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The Ingoes - Before We Were Blossom Toes (1964-66)

The Ingoes - Before We Were Blossom Toes (1964-66) - 2010

from popmatters

This 15-tracker provides a comprehensive account, through unreleased originals and obscure studio cuts, of British pop-psych band Blossom Toes when they were still a jobbing young R&B combo searching for a voice amidst the flowering beat boom of the mid-‘60s. Formed in London and managed by Giorgio Gomelsky (The Yardbirds), the Ingoes got to play the hip Crawdaddy clubs and the Marquee. But it wasn’t until the group landed a residency at Le Bus Palladium in Paris that they really got their groove on, as exemplified by the closing number, a raucous live version of Rufus Thomas’s “Jump Back” that has the Parisian scenesters going wild. Along the way the quartet recorded two workman-like versions of “Help!”, one in French, the other in Italian, and kick-started a dance craze called Le Monkiss; it’s the four tracks which made up the original EP Viens Danser Le Monkiss in ‘65, including a sensational version of Wilson Pickett’s “In the Midnight Hour”, that provide the album highlights. Although highly enjoyable and with insightful liner notes by band guitarist Brian Godding, there’s nothing here to suggest that just twelve months later, they’d be singing a song about “Mrs Murphy’s Budgerigar”.

01. Fast Eddie
02. I Feel the Winter
03. Monday
04. I Don't Want You
05. Thank You All the Same
06. Whatcha Gonna Do 'bout It?
07. Ready Packed People of Today
08. Pistol Packin' Mama (Demo)
09. Au Secours
10. Se Non MI Aiuti Tu
11. Viens Danser Le Monkiss
12. Mister Pitiful
13. Pistol Packin' Mama
14. In the Midnight Hour
15. Jump Back


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Jess Roden & The Humans- Live at the Robin - 1996

Jess Roden & The Humans- Live at the Robin - 1996

Jess Roden was always one of the UK's most underrated and enduring white boy soul singers. And as this album suggests, neither his audience nor his muse has ever deserted him.

Together with a stellar line-up including one time Atomic Rooster/ bass man Nic Graham and Rod Stewart/Strider guitarist Gary Granger, plus his Granger's guitar protégé, Bill Burke, the Humans push Jess to the limit.

Recorded in 1996 in front of a sell out crowd near his Wolverhampton roots, Jess & The Humans prove that not only did they still have a cutting edge, but that the band's song-writing prowess matched the on stage sparks. The opening brace of self penned rockers "When I Call You Name" and the stage favourite "So Fine, So Young" set the standard, while the grungy "Before I Hurt Myself" is a show stopper. In between there's some sultry impassioned soul with Joe Tex's "You'd Better Believe It" and a fine improvised version of Willie Dixon's "I Live The Life I Love".

The album's climactic closing number is a full blown cover of Neil Young's Grungy "Rockin' in The Free World", which is a timely nod to the man whose influence pervades much of this impressive live set.

01. When I Call Your Name
02. So Fine, So Young
03. Cool Water
04. I Live The Life I Love
05. Let Me Love You Baby
06. If You Reallly Want Me
07. You'd Better Believe It
08. Before I Hurt Myself
09. Rockin' In The Free World


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Jorma Kaukonen - Christmas

Jorma Kaukonen - Christmas - 1996

Christmas is a Jorma Kaukonen studio album released in July 1996. It was the only themed album Kaukonen recorded and was a departure from the usual Rev. Gary Davis influenced tunes. It included new Christmas-themed compositions as well old hymns such as "Silent Night." Like the previous album, The Land of Heroes, Christmas incorporated the work of Michael Falzarano and Fred Bogert. Kaukonen's wife Vanessa also performed vocals and co-wrote one song. It was also the only time Kaukonen performed keyboards on an album.

01. Downhill Sleigh Ride
02. Christmas Rule
03. What Child Is This? (Traditional)
04. Christmas Blues (Falzarano)
05. Journey of The Three Wise Men
06. Baby Boy (Traditional)
07. You're Still Standing
08. Silent Night (Traditional)
09. Holiday Marmalade
10. Holiday Segue

Jorma Kaukonen – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Falzarano – Rhythm guitar, Sleigh bells, Vocals
Fred Bogert – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Vanessa Lillian – vocals
Chris Munson, Wayne Killius – Drums


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J.D. Simo - One Night Stand

J.D. Simo - One Night Stand - 2002

J. D. Simo is an American blues singer-songwriter, who began guitar lessons at the age of five. By age 15, Simo had already formed a blues-rock power trio and released a live EP recorded in Phoenix Arizona. He quickly earned a strong local following in the Phoenix area, pleasing crowds of all ages with dynamic stage performances that showcased his explosive guitar skills. By 2006, having reached the age of 20, Simo has appeared alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd, Goo Goo Dolls, and Santana, and had written and performed in commercials for Dominos Pizza and Geico car insurance. In the winter of 2006 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he has established himself as a session musician, appearing on albums by Rodney Atkins, The Van Lears and Travis Meadows. He currently plays with the Don Kelley Band whose prior guitarists included Brent Mason, Kenny Vaughan, Redd Volkaert and Johnny Hiland.

01. Freight Train
02. Six String Blues
03. Goin Down
04. School House Blues
05. Superstition
06. Doin All Right
07. Til The Morning Comes
08. Capture Me
09. Just Begun
10. Texas Flood
11. One Night Stand
12. City Limits
13. Mystery (Bonus Track)

J. D. Simo - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Feigenbaum - Bass
Thomas "Freight Train" Walker - Drums
Hans Olson - Harmonica


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Laurel & The Love-in - Don't Love Nobody

Laurel & The Love-in - Don't Love Nobody - 2016

Don’t Love Nobody is a Nashville throwback rock and roll blend of bad attitude and Southern spunk, powered by Laurel Sorenson’s bold, smoky vocals.

Fronted by unapologetically vibrant personality and songwriter, Laurel Sorenson, Laurel & The Love-In cite a range of soulful and bluesy influences, including Amy Winehouse, Alabama Shakes and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, meshed with rock classics Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Ramones. The result is a sound that is both retro, yet fresh and an onstage presence that is both mature, yet wild with frenetic energy.

01. No More
02. Without You Blues
03. Got a Light
04. Can't Wait
05. Prescription
06. Love Don't Love Nobody
07. Want You for Your Body
08. Big Bad Wolf
09. Ride The Rails
10. Gonna Do
11. Let My Heart

Laurel Sorenson - Lead Vocals
Ian Kendall - Guitar
John Lattimer - Bass
Michael Rasile - Drums
Veronica Selby & Allison Stokes - Background Vocals


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The Litter - Re-Emerge

The Litter - Re-Emerge - 1998

After reforming in 1990, the Litter decided to stay together and cut a studio album. With the help of guests like Joey Molland and an enlarged personnel, Minneapolis' favorite psychedelic still deliver the goods with a vengeance. Original arrangements of old favorites like "Takedown," "Starting Over Again," and "Slipaway," along with a pack of solid new originals, make this a reunion album well worth investigating.

01. Action Woman
02. Too Hot To Handle
03. Takedown
04. City Of Tears
05. Slipaway
06. Climbing To The Top
07. Starting Over Again
08. You Don't Fool Me
09. Stay With Me
11. Love Is Just A Word (That Falls Apart)
12. Don't Make Me Go It Alone
13. I Think Of You
14. Takedown (Original Version)
15. Starting Over Again (Original Version)
16. Slipaway (Original Version)
17. Spider Lady


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Pete Townshend - Magic Bus Live from Chicago - 2004 (re-re-post)

Pete Townshend - Magic Bus Live from Chicago - 2004

Essencialmente esse disco é uma reedição do "Merryville Academy", só que ao contrário do que possa sugerir, foi lançado  com apenas 8 das originais 11 músicas. De qualquer forma, Pete mescla clássicos do Who com canções de seus discos solos, em  novos arranjos. Lançado originalmente em 1998, foi gravado no "House of Blues" de Chicago e traz Eddie Veder em Magic Bus e Heart to Hang on Two, que por si já vale o download.

01. On the Road Again
02. Drowned
03. You Better You Bet
04. Now and Then
05. North Country Girl
06. Let My Love Open the Door
07. Magic Bus
08. Heart to Hang Onto

Pete Townshend - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Eddie Vedder - Vocals
Tracey Langran - Vocals, Guitar
Jon Carin - Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Sequencer
Chucho Merchan - Bass, Percussion
Peter Hope-Evans (Jew's Harp)
Jody Linscott - Percussion


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Sal Valentino - Come Out Tonight


Sal Valentino - Come Out Tonight - 2008

By Bruce Eder, AMG
This record is a genuinely amazing listening experience -- in fact, it's downright spellbinding for anyone who remembers the Beau Brummels, the mid-'60s/late-'60s outfit that Sal Valentino fronted. One hears accounts of enduring talents all the time, but even so, nine times out of ten with veteran performers of four decades' standing, it's too much to expect that they could actually deliver albums as strong as their classic work. But that's precisely what Valentino has done with Come Out Tonight. The voice is a little rougher, to be sure, but it's also every bit as powerful, expressive, and memorable as it was in the 1960s -- and with some fine songwriting of his own plus some careful selection of other people's tunes, he's come up with an album that's a fine successor to the first two Beau Brummels albums or just about anything else he ever did during his classic years. Come Out Tonight does cover all kinds of ground that wouldn't have been in evidence in the mid-'60s, of course, including a killer slow acoustic blues-style rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues" and a similarly unexpected interpretation of Jimmy Webb's "The Highwayman," his singing driving any of the pop smoothness from the piece. The newer numbers are also memorable, if mostly in more of a pop/rock vein (with a folk-rock veneer on a lot of them), and one could see a song like "Treasure of the Orient" turning into a hit in a friendlier musical environment. And although he's mostly known as a singer and songwriter, Valentino also contributes some acoustic guitar to his cause on a pair of tracks, most notably the title song. A dark, minimalist, bluesy personal reflection that's as alluring as it is devastating listening, "Come Out Tonight" delves into profoundly moving depths of despair and loneliness. And what makes this record even more special is the energy behind it -- Come Out Tonight isn't just an exercise in nostalgia, or an example of a veteran artist ascending to an unexpectedly high plateau, but a solidly compelling body of performances, surprisingly close in spirit to the records that Johnny Cash cut with Rick Rubin -- except that Valentino never needed (or saw the urgency for) the "comeback." 

01. All The Places
02. Catherine I Do
03. New Day
04. The Devil Is In The Courtyard
05. Grease The Wheel
06. For The Longest Time
07. Folsom Prison Blues
08. Treasure Of The Orient
09. Lookin' For You
10. The Highwayman
11. Come Out Tonight


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The Pete Best Band - Live At The Adelphi

The Pete Best Band  - Live At The Adelphi - 1992

Randolph Peter "Pete" Best is an English musician, principally known as the original drummer for the Beatles from 1960 to 1962.

The Beatles invited Best to join on 12 August 1960, on the eve of the group's first Hamburg season of club dates. Ringo Starr eventually replaced Best on 16 August 1962 when the group's manager, Brian Epstein, dismissed Best under the direction of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, following their first recording session at Abbey Road Studios in London.

After working in a number of commercially unsuccessful groups, Best gave up the music industry to work as a civil servant for 20 years, before starting the Pete Best Band.

01. Slow Down
02. Be My Baby
03. When You Walk In The Room
04. I Hear You Knocking
05. Some Other Guy
06. Mr Moonlight
07. When A Man Loves A Woman
08. Keep On Running
09. Rock And Roll Music
10. Rockin' Robin - Rip It Up (Medley)
11. Lucille
12. Great Balls Of Fire
13. Interview With Pete Best


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Spencer Davis & The British All-Stars - Keep On Rollin'

Spencer Davis & The British All-Stars - Keep On Rollin' - 2016

01. Let The Good Times Roll
02. Key to The Highway
03. Feets Too Big
04. Tamp 'Em Up Solid
05. Ain't Nothing Shakin' But The Bacon
06. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
07. The Thrill is Gone
08. Watch The River Flow
09. Stormy Monday

Spencer Davis - Guitar, Vocal
Dave Kelly - Guitar, Vocal
Pete Emery - Guitar, Vocal
Gary Fletcher - Bass, Vocal
Zoot Money - Keyboads, Vocal
Pick Withers - Drums


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Phil Parlapiano - The Mordacious Mr. Squeeze

Phil Parlapiano - The Mordacious Mr. Squeeze - 2013

Phil tracked the album with the Medicine Men (Lynn Coulter-Percussion, Butch Norton-Percussion, Tad Wadhams (electric and upright bass) and was joined by drummer Herman Matthews, David Sutton, guitarists Doug Pettibone, Doug Hamblin, Chuck Kavooras, Donny Kilpatrick and Bruce Watson. Aubrey Richmond played some fiddle and Dan Navarro added some sweet Backgrounds. These players have played with a great number of music legends including Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Tower of Power, Foreigner, Lucinda Williams, the eels, John Mayer and many others. This record was done strictly on tape with no computer, no synthesizers and no drum loops. Just the sound of two drummers, bass and a few guitar playing, picked up expertly by a ribbon mike. Armed with an UREI 1176, the Medicine Men planned to re-inject, though not necessarily recreate some of the best neo-afro-redneck blues that one could in the new millennium.

01. Taking Me Back
02. The New World
03. This Road Is Not My Own
04. A Little Love
05. Under the Bus
06. Direction
07. Girlfriend Revenge
08. Bully
09. Two Ways
10. Breakout
11. Maggie's Farm
12. Shilo
13. Mordacious


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The Pat McManus Band - Dark Emerald Highway

The Pat McManus Band - Dark Emerald Highway - 2013

Dark Emerald Highway is the fourth album from former Mamas Boys guitarist/songwriter, Pat McManus. His most personal and introspective album to date. Recorded around the time his father passed away, this is not a mournful collection of songs, rather a collection of tracks that positively reflect on life, family, and the world around. Still holding true to his Celtic roots, and mixed with his own distinctive style of Blues Rock, it is easy to see just why Pat was nicknamed "The Professor" when he was just a boy starting out. Indeed, with the sad and untimely passing of Rory Gallagher, and then Gary Moore, Pat McManus can lay claim to the title of "The last of the truly great Irish blues rock Guitarists.

01. S Before X
02. Transformations
03. Loving Kind
04. Lets Turn It Up
05. Lazy Days
06. Cold Town
07. Fallen Angel
08. Shame On You
09. Belfast Boy
10. The Bolt    

Pat McManus - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Bouzouki , Backing Vocals, Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar
Marty McDermott - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Faloon - Drums
Paul Marshall - Drums (Lambbeg Drums)
John McCullough - Keyboards
Mudd Wallace - Percussion, Keyboards
Maura Donaghy - Backing Vocals 


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Eric Clapton - Live in San Diego

Eric Clapton - Live in San Diego - 2016

On March 15, 2007, Eric Clapton's world tour stopped at San Diego's iPayOne Center (originally the San Diego Sports Arena and now the Valley View Casino Center). The band lineup for the tour continues to be a firm fan-favorite, with Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II on guitars, Chris Stainton and Tim Carmon on keyboards, Willie Weeks on bass, Steve Jordan on drums and backing vocalists Michelle John and Sharon White During the set, EC's long-time musical inspiration, JJ Cale, sat in for five songs, including three from their Grammy-Award winning album, The Road To Escondido, released in 2006.

Live in San Diego is the thirteenth live album by the British rock musician Eric Clapton. It was released on 30 September 2016 through Reprise Records.

Special guests on the Live in San Diego release include guitarists J. J. Cale, Robert Cray, Doyle Bramhall II and Derek Trucks. The live album marks Clapton's second collaboration with Cale after The Road to Escondido was released on 7 November 2006. Also, the album features the first new live music from Clapton and Cray following Clapton's 1991 live double album 24 Nights.The album, which is available on compact disc, as a digital download and on gramophone record was recorded on 15 March 2007 at the Ipayone Center in San Diego, California during the "Doyle & Derek World Tour" and features a total of 16 tracks.

01. Tell the Truth
02. Key to the Highway
03. Got to Get Better in a Little While
04. Little Wing
05. Anyday
06. Anyway the Wind Blows
07. After Midnight (with J. J. Cale)
08. Who Am I Telling You? (with J. J. Cale)
09. Don't Cry Sister" (with J. J. Cale)
10. Cocaine (with J. J. Cale)
11. Motherless Children
12. Little Queen of Spades
13. Further On up the Road
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. Layla
16. Crossroads


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Marc Benno And The Bluesblasters - Live at the Pour House

Marc Benno And The Bluesblasters - Live at the Pour House - 2011

Marc Benno has been giving blues, rock n roll, and pop music an unmistakable Texas flavor for years. A singer/songwriter who plays the guitar and piano, Benno is a strong force behind some of rock and blues greatest talents making them sound even better. The list of legends he's worked with includes The Doors, Eric Clapton, Lightnin Hopkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Wyman, Georgie Fame, Rita Coolidge, Eddie Murphy, Leon Russell and many more! In the 60's, after performing in Dallas with Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs, the Eagles, first known as Felicity and The Moving Sidewalks, Aka ZZ Top, Benno headed to Los Angeles to further his career. That put him in the right place at the right time! Marc Benno recorded a pair of albums with Leon Russell as a duo under the name The Asylum Choir. These recordings are considered rock classics by Billboard Magazine. Benno was then picked to play guitar on an album by the psychedelic rock greats The Doors. The sessions were for the classic L.A. Woman (1971), the group's last LP before Jim Morrison's death. Benno recorded four albums for A&M Records in Hollywood in the 70's. Eric Clapton played guitar on two tracks from Benno's 1979 album Lost in Austin, recorded in London, produced by Glyn Johns who was famous for producing The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. He toured with Rita Coolidge as lead guitarist and band leader opening for The Byrds at Royal Albert Hall in London! After two years serving as Lightnin Hopkins bandleader and lead guitarist, Benno formed Marc Benno & TheNightcrawlers, opening shows across America for Humble Pie and The J. Geils Band. One of the Crawlers was a young guitarist named Stevie Ray Vaughan. Benno's career got an unexpected boost in 1985, when his song "Rock & Roll Me Again", recorded by The System for the movie Beverly Hills Cop, won a Grammy for Best Composition for a Motion Picture Soundtrack! Guitar World Magazine credits Benno for giving The Doors a Texas flavor, with his style of guitar playing on their album titled LA Woman release in 1971. He is featured on The Doors Greatest Hits album. Leon Russell's Greatest Hits, a long overdue release, features the Asylum Choir II classic, Tryin to Stay Live, co-authored by Marc and Leon. 

01. Love Junkie
02. Yonders Wall
03. Alligator Boogaloo
04. Sweet Home Chicago
05. Killin Floor
06. Born Under A Bad Sign
07. Mustang Sally
08. Georgia
09. Sweet Lil Angel
10. Do It To Ya
11. Tip Jar


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Ian Hunter & The Rant Band - Fingers Crossed

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band - Fingers Crossed - 2016

Ian Hunter’s latest studio album, Fingers Crossed unveils ten new, self-penned songs including his much-anticipated homage to David Bowie ‘Dandy’. Recorded at HOBO Studios in New Jersey, and co-produced by Hunter and Andy York, the record features his magnificent Rant Band and is the follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed When I’m President.

As leader of ‘70s British rock legends Mott the Hoople and as a hugely influential solo artist, Ian Hunter is widely revered as one of rock’n’roll’s most compelling performers and one of its most articulate songwriters. As author of such immortal anthems as, “All The Way From Memphis”, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” and “Cleveland Rocks” and the voice of such landmark albums as, “All The Young Dudes”, “Mott”, “Ian Hunter” and “You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic”, he remains a hero to fellow musicians and fans around the world.

The compositions on Fingers Crossed see Hunter covering typically wide-ranging subject matter. ‘Dandy’, his fond tribute to David Bowie reflects on a relationship cemented in 1972 when Bowie produced Mott’s album All the Young Dudes and provided its hit title track. “I think ‘Dandy’ might be my favourite track on the album,” Ian admits “I like the line – ‘and then we took the last bus home’. David was an incredible artist with an insatiable curiosity for everything.”

Ghosts’ was inspired by a November 2014 visit to Union Avenue in Memphis where Ian and the Rant Band were invited to jam in rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Studio. Title track ‘Fingers Crossed’ is a 1750’s sea-faring tale of impressment, when men were taken into the Navy by compulsion and forced recruitment.

“’Fingers Crossed’ was not inspired by a book” Ian comments, “actually it wasn’t inspired by anything material. I’ve no idea where it came from as I simply woke up one day with the line – ‘I was pressed into service, through no fault of my own’ – and from there the song took its own course. It could only go one way. It’s great when you get a strong opening line!”

White House’ injects a fun element, based on real-life and a real beaver while ‘Bow Street Runners’ tells the 18th Century tale of the Fielding Brothers. Hunter explains: “In the 1700s half-a-million people lived in London and there were no cops, so crime was rampant. It was crazy. One of the Fielding brothers was known as Blind Beak – he couldn’t see but he could smell crime and recognized thousands of criminals by the sound of their voices – so the story goes. The brothers Henry and John Fielding formed the Bow Street Runners … Britain’s first Bobbies!”

Morpheus’ is framed around the Ancient Greek god who had the ability to mimic human form and shape people’s dreams and has proved “the instant favourite of many people who have heard the album,” Hunter reveals. “I’m delighted with ‘Fingers Crossed’,” he adds; a sentiment sure to be shared by fans far and wide!

01. That's When Trouble Starts
02. Dandy
03. Ghosts
04. Fingers Crossed
05. White House
06. Bow Street Runners
07. Morpheus
08. Stranded in Reality
09. You Can't Live in the Past
10. Long Time


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The Good Old Boys - Live At The Deep Purple Convention (Re-Post)

The Good Old Boys - Live At The Deep Purple Convention - 2009

review by Stuart A Hamilton
A concert staged for a convention commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the formation of Deep Purple saw The Good Old Boys taking the stage of Esquires in Bedford. In case you don't know, The Good Old Boys feature original Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper along with his former Warhorse / Fandango colleague Pete Parks on guitar. Add in former Strawbs drummer Richard Hudson, ex Renaissance guitarist Simon Bishop and one time Jo Jo Gunne vocalist Alan Barratt, and you've got a fair pedigree going on.

However, nowadays they're largely content to play other peoples songs in the manner of a glorified bar band, as they tackle blues, soul and rock'n'roll chestnuts from the likes of Eddie Cochran, former Simper employer Johnny Kidd, ZZ Top and Fleetwood Mac. They do tip their hat to Deep Purple with their version of 'Hush', and a fine version it is too. It's the sound of a really great night out, and if you stumbled into one of their shows, then you're pretty much guaranteed a good time. My favourite was their take on The Temptations classic, 'Shakey Ground', a tune also covered once upon a time by Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden on his "Look At Me Now" album (as well as being issued as a single).

Whether this translates onto CD is another matter altogether, although the musicians involved do put on a fine performance, and I'm quite happy to have it sitting here in my collection. The CD comes with a 12 page colour booklet with band biographies and photos from the soundcheck and show, including one of Simper alongside his replacement's replacement, Glenn Hughes.

Alan Barratt  - Vocals (Jo Jo Gunne)
Simon Bishop - Guitar, Vocals (Renaissance)
Peter Parks - Guitar, Vocals (Warhorse and Fandango)
Nick Simper - Bass, Vocals (Deep Purple)
Richard Hudson - Drums (Strawbs)

01. I'm Ready
02. A Fool For Your Stockings
03. My Way
04. Shakey Ground
05. Sleepwalk
06. Twenty Flight Rock
07. Somebody To Love
08. Don't Worry Baby
09. C'mon Everybody
10. Shakin' All Over
11. Oh Well
12. Hush
13. All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin' Over Tonight


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Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw (Repost)

Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw - 1972

The acclaimed multi-instrumentalist first found fame in the African-rhythm rock band Osibisa. His involvement in with the group from 1969-1973 helped catapult Osibisa to the upper reaches of the UK album charts. Sales of Osibisa (’71), Woyaya (‘71), and Heads (‘72) reflected a slow but steady migration of audiences moving towards acceptance of their unusual blend of jazz and rock amid African beats. Dell briefly left Osibisa in 1973 to tour with UK favorites Free in a trek across the US. He recorded his first solo  for MCA in 1972  and then returned to Osibisa in 1975.

01. Do What You Can
02. Gypsy Girl
03. Jig-saw
04. Kodjo
05. Road Song
06. Good Morning World
07. Mama Jane
08. A Song For Two

Del Richardson - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Alan Spenner - Bass
Chilli Charles - Drums
Jean Roussel - Keyboards
Roger Ball, Malcolm Duncan - Horn
Remi Kabaka - Percussion
Rosetta Hightower, Donny Perkins - Vocals


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Robey, Falk & Bod - Kentucky Gambler

Robey, Falk & Bod - Kentucky Gambler - 1973

Bill Robey, Don Falk and Bod Noubarian formed this trio and released this album on Epic in 1973. Back in those days I was living in Alexandria, VA and used to shop at a cool record store in Georgetown called Orpheus.

When I first saw this LP I had no idea who these guys were but that never stopped me back then as long as the cover looked interesting. And as usual, I was right about this album. It quickly became one of my favorite records - and it still is.

If you like Poco and all the “Country-Rock” gems that came out in the early 70s then you’re gonna love this album. Their cover of “Magic Woman Touch” (which you may know from the Hollies’ ‘Romany’ album or the original from the band "The Greatest Show on Earth") is even better than those. And ’Free Blue’ (track one) is a quintessential specimen of the genre.

Two of these guys went on to form a band called Iguana and released an album on United Artists soon after the demise of R,F&B. and you really need to hear that too.

01. Free Blue
02. Magic Woman Touch
03. Brown Skin Blues
04. Woman Child
05. Playin' up to You
06. Kentucky Gambler
07. Lonesome Road
08. Call on You
09. City Pride
10. Denver Daydream
11. Walk Away Renee
12. That's Alright I Don't Mind
13. Free Blue (Mix)


Update : Iguana ‎- The Winds Of Alamar HERE

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Jamestown Revival -The Education Of A Wandering Man

Jamestown Revival -The Education Of A Wandering Man - 2016

From AMG
Lone Star State-based Americana duo Jamestown Revival formed in 2011 around the talents of childhood friends Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Growing up together in the small Texas town of Magnolia, Clay and Chance spent their formative years listening to artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Willie Nelson, the Everly Brothers, Guy Clark, and John Prine, each eventually carving out his own unique niche as a solo artist. The duo's debut long-player, a highly autobiographical collection of harmony-laden, Western-tinged indie folk songs in the vein of Shovels & Rope, the Avett Brothers, and the Lumineers, was recorded to tape in a log cabin in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, and released via Republic Records in 2014. The duo kept things closer to home for its much anticipated sophomore outing. Recorded in Austin, the rootsy, more rock and pop-oriented Education of a Wandering Man dropped in October 2016. 

01. Company Man
02. Love Is a Burden
03. Journeyman
04. American Dream
05. Airliner
06. Always Been Wild
07. Back to Austin
08. Midnight Hour
09. Poor Man's Gold
10. Almost All the Time
11. Done Me Wrong
12. Head On

Zach Chance - Piano, Vocals
Jonathan Clay - Guitar, Vocals
Ed Benrock - Drums
Nick Bearden - Bass


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Bob Weir - Move Me Brightly - Live From Tri Studios

Bob Weir - Move Me Brightly - Live From Tri Studios - 2014

In August of 2012, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir hosted a five-hour celebration entitled Move Me Brightly, in honor of what would have been Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday.

The revolving line-up of performers included fellow Grateful Dead members along with many guest artists who joined together to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s life and work. This 2-CD set is comprised of highlights from the 5 hour webcast event.

CD 1

01. The Wheel
02. Cumberland Blues
03. Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad
04. Mission in the Rain
05. Shakedown Street
06. He’s Gone
07. Eyes of the World
08. Terrapin Station

CD 2

01. Friend of the Devil
02. Tennessee Jed
03. Ship of Fools
04. Bird Song/New Speedway Boogie
05. Days Between/Franklin’s Tower
06. U.S. Blues


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Charles Bradley - Live From SXSW (The Spotify Sessions)

Charles Bradley -  Live From SXSW (The Spotify Sessions) - 2016

Soul singer Charles Bradley’s star has been on the rise since the release of his widely praised 2011 debut album No Time For Dreaming, and his ascent has continued long after the release of his triumphant second album, 2013’s Victim of Love. Dubbed “The Screaming Eagle of Soul,” the singer just announced his anticipated third album Changes, out April 1, 2016 on Daptone Records imprint Dunham Records.

Those emotions are what lead to the final cut of the intimate and spare video for the song. Charles was originally set to sing along to the track and film in Times Square but, in the editing room, director Eric Feigenbaum (Remedial Media) says he “kept coming back to the take of Charles looking straight at the camera, telling the story with his eyes and reacting in the moment to the song. We only did that once. By the end of the take, everybody in the room was holding back tears.”

01. Intro & You Put a Flame on It
02. The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
03. Nobody But You
04. Loving You, Baby
05. You Think I Don't Know (But I Know)
06. Ain't It a Sin
07. Changes


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Bob Weir - Blue Mountain

Bob Weir - Blue Mountain - 2016

Blue Mountain is a solo album by former Grateful Dead singer and guitarist Bob Weir, released on September 30, 2016. The album was inspired by his time working as a ranch hand in Wyoming when he was fifteen years old. 


01. Only a River
02. Cottonwood Lullaby
03. Gonesville
04. Lay My Lily Down
05. Gallop on the Run
06. Whatever Happened to Rose
07. Ghost Towns
08. Darkest Hour
09. Ki-Yi Bossie
10. Storm Country
11. Blue Mountain
12. One More River to Cross


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Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - De La Frog Conspiracy


Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - De La Frog Conspiracy - 2015

Out for some time now but somehow fallen through the informational cracks, “De La Frog Conspiracy” is a new album, a concept one, by original DEEP PURPLE bassist Nick Simper and Austrian band NASTY HABITS with whom he issued a live record back in 2012. But while that was a DP covers set, this one comprises new songs – the first from Nick since his involvement in QUATERMASS II.

01. Mad Dream
02. Joke
03. Don't Be Afraid
04. Dirty Water
05. True
06. Sad
07. On And On
08. Please Don't Go
09. Slinky Models
10. Vampire Song
11. Cold

Nick Simper – Bass
Christian Heissenberger – Guitars
Christian Schmid – Vocals
Peter Brkusic – Drums
Helmut Puschacher – Keyboards


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Tom Robinson & Jakko Jakszyk - We Never Had It So Good - 1990

Tom Robinson & Jakko Jakszyk - We Never Had It So Good - 1990 - (1997 Reissue)

Critically-acclaimed collaboration with Dizrhthmia's Jakko Jakszyk featuring his virtuoso guitar work plus drum guru Gavin Harrison behind the kit. On the strength of this album Jakko went on to play guitar for Level 42. This 1997 reissue includes 'Rigging It Up Duncannon' - an outtake from the original album - plus brand new versions of 'Jonestown' and 'The War Is Over', first featured on Castway Club CD Vol 2.

01. We Never Had It So Good
02. Driving Through The Desert
03. Blood Brother
04. What Have I Ever Done To You?
05. The Baby Rages On
06. Tomboy
07. Kiss And Roll Over
08. Hard Cases
09. Can't Stop: Peter's Theme
10. My Own Sweet Way

Bonus Tracks (reissued/renamed as Blood Brother 1997)   
11. Rigging It Up, Duncannon
12. For You The War Is Over
13. Jonestown
14. Happy In The Homelands

Tom Robinson - Vocals
Jakko Jakszyk - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Colin Baldry - Bass


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Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984) (RE-POST)


Ian Hunter - From the Knees of My Heart (The Crysalis Years 1979-1984) - 2012

from AMG
Ian Hunter's short time at Chrysalis marked one of his great periods so it's little wonder that it's been heavily anthologized over the years. Nevertheless, the 2012 four-disc box From the Knees of My Heart: The Chrysalis Years (1979-1981) is one of the best of the bunch, capturing his three albums for the label -- 1979's You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic, 1980's live set Welcome to the Club, the very new wave 1981 platter Short Back N Sides -- and adding a bunch of rarities, including a live disc that was included as a bonus on an expanded double-disc reissue of You're Never Alone in 2009. Welcome to the Club and Short Back N Sides have also seen expanded reissues over the years and most, but not all, of the bonus cuts are here, along with a few other songs that haven't showed up elsewhere, plus a live set at Pepsi Fest on the fourth disc that hasn't shown up on disc, but has been on home video before. Some of these details are little more than list-keeping for trainspotters because the essential fact is this: the three years Ian Hunter spent at Chrysalis are among his strongest, with him producing two excellent LPs (You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic may be his greatest solo album) and fronting a hell of a band, heard here in their full glory twice. This is the easiest, best way to get all of the major recordings from this brilliant era at once.

CD 1: You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic:
01. Just Another Night
02. Wild East
03. Cleveland Rocks
04. Ships
05. When The Daylight Comes
06. Life After Death
07. Standin’ In My Light
08. Bastard
09. The Outsider
10. Don’t Let Go (Demo)
11. The Other Side Of Life (Outtake)
12. Ships (Early Version)
13. When The Daylight Comes (Early Version)
14. Just Another Night (Ronsonesque Version)
15. The Outsider (Early Version)
16. Alibi

CD 2: Welcome To The Club:
01. F.B.I. (Live)
02. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live)
03. Angeline (Live)
04. Laugh At Me (Live)
05. All The Way From Memphis (Live)
06. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Live)
07. Irene Wilde (Live)
08. Just Another Night (Live)
09. Cleveland Rocks (Live)
10. Standin’ In My Light (Live)
11. Bastard (Live)
12. Walking With A Mountain/Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen (Live)
13. All The Young Dudes (Live)
14. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Live)
15. One Of The Boys ((Bonus)
16. The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll (Bonus)

CD 3: Short Back ‘n’ Sides:
01. Central Park ‘n’ West (2000 – Remaster)
02. Lisa Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll (2000 – Remaster)
03. I Need Your Love (2000 – Remaster)
04. Old Records Never Die (2000 – Remaster)
05. Noises (2000 – Remaster)
06. Rain (2000 – Remaster)
07. Gun Control (2000 – Remaster)
08. Theatre Of The Absurd (2000 – Remaster)
09. Leave Me Alone (2000 – Remaster)
10. Keep On Burning (2000 – Remaster)
11. Na Na Na
12. I Believe In You
13. Listen To The Eight Track
14. You Stepped Into My Dreams
15. Venus in the Bathtub
16. Detroit (Take 1)
17. China (Rough Mix with Ronson Vocal)

CD 4: Ian Hunter Rocks (Live At The Pepper Festival 1981):
01. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
02. Gun Control (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
03. Central Park N’ West (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
04. All The Way from Memphis/Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
05. I Need Your Love (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
06. Noises (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
07. Just Another Night (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
08. Cleveland Rocks (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
09. Irene Wilde (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
10. Medley: All the Young Dudes (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York City)
11. Sons And Daughters (Live) (Alternate Version)
12. We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Alternate Version)
13. Silver Needles (Live)
14. Man O’ War (Live)

+@192 1/2
+@192 2/2
TRACK #10 from DISC 4 get HERE

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Steely Dan - Going Mobile

Steely Dan - Going Mobile - 2013

A band whose most revered recordings were made during a period of hiatus from live performance, it’s easy to forget that Steely Dan’s early years saw them flourish as a fully functional touring act. Here we have a live FM-radio broadcast recording of a typical Dan set from their last tour of the era, in support of the Pretzel Logic LP. As a summation of band’s early years, the setlist is flawless. Highlights include an extended jazz-rock workout on the thenunreleased Your Gold Teeth II and, most enticingly for fans, the still unreleased This All Too Mobile Home, a lost classic that would have fitted perfectly on Pretzel Logic.

01. Intro
02. Bodhisattva
03. The Boston Rag
04. Do It Again
05. Any Major Dude Will Tell You
06. King Of The World
07. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08. Pretzel Logic
09. Your Gold Teeth II
10. Reelin' In The Years
11. This All Too Mobile Home


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Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - Live At Szene, Vienna


Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - Live At Szene, Vienna - 2012

On 8th March 2011 playing to a sold out audience at Vienna’s legendary Rock Club “Szene” NICK SIMPER (founder member DEEP PURPLE) performed with NASTY HABITS (Austria’s finest Classic Rock band) original tracks from Nick’s period in Deep Purple (Mk 1). With Deep Purple today only having just one original member from their MK 1 days it is highly unlikely that the band will perform these now neglected classic songs in concert.

01. And the Address
02. The Painter
03. Mandrake Root
04. Emmaretta
05. Chasing Shadows
06. Lalena
07. Wring That Neck
08. Bird Has Flown
09. Why Didn't Rosemary
10. Slinky
11. Roadhouse Blues
12. Kentucky Women
13. Hush

+@192 (NEW LINK!)

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John "Speedy" Keen - Previous Conviction (re-re-re-post)

John "Speedy" Keen - Previous Conviction - 1973

John Keen was young Pete Townshend’s flat mate and chauffeur, but he was a musician and songwriter in his own right; in fact, Keen wrote “Armenia City in the Sky” from The Who Sell Out.  In 1969 Pete and manager Kit Lambert paired Speedy up with Andy Newman and Jimmy McCulloch in the ready-made band Thunderclap Newman, which was intended as a showcase for the three musicians.

They recorded an album at Pete’s legendary home studio, and the Keen-penned single “Something in the Air” went on to hit number one in nine different countries.  Not too shabby.

After Thunderclap Newman, Keen recorded two solo albums (this was his first) and then went to work in the studio both as a studio musician and producer.

01 - Old Fashioned Girl
02 - Keep Your Head Down
03 - Let Us In
04 - Somethin' Else
05 - The Flying Wino
06 - Don't You Know He's Coming
07 - Positively 4th Street
08 - Forever After
09 - That's The Way It Is
10 - Keep On The Grass
11 - Aires Lady
12 - Lesliana

Read More HERE

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Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood (re-re-post)

Thunderclap Newman - Beyond Hollywood - 2010 

2010 album from the reformed 60's Psychedelic Pop act featuring Andy Newman, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country), Josh Townshend (Pete's nephew), Nick Johnson and Tony Stubbings. Seven of the tracks were recorded live during their reunion tour, while the remaining three tracks are all studio recordings. Track Records.

The live material on this album was recorded the week after the 'Lewes' show on 26th February, Farrington Gurney, Bristol.

01. Hollywood
02. When I Think
03. Accidents
04. Wild Country
05. The Old Cornmill
06. Wilhelmina
07. Look Around
08. I See It Also
09. I Don't Know
10. Something In The Air

Andy Newman - Piano, Woodwind and Vocals
Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Vocals
Josh Townshend - Guitar and Vocals
Nick Johnson - Guitar and Vocals
Tony Stubbings - Bass


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Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble (re-re-re-post)

Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble - 2005

Ian McLagan's first solo album 'Troublemaker' got critical raves and even made the charts when it was released in 1979. This collection has been re-mastered with seven extra tracks, none of which have ever been heard before on CD.

Apart from Ian McLagan: vocals, piano & Hammond B3, the band was Johnny Lee Schell: guitars and vocals, Jim Keltner: drums, and Paul Stallworth: bass.

The album is full of great songs and performances, and features the only released recording of the New Barbarians on 'Truly', a reggae favorite. Ronnie Wood & Keith Richards on guitars, Stanley Clarke on bass, Bobby Keys on Sax, and Zigaboo Modeliste on drums. And in a separate session Ringo Starr played drums on 'Hold On'. There are also four tracks from McLagan's album, 'Last Chance To Dance', 'Pictures Of Lily' from a Who Tribute disc, a reworking of 'Last Chance To Dance' with Mac's Texas Bump Band, and the complete 12 minute original take of 'Truly' with Keith and Mac's backing vocals

Ian McLagan - Vocals, Electric Piano, Hammond B3 organ, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

01. La De La
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

02. Headlines
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

03. Truly
Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass
Zigaboo Modeliste - Drums
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone
Darryl Keys - Saxophone

04. Somebody
Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
David Kemper - Drums
Steve Madaio - Trumpet

05. Movin' Out
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

06. Little Troublemaker
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

07. If It's Alright
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

08. Sign
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums

09.  Hold On
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Ringo Starr - Drums
Geoff Workman - Accordion

10. Mystifies Me
Johnny Lee Schell - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jaime Segal - Vocals

11. Last Chance to Dance
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
Phil Chen - Bass
David Kemper - Drums

12. All I Want Is You
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

13. Big Love
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

14. You're My Girl
Paul Warren - Guitars, Bass
David Kemper - Drums

15. Pictures of Lily

Ronnie Wood: Guitar, Vocal
Matt Downs - Guitar
Will MacGregor - Bass
Nick Vincent - Drums, Vocals

16. Truly
Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
Ronnie Wood - Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass
Zigaboo Modeliste - Drums
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone
Darryl Keys - Saxophone

17. Last Chance to Dance
"Scrappy" Jud Newcomb - Guitar
Sarah Brown - Bass
Don Harvey - Drums
Gurf Morlix - Vocals


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Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - The Deep Purple MK1 Songbook

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits - The Deep Purple MK1 Songbook - 2011

Wymer Records in the UK is releasing an album of Mk1 songs recorded by Nick Simper with the Austrian band Nasty Habits. The album is aptly called The Deep Purple Mk1 Songbook. The first edition was limited to 1,000 copies.

01. And The Address
02. The Painter
03. Mandrake Root
04. Emmaretta
05. Chasing Shadows
06. Lalena
07. Wring That Neck
08. The Bird Has Flown
09. Why Didn't Rosemary
10. Kentucky Woman
11. Hush

Nick Simper - Bass, Vocals
Peter Brkusic - Drums, Vocals
Christian Heissenberger - Guitar
Helmut Puschacher - Keyboards
Christian Schmid - Vocals, Percussion


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Sal Valentino - Dreamin' Man - REPOST

Sal Valentino - Dreamin' Man - 2011

from Twirl Radio
Sal’s early fame came as vocalist for the 1960′s band The Beau Brummels with such top hits as “Laugh Laugh” and “Just A Little”. It’s been argued that the band defined the San Francisco sound. Certainly, they were out ahead of the pack–a little before the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead.

The 1970′s came, and Sal played in Stoneground, a great amalgam of funk and country rock, perhaps a precursor to the Doobie Brothers. And he’s had quite a respectable solo career. As one of my European listeners said, “Sal Valentino–one of the great voices of all time!”.

His most recent album, Dreamin’ Man, teams him up with long time collaborator John Blakeley. This is one fine album. It starts with the breezy opener “Love Song”, then transitions into determined mid-tempo rocker “Hwy 49″. Sal and John turn in a great Americana performance on rising Sacramento star Jackie Greene’s “Valley of Woe”. While Sal sings with conviction, John’s stellar acoustic picking drives this song forward with abandon. These two bad dudes will kick your rear with this song, and you’ll love it.

But make no mistake–this tends to be a rather romantic album, especially the second half. “Looking For You” is a fun rave up, and Sal is completely devoted to getting through to his woman, no matter what it takes, a la the Fabulous Thunderbirds in “Tuff Enuff”. The last four songs burrow deep into your heart, with their romanticism. “Dreamin’ Man”, the title track, is quite moody and haunting, but always listenable. “Catherine I Do” and “Lovin’ Fallin’” feature classy instrumental hooks and lyrics that grab you, work their way through your mind, and into that place in your soul reserved for love and sentiment. These melodies are sublime and exquisite. The album ends with the confessional “That Way”–what Sal is confessing is eternal love and devotion for his woman.

01. Love Song
02. HWY 49
03. Snowman
04. Valley of Woe
05. Weakness In Me
06. Lookin' for You
07. Dreamin' Man
08. Catherine I Do
09. Lovin' Fallen
10. That Way


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Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane: The Majic Mijits - Deluxe Edition

Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane: The Majic Mijits - Deluxe Edition - 2014

The forgotten album recorded by half of the Small Faces Marriott & Lane in 1981  and shelved due to the fact that the pair could not undertake a world tour to support the album with Ronnies failing health the tapes lay gathering dust until we bought them off Steve's old manager Laurie O Leary ( who had a quite colourful past himself as an associate of London's notorious Kray Twins ). Fortunately the third member of the band Jim Leverton was happy to fill us in on what who where . It's a great album ! Plus a whole disc of unreleased outtakes restored and remastered in 2014.

CD 1
01. Lonely No More
02. Chicken
03. Toe Rag
04. Bombers Moon
05. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl
06. Last Tango In Nato
07. How Does It Feel
08. That's The Way It Goes
09. You Spent It
10. Son Of Stanley Lane
11. Be The One
12. Ruby Jack
13. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live Bridge House)
14. My Girl (Live Bridge House)
15. All Or Nothing (Live Bridge House)

CD 2
01. Last Tango In Nato (Take 3)
02. Toe Rag (Take 2)
03. That's The Way It Goes (Take 1)
04. How Does It Feel (Take 2)
05. You Spent It (Take 2)
06. Bombers Moon (Take 3)
07. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl (Take 2)
08. Ruby Jack (Take 1)
09. Lonely No More (Take 1)
10. Be The One (Take 1)
11. Beguine (Master)
12. Chicken (Take 1)
13. Last Tango In Nato (Take 1)
14. That's The Way It Goes (Take 2)
15. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl (Take 1)


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David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia

David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia - 1995

Between slide guru David Tronzo and ex-Tin Machine-ist Reeves Gabrels, a strange, juicy chemistry takes place here on Night In Amnesia. Experimentalists who also know how to party, they flit between instruments and genres, now with a tilting boogie, then veering toward abstraction.

All the music on this albums was composed spontaneously as it was being recorded. This was the first meeting between Reeves and Tronzo.

01. Bubba.
02. Ballad of a man long gone.
03. A night in Tunisia.
04. Amnesia.
05. Fitting end.
06. Dixie Cup.
07. Something is dead in the cellar.
08. Not gonna happen.
09. Two memories of the same event.
10. 3 cowboys.

Reeves Gabrels - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
David Tronzo - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro
Bella, Ernie Ball - Strings
Matthew Gruenberg - Fretless Bass
Mike Levesque - Drums
Billy Conway, Jay Bellerose - Percussion


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Ron Flynt And The Bluehearts - L.A. Story

Ron Flynt And The Bluehearts - L.A. Story - 2004

from AMG
Ron Flynt's second solo album is a concept work of sorts based around the story of his former band, 20/20, though the concept wouldn't be too obvious if you weren't alerted beforehand (or weren't familiar with 20/20). In fact, with his respectably tuneful, mature power pop style, Flynt here sounds more like a minor Elvis Costello than a Pete Townshend wrestling with his band's history à la Quadrophenia. Whether or not you pay attention to the nominal framework, the songs explore territory common to many such power pop bands with roots in both '60s rock and new wave: falling for and getting out of the clutches of seductive, dangerous women; chasing dreams; the superficiality of showbiz glitz; traveling a road to nowhere; and the redemptive power of love. However, there's a touch of resignation here, and acknowledgement that things don't always turn out as planned, that isn't found in the more ebullient work of younger power pop bands -- like, say, 20/20 at the outset of their career. Musically, there's nothing here that hasn't been done before by the likes of 20/20 and other such groups. But it's an accomplished statement in that style, and die-hard fans may appreciate the slight lyrical spin on the form.

01. Intro
02. Waiting
03. Hollywood Life
04. 3rd Street Girl
05. The Sun's Gonna Shine
06. Southern Belle
07. Mary's World
08. Hurting You
09. 1000 Different Places
10. I Suppose
11. Misery At The End
12. Looking Down
13. Heaven
14. Home In A While