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Captain Beyond - 04.30.72 ( Live in Switzerland)

Captain Beyond - 04.30.72 - 2016

Captain Beyond was formed from the ashes of Deep Purple, Johnny Winter And, and the Iron Butterfly. The line-up consisted of Rod Evans, vocals; Bobby Caldwell, drums-vocals; Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt, guitar; and bassist Lee Dorman. In the beginning there were five members with keyboardist Lewie Gold who left some months later for personal reasons before the first album was recorded. After hearing the bands demo, long-time friends Duane and Gregg Allman introduced Captain Beyond to the late Phil Walden and Capricorn Records.

04.30.72 is a live archive release containing selections from an unreleased 1972 concert performance.  

01. I Can't Feel Nothin' - Pt. 1
02. As The Moon Speaks (To the Waves of The Sea)
03. Astral Lady
04. As The Moon Speaks (Return)
05. I Can't Feel Nothin' - Pt. 2
06. Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)
07. Armworth
08. Myopic Void

Rod Evans - Vocals
Larry “Rhino” Reinhart - Guitar
Lee Dorman - Bass
Bobby Caldwell - Drums


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AussieRock disse...

Appreciate the share mate - I thought I had this but it was a 1999 concert in Sweden
Pity it is low bitrate but beggars can't be choosers
Thanks again and cheers from Down Under

Only Good Song disse...


In the bandcamp you can have it for just $ 8 (including in FLAC)

The goal of the blog has never been replace the original and will continue to be so (except when I post what found on the net)

And thank you so much for your visit and contribution.


Anônimo disse...

Thank you for this show and every other good song on your terrific blog, cheers!