at his best, he sounds like nothing so much as a natural hybrid of both the past and the future of the blues. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Clark first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and spent his teens playing whatever gig he could get in the Austin area, eventually meeting Clifford Antone, promoter and owner of Antone's, the city's premier blues club, who began featuring Clark at his venue. An amazing live performer, Clark soon became one of the brightest players on Austin's blues and rock scene. He released an independent album, 2005's Tribute, followed by a pair of self-produced albums in 2008 for Hotwire Unlimited, 110 and Worry No More. An EP, Gary Clark Jr., also appeared from Hotwire in 2010.

But Clark was far from just a one-trick pony guitar gunslinger. He could also sing, write, and arrange. He wrote the original score for the film Full Count and also appeared as an actor in John Sayles' 2007 film Honeydripper. In 2010, Clark was selected by Eric Clapton to perform at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, and a DVD of the show featuring Clark led to a recording deal with Warner Bros. Clark was soon in the studio working on his major-label debut. An EP called Bright Lights was released in 2011 in advance of the new album, Blak and Blu, which appeared in the fall of 2012. His next release was the impressive two-disc Live, recorded during an 18-month-long tour behind Blak and Blu, and one that perhaps better represented Clark's wild, impassioned, and often elegantly graceful live sets. After more touring, including dates opening for the Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters, Clark released his second major-label studio set, 2015's The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.

01. The Healing
02. Grinder
03. Star
04. Our Love
05. Church
06. Hold On
07. Cold Blooded
08. Wings
09. BYOB
10. Can't Sleep
11. Stay
12. Shake
13. Down To Ride


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Arlo Guthrie - Here Come The Kids

Arlo Guthrie - Here Come The Kids - 2014

Arlo Guthrie is honoring the enduring commitment of Woody Guthrie and his 100th birthday with an unforgettable night of music and stories at Mesa Arts Center. The show confirms the folk tradition of Woody is alive and well and Here Comes the Kids celebrates the legacy of Guthrie's father in a manner to make any parent proud.

Folk music icon Arlo Guthrie is a legendary artist who shares timeless stories and classic songs as he carries on the Guthrie family legacy. Arlo connects communities far and wide and leaves a lasting impression of hope and inspiration as a celebrated figure of American music. In 1983, Arlo Guthrie left the major music label system to pursue life as a truly independent artist, bringing his successful career to the family-run business, and his own label, Rising Son Records. Rising Son Records is currently operated by daughters Annie and Cathy Guthrie.

Arlo's interests and ambitions have always included more than music. In 1991, he purchased the old Trinity Church near Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which is now home to The Guthrie Center and The Guthrie Foundation. Both are non-profits, and The Guthrie Center is an interfaith church foundation dedicated to providing a wide range of local and international services; The Guthrie Foundation is a separate educational organization that addresses issues like the environment, health care, cultural preservation, and educational exchange. In 2009, Arlo was awarded the ASCAP Foundation Champion award for making a difference through social action on behalf of worthwhile causes and demonstrating exceptional efforts in humanitarianism.  

01. Oklahoma Hills Intro
02. Oklahoma Hills
03. Pretty Boy Floyd Intro
04. Pretty Boy Floyd
05. St. James Infirmary Intro
06. St. James Infirmary
07. Haleiwa Farewell Intro
08. Haleiwa Farewell
09. Deportee - Plane Wreck at Los Gatos Intro
10. Deportee/Plane Wreck at Los Gatos
11. 1913 Massacre Intro
12. 1913 Massacre
13. Mother's Voice (I Hear You Sing Again) Intro
14. Mother's Voice (I Hear You Sing Again)
15. Do Re Mi Intro
16. Do Re Mi
17. Thundering Hoofbeats of Creativity
18. This Song Is for That Guy
19. Motorcycle Song
20. Mom's Been Arrested
21. Coming into Los Angeles
22. The King of the Twelve-String Guitar
23. Alabama Bound
24. Music for All Occasions
25. Mooses Come Walking
26. Old Shep Intro
27. Me and My Goose
28. Piano Lessons
29. One Night in New Orleans
30. St. Louis Tickle
31. City of New Orleans
32. 1965 with Ramblin' Jack
33. Highway in the Wind
34. This Land Is Your Land
35. You Know the Rest
36. A Poster in Portland
37. Tuning at Carnegie with Pete
38. The Dustbowl Balladeer
39. Three Month Evaluation
40. My Peace Intro
41. My Peace


For more AG click HERE

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Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires - 2015

From Rolling Stones
Alice Cooper has said the debut from Hollywood Vampires — a supergroup led by Cooper, Joe Perry and a flashy guitar upstart named Johnny Depp — is a tribute to his "dead drunk friends" (also the title of a chantey-like original tune here). But it's mostly made of surprisingly upbeat cover songs, with hard-rocking renditions of "My Generation," "Break on Through" and "Manic Depression." Better still, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh and even late Dracula star Christopher Lee make guest appearances. What holds it all together is Cooper, who, at 67, still possesses one of the best and grittiest voices in rock and the endless charisma of the undead.

01. The Last Vampire
Narration: Sir Christopher Lee
Keyboards and Sound Design: Johnny Depp, Bob Ezrin and Justin Cortelyou

02. Raise the Dead
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

03. My Generation
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Drums: Zak Starkey
Background Vocals: Tommy Henriksen,

04. Whole Lotta Love
Vocals: Brian Johnson, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp,
Orianthi, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Harmonica: Alice Cooper
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Kip Winger
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Backing Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

05. I Got A Line
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Kip Winger
Background Vocals: Perry Farrell, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

06. Five to One/Break on Through
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Farfisa: Charlie Judge
Bass: Bruce Witkin

07. One/Jump Into the Fire
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell
Guitars: Robby Krieger, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Dave Grohl
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Keyboard: Bob Ezrin, Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen

08. Come and Get It
Vocals: Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp
Piano: Paul McCartney
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Bass: Paul McCartney
Background Vocals: Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Abe Laboriel Jr., Bob Ezrin

09. Jeepster
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Bob Ezrin

10. Cold Turkey
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen

11. Manic Depression
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Joe Walsh, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Zak Starkey
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bob Ezrin

12. Itchycoo Park
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen, Bob Ezrin

13. School’s Out/Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2
Vocals: Alice Cooper, Brian Johnson
Guitar: Slash, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin
Drums: Neal Smith
Bass: Dennis Dunaway
Background Vocals: Kip Winger, Bob Ezrin

14. Dead Drunk Friends
Vocals: Alice Cooper
Guitars: Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin,
Drums: Glenn Sobel
Programming: Tommy Henriksen
Bass: Bruce Witkin
Piano: Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin
Background Vocals: Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Bruce Witkin, Bob Ezrin