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Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean

Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean - 1975

Ever heard of them eh? Well, Speedy Keen was not really a band but the stage name of one John Keen former lead vocalist of Thunderclap Newman. The Thunderclap's originally put together by The Who's Pete Townsend had one major hit with 'Something In The Air', a song that if you've been within earshot of a radio in the last thirty eight years, you must have heard at least once. An obligatory two month tour of the UK followed, but the band fell apart, understandably not able to match the success of the brilliant and timeless single. Following the split guitarist Jimmy McCulloch went on to Wings and keyboardist Andy Newman released an outstanding progressive album 'Rainbow' in 1971 disappearing soon after never to be heard from again. Not to be left out in the cold, Keen released his first solo album 'Previous Convictions' in 1973 to lukewarm reviews. Following up with 'Y'Know Wot I Mean' found Speedy supported by most of Back Street Crawler and an album that was originally written as a double LP, but eventually was whittled down on the advisement of Island Records.


Seu primeiro álbum, Previous Conviction foi postado em fevereiro aqui e seus links ainda estão ok.
Também já vi esse disco pela rede, mas acredito que não esteja ripado em @320.  Divirtam-se pois é um belo disco.

01 Crazy Love
02 Almost Eighteen
03 Nightmare
04 Fighting In The Streets
05 Bad Boys
06 I Promise You
07 Someone To Love
08 My Love
09 The Profit Of Ecology

John Keen - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano, Organ, Mellotron
Butch Sanford - Lead Guitar
Terry Wilson - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Emanuel Rentzos, John Bundrick - Keyboards
Liza Strike - Backing Vocals
Peter Vanderpuije, George Lee, Eddie Quansah - Horns


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