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The Psychedelic Cowboys - Jangle Waltz

The Psychedelic Cowboys - Jangle Waltz - 2007

Established in 1997, The Psychedelic Cowboys were an initial “spark” in the resurgence of the West Coast Americana music scene. Founding member and songwriter John Harlan formed the band on the concept of “weaving together a blend of folk, country, jug band and psychedelic music” in a way that would sound unique yet tip a hat to noteworthy sixties influences such as The Byrds, Kaliedescope, and Hearts and Flowers. In 1999 the group delivered their debut record entitled, “Tragic Songs and Hop-A-Longs”. The “Tragic” record was met with high critical acclaim from publications such as Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Daily News. For the next few years the group would perform at numerous venues in Los Angeles and throughout the West Coast. After two final performances in Virginia City, Nevada in April 2002, the group took a five year hiatus to deal with parental matters and to record what would be the long awaited follow up to the “Tragic” record. In 2007, the group’s critically acclaimed CD entitled, “Jangle Waltz an observation by The Psychedelic Cowboys” was released on the German label Taxim

01. Jangle 1
02. All Night
03. Hey Uncle Sam
04. How Many Guys
05. Viva Fresh Incident / It's So Hard Gene
06. Take Me Like I Am
07. Little Sipasake And The Fate Of Lonesome Wayne
08. Alone Again Or

09. Don't Lean On Me
10. Last DWI
11. Jangle 2 (Reprise)
12. Time Between Sixth And Drexel or Ithream Gets The Last Laugh

HAN SS13 from casper balslev on Vimeo.

John Harlan - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,  Bass, Percussion, Hammond Organ, Harmonica
Don Ian    - Electric Guitars
Jeff LeGore - Bass, Harmony Vocals
Lone Gun Harrigan  - Drums, Percussion


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The Shade - Born Too Soon

The Shade - Born Too Soon - 2013


A band that has taken influences from further afield to create an new original sound. With an arsenal of well crafted songs, The Shade have built up a large fan-base, a fan base built up of music fans of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes. The formula of having a great image, style and sound has set this band apart from many others. Their soulful rock and roll style and electric live performances are not to be missed by any lover of good music. 

NB: Uma excelente banda da nova cena mood londrina.  Tenho a impressão que ouviremos mais sobre ela nos próximos anos. A conferir.

Callum Grimshaw - Lead Vocals
Nathan Griffins - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jordan Hunt - Bass
Joshua Greenwood - Drums

01. Born Too Soon
02. A Star is Born
03. Pick Me Up from The City
04. Rat Race
05. A Thousand Eyes
06. I Dont Like You
07. Autopilot
08. Save My Day
09. Us to Blame
10. Did You Chase The Wold Away


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The Sheepdogs - Five Easy Pieces (EP) (Re-post)


The Sheepdogs - Five Easy Pieces (EP) - 2011

from wikipedia

The Sheepdogs are a Canadian rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, consisting of Ewan Currie on vocals and guitar, Leot Hanson on guitar, Ryan Gullen on bass and Sam Corbett on drums

The Sheepdogs beat 15 other bands to win Rolling Stone's "Choose The Cover" competition to be featured on the August 18, 2011 cover of Rolling Stone magazine, the first unsigned act to do so. The band is also close to signing with Atlantic Records. The band is planning to go on tour with Kings of Leon.

The band released several recordings independently prior to their Rolling Stone victory.

01. Who?

02. I Don't Know
03. The Middle Road
04. Learn My Lesson
05. How Late, How Long


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VA - The New Sell Out

The New Sell Out - Futureman Records - 2012

This legendary album is a cover of The Who Sell Out by power pop artists, including The Andersons, Splitsville, The Shazam, Brendon Benson, and The Grip Weeds to just name a few. Put together 12 years ago and gathering cobwebs ever since, The New Sell Out is finally out! Dedicated to Rick McBrien, the soul of Futureman. Thanks to every contributing artist and everyone who worked on this! Full liner notes and artwork included in download. Get it ONLY at (or ONLY Good Song).


Monday – Mike Giblin

01. Armenia City In The Sky - Paranoid Lovesick
Whoopie - Mike Giblin
02. Heinz Baked Beans - The Andersons
More Music – Cockeyed Ghost
03. Mary Anne With The
Shaky Hands - The Phenomenal Cats
Premier Drums – Barely Pink
Bah Bah – Ed James

04. Odorono- The Atomic Numbers
Smooth Sailing - Brendan Benson
05. Tattoo - The Jigsaw Seen
Church of Your Choice - Linus Of Hollywood
06. Our Love Was - Splitsville
Big L - Ed James
Rotosound Strings - Mitch Easter

07. I Can See For Miles - The Shazam
Charles Atlas - John P. Strohm
08. I Can't Reach You - Chris von Sneidern
09. Medac - Brendan Benson
10. Relax - Cloud Eleven
Rotosound Strings (demo) - The Jellybricks
11. Silas Stingy - Zumpano
12. Sunrise - Willie Wisely
13. Rael - Myracle Brah
Top Gear - Fundaro & Moll
14 Commercial Break
Pt 2. Welcome - Rodney Bingenheimer
Radio London - The Rubinoos
Pro-Stripe - The Breetles
Great Shakes - The Magic Christians

15. Glittering Girl - The Flashing Lights
16. Commercial Break
Radio London - Double Naught Spies
Mullet Man - P. Hux
Gino's Hair Cappucino - DM3

17. Melancholia - The Grip Weeds
18. Commercial Break
Coke - Fundaro & Moll
Dr. Giggle's Ginsing Root - Devin Hill
Radio London - Roger McGuinn
John Mason - The Jellybricks

19. Jaguar - Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg
20. Commercial Break
Radio London - The Masticators
Dizzy Mouse - The Masticators
Spaz Cola - Ed James
Radio London - The Merrymakers

21. Someone's Coming - The Pearlfishers
22. Commercial Break
Radio London - Bobby Sutliff
Coke - The Anderson Council
Yellow Pilsner - John McMullen
Radio London - The Chevelles

23. Early Morning, Cold Taxi - SWAG
24. Commercial Break
Radio London - Bingo Durango
Jock-A-Lot - The Popdudes
Top Popsicles - crash into june
Great Shakes - The Absolute Zeros
Radio London - Heavy Blinkers
25. Glow Girl - The Vandalias
Track Records - R. Stevie Moore
26. Bonus Track: Doctor, Doctor – Brendan Benson


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Eric Caboor and David Kauffman (AKA The Drovers) - Tightrope Town

Eric Caboor and David Kauffman (AKA The Drovers) - Tightrope Town - 1992

Por trás da "The Drovers" estão escondidos 2 músicos de Los Angeles que trazem neste seu 3º álbum 10 músicas envoltas em uma folk-rock com belos arranjos, sem ser obscuro e com letras que falam dos problemas e aspirações dos diferentes grupos sociais e etnicos de Tightrope, um bairro aonde sua vida parece estar pendurada numa corda.

É um álbum com músicas poderosas, longe de tendências e datações. Uma pérola perdida nesse amontoado de CDs das lojas virtuais. Surpreendo-me por esse trabalho não rolar na net (ainda).

01. Tightrope Town

02. Pretty Lady in a Beat up Car
03. Don't They do it All The Same?
04. The Mexican Song
05. Delivery Man
06. Boulevard
07. Colleen
08. Time Will Drag You Down
09. Did Heaven Send an Angel?
10. Status Quo

Eric Caboor - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
David Kauffman - Bass, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals
"Phlim" Flambeau - Drums, Percussion


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Simon Townshend - Among Us

Simon Townshend - Among Us - 1997

A familiar name with an original sound, Simon Townshend is straight from the lineage of one of British music’s most famous families. The son of England’s top big-band reed man and baby brother of Who legend Pete Townshend, Simon has been recording and performing since the age of nine, when he was recruited to add vocals to The Who classic Tommy. He went on to successfully release six well received solo CD’s and one with the band Casbah Club (featuring Bruce Foxton/The Jam & Mark Brzezicki/Big Country)

NB: Among Us é o terceiro álbum solo de Simon e garanto que o disco não é apenas um trabalho de um cara que só conseguiu gravar alguma coisa porque seu irmão é famoso. Há talento e qualidade em cada uma de suas faixas.

Simon Townshend - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric guitar
Tony Lowe - Bass, Lead guitar
Lindsay King - Acoustic guitar, Synth bass, Backing vocals
Ben Townshend - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Zak Starkey - lead guitar in middle of "Ecstasy Heaven" and slide guitar on "When She Sleeps"

01. When She Sleeps
02. Medicine
03. So Sleep
04. Company
05. The Way It Is
06. Save Me From Me
07. Cold Water
08. Girls On Girls
09. No More Never
10. Capture
11. Ecstasy Heaven
12. Girl In New York


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Various Artists - Who's Not Forgotten: FDR's Tribute to The Who

 Various Artists - Who's Not Forgotten: FDR's Tribute to The Who - 2004

By Erick Mertz from COSMIK.COM

When Robert Pollard takes the stage for his final encore as front man of Guided By Voices, he almost certainly announces a cover of "Baba O'Reilly" as the next song; as the guitars cascade, simulating the unforgettable signature keyboard line, he proclaims that this is the "greatest rock song ever written." The crowd screams, he kicks like Bruce Lee amid his own drunken miasma and the venue, however large, begins to pulse with an anticipation not seen during a night of originals to that point. It is more than lore that GBV is one of the best live acts in America, but in that moment, it is the Who that draw the ire and frothing joy from the crowd. 

Precisely that riotous effect makes up the thrust behind H.E.A.R's (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) compilation of Who cover songs. The artists are contemporary, some definitely obscure, and hand picked from labels Jam and Face Down records. It would belie Roger Daltry's wishes from The Kids Are Alright to analyze or scrutinize too deeply the choices of artists and their performances, but a few from among the 21 songs deserve mention, the first of which would naturally be Guided By Voices doing "Baba" live. Nothing short of transferring the listener to the surely dark and sweaty club where this was culled could top their rendition. As intended, it saps every stirring ounce of life from its listener and whether it is Roger or Robert singing, it isn't hyperbole to theorize that Baba's conception is a moment of rock genius. The Lola's kick over an anthemic version of "The Kids Are Alright" with a breezy summer day's enthusiasm as do The Commons whose rendition of the thinly veiled sex classic "Squeeze Box" is amazing. 

Arguably, not every one of the Who's staple songs are covered (Tommy and Happy Jack glaring in their omission) and not every version is delightful (boring are "Behind Blue Eyes" and "I Can See For Miles"), but there is a lot of ground covered in one tribute. As Guided By Voices prove night in and night out, there is something indescribable about the Who, and when the Glowfriends give over their terrific, energetic rendition of "I Can't Explain" that magic is transferred, a little sadly perhaps, but with full riotous effect nonetheless.


01. Heaven and Hell - Photon Band
02. The Real Me - Bastards of Melody
03. The Kids Are Alright - The Lolas 
04. Bargain - Dipsomaniacs 
05. Behind Blue Eyes - Pat Dinizio 
06. Baba O'Riley - Guided By Voices 
07. Long Live Rock - Tommy Conwell with the Dipsomaniacs 
08. Glow Girl - The Bigger Lovers 
09. I'm a Boy - Cordalene 
10. Pictures of Lily - Taggart
11. Athena - Grandfabric
12. Squeeze Box - The Commons
13. Mary-Anne With the Shaky Hands - Chris Richards 
14. I Can See for Miles - Jim Basnight 
15. Substitute - Blank Pages 
16. Circles - Jeremy 
17. So Sad About Us - Steve Brown
18. 1921 - Nancy Falkow 
19. Boris the Spider - J. Horndog 
20. My Generation - The Contractions 
21. I Can't Explain - The Glowfriends


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Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble (re-re-post)

Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble - 2005

Ian McLagan's first solo album 'Troublemaker' got critical raves and even made the charts when it was released in 1979. This collection has been re-mastered with seven extra tracks, none of which have ever been heard before on CD.

Apart from Ian McLagan: vocals, piano & Hammond B3, the band was Johnny Lee Schell: guitars and vocals, Jim Keltner: drums, and Paul Stallworth: bass.

The album is full of great songs and performances, and features the only released recording of the New Barbarians on 'Truly', a reggae favorite. Ronnie Wood & Keith Richards on guitars, Stanley Clarke on bass, Bobby Keys on Sax, and Zigaboo Modeliste on drums. And in a separate session Ringo Starr played drums on 'Hold On'. There are also four tracks from McLagan's album, 'Last Chance To Dance', 'Pictures Of Lily' from a Who Tribute disc, a reworking of 'Last Chance To Dance' with Mac's Texas Bump Band, and the complete 12 minute original take of 'Truly' with Keith and Mac's backing vocals

Ian McLagan - Vocals, Electric Piano, Hammond B3 organ, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

01. La De La
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

02. Headlines
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

03. Truly
Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass
Zigaboo Modeliste - Drums
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone
Darryl Keys - Saxophone

04. Somebody
Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
David Kemper - Drums
Steve Madaio - Trumpet

05. Movin' Out
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

06. Little Troublemaker
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

07. If It's Alright
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

08. Sign
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

09.  Hold On
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Ringo Starr - Drums
Geoff Workman - Accordion

10. Mystifies Me
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jaime Segal - Vocals

11. Last Chance to Dance
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
Phil Chen - Bass
David Kemper - Drums

12. All I Want Is You
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

13. Big Love
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

14. You're My Girl
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

15. Pictures of Lily

Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Vocal
Matt Downs - Guitar
Will MacGregor - Bass
Nick Vincent - Drums, Vocals

16. Truly
Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Wood - Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass
Zigaboo Modeliste - Drums
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone
Darryl Keys - Saxophone

17. Last Chance to Dance
"Scrappy" Jud Newcomb - Guitar
Sarah Brown - Bass
Don Harvey - Drums
Gurf Morlix - Vocals


Repost atendendo pedido do Tadahiro :)

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Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood (Re-Post)

Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood - 2010 

2010 album from the reformed 60's Psychedelic Pop act featuring Andy Newman, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country), Josh Townshend (Pete's nephew), Nick Johnson and Tony Stubbings. Seven of the tracks were recorded live during their reunion tour, while the remaining three tracks are all studio recordings. Track Records.

The live material on this album was recorded the week after the 'Lewes' show on 26th February, Farrington Gurney, Bristol.

01. Hollywood
02. When I Think
03. Accidents
04. Wild Country
05. The Old Cornmill
06. Wilhelmina
07. Look Around
08. I See It Also
09. I Don't Know
10. Something In The Air

Andy Newman - Piano, Woodwind and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Vocals
Josh Townshend - Guitar and Vocals
Nick Johnson - Guitar and Vocals
Tony Stubbings - Bass