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Rick Vito - Rattlesnake Shake

Rick Vito - Rattlesnake Shake - 2005

This is the brand new re-mixed and re-mastered U.S. version with alternate takes and different songs than the German Hypertension Music import. Very much a slide-guitar bluesy CD featuring Rick's great touring band, The Lucky Devils (Charlie Harrison, bass, and Rick Reed, drums) Contains 11 tracks, 8 originals, plus great new version of the Peter Green-penned title track, and an instrumental take on Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," that is not to be missed! Other highlights include the gospel-tinged, "Going To Las Vegas," and " I Do Believe," along with the deep blues of such cuts as "My Baby's Hot," "Slide The Blues," and " The Lucky Devil." This one is a sure-fire pleaser for all guitar blues and roots-rock music fans!

01. My Baby's Hot
02. Rattlesnake Shake
03. I Do Believe
04. The Lucky Devil
05. A Change Is Gonna Come
06. The Glory Road
07. Going to Las Vegas
08. Slide the Blues
09. I Am Not Alone
10. Hole in My Shoe
11. Albatross

+@ vbr

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Bonnie Bramlett - Live at the Bottom Line

Bonnie Bramlett - Live at the Bottom Line (New York City 01-may-1978) (early show)

This is the first of two shows recorded at New York’s famed Bottom Line club, was presented on a tour designed to be a comeback for blue-eyed soul belter Bonnie Bramlett. Although she had released one solo album on Columbia Records after the dissolution of both her marital and musical partnership with singer/songwriter/guitarist Delaney Bramlett in 1972, she had stopped recording and touring for a while to raise their daughter, Bekka. Eventually, she returned to the music scene and moved over to the Southern rock home base of Capricorn Records.

01. Introduction
02. Living On The Open Road
03. Holding On To You
04. Writing On The Wall
05. Don't Know Why
06. Can't Stay
07. Atlanta, Georgia
08. Can't Find My Way Home

09. I've Just Seen a Face
10. Memories (late show)
11. Two Steps From The Blues (late show)

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Ricky Hirsch, Allen Kaatz - Guitar
Robert Wilson - Bass
Big John Thomassie -  Drums
Rick Allen Sutherland - Piano, Organ
Patty Smith, Carolyn Brandt - Backing Vocals

+@128 good soundboard

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Andy Fraser - Fine Fine Line

Andy Fraser - Fine Fine Line - 1984

Andy Fraser - Vocals and Bass
Michael Thompson - Guitars
Davey Faragher - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Bob Marlette - Keyboards

01. Fine, Fine Line    
02. Branded By The Fire    
03. Chinese Eyes    
04. Knocking At Your Door    
05. Million Miles Away    
06. Do You Love Me    
07. Night To Last Forever    
08. Danger    
09. One Night Love Affair    
10. Living This Eternal Dream 


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Marc Benno - Live in Japan

Marc Benno - Live in Japan - 2007

Marc Benno is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He grew up immersed in popular music, because his father managed the Texas State Fair's Music Hall Garden. Backstage he was able to meet stars like Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker, Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka, The Drifters, and Lloyd Price. His first entree into the blues came when he heard and became fascinated with the album Lightnin' In New York by Lightnin Hopkins. He would later get the opportunity to work with Lightnin Hopkins, along with several other top musicians, including Leon Russell, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Rita Coolidge, Mance Lipscomb, Bill Wyman, and Georgie Fame. Read More HERE

01. Good Year
02. Family Full Of Soul
03. Jimmy Reed's Mama
04. Good Times
05. Sweet Home Chicago
06. Lost In Austin
07. Teenie Weenie Bit
08. Vicki
09. Chasin Rainbows
10. Put A Little Love In My Soul
11. Second Story Window
12. Last Train
13. Donut Man

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Bob Mosley - Never Dreamed

Bob Mosley - Never Dreamed - 1974 (2000)

It seems that sometimes triumph and tragedy go hand in hand and the story of Bob Mosley goes well with this theory. His creative highs are closely bound with personal downfalls – in true Moby Grape style, it seems. For this is the musical legend with whose legacy the man's name is ultimately connected. Much has been made of the band's early heydays, the mishaps and scandals, and the great music that came with them. Bob Mosley, singer, bass-player and guitarist, was one of the four songwriters in Moby Grape, next to Peter Lewis, the late Skip Spence and Jerry Miller. Some of his classic contributions to the Grape repertoire: "Mr. Blues", "Come In The Morning", "Lazy Me", "Bitter Wind", "Rose Colored Eyes", "Trucking Man", "It's A Beautiful Day Today", "Hoochie" and more. Listening again to these classic cuts it becomes evident that Bob Mosley's personal style is very much based upon the concept of intensity. His urgent style of singing has distinct expressive qualities and sometimes is reminiscent of John Fogerty. Despite the versatility of the band's music, Bob Mosley's musical priorities can be safely located at the crossroads of country and blues. That's where he seems to be at home. His voice is unmistakable. No matter what.

NEVER DREAMED is a collection of previously unreleased songs. It's a chapter from the man's history that's been completely unknown until now and presents the story of a remarkable encounter: a meeting of rock and country giants from Buddy Holly's "Crickets" and the legendary band of Elvis Presley. To be precise: James Burton and Sonny Curtis (guitars), J.I. Allison (drums), Glen D. Hardin (piano) plus Joe Osborn and Emory Gordy (bass) with fellow "Cricket" Joe B. Mauldin serving as sound engineer. So is this Moby Grape meets Texas meets Nashville meets Memphis? Well, in a way it is. but NEVER DREAMED is first of all the brainchild of songwriter and producer Jean-Pierre "J.P" Whitecloud.  Read More Here

Bob Mosley - Vocals
James Burton - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Sonny Curtis - Acoustic Guitar
Glen Hardin - Piano
Joe Osborn - Bass
J.I. Allison - Drums

Frank Arnett - Steel Guitar
Emory Gordy - Bass
J.P. Whitecloud - Tambourine, Back Vocals

01. There Is The Sun
02. Dead Or Alive
03. Never Dreamed
04. Willy Shakespeare Blues
05. Shoot The Xylophone Man
06. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
07. Louisiana Mama
08. Question
09. Leavin' Through The Back Door
Bonus Tracks
10. Willy Shakespeare Blues (alternate take)
11. Never Dreamed (alternate mix)


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Arlo Guthrie - In Times Like These

Arlo Guthrie & The University Of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra - In Times Like These - 2007

By William Ruhlmann Allmusic

If Arlo Guthrie has always been viewed as the embodiment of a kind of starry-eyed hippie optimism only slightly undercut by a strain of black humor, there has also always been a more thoughtful, spiritual, and even somewhat gloomy side to him that has come out on some of the songs he's written for his albums. It's a less prominent aspect of his persona, to be sure, but remember that this is a man who spent most of his life not knowing whether he had a gene, passed down from his father, that would lead to the development of an incurable, fatal illness starting sometime in middle age. In Times Like These, a live album recorded with the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, was released on Guthrie's 60th birthday, which made him five years older than Woody Guthrie was when he died of Huntington's disease after years of hospitalization; happily, Arlo Guthrie has been spared his father's fate. But the Sword of Damocles under which he has lived has shaped his artistic temperament. Since 1998, he has been performing his music with symphony orchestras, which may seem like an odd practice for an old folkie. But James Burton's arrangements of his songs do put an orchestra through its paces, drawing out their melancholy moods. Be warned: this is not the Arlo Guthrie of "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" or even of 2005's Live in Sydney. The singer says practically nothing on the disc, simply singing one song after another as he accompanies himself on guitar or piano and the orchestra fills out his melodies. And the songs are among his most wistfully reflective, as titles like "Darkest Hour," "Last Train," and "Last to Leave" suggest. An elaborate arrangement of the jazz/blues standard "St. James Infirmary" lightens the mood only musically; after all, it's a song about death. Guthrie dispenses with the orchestra for a single new song, "In Times Like These" itself, and as one might expect, the times he describes are anything but happy. Politicians are up to their usual evil deeds ("When leaders profit/From deep divisions") and even the music stinks ("The singers run/To where the cash is"). The only comfort to be offered is that this, too, will pass ("It's good to remember/These times will go/In times to come"). Toward the album's close, Guthrie turns more to cover material and the tone brightens somewhat, although, even when he pleases the audience with his sole Top 40 hit, "City of New Orleans," the album's overall theme is not actually altered if, for once, one listens beyond the cheery "Good morning, America" line to what the lyrics are really saying: this is a song about a train on its last legs that has only 15 riders for its 15 cars, a train that has "the disappearing railroad blues." Even "Goodnight Irene" and "Can't Help Falling in Love," which close the disc, are songs about romantic notions more desperate than enraptured. By putting his music in an orchestral form, Guthrie may have been trying to take on the mantle of Serious Composer on In Times Like These; he has succeeded at least in coming off as serious, which his fans may appreciate, as long as they don't come to the album looking for laughs. 

01. Applause
02. Darkest Hour     
03. Last Train     
04. St. James Infirmary   
05. If You Would Just Drop By   
06. Last to Leave     
07. Epilogue   
08. In Times Like These   
09. Patriots' Dream   
10. City of New Orleans     
11. You Are the Song   
12. Goodnight Irene   
13. Can't Help Falling in Love

Words & Music by Arlo Guthrie

In times like these when night surrounds me
And I am weary and my heart is worn
When the songs they're singing don't mean nothing
Just cheap refrains play on and on

The storm is here the lightning flashes

Between commercials they're taking names
The singers run to where the cash is
Just another link in slavery's chain

I see the storm clouds rise above me

The sky is dark and the night has come
I walk alone along this highway
Where strangers gather one by one

When leaders profit from deep divisions
When the tears of  friends remain unsung
In times like these  it's good to remember
These times will go in times to come

I see the storm clouds rise above me

The sky is dark and the night has come
I walk alone along this highway
Where friends have gathered one by one

I know the storm will soon be over

The howling winds will cease to be
I walk with friends from every  nation
On freedom's highway in times like these


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Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-74

Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-1974 (Live Boxset) (4CDS with bonus tracks) - 2008
a marca de 100,000 visitas merece um post especial
Mott The Hoople were formed in June 1969 by the original line-up of Ian Hunter (vocals/piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar/vocals) Verden Allen (organ), Dale Griffin  (drums) and Overend Watts (bass) and within months they had built up a fearsome reputation live as a ranting, raucous, raving, rioting, rip roaring and above all, real, rock’n’roll band.

This 4CD Box Set lovingly compiled by Buffin provides an important historic and compelling live historic document of their much loved but short lived career. A limited edition release with only 2,000 copies being produced. Rare unseen photos being supplied from the personal archives of Verden Allen, Dale Griffin, Mick Ralphs and Overend Watts.

CD One - Fairfield Halls, Croydon 1970

01. Ohio
02. No Wheels To Ride
03. Rock’n’Roll Queen
04. Thunderbuck Ram
05. When My Minds Gone
06. Keep’a’Knockin
07. You Really Got Me
BONUS TRACKS - recorded 1971 The Konserthuset, Stockholm
08. Long Red
09. The Original Mixed Up Kid
10. Laugh At Me
11. Thunderbuck Ram

CD Two - The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 1972

01. Introduction/Jupiter from The Planets
02 Jerkin Crocus
03  Sucker
04. Hymn For The Dudes
05. Ready For Love
06. Sweet Jane
07. Sea Diver
08. Sweet Angeline
09. One Of The Boys
10. Midnight Lady
11. All The Young Dudes
12. Honky Tonk Woman

CD Three - Live Heaven

01. No Wheels To Ride
02. Whisky Woman
03. Walkin With A Mountain/Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction
04. It’ll Be Me
05. Angel Of Eighth Avenue
06. Drivin Sister
07. All The Young Dudes
08. All The Way From Memphis
09. Sweet Angeline
10. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (wild and rude mix)
11. The Ballard Of Billy Joe (demo)
12. If Your Heat Lay With The Rebel (demo)
13. It Would Be A Pleasure (demo)

CD Four - Live Heaven 11

01. American Pie
02. The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll
03. Sucker
04. Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane
05. Rest In Peace
06. Here Comes The Queen
07. One Of The Boys
08. Born Late 58
09. Hymn For The Dudes
11. Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence
12. All The Way From Memphis
13. All The Young Dudes (This track have a small defective and i can do nothing to correct  (error in source file))

+@320 CD 01
+@320 CD 02
+@320 CD 03
+@320 CD 04

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Dave Mason - Two Hearts

Dave Mason - Two Hearts - 1987

By William Ruhlmann, Allmusic
Dave Mason, who hadn't released a new album in seven years, surprisingly released two in 1987. The second was Two Hearts, a major label stab at a comeback. Steve Winwood, Mason's estwhile partner in Traffic, contributed background vocals, synthesizer and organ on a few tracks ("Something In The Heart" featured that patented "While You See A Chance" synth sound), and the album featured a soft-rock radio hit in "Dreams I Dream," a duet with Phoebe Snow. 
But co-producer Jimmy Hotz tried to update Mason for the '80s by using a heavily synthesized musical backup that wasn't always appropriate to Mason's songs. The album made no commercial impression, and Mason once again was without a record label.

1. Two Hearts 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Background Vocals

2. Just a Little Lovin' 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers, Horns
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals

3. Forever 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Piano, Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Hammond Organ
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals
Steve Neives: Saxophone

4. Dreams I Dream 
(Duet Vocal Performance by Phoebe Snow)
Dave Mason and Phoebe Snow: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Horns
Dave Mason: Solo Guitar
Phoebe Snow: Background Vocals
Ms. Bobbye Hall: Percussion

5. Something in the Heart
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Steve Winwood: Synthesizer
Peter Seibert: Bass, Keyboards
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals

6. Ballerina 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar Solo
Peter Seibert: All Keyboards
Mike Lawler: Slide Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass, Jocko Bass
Dave Mason, Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Additional Vocals

7. Fighting for Love
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Slide Guitar
Steve Winwood: Organ

8. Replace the Face 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Peter Seibert, Mike Lawlen All Keyboards and Horns
Kenny Lewis: Rhythm Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals


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Ian Mclagan - Spiritual Boy

Ian Mclagan - Spiritual Boy - 2006

From Wikipedia
Spiritual Boy is the seventh album by former Small Faces and Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan. The album was intended as a tribute to his band mate in both groups, singer-songwriter Ronnie Lane, released on what would have been Lane's sixtieth birthday, 1 April 2006, on McLagan's own Maniac Records. Featuring ten tracks either written or co-written by Lane throughout the span of his career as a musician and one written by McLagan for Lane, it was recorded in February and March 2006 at McLagan's Manor, Texas studio, The Doghouse, with his backing group, the Bump Band in tow alongside such guests as famed Austin, Texas disc jockey Jody Denberg.

01. Spiritual Babe (Lane)
02. Itchycoo Park (Marriott-Lane)

03. Nowhere to Run (Lane)
04. Annie (Lane-Lambert-Clapton)
05. Debris (Lane)
06. April Fool (Lane)
07. Kuschty Rye (Lane-Lambert)
08. Show Me the Way (Marriott-Lane)
09. You're So Rude (McLagan-Lane)
10. Glad and Sorry (Lane)
11. Hello Old Friend (McLagan)

Ian McLagan - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Pianos,  Hammond B3,  Clavinet, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Pro2 bass
"Scrappy" Jud Newcomb - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals.
Mark Andes - Bass, Vocals
Don Harvey - Drums


 John Bush - assorted percussion (1-3, 6-8)
 Seela Bush - vocals (1, 3)
 Jody Denberg - vocals (7)
 Brian Standefer - cellos (5)


Esse post dedico a meu amigo e eterno fã dos Beatles e de Ronnie Lane, Guilherme João Paulo. Espero que as praias do ES o permitam ler isso.

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Locomotive - We Are Everything You See

Locomotive - We Are Everything You See - 1970
By Richie Unterberger from Allmusic

Locomotive's only album was an oddball piece of second-tier British psychedelia, stuck somewhere between psych and progressive rock, and mixing in a lot of soul music, a good deal of jazz, and a bit of classical. In those respects, they were similar to Traffic and Family, though putting more emphasis on soul music. The influences didn't cohere as well as they did in Traffic and Family, though, and the material wasn't nearly as effective.

Of-the-day traits like swirling organ, fishbowl-distorted vocals, and phased drumming provided the freakiest elements, along with the band's liking for throwing in jazzy tempo changes. Melodically and lyrically, Locomotive were uncommonly grim for a late-'60s British psychedelic band, and there was a touch of Procol Harum in the vague tormented metaphysical questing of some of their lyrics and vocals. It's a reflection of their relatively inaccessible original material that the most memorable song is their cover of the United States of America's "Coming Down/Love Song for the Dead Che," an imaginative choice, considering the original must have been barely known in Britain at that time.

01. Overture
02. Mr. Armageddon
03. Now Is the End-The End Is When
04. Lay Me Down Gently
05. Haines
06. Nobody Asked You to Come
07. You Must Be Joking
08. A Day in Shining Armour
09. The Loves of Augustus Abbey - Part One
10. Rain    
11. The Loves of Augustus Abbey - Part Two
12. Coming Down/Love Song for the Dead Ché
13. The Loves of Augustus Abbey, Part Three
14. Time of Light and Darkness
15. Mr. Armageddon [Mono Single Version]
16. There's Got to Be a Way
17. I'm Never Gonna Let You Go
18. You Must Be Joking [Mono Single Version]
19. Movin' Down the Line
20 Roll Over Mary

+@320 in only one file

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Delaney Bramlett - Something's Coming

Delaney Bramlett - Something's Coming - 1972

From www.answers.com

Some Things Coming features Bramlett on lead vocals and guitars with a full-on horn section, Venetta Fields and Clydie King on backing vocals throughout, string arrangements by George Bohannon, percussionist Milt Holland, Ronnie Grayson on drums, bassist Robert Wilson, and B-3 boss Tim Hedding -- the backing chorus added on several cuts includes future disco diva Gloria Jones and Shirley Matthews. The material is wide-ranging but always greasy. 

The opener is the driving funky Southern soul and gospel of "Over and Over"; it's revved to rockist hedonism with a splintering, overdriven guitar and popping bassline dueling to the death with double-time drums and an ambitious horn chart. There's the in-the-pocket ballad "Thank God," which manages to evoke both Ray Charles and '60s Nashville without blowing it. The gospel blues of "Please Accept My Love" is done in the utterly believable, wanton, pleading singing voice that Leon Russell and Bramlett shared -- but Bramlett's range is wider. It gets downright hard and funky on "Keep It Going," a tune that Bramlett co-wrote with Elvin Bishop. This is snaky voodoo funk at its best.

One can hear the Meters and a gospel choir meeting on the street corner where Saturday night reluctantly gives way to Sunday morning and the spirits are everywhere duking it out. Add the title track and the album is worth its weight in gold. Bramlett -- via percussionist Holland with a kalimba, congas, and a boatload of hand percussion, and a gospel choir singing in Zulu -- simply takes the innovation of Hugh Masakela into the rock and Southern soul idiom. He answers them, line for line, in English. It all flows together until it erupts in razor-sharp lead guitar lines; funked-out bass and drums are underscored by the B-3 in the middle eight before it gives way again to the chant. It's stunning -- especially considering it's followed here with the traditional "Down by the Riverside," done with so much class you'd swear you were in church, except for maybe that guitar solo. Speaking of which, "Sit Right Down" offers one of the nastiest-sounding National Steel bottleneck guitars ever put in front of a mike in a studio.

01. Over and Over
02. Thank God
03. Please Accept My Love
04. Keep It Going
05. Some Things Coming (Heartbeat)
06. Down by the Riverside
07. Sit Right Down
08. I'm Not Your Lover, I'm Your Love
09. Try a Little Harder

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Gordon, Joe Davis, Jerry Jumonville - Saxophone
Ron Grayson - Drums
Tim Heding - Organ
Robert Wilson - Bass
Gloria Jones, Shirley Matthews,  Clydie King, Venetta Fields - Backing Vocals
Milt Holland - Percussion
Darrell Leonard - Brass
Larry Savoie - Trombone

Enjoy so much Ian!!!!!
You have (or a other friend) the album 1998's Sounds from Home?


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Delaney Bramlett - Giving Birth To A Song

Delaney Bramlett - Giving Birth To A Song - 1975

by William Ruhlmann for Allmusic.com

Although his popularity was often eclipsed by the artists he mentored, Delaney Bramlett was an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter whose style influenced the likes of Eric Clapton, J.J. Cale, and Duane Allman. A native of Pontotoc, MS, he served time in the U.S. Navy before moving to Los Angeles in 1959. He soon became a member of the Shindogs, the resident band on the TV show Shindig. Such a job allowed Bramlett to rub shoulders with other notable musicians, and in 1967 he met Bonnie Lynn O'Farrell, a member of Ike & Tina Turner's backup group the Ikettes. The two were married within five days; they also formed a duo named Delaney & Bonnie. Read More HERE

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Gordon - Saxophone
Nick Van Maarth,  Jim McGrew - Guitar
Fred Rivera - Bass
Stu Perry - Drums, Percussion
Victor Pantoja - Congas, Percussion
Rick Sutherland - Organ
Jim Hobson - Piano, Clavinet
Cole Kesler - Harmonica

1975's Jimmy Bowen produced "Giving Birth To A Song" marked Delaney Bramlett's third solo album (and his third label in as many years).  Credited as 'Delaney and Blue Diamond' the album found Bramlett returning to the confines of a full fledged band.  Musically the set wasn't a major departure from his standing soul/rock moves. 

01. Giving Birth To A Song
02. I Get High
03. So Much In Love
04. My Lover's Prayer
05. (I Wanna) Stay Home With You
06. The Plug
07. Nothing Without You
08. Never No More Blues
09. Lonesome, Long Gone, And So Long
10. Over You
11. I Got Away

Para comemorar o 100º post, um disquinho razoalvelmente fácil de se achar.

+@128 vinyl rip

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Python Lee Jackson - Funny Blend ( Featuring Rod Stewart)

Python Lee Jackson Featuring Rod Stewart - Funny Blend - 1968

Python Lee Jackson was an indistinguished Australian band from Sidney, founded by an Englishman Frank Kennington (vocals) and Scotsman Mick Liber (guitar) which managed to annoy local (Aussie's) scene from 1965 and until 1968 - when the band moved to UK, to be joined by David Montgomery on drums. Before that they've released a single - Bo Diddley "Who Do You Love".

In the UK the band was noticed by John Peel, who as you should know had a weekness for weirdos and nobodys. Frank Kennington by that time was replaced by David Bentley, whose composing was much better than his vocals. But he had decency and brains: "Python" recruited Rod Stewart to record three songs (Stewart by that time had two excellent albums with Jeff Beck Group, and his unusual voice could match the music) - "Doin' Fine", "The Blues" and "In A Broken Dream". The tracks were recorded at famous Pye Studios in London, 1969, but were shelved for more than a year, and the single was released in 1970 only. It flopped - to resurface two years later and climb to Nr 3 in UK Singles Chart.

In A Broken Dream is an amazing album and the band was never able to repeat its success, and went to obscurity. The title song was a massive success, and appears on a couple of Rod Stewart's collections.

Read More Here

01. If It's Meant To Be A Party
02. If The World Stopped Still Tonight
03. The Blues
04. Sweet Consolation
05. Boogie Woogie Joe
06. In A Broken Dream

07. Second Time Around The Wheel
08. Your Wily Ways
09. Doing Fine (Cloud Nine)
10. Turn The Music Down


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Steve Marriott & The Next Band - Live in Germany

Steve Marriott & The Next Band - Live in Germany (1985) - 2000

01. Watch Your Step (Bobby Parker)
02. Some Kind of Wonderful (John Ellison and the Soul Brothers Six)
03. Fool for a Pretty Face (Humble Pie)
04. Everything's gonna be Alright (Little Walter)
05. Big Train Stop at Memphis
06. Watcha gonna Do about It (Small Faces)
07. I don't Know where I've Been (Bo Diddley)
08. Natural Born Bugie (Humble Pie)
09. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd)
10. All or Nothing (Small Faces)
11. Tin Soldier (Small Faces)
12. Drum Solo )
13. 30 Days in the Hole (5:22) (Humble Pie)
13 .Just Your Fool (2:49) (Little Walter)

Steve Marriott - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Leverton - Bass
Kofi Baker - Drums
Simon Hickling - Hohner Harmonica, Vocal

Poderia dizer que o destaque desse CD é Koki Baker (filho de Ginger) na bateria.

Ou então falar sobre Simon Hickling, um puta bluesman que arrepia na gaita.

Mas, trata-se de um disco do (e com) Steve.

Esse disco tem sua postagem patrocinada por Celso Loos, que me enviou em um único servidor (rapidshare). Qualquer reclamação favor dirigir-se a ele. :)

Mas não se preocupem, em breve esse estará nas melhores - e piores - casas do ramo.


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John Phillips - Pay, Pack and Follow

John Phillips - Pay, Pack and Follow - 2001

Pay, Pack and Follow é um álbum de John Phillips realizado em abril de 2001, um mês após a morte do músico. Ele foi gravado nos anos 1970 e seria lançado pelo selo "Rolling Stones Records". Mick Jagger dá uma canja nos backing vocals e assina a co-produção junto com o parceiro Keith Richards que toca sua guitarra. Mick Taylor - à época também nos Stones - e Ron Wood aparecem respectivamente nas guitarras e  baixo.

01. Mr Blue
02. She's Just 14
03. Wilderness Of Love
04. Oh Virginia
05. Sunset Boulevard
06. Pussycat
07. Zulu Warrior
08. Very Dread
09. 2001

John Phillips - Vocals, Keyboards
Keith Richards - Electric, Acoustic & Electric Slide Guitars
Mick Taylor - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Ron Wood - Bass Guitar
Mick Jagger - Backing Vocals
Rebop Kwaku Baah - Percussion
Chris Spedding -  Electric Guitar
Sid McGinnis - Acoustic Guitar
David Wooford - Bass Guitar
Yogi Horton - Drums
Paul Shaffer, Jean Rousell - Keyboards
John Kito - Keyboards, Piano
Debra Dobkin, Jeb Guthrie - Percussion
Michelle Phillips, Laura MacKenzie Phillips - Backing Vocals


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Quando essa realidade chegar teremos saudades dos servidores que não prestam

Ronaldo Lemos, Caderno Folhateen, Folha de São Paulo, 25/10/2010 (se vc usa firefox, tecle ctrl (+) para ampliar)

A esse assunto forço uma barra e ligo a outro: O que faz uma pessoa que obtém diariamente os mais variados discos, das mais variadas bandas e dos mais variados ritmos ser tão idiota a ponto de transformar o que é para ser um ponto de encontro, diversão e interação em um local de desgosto, insatisfação e de sensação de "saco cheio"?

Dia após dia a pessoa reúne um sei-lá quantos links e passa a baixá-los como se o fim do mundo estivesse marcado para o próximo final de semana. São tantos downloads que formam infindáveis filas de audição que não deve acabar até o reveillon. Imagino que a maioria dessas audições são superficiais e, pior, nas caixinhas do PC ou fone de ouvido de R$ 9,99.

Então, um belo dia o servidor em que o link esta postado apresenta problemas e a culpa é do pobre otário que disponibiliza seu tempo no ofício não remunerado de levar aos outros um pouco de diversão e cultura. Se o rapidshare não funciona pede no megaupload. Se o megaupload estiver inativo, exigem o rapidshare. E isso com ordens que lembram uma Sinhá a seus mocambos. Educação em primeiro lugar

Isso vejo diariamente por blogs e blogs. Fico pensando se um cara desses algum dia comprou um LP ou um CD. Dúvido muito, pois se fizera saberia que um servidor, por mais lento que seja, sempre será mais rápido do que pegar um ônibus lotado para ir ao Centro, escolher 1 ou 2 discos (porque a grana sempre foi curta) e voltar para casa. E nem vou levantar a questão que se não prestar basta "mandar pra lixeira".

Por causa de alguns escroques, muitos são privados do que é bom.

Não entendeu porra nenhuma do que estou falando? Clique aqui e/ou aqui

Em tempo, minha mensagem aos babacas de plantao

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Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio

Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio [DeLuxe Edition] - 2003

from amazon.com

As co-founder of the legendary rock band Traffic, Dave Mason has always been a powerful force in popular music. His tenure as their guitarist, vocalist & songwriter, along with his friends Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, netted the quartet several hit singles and albums including his signature tune Feelin' Alright and international smashes like Hole In My Shoe.

While collaborating with his friends like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie and George Harrison, Dave Mason continued to develop his trademark sound, while igniting a solo career that took off with his first platinum plus debut album Alone Together from 1970.

Over the next three decades, Dave Mason continued his legendary status as a staple radio artist, riding the top rung of the many music charts with tunes like We Just Disagree, Let It Flow, All Along the Watchtower, Show Me Some Affection, and Something from the Heart.

A few years ago, Dave Mason and his wonderful band entered into the state of the art XM studios in Washington D.C., and recorded this new album Live at XM Satellite Radio. This unique session was performed organically in front of an intimate gathering of friends and fans. From start to finish, it is a solid 100% classic Dave Mason concert.

Things start off with a nod to his Alone Together album with the prog-rock classic World In Changes and his Delaney and Bonnie hit Only You Know and I Know. Mason's vocals and guitar styling are second to none as the crowd roars in approval.

We Just Disagree was Dave's most successful venture at Top 40 radio back in the late seventies. This emotional live reading brings back the memories of this era and skillfully shows the interplay between Mason and his good friend guitarist John Sambataro (Firefall, McGuinn Clark & Hillman). This track is indeed a defining moment of the show.

No Dave Mason concert is complete without the classics All Along The Watchtower, Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy and the surprise groover Feelin' Alright. His fans and new converts will agree, this new live offering will satisfy the classic rocker in all of us.

In addition to this pivotal live recording, Dave has gone into the vaults and found a very rare live interpretation of the Eagles classic Take It To The Limit. Recorded several years ago in the Orange County, California locale, this tune takes on a whole new feeling with the Dave Mason magic.

As a further gift to his fans, Dave has also included two new studio tracks that will truly enhance your listening experience. First, there is the very rare Dave Mason/Jim Capaldi duet of the classic 40,000 Headmen. Recorded shortly before his untimely death, Jim Capaldi truly sings his soul out on this revisit to the Traffic era. Dave shares on the vocal chores, as well as an incredible guitar workout throughout.

The intriguing closer, Deaf, Dumb And Blind, is one of those tunes that his fans have been clamoring years for. Dave's vocals are the ticket here, the amazing music he creates is still intact after four decades of recording, and like a fine wine, his career just gets better all the time. This tune will surely become one of his future classics

01. World in Changes
02 .Only You Know and I Know
03. We Just Disagree     
04. Look at You, Look at Me     
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy     
06. All Along the Watchtower     
07. Feelin' Alright     
08. Take It to the Limit - (Recorded Live In Orange County, CA/Bonus Track)   
09. 40, 000 Headmen - (Bonus Track)   
10. Deaf, Dumb and Blind - (Bonus Track)

Dave Mason - Guitar, Vocal
John Sambataro - Guitar
Alex Drizos - Bass
Alvino Bennett - Drums.
Bill Mason - Keyboards
and Jim Capaldi - vocal on 40,000 Headmen 


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Richie Havens - Nobody Left to Crown

Richie Havens - Nobody Left to Crown - 2008

from http://blogs.epicindia.com

Six of the thirteen songs on Nobody Left To Crown are new originals that Mr. Havens has written for this disc, while the seven covers are ones that speak to either issues of the day or express an idea that he cares passionately about. That last bit might be a tad redundant as I can't think of Richie Havens singing a song if he wasn't able to make an emotional commitment of some kind to it. Interestingly enough one of the covers dates back to the Woodstock era, Pete Townshead's "Won't Get Fooled Again", and Havens' interpretation of it keeps it as pertinent today as it was then.

That's the thing about Nobody Left To Crown that's important to know, Richie Havens maybe a figure some of you think of as belonging to a time in the past, but that is unfair to the man and his music. None of these songs are exercises in nostalgia, nor is the disc some sort of sixties revival thing. This recording has been made for today's world, and the messages it has to impart are relevant to what is going on around us. Listen to the second song on the disc, "Say It Isn't So" and you'll hear what I mean.


Eu upei esse cd há um bom tempo, enquanto eu fazia uns testes com a minha internet e acabei deixando o link solto por aí. Na verdade nem era a minha intenção postá-lo, já que deve ser figurinha fácil em  muitos  fornecedores. Mas, preocupado se deve ser algum pecado mortal tal desperdício, resolvi postá-lo antes que  caia por inatividade. Isso evidentente não quer dizer que trata-se de um disco dispensável, muito pelo contrário. Tanto as músicas inéditas como as covers são dignas de nota. A versão para Won't Get... é especialmente uma bela jóia. Se você não catou ele antes, aproveite e divirta-se.

01. The Key
02. Say It Isn't So
03. Won't Get Fooled Again
04. Standing On The Water
05. Hurricane Waters
06. If I
07. Nobody Left To Crown
08. (Can't You Hear) Zeus's Anger Roar
09. Lives In The Balance
10. We All Know Now
11. Fates
12. The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)
13. One More Day

Richie Havens - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Walter Parks  - Guitar
Keith Christopher - Bass
Shawn Pelton - Drums
Stephanie Winters - Cello


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Robby Krieger - Versions

Robby Krieger - Versions - 1982

By William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
Although the same basic band plays on the two Robby Krieger instrumental albums combined on this disc, they take two different approaches. Former Doors member Krieger is the guitarist, of course, accompanied by former Mothers of Invention keyboard player Don Preston, Arthur Barrow on bass, and usually Bruce Gary on drums. The songs making up 1982's Versions, as the title implies, largely are covers of familiar tunes, starting with the Pretenders' Tattooed Love Boys and including treatments of the Rolling Stones'  Street Fighting Man" and the Four Tops' Reach Out (I'll Be There). The two other surviving Doors, keyboard player Ray Manzarek and drummer John Densmore, join Krieger on a version of the Doors  song Crystal Ship as well as a Krieger original, Her Majesty. Whether originals or covers, the tunes on Versions are tightly played interpretations. The five remaining numbers, making up the 1985 album Robby Krieger, are much more exploratory. All are originals featuring the Krieger/Preston/Barrow/Gary lineup, and for this album they are really a band playing jazz-rock fusion. "Noisuf," which stretches out to almost 15 minutes, is the most loosely structured, leaving room for everything from a drum solo to a quote from "My Sharona," but all the tracks are structures for the band to improvise within. Having been prepared by the more familiar tunes on Versions, the listener may be ready to follow Krieger and company into the universe on Robby Krieger. But it will help to be more of a fusion fan than a Doors fan for most of the album.

1. Tattooed Love Boys (Chrissie Hynde)
2. Her Majesty (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
3. East End, West End (Gale)
4. The Crystal Ship (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison)
5. Street Fighting Man (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
6. Reach Out (I'll Be There) (Dozier, Holland)
7. Gavin Leggit (Krieger, MacKenzie)
8. Underwater Fall (Krieger)
9. I'm Gonna Tell on You (Krieger)
10. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen)

Robby Krieger - Guitar
Ray Manzarek - Keyboards
John Densmore - Drums
Don Preston - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Bruce Gary,   Larry Zack, Deric Roberts - Drums
Arthur Barrow - Keyboards, Fretless Bass, Bass
Lisa Brennis - Bass
Greg Romeo, Sal Marques - Percussion
Sam Rinery - Saxophone
Bruce Gary - Cymbals


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Um passatempo de quem esta em férias

Suplemento de Informática da Folha de São Paulo de hoje, 20 de outubro.

E voce? Com qual carro se identifica? Ou melhor, já sofreu algum acidente com algum desses?

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Jakko M. Jakszyk - Kingdom of Dust

Jakko M. Jakszyk - Kingdom of Dust - 1994

Through his collaborations with the likes of Dave Stewart, Peter Blegvad, John Greaves and Pip Pyle, Jakko M. Jakszyk has become an honorary member of the Canterbury 'family', although he has led a fruitful solo career and earned fame as Level 42's guitarist between 1991 and the band's split in 1994.

In his teenage years, while at school in Watford, Jakszyk's favourite bands were Henry Cow and Hatfield and the North. A big fan of Dave Stewart in particular, he sent him tapes of his band 64 Spoons, which resulted in Stewart coming down to a few gigs, sometimes in the company of Bill Bruford, whom he he was working with at the time. 64 Spoons folded at the turn of the decade, leaving an unreleased album, which finally saw the light of day in 1992 as Landing On A Rat Column on the Freshly Cut label, thanks to the effort of enthusiast Richard Armstrong, who sadly died shortly before the project came to fruition.

Jakszyk's friendship with Stewart resulted in him singing on the original demo for "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?". He eventually sang backup on the final version with Colin Blunstone on lead vocals. Meanwhile, he was a founding member, as guitarist and lead vocalist, of Rapid Eye Movement, a band formed by Stewart after the Bruford group had split up, also including Pip Pyle and Rick Biddulph. This obscure outfit (which left no recorded legacy) toured Europe irregularly for about a year (1980-81). "It was a lot rougher than National Health", Jakszyk remembers, "very structured but performed in a very anarchic way". When "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?" became a hit in England, it was included in the setlist. "Rapid Eye Movement did record some stuff in the studio. There are also a number of reasonably good live tapes and I have recently talked to Dave about releasing something".


Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow)

Jakko M. Jakszyk - Guitars, Vocals
Richard Barbieri - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Mick Karn - Bass
Steve Jansen - Drums, Percussion

1. The Hands of Che Guevara
2. Drowning in My Sleep
3. It's Only the Moon
4. The Judas Kiss


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Bonnie Bramlett - Lady's Choice

Bonnie Bramlett - Lady's Choice - 1976

Lady´s Choice é o terceiro álbum da carreira solo de Bonnie. Com uma coleção de músicas que reúnem autores como Issac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, Bob Dylan e Sam Cooke, desfilam em suas 11 faixas o talento de gente como Gregg Almann,  Bobby Whitlock, Randall Bramlett, além de toda a galera da Muscle Shoals.

01. Think (About It)
02. Hold On I'm Coming
03. You Send Me
04. Never Gonna Give You Up
05. Let's Go Get Stoned
06. Two Steps From The Blues
07. If I Were Your Woman
08. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
09. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
10. Thrill On The Hill (Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go)
11. Forever Young

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Gregg Allman - Organ (track 1), Vocals (track 6)
Bobby Whitlock, Vocals (track 10)
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
David Hood - Bass
Roger Hawkins - Drums
Chuck Leavell - Piano (tracks 8, 9)
Dobie Gray - Vocals (track 4)
Jimmy Hall - Vocals (track 9)
Mickey Thomas, Vocals (tracks 2, 9)
Randall Bramlett - Soprano Sax (track 3)
Harvey Thompson - Tenor Sax
Ronnie Eades - Saxophone
Johnny Sandlin, Tommy Talton - Guitar
Dickey Betts - Guitar (track 8)
Ricky Hirsch - Guitar, Horn (track 5)
Harrison Calloway - Trumpet
Paul Hornsby - Keyboards
Charles Rose - Horn


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Steve Winwood - Royal Albert Hall

Steve Winwood - Royal Albert Hall - 1988

Também conhecido por Roll With It Tour Live at Royal Albert Hall, este show realizado em 30 de setembro de 1988 foi transmitido pela VH-1 e originalmente disponibilizado em VHS.

Existe um tape desse show gravado da audiência (que nunca vi ou ouvi), considerado de qualidade "poor".

O arquivo aqui disponibilizado seguiu outro caminho: rip do VHS para DVD e subsequente extração de seu áudio. 

Há um ou dois pequenos defeitos, como se a fita estivesse 'esmagada' e que não compromete o resultado final. De qualquer forma, se não agradar ainda existe a opção "enviar para a lixeira".

Deem uma olhada no video do Youtube e ouçam a amostra para saberem o que estão levando para casa.  

01 Can't Find My Way Home (pre-concert acoustic performance)
02 Freedom Overspill
03 While You See a Chance

04 Don't You Know What the Night Can Do
05 The Finer Things
06 I'm a Man
07 Low Spark of High-heeled Boys
08 Roll With It
09 Valerie
10 Higher Love
11 Back in the High Life
12 Gimme Some Lovin'

Steve Winwood - Guitar, Synthesizer, Mandolin, Hammond B-3, Cowbell, Piano
Anthony Crawford - Guitar, Fiddle
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Russ Kunke - Drums
Randall Bramblett - Saxophone, Keyboards
Mike Lawler - Keyboards
Bashiri Johnson - Percussion
Hollie Farris - Trumpet
LeeAnn Phelan - Backing Vocals,  Keyboards


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Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean

Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean - 1975

Ever heard of them eh? Well, Speedy Keen was not really a band but the stage name of one John Keen former lead vocalist of Thunderclap Newman. The Thunderclap's originally put together by The Who's Pete Townsend had one major hit with 'Something In The Air', a song that if you've been within earshot of a radio in the last thirty eight years, you must have heard at least once. An obligatory two month tour of the UK followed, but the band fell apart, understandably not able to match the success of the brilliant and timeless single. Following the split guitarist Jimmy McCulloch went on to Wings and keyboardist Andy Newman released an outstanding progressive album 'Rainbow' in 1971 disappearing soon after never to be heard from again. Not to be left out in the cold, Keen released his first solo album 'Previous Convictions' in 1973 to lukewarm reviews. Following up with 'Y'Know Wot I Mean' found Speedy supported by most of Back Street Crawler and an album that was originally written as a double LP, but eventually was whittled down on the advisement of Island Records.


Seu primeiro álbum, Previous Conviction foi postado em fevereiro aqui e seus links ainda estão ok.
Também já vi esse disco pela rede, mas acredito que não esteja ripado em @320.  Divirtam-se pois é um belo disco.

01 Crazy Love
02 Almost Eighteen
03 Nightmare
04 Fighting In The Streets
05 Bad Boys
06 I Promise You
07 Someone To Love
08 My Love
09 The Profit Of Ecology

John Keen - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano, Organ, Mellotron
Butch Sanford - Lead Guitar
Terry Wilson - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Emanuel Rentzos, John Bundrick - Keyboards
Liza Strike - Backing Vocals
Peter Vanderpuije, George Lee, Eddie Quansah - Horns


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Steve Marriott's All Stars - Clear Through the Night

Steve Marriott's All Stars - Clear Through the Night - 1999  

01. Midnight Rollin'
02. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
03. Street Rat
04. High n Happy
05. Ruthy
06. Shake
07. Don't Take But a Few Minutes
08. Cocaine
09. Bluegrass Interval
10. You're a Heartbreaker
11. Be My Baby
12. It's All Over
13. The Things You Do
14. Lord Help Me Hold Out
15. I Need a Star in My Life
16. Signed Sealed
17. The Times They Are A Changin'

Steve Marriott - Guitar
Greg Ridley - Bass
Ian Wallace - Drums
Mickey Finn - Keyboards


Clem Clemson - Guiitar
Boz Burrell - Bass
Mel Collins - Saxophone, Horns
BJ Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
Tim Hinckley, Dave Foster - Keyboards
Joe Vicki Brown, Dave Hynes, Lavinia Rodgers, Venetta Rodgers, Clyde King - Vocals


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Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates

Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates - 1996

Luther Grosvenor (AKA Ariel Bender) é um guitarrista inglês que integrou bandas como Mott The Hoople, Spooky Tooth, Widomaker, The Vips e Deep Feeling

Floodgates é seu segundo album solo e traz uma coleção de vários estilos musicais, passeando entre o rock, blues e - por que não? - um pop de qualidade. A ficha técnica, a relação de quem toca e o de sempre podem ser encontradas no art-cover disponibilizado.

Aproveitem e baixem logo pois a dona DMCA disse que vai fechar o boteco. Já pediram para eu retirar 5 posts e eu não atendi. Resolvi nada fazer após constatar que de todos que usufruem dos arquivos aqui postados, serei o menos prejudicado.

PS: outubro só serão postadas raridades como essa de hoje.

by Dave Thompson allmusicguide

Luther Grovesnor's second solo album was a long time coming. The first, back in 1972, caught him midway between stints with Spooky Tooth and, in the guise of glam rock hooligan Ariel Bender, Mott the Hoople. The second, almost a quarter of a century later, caught him somewhere between forgotten hero-dom and absolute obscurity, and in the handful of interviews he gave around that time, he seemed to prefer it that way. He talked of living a normal life and playing guitar for fun. But back in the studio for the first time in years, it was as though he'd never been away. This is not, if any stray Mott fans are passing, an Ariel Bender album. Returning to his given name, he also returned to the style which distinguished both Spooky Tooth and Under Open Skies, the understated melody that has always been his songwriting signature, the underexposed flash which peels out of his guitar, and the underground exuberance which made his the first number the Stones called after Brian Jones left in 1969.

Slammed down in ten days with a revolving door of guest friends (Jim Capaldi, Mike Kellie, Jess Roden) dropping by, it relies on Grovesnor's own persona for charm and effect, keeps fancy production tricks at farthest arm's reach, and it never shows off. Understated, underexposed, underground. Comparisons can be found. "Ninsky Prospect" has a vaguely Lou Reed feel to it, while Kellie's "Fullness of Time" brags a distinctly (but, ironically, pre-Bender) Mott swagger. Elsewhere, a cover of Bob Seger's "Fire Down Below" follows the old Spooky Tooth trick of taking someone else's song and making it their own forever, and there's a thunderous Roden-led romp through Joe Tex's "I Wanna Be Free," which could, in fact, be Free, so there's irony for you. And those are only the most obvious highlights - one could also dwell forever on the autobiographical opener "Evesham Boy," the stunningly tuneful title track, and if you missed it first time around (a lot of people did), the 2001 Floodgates Anthology reissue turns up even more marvels. Eight bonus tracks include an acoustic version of "Floodgates" previously available only on a rare promo sampler, two tracks recorded for the Peter Green tribute Rattlesnake Guitar, and three cut in 1997 for an attempted Spooky Tooth reunion - all good enough to make you wish the project had been taken to fruition. Then comes one track recorded by the teenaged Grovesnor with schoolmate Jim Capaldi in 1966, produced by Giorgio Gomelsky and never before released in any form, while the album closes with another marvel, a live version of "Here Comes the Queen," taken from Grovesnor's debut album, and performed by Mott the Hoople in 1974. And from the collectors' point of view, it's probably true that those two cuts alone are worth the price of admission. True, but very, very misleading. 

1. Evesham Boy
2. Best Years of My Life
3. Floodgates
4. Fullness of Time
5. I Wanna Be Free
6. Ninsky Prospect
7. Lonliest Man in Town
8. Fire Down Below
9. Cathy

All preview tracks HERE


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The Pretty Things - Balboa Island

The Pretty Things - Balboa Island  - 2007

By Daryl Easlea  from BBC

You have to hand it to the Pretty Things. If trophies were distributed for tenacity alone, their cabinet would be overflowing. The original hellraisers, the group were peers of the Stones (guitarist Dick Taylor was the Rolling Stones' original bassist) and influenced David Bowie and many others.

Recorded on aged analogue equipment, their 11th studio album, Balboa Island is probably the best record you're going to hear from artists 40 years into their career. Although its budgets may be considerably smaller than some of their remaining peers, the album's ambitions are suitably widescreen. Lead vocalist and lynchpin Phil May (the man of whom Bowie once wrote 'is God') could really milk his role as time-ravaged troubadour (say, like on "Livin' In My Skin"), but he stays just the right side of cliché throughout.

01. The Beat Goes On
02. Livin' In My Skin
03. Buried Alive
04. Blues for Robert Johnson
05. Mimi
06. Pretty Beat
07. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
08. In The Beginning
09. Feel Like Goin' Home

10. Freedom Song
11. Dearly Beloved
12. All Light Up
13. Balboa Island

Phil May - Vocals
Dick Taylor - Guitar, Banjo
Frank Holland - Acoustic & Lead Guitar, Vocals
John Povey - Jeyboards, Harp, Vocals
Wally Waller - Bass, Vocals
Skip Alan - Drums & Percussion
Mark St John ancient Trixon - Drums, Vocals


Scarlett Wrench (lots of great vocals & a capella)
James Cheetham (piano & organ on "Robert Johnson")
Rupert Cobb (trumpet)
Duncan Taylor-Jones (extra vocals on "Dearly Beloved")