sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Osibisa - Osibisa LIVE!

 Osibisa - Osibisa LIVE! - 2011

Hoje, mais um álbum vendido somente na versão digital e sem nenhuma informação a respeito, exceto de que foi produzido no ano passado.

Até mesmo no site oficial da banda essa gravação não existe.

Nada mais a se falar, a não ser que resolvi ser esta a ultima postagem do blog....

FELIZ 2013 PARA TODOS !!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

01. Introduction
02. Dawn
03. Welcome Home
04. Ayiko Bia
05. Living, Loving Feeling
06. Woyaya
07. Ke Le Le
08. Fire
09. Music for Gong Gong
10. Beautiful Seven
11. Sunshine Day
12. Encore
13. Survival See All


sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2012

Vanilla Fudge - Reunion Tour

Vanilla Fudge - Reunion Tour - 2011

Hoje trago mais um daqueles álbuns que se encontram à venda nas principais lojas (itunes, amazon, 7digital, etc, etc) mas que não trazem nenhuma informação a respeito. São apenas 8 músicas gravadas ao vivo, sem saber se de uma única apresentação ou se retiradas aleatoriamente de toda uma turnê.

A desinformação é completa ao perceber que em todas as lojas as músicas estão com seus nomes trocados. Voce baixa uma, mas leva outra no lugar. Se o internauta não conhecer minimamente a banda ficará pensando que You Keep Me Hanging On se chama Eleanor Rigby (clássico dos Beatles) ou que My World is Empty passou a ser chamar People Get Ready.

Enfim, uma bagunça total. Fico pensando quantas músicas são vítimas de tanta neligência. Saber autoria das músicas ou do Produtor é impossível até ao Professor Wikipédia, como diria um amigo meu.

A banda se apresenta com 3 de seus integrantes originais e mais Pete Bremy, um cara que tem Tim Bogert dentre suas influências e já tocou na banda de Vince Matell.

Faça o download e confira se os velhinhos ainda estão em forma

01. Eleanor Rigby
02. Golden Age Dreams
03. My World Is Empty
04. People Get Ready
05. Shotgun    
06. Take Me for a Little While
07. Ticket to Ride
08. You Keep Me Hangin' On

Mark Stein - Keyboards, Vocals
Camine Appice - Drums
Vince Martell - Guitar
Pete Bremy - Bass, Vocals


quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012

Osibisa - Monsore (RE-POST)

Osibisa - Monsore - 1997

From Allmusic

The brainchild of Teddy Osei, a Ghanaian sax player, composer, and drummer who came to London to study music, Osibisa was one of the first African bands to win worldwide popularity. Their mix of African (especially highlife) and Caribbean forms made them a sensation in the mid 70s and their popularity continues today, even though recording dates have fallen off.

Read more HERE

01. Monsore
02. Djankoso
03. Hold On
04. Kofi-Kofi
05. Jambo Africa
06. Morning Sun
07. Jungle Call
08. Wo Anko Bia
09. Feel Good
10. Monsore (flute version)
11. Hold On (original mix)
12. Feel Good (remix)
13. Aflao

Greg Brown - Vocals
Teddy Osei -  Saxophone, Vocals, Flute, Saxophone, Drums, Backing Vocals
Kari Bannerman,  Roger Bebou , Guitar Smart Inkansah ,  Michael Bailey, Winston Delandro - Guitar
Jean-Karl Dikoto Mandengue, Herman Asafo-Adyei - Bass
Joe Osei, Amadu Saho, Dinesh Pandit,  Daku Potato,  Gaspar Lawal,  Kofi Ayivor - Drums
Errol Reid,  Bessa Simon - Keyboards
Kenny Wellington, Claude Deppa - Trumpet
Raimi Rasheed - Trombone
Bosie - African Xylophone
Kathy,  T-Bone, Pam, Sherry - Backing Vocals


quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Yesterday - A Tribute To The Beatles - Live From Las Vegas!

Yesterday - A Tribute To The Beatles - Live From Las Vegas! - 2007

Performing all eras of Beatles music in their original key, wearing drainpipe trousers and playing authentic instruments, Yesterday - The Beatles Tribute has performed on five continents. Beginning with the British Invasions in 1964, the mop tops from Liverpool began the first wave of Beatlemania. The Beatles forever changed the face of pop music with such songs as "Hard Day's Night", "Help", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "Sgt. Pepper", and "Revolution". Yesterday recreates note for note the music of the Fab Four.

Based in Las Vegas, Yesterday show bands have performed the long running show in among others, Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino Resort for three years, at the Horizon Casino Hotel in Lake Tahoe for eight months, five months in the Tiffany Theater at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and hundreds of venues across the US.


01. Hard Day's Night
02. Help
03. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
04. All My Lovin'
05. Please Please Me
06. Yesterday
07. I Saw Her Standing There
08. Twist and Shout
09. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With a Little Help from M
10. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
11. Taxman
12. Got to Get You into My Life
13. I Am the Walrus
14. Here Comes the Sun
15. Revolution
16. Bye Bye Love
17. Wake Up Little Susie
18. All I Have to Do Is Dream
19. Cathy's Clown
20. That'll Be the Day
21. Peggy Sue
22. Everyday
23. Maybe Baby


sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Steve Ellis - Ten Commitments

Steve Ellis - Ten Commitments - 2011

By Ivan Beavis from Morning Star 

You just cannot keep an old rocker from the '60s down these days. Steve Ellis is the old frontman from glam pop band The Love Affair, whose number one hit Everlasting Love is still a staple of nostalgia radio stations throughout the world.

On this, he's come up with an album made in 10 days in a mate's new studio. And it is by no means a bad record at all if you like familiar tunes well sung and performed.

Ellis was never a flash in the pan, as his brilliant performance on the soundtrack to the film of Joe Orton's Loot testifies, and again the album reflects his impeccable choice of songs.

As well as two of his own compositions, penned with Andy Lewis and Eric Wright, he has chosen songs by Neil Young and Beatles and a reggae version of Please Please Me which, though it might not sound like a good idea, works pretty well.

All in all, an honest offering of enjoyable fare with nothing outstanding - but all of it worthwhile.

01. Don't Let Me Be the Only One
02. Healing Touch
03. Hit the Spot
04. Never Say Never
05. On the Way Home
06. Perfect Sunday
07. Please Please Me
08. Thank You Baby for Loving Me
09. War Train
10. We Got It