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Chillbone - Try And Act Normal

Chillbone - Try And Act Normal - 2002

Chillbone is an original band from Western Massachusettes, composed of various rhythm and horn sections behind Jay Galarneau (lead guitar), Kimball Trump (vocals, keys) and Tim Heffernan (vocals, guitar).

"The Bone", with the help of Kevin Doherty, joined friend and producer Will Schillinger to record at his studio, Pilot Recording Studios in New York City.

A team our favorite musicians was assembled for the project including  Will Lee on bass and Dennis Chambers of Fukadelic/Brides of Funkenstein, Steely Dan etc. on drums.  Shelah Brody of George Clinton's P-funk joined in with her savage vocals.  Uptown Horns Crispin  Cioe and Bob Funk came with Kenny Fradley for the horn section and solos. Soozie Tyrell and Sherryl Marshall were borrowed from Bruce Springstein Band for back up vocals.  Other friends such as Marshall Crenshaw, Steve Holley and Jon Herington dropped in for guest appearences. The album was recorded and mixed at Pilot and mastered it at EMI-Abbey Road / Studio Two.

01. Mystic Booty           
02.Tonight's The Night           
03. Feelin' With The Groove           
04. Back In The Bus           
05. Chongo           
06. Part Of It           
07. Bear           
08. Fizzicle Haus           
09. List Of Chores           
10. Gift From Bootsie

Tim Heffernan : Vocals, Guitar
Jay Galarneau - Lead Guitar
Kimball Trump- Keyboards
 Marshall Crenshaw - Guitar Solo
Jon Herington - Guitar
Aaron Johnson , Dennis Chambers - Drums
Will Lee  - Bass
Amy Fairchild, Soozie Tyrel, Sherryl Marshall, Lisa Lowell, Shelah Brody -  Vocals
 Kenny Fradley - Trumpet
Crispin Cioe - Sax
Bob Funk - Trombone
Steve Holley, Joe Trump - Percussion
Sibel Firat  - Cello
Adam Widoff - Sitar



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The Yardbirds - Glimpses 1963-68

The Yardbirds - Glimpses 1963-68 - 2011

The Yardbirds Glimpses 1963-1968, is a 5D box set featuring rarities and unheard material from the legendary band. Five years in the making, the collection documents the Yardbirds' transition from R&B stalwarts to pop provocateurs and ultimately on to more experimental material.

Comprised of recordings of the band live in concert or during broadcast performances, many of the tracks found here have never been heard before and most are previously unreleased. Among them are fully remastered BBC recordings as well as material spanning all three of the Yardbirds' legendary guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

 DISC One 1963-64

01. Honey In Your Hips (Alternate Studio Take)
02. Baby What’s Wrong
03. Eric Clapton
04. I Wish You Would
05. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Studio Demo)
06. Jim McCarty
07. Louise
08. Eric Clapton
09. Someone To Love Me
10. Too Much Monkey Business
11. I Got Love If You Want It
12. Smokestack Lightning
13. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14. Respectable
15. The Sky Is Crying
16. Eric Clapton
17. I Wish You Would
18. Chris Dreja
19. I'm A Man
20. Someone To Love Me
21. Boom Boom
22. I’m A Man
23. Little Queenie
24. Too Much Monkey Business
25. Respectable
26. Carol
27. Here ‘Tis
28. Jim McCarty

Tracks 1,2,4,5. Recorded R.G. Jones Studios, Morden, Surrey England, December 1963 & January 1964. Tracks 9-15. Recorded 7th August 1964 at the Marquee London. Tracks 7 & 17. Recorded 5Th April 1964 UK. Track 19. Recorded 26 July 1964, Live Crawdaddy, Richmond, Surrey. Tracks 21-27. Recorded 9th August 1964, Fourth National Jazz & Blues Festival, Richmond. Track 20. Re-Edit 7th August 1964, Marquee, London.

DISC Two 1965

01. Evil Hearted You, Keith Relf Introduction (27 September)
02. Keith Relf
03. Heart Full Of Soul Paul Samwell-Smith Interview/ (1 June)
04. Chris Dreja
05. I Ain't Done Wrong (3 July)
06. Jim McCarty
07. Smokestack Lightning (Full Version)(16 November)
08. You're A Better Man Than I Interview/ (16 November)
09. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (16 November)
10. Jim McCarty
11. I’m Not Talking (16 March )
12. Keith Relf – I’m a Man
13. I’m A Man (9 April )
14. Keith Relf – The blues
15. Jeff’s Boogie (9 June)
16. Keith Relf
17. Steeled Blues (1 June)
18. Louise (4 June )
19. Keith Relf
20. I Wish You Would (6 August )
21. Love Me Like I Love You (9 August)
22. The Stumble (27 September)
23. Paul Samwell-Smith
24. You're A Better Man than I
25. The Train Kept A-Rollin’
26. Chris Dreja
27. I’ve Been Trying (9 June)
28. Shapes of Things plus interview
29. Paul Samwell
30. For Your Love (Long Version)
31. My Girl Sloopy (Long Version)
32. I’m A Man (Live)
33. I Wish You Would
34. Macleans Advert

Tracks 1,3,5,7,8,9. Recorded at Maida Vale Studios London for the BBC during 1965. Tracks 11,13,15,17,18,20,21,22,27. Unreleased lost UK Radio sessions from 1965, Tracks 24 & 25 Live England November 1965, Track 28. U.S Broadcast 10th January 1966. Tracks 30-32. 6th August 1965, Fifth National Jazz & Blues Festival, Richmond Athletic Association Grounds, Richmond. Track 33. 23rd September 1965, Dutch TV.

DISC Three 65-66 

01. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (26 July 1966 and 20 September 1966 – 2 October 1966,)
02. Keith Relf
03. Psycho Daisies
04. Stroll On (With Soundtrack Coda)
05. Chris Dreja
06. "Great Shakes" Advert
07. I Wish You Would
08. I'm A Man
09. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Live)
10. Over Under Sideways Down (Live)
11. Shapes of Things (Live)
12. He's Always There (Alternate Version)
13. Turn into Earth (Alternate Version)
14. I Can't Make Your Way (Alternate Version)
15. I'm A Man
16. For Your Love
17. Heart Full Of Soul
18. I Wish You Would (Live)
19. Jim McCarty
20. Questa Volta (Live)
21. Pafff…Bum (Live)
22. Chris Dreja
23. The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Live)
24. Shapes Of Things (Live)
25. Jim McCarty
26. Jimmy Page
27. Jeff's Boogie (6 May 1966, )
28. You’re A Better Man Than I (Live)
29. Keith Relf & Jeff Beck Interview Ravi Shankar (8 June 1966)
30. Shapes Of Things (Live)
31. Jim McCarty
32. Jim McCarty
33. Chris Dreja
34. I'm Not Talking (4 June 1965)
35. Heart Full of Soul (9 June 1965)
36. Spoonful (9 April 1965)
37. Bottle Up And Go (9 April 1965)
38. All The Pretty Little Horses (Hushabye) (9 April 1965)
39. .Jeff Beck

Tracks 1 & 3. Recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London. Track 4. Recorded 3rd -5th October 1966, Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London Track 5. Radio Commercial (12th July 1966, Marquee Studios, London) Track 7 & 8. 10-11th August 1965, US Broadcast. Tracks 9-11. 27th June 1966, Music Hall De France. Tracks 12 & 13. 31st May – 4th June 1966, Advision Sound Studios, London. Track 14. 14th June 1966, IBC Studios, London. Tracks 15 - 17. Recorded 10-11th August 1965, US Broadcast. Track 18. 20th June 1965, Palais Des Sports, Paris, France. Tracks 20 & 21. Recorded 28th & 29th January 1966, "The 16th Festival of Italian Songs Tracks 23 & 24. 1st May 1966, "Poll Winners Concert," Empire Pool, Wembley. Tracks 27, 34-38. Unreleased UK Radio Broadcast. Track 28 Recorded Live May 1966, England. Track 30. 1st April 1966, La Locomotive Club, Paris, France.

DISC Four 1967-68

01. Shapes Of Things
02. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
03. Over Under Sideways Down
04. I'm A Man
05. Chris Dreja
06. Shapes Of Things
07. Heart Full Of Soul
08. You're A Better Man Than I
09. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
10. Over Under Sideways Down
11. Little Games
12. My Baby
13. I'm A Man
14. Chris Dreja
15. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
16. Dazed and Confused
17. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
18. Glimpses (Sound Effects)
19. "The In Sound"
20. Chris Dreja
21. Think about it
22. Jimmy Page
23. Dazed And Confused (Live)

Tracks 1-4. Recorded on 15th March at the Stadthalle Offenbach. Tracks 6 - 13. Recorded 7th April 1967 Stockholm. Tracks 15-17. Recorded 9th March in France. Track 18. Recorded early 1967 in New York. Track 19. August 1967 US Army Radio Program. Track 21. Recorded January 1968 London. Track 23. Unknown Venue in England January 1968.

 DISC 5 BBC Radio 1 Re-Mastered

01. I Ain't Got You (22 March 1965)
02. For Your Love - Keith Relf Interview (22 March 1965)
03. I'm Not Talking (22 March 1965)
04. I Wish You Would (1 June 1965)
05. Too Much Monkey Business (6 August 1965)
06. Love Me Like I Love You (6 August 1965)
07. I'm A Man (6 August 1965)
08. Still I'm Sad - Paul Samwell-Smith Interview (27 September 1965)
09. My Girl Sloopy (Full Version) (27 September 1965)
10. Keith Relf interview (28 February 1966)
11. Shapes of Things (28 February 1966)
12. You're A Better Man than I (28 February 1966)
13. Dust My Broom (28 February 1966)
14. Baby, Scratch My Back/ Keith Relf Interview (6 May 1966)
15. Over Under Sideways Down (6 May 1966)
16. The Sun Is Shining (Full Version)(6 May 1966)
17. Shapes of Things (6 May 1966)
18.Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)(17 March 1967)
19. Little Games (17 March 1967)
20. Drinking Muddy Water (17 March 1967)
21. Think about It (16 March 1968)
22. Jimmy Page Interview/ Goodnight Sweet Josephine (16 March 1968)
23. My Baby (16 March 1968)
24. White Summer (5-6 March 1968)
25. Dazed and Confused (5-6 March 1968)
26. Think About It (5-6 March 1968)

All Tracks Recorded at Maida Vale Studios London for the BBC.


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Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers - Live at Rainbow Orchards

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers -  Live at Rainbow Orchards - 2000
(WITH Harvey Mandel)

from AMG

The leader of the Blues Rockers since the early 70's, Mick Martin has been one of the most dependable members of the West Coast blues scene. Starting his band when he discovered late 60's blues/rock fusion groups like the Rolling Stones, Martin stayed around the Sacramento area for years. Releasing album after album, Martin eventually built up a strong reputation and began performing with big name artists such as Grover Washington Jr. and Bo Diddley as his name spread. Into the next century, Martin signed to local label Dig Music and released Tip of the Hat, an all-covers record.  

01. I Don't Care
02. Find That Girl
03. Back Talking Baby
04. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter
05. Freeflow
06. Voodoo Queen   
07. There's The Door
08. Wade In The Water
09. Boogie Medley

Mick Martin - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Tim Barnes - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Schofer - Bass, Vocals
Joe Murazzo - Drums
Harvey Mandel - Guitar


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Ian McLagan - Best of British

Ian McLagan - Best of British - 2000

Best of British is the third solo album by British keyboardist Ian McLagan, his first in nearly twenty years. Recorded in his adopted hometown of Austin, Texas with his Bump Band, then consisting of vocalist and keyboardist McLagan, drummer Don Harvey, bassist Sarah Brown and guitarists Gurf Morlix and “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb, it featured twelve songs by McLagan, two previously released on his 1985 extended play, Last Chance to Dance.

The album was financed by his former bandmate, Ron Wood, who is featured on three tracks, including “She Stole It!”, the cautionary tale of a man, his woman and his record collection and the ode to their departed Face Ronnie Lane, “Hello Old Friend”.

01. Best Of British

02. I Only Wanna Be With You
03. She Stole It!
04. Warm Rain
05. Hope Street
06. Hello Old Friend
07. Big Love
08. Don't Let Him Out Of Your Sight
09. Suzie Gotta Sweet Face
10. Barking Dogs
11. I Will Follow
12. This Time

Ian McLagan - Vocal, Hammond organ, Piano, Rhythm guitar
“Scrappy” Jud Newcomb - Guitars, Vocal
Don Harvey - Drums, Percussion
Gurf Morlix - Guitars, Vocal
Sarah Brown - Bass, Vocal
Ron Wood - Guitars, Dobro, Vocal (3, 6, 12)
Billy Bragg - Vocal (1)
Deborah Kelly - Vocal (4, 7, 8, 12)
Amy Boone - Vocal (4, 8, 12)
Akwana Nflembele & The Jumbahkum Singers - Vocals (7)


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Henry McCullough - Mind Your Own Business

Henry McCullough -  Mind Your Own Business - 1975

Mind Your Own Business foi o primeiro disco solo de Mccullough e foi lançado pelo selo Dark Horse de George Harrison, reunindo um cast respeitável composto por músicos como Alan Spenner, Alex Korner, Steve Marriott, Jim Leverton, entre tantos.

Este álbum se tornou praticamente uma obscuridade instantânea, fazendo McCullough retornar aos seus tempos de músico de estúdio. Assim como nas prateleiras das lojas, Mind Your... era até então um destes discos virtualmente impossíveis de se achar na rede;  uma das maiores raridades deste mundão de músicas. 

Nunca lançado em CD este rip de vinil foi catado do site redtelephone, a quem agradeço.

Uma postagem especial à marca dos 500.000 visitantes. Número que jamais imaginei alcançar com um blog que não é mantido por nenhum expert musical, que não tem absolutamente nenhum tempo sobrando para atualizá-lo decentemente e que  recebe pouco mais de 100 visitas diárias. 

EU PROMETO: Ao chegar a 10000000 posto a discografia do DEMENCIAL Andy Gibb :)

01. You'd Better Run [Henry McCullough]
02.  Sing Me A Song [Henry McCullough
03. I Can Drive A Car [Henry McCullough]
04. Baby What You Do To Me [Henry McCullough]
05. Country Irish Rose [Henry McCullough]
06. Lord Knows [Henry McCullough]
07. Down The Mine [Henry McCullough]
08. Oil In My Lamp [Henry McCullough]
09. Mind Your Own Business [Hank Williams]
10. I'm In Heaven [Henry McCullough]

Special Thanks to Eliot W. (the original uploader) and Leonard Los, from redtelephone66 site, the first to make it available on the net.

Henry McCullough - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Marriot & Alexis Korner - Vocals on Mind Your Own Business
Frankie Miller - 2nd vocal (10)
Alan Spenner, Charlie Harrison, Jim Leverton - Bass
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
John Halsey, Bruce Rowlands, Steve Chapman - Drums
Mick Weaver - Piano, Organ, Clavinet
Tim Hinkley - Piano, Organ
Joe O'Donnell - Electric Violins
Herschel Holden - Trumpet (4)
Lloyd Smith, Lionel Kingham - Sax (4)
Sweedies - Back Vocals (7)

+@320 vinyl rip

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Jorma Kaukonen - Barrelhouse Brewing Company

Jorma Kaukonen - 2003-02-13 Barrelhouse Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH - 2012
(with Barry Mitterhoff)

Hoje trago o mais recente álbum do catálogo pessoal de Jorma  (cheque AQUI ), pelo selo Fur Peace Ranch e cujos títulos estão disponíveis apenas digitalmente.

Ainda trago todo o restante desta coleção, quando o tempo livre me deixar. O outro desta série está posto AQUI .

01. Big River Blues
02. True Religion
03. I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now
04. Hesitation Blues
05. Death Don't Have No Mercy
06. Tom Cat Blues
07. Living in the Moment
08. Good Shepherd
09. Quah    
10. I'll Let You Know Before I Leave
11. Prohibition Blues
12. Trouble in Mind
13. Sales Pitch
14. Red River Blues
15. Blue Railroad Train
16. Waiting for a Train
17. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
18. Another Man Done Gone
19. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
20. That'll Never Happen No More
21. Embryonic Journey
22. Flying Clouds
23. Genesis
24. Uncle Sam Blues
25. Tuning
26. 99 Year Blues
27. I Am the Light of This World
28. Tuning Up
29. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
30. Just Because
31. San Francisco Bay Blues (encore)


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Henry Mccullough - Unfinished Business

 Henry Mccullough - Unfinished Business - 2002

from Henry's site
The career of Henry McCullough cuts through just about every conceivable facet of rock music, and touches upon some of its most glorious moments.

Growing up in the seaside resort of Portstewart, Henry's first musical venture was as guitarist with Irish showband The Skyrockets and the years to follow found him doing the dance hall circuit with similar outfits, including the popular Gene and the Gents.

When the blues boom hit Ireland, Henry became involved with the rougher side of music through the outfit that were to become Eire Apparent. Managed for a time by Chas Chandler, Eire Apparent were one of the many bands to take part in package tours of Britain, alongside groups like The Move, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Amen Corner... After an untimely exit from the band, Henry nailed down some of the finest mix of traditional and rock with his work as part of the legendary Sweeney's Men. It is said that this line-up more or less invented the concept of Folk-Rock.

He then drifted to London where he became steeped in the blues scene, rubbing shoulders with some of the greats of the genre who were just coming to the attention of the British revivalists. An encounter with a young Sheffield singer led to a job and Henry's first brush with the realIy big time - as part of Joe Cocker's Grease Band. Tours and albums followed quickly, including an appearance at Woodstock and a lengthy period of work in the States.

Breaking with Cocker, Henry and The Grease Band continued to mune a gritty blues vein that made them a live favourite that has rarely been equalled. He found himself auditioning for a gig with ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Henry, along with Denny Seiwell, Denny Laine and Linda McCartney were the first - and many say best incarnation of Wings. He embellished the single 'My Love' with a graceful solo that is one of the all-time guitar gems and shows once and for all the expressive power of the instrument.


Henry Mccullough -  Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboards, Piano, Background Vocals
Percy Robinson - Pedal Steel Guitar
Davy Brown -  Acoustic Guitar
Sean McCarron - Saxophone
John McHugh - Accordion
Dono Ada - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Roe Butcher - Bass, Background Vocals
James Delaney - Piano, Keyboards
Stephen Quinn, Brian Moffatt - Drums
Noel Bridgeman - Percussion, Background Vocals

01. Last Of The Bluemen
02. Josie's In The Garden
03. Kuschty Rye
04. Belfast To Boston
05. I Couldn't Sleep For Thinking of Hank Williams
06. Ould Piece Of Wood
07. Big Barn Bed
08. Peacock's Waltz
09. Hollis Brown
10. I'd Rather Die Young
11. Let the Four Winds Blow
12. Drunken Nights In The City
13. Tumble Dry
14. Failed Christian