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The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band - Live at the Belly Up

The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band - Live at the Belly Up  - 2016

Mick Fleetwood, the iconic co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, is celebrating his blues heritage with The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, featuring Rick Vito. As well as their own material, the band pays tribute to the original Fleetwood Mac, the blues band that started it all in 1967. Live at The Belly Up, features 17 tracks and over two hours of music including “Oh Tell,” “Albatross,” and “Black Magic Woman".

01. Looking For Somebody
02. Fleetwood Boogie
03. Oh Well
04. Red Hot Gal
05. Rollin’ Man Meets The Voodoo Woman
06. Love That Burns
07. Eyesight To The Blind
08. Black Magic Woman
09. Black Crow Blues
10. Lucky Devil
11. Passage East – World Turning
12. Rattlesnake Shake
13. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
14. Shake Your Moneymaker
15. Stop Messin’ Around
16. Carol
17. Albatross


sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Harvey Mandel - Snake Pit

Harvey Mandel - Snake Pit - 2016

Chicago-based guitarist Harvey Mandel’s first appearance on record was in 1966, on Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Band. Over the next few years he played live with a number of other blues legends, including Muddy Waters and Otis Rush, and appeared on recordings by Canned Heat and John Mayall, his long, searing guitar lines earning him the nickname “the Snake.” When the Heat appeared at Woodstock in 1969, Mandel was their lead guitarist. In 1974, when Mick Taylor left the Rolling Stones, Mandel auditioned for his slot, and played in “Hot Stuff” and “Memory Motel,” from the Stones’ Black and Blue (1976).

As even that brief glimpse of his résumé shows, Mandel should be better known. His new album, Snake Pit, matches the standard he’s set with his many solo albums since 1968, and shows his formidable skills undiminished. Mandel recorded the album at Fantasy Studios, in Berkeley, with four young Chicago musicians, to whom he introduced his song ideas via demos he’d recorded on his Phones.

Mandel sounds confident and strong in the title track, with drummer Ryan Jewell and bassist Anton Hatwich laying down a firm foundation behind his tastefully flashy guitar. Ben Boye plays understated electric piano, then steps up for a nicely constructed solo. “Snake Pit” contains hints of blues, funk, and jazz that Mandel handles easily but with burning conviction, and even at a length of 5:27, “Snake Pit” never loses steam or stoops to cliché.

01. Snake Pit
02. Space Monkeys
03. NightinGail
04. Baby Batter
05. JackHammer
06. Buckaroo
07. Before Six
08. Ode to B.B.

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Brian J. Sulpizio - Rhythm Guitar
Ben Boye - Keyboard
Anton Hatwich - Bass
Ryan Jewell - Drums
Jose Najera - Percussion

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Peter Wolf - A Cure For Loneliness

Peter Wolf - A Cure For Loneliness  - 2016

With over ten solo albums, Peter Wolf's music remains rooted in American music traditions -- rock, blues, R&B, country. That said, he delivers them with more complexity and nuance than in his role as frontman for the J. Geils Band.

A Cure for Loneliness reassembles members of his longtime backing band the Midnight Travelers: guitarists Duke Levine and Kevin Barry, and bassist Marty Ballou -- augmented by drummer Shawn Pelton and keyboardist and co-producer Kenny White. Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, and others appear in supporting roles. Wolf wrote or co-wrote all but three songs here. The material builds on the foundation laid on 2010's Midnight Souvenirs. The songs are more often than not sad, but they're never downers. Wolf's protagonists don't ask for pity or empathy. This is borne out in the covers too: Moe Bandy's honky tonk waltz "It Was Always So Easy (To Find an Unhappy Woman)" and the 1959 doo wop hit "Tragedy".

01. Rolling On
02. It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)
03. Peace Of Mind
04. How Do You Know
05. Fun For Awhile
06. Wastin' Time (Live)
07. Some Other Time, Some Other Place
08. It's Raining
09. Love Stinks (Live)
10. Mr. Mistake
11. Tragedy
12. Stranger

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Stepson - The Lost Tapes 1972-1974 (Re-Post)

Stepson - The Lost Tapes 1972-1974 - 2013

About forty years in the making, and finally the world has the second Stepson album! Utilizing tapes preserved by drummer Len Fagan then transferred to digital and mastered by bassist Bruce Hauser, this fine collection of twelve songs is as close as the world will ever get to a real second Stepson album. 

Some is raw, some is embryonic, but it’s all prime stuff for fans to savor, reflecting the band’s “devil may care” attitude and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. And just in case you don’t believe that the band liked to party, consider that the exact recording dates (and even some locations) have long been forgotten. 

To borrow an old adage: If you can remember Stepson, you weren’t there. Kicking off with a crunching riff by guitarist Joey Newman, ‘Danger Zone’ is the heaviest track Stepson ever cut, replete with an ominous atmosphere reflecting the seedy side of their native Los Angeles; ‘Streets of Alameda’ (1974) is an ode to vocalist Jeff Hawks’ hometown, featuring a liquor store holdup and a stolen Lincoln used as the getaway car. ‘Flesh & Blood’ is the only track on here that got an official release, albeit by ex-Smith belter Gayle McCormick as the title track to her second solo album, released by Decca in 1972. This version showcases the riff in full glory. And if you don’t believe that this riff is strong, consider that The Tonight Show band played it for approximately two weeks in 1976, prompting Fagan to confront “author” Don Menza, who coincidentally did the Flesh & Blood album’s horn charts and was now claiming credit for the song under the title ‘Instant Heart.’ The song disappeared from late night TV show shortly thereafter. ‘Bad Situation,’ the only other 1974 track, describes the band’s predicament that year: a track that should have propelled them to the big time, but instead bounced off a brick wall like a tennis ball. The maracas and funkified quasi-Bo Diddley groove hint at Stepson’s growth and what might have been.

01. Danger Zone
02. Streets of Alameda
03. Can’t Help Myself
04. Flesh & Blood
05. S-H-A-K-E
06. Don’t Say Goodbye (Say Goodnight)
07. Midnight Creep
08. Mississippi Dirt Road
09. Rock’d To My Very Soul
10. Bad Situation
11. The Tears You Cried (Ain’t Never Gonna Buy)
12. Legalize It

Joey Newman- Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Hawks - Lead vocals
Len Fagan - Drums
Bruce Hauser - Bass, Vocals


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Dave Davies & Russ Davies - Open Road

Dave Davies &  Russ Davies - Open Road - 2017

Legendary Kinks guitarist Dave Davies has been collaborating with his son Russ off and on since 1998's Purusha and the Spiritual Planet, which stepped aside from the riff-based rockers that put him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and featured more of a spacious, spiritually and cosmically-minded direction. Dave and Russ' new album, Open Road, explores similar musical territory, and carries a yearning, exploratory mindset that is the antithesis of trying to recreate his sound and style from 1964.

01. Path Is Long
02. Open Road
03. Don't Wanna Grow Up
04. King of Diamonds
05. Forgiveness
06. Sleep on It
07. Slow Down
08. Love Has Rules of It's Own
09. Chemtrails


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Kevin Ayers - BBC In Concert (Hampstead Theatre Club, 20th September 1972)

Kevin Ayers - BBC In Concert (Hampstead Theatre Club, 20th September 1972) - 2010

Kevin Ayers was one of rock's oddest and more likable enigmas, even if he often seemed not to operate at his highest potential. Perhaps that's because he never seemed to have taken his music too seriously -- one of his essential charms and most aggravating limitations. After the late '60s, he released many albums with a distinctly British sensibility, making ordinary lyrical subjects seem extraordinary with his rich low vocals, inventive wordplay, and bemused, relaxed attitude. Apt to flavor his songs with female backup choruses and exotic island rhythms, the singer/songwriter inspired the image of a sort of progressive rock beach bum, writing about life's absurdities with a celebratory, relaxed detachment. Yet he was also one of progressive rock's more important (and more humane) innovators, helping to launch Soft Machine as their original bassist, and working with noted European progressive musicians like Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill, and Steve Hillage.


01. (Don't Sing No More) Sad Songs
02. Whatevershebringswesing
03. Take Me To Tahiti
04. Oh! Wot A Dream
05. Marlene
06. Ball Bearing Blues
07. Fake Mexican Tourist Blues
08. Interview
09. Hat Song
10. Falling In Love Again
11. Beware Of The Dog


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Bun E. Carlos - Greetings From Bunezuela!

Bun E. Carlos - Greetings From Bunezuela! - 2016

Cheap Trick drummer and 2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Bun E. Carlos announced the release of his new solo album, “Greetings From Bunezuela!,” on June 24th, 2016 via SPV Recordings in Europe. The collection features 13 rock songs, 11 of which are covers, including “Armenia City in The Sky” (The Who), “Idea” (The Bee Gees) or "Tell Me" (The Rolling Stones).

The album features Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices), Xeno (original Cheap Trick vocalist), Hanson, Alejandro Escovedo, Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), John Stirratt (Wilco), Nicholas Tremulis, Alex Dezen (Damnwells), Rick Rizzo (Eleventh Dream Day), and members of Candy Golde and the Monday Night Band.

Carlos is the drummer for the legendary rock band Cheap Trick, drumming countless hits like “I Want You To Want Me,” “Surrender,” “Dream Police,” and “If You Want My Love.”

In 2009, Bun E. Carlos joined Tinted Windows with Hanson singer Taylor Hanson, former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, and Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger. The critically acclaimed power-pop-band released an eponymous record and played several shows.  In 2011, Bun E. Carlos joined Candy Golde with Nicholas Tremulis, John Stirratt (Wilco), Rick Rizzo, (Eleventh Dream Day), and Mark Greenburg (The Coctails). Candy Golde released a 5-song EP, 10” record, debuted at SXSW, and still record and perform, though sporadically.

01. Do Something Real (feat. Robert Pollard)
02. Armenia City In The Sky (feat. John Stirratt)
03. Him Or Me (feat. Hanson)
04. I Love You No More (feat. Alex Dezen)
05. Tell Me (feat. Alejandro Escovedo)
06. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (feat. Dave Pirner)
07. Let The Mystery Be (feat. Xeno)
08. Idea (feat. Robert Pollard)
09. Les Cactus (feat. Nicholas Tremulis)
10. I Can Only Give You Everything (feat. Rick Rizzo)
11. Slow Down (feat. Alejandro Escovedo)
12. Count On Me (feat. Xeno)
13. I Don't Mind (feat. Alex Dezen) 


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Captain Beyond - 04.30.72 ( Live in Switzerland)

Captain Beyond - 04.30.72 - 2016

Captain Beyond was formed from the ashes of Deep Purple, Johnny Winter And, and the Iron Butterfly. The line-up consisted of Rod Evans, vocals; Bobby Caldwell, drums-vocals; Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt, guitar; and bassist Lee Dorman. In the beginning there were five members with keyboardist Lewie Gold who left some months later for personal reasons before the first album was recorded. After hearing the bands demo, long-time friends Duane and Gregg Allman introduced Captain Beyond to the late Phil Walden and Capricorn Records.

04.30.72 is a live archive release containing selections from an unreleased 1972 concert performance.  

01. I Can't Feel Nothin' - Pt. 1
02. As The Moon Speaks (To the Waves of The Sea)
03. Astral Lady
04. As The Moon Speaks (Return)
05. I Can't Feel Nothin' - Pt. 2
06. Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)
07. Armworth
08. Myopic Void

Rod Evans - Vocals
Larry “Rhino” Reinhart - Guitar
Lee Dorman - Bass
Bobby Caldwell - Drums