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Ed Mundell - Live at Maxwell's

Ed Mundell - Live at Maxwell's - 2005

from Wikipedia
Ed Mundell is an American rock guitarist most who was the lead guitarist for stoner rock group Monster Magnet from 1992 to 2010 and as a founding member of New Jersey Stoner band The Atomic Bitchwax. His style is heavily influenced by psychedelic 70's rock such as Jimi Hendrix and Tommy Bolin.

In 2011, it was announced that Mundell had formed a new project, "The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic", whose debut album released January 2013. In 2014 a 5 song extended EP, "Through The Dark Matter" was released in confunction with The UEMG's first European tour. An Ed Mundell solo album, "Space Time Employment Agency" has long been in the making....with release date late 2014. Other albums of late are the self-titled 9 Chambers album and guest guitar on the debut Abrahma album, "Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives". Ed Mundell actively contributes to various recordings and soundtracks as a studio musician in Los Angeles.

01. E Jam (Warm UP)
02. Look To Your Orb For The Warning
03. Untitled #44
04. SuperJudge
05. The Formula
06. No Scene
07. Duane's Tune
08. Cortez The Killer
09. Set The Controls To Heart Of The Sun


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Shawn Phillips - Perspective

Shawn Phillips - Perspective - 2014

From mysanantonio.com

Shawn Phillips has changed his physical address more than a few times. What Phillips hasn't changed is his ability to strike resonant chords in the hearts of a legion of listeners while striking complex and inventive guitar chords to accompany his songs, which range from love songs to plain-spoken indictments of the music business and wars.

Born in Fort Worth in 1943, Phillips is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In between, he has traveled the world and, though he's known for working gigs solo, has made music with a dizzying array of people, including Tim Hardin, Donovan, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, Traffic and Paul Buckmaster.

“I toured South Africa in 2000, met my wife there and that's it,” Phillips said, laughing, during a phone interview from a Denver tour stop. “Best thing that ever happened to me.”

When Phillips plays a gig, people come out of the woodwork. It's likely that's what they'll do on Monday when Phillips brings his guitars to the Sam's Burger Joint stage.

“From 1994 to 2003 I was pretty much out of music completely,” Phillips said.

Phillips channeled his energy working as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in Briarcliff in Travis County. At home in South Africa, Phillips works with the National Sea Rescue Institute.

“The way the music business was going, and was going to go, there really wasn't a lot of call for singer/songwriters,” he said. “Back in the '80s, when disco came in, I used to sit in front of the desk of a vice president of A&M Records and listen to him rant about music being a business. I told him it was for him, but not for me. His statement has become more than true. All these television shows, 'American Idol,' 'X Factor,' they're just looking for clones.

“Now you have two choices. You can sign with a major label, which is good, because you'll have a whole machine behind you, but you have to 'take direction,' and you have to sign a deal where the machine makes all the money. Otherwise, you can get a following on the Internet, where you generally find more innovative artists.”

Phillips broke through on A&M in the early '70s with the albums “Contribution,” “Second Contribution” and “Collaboration,” which spawned fan favorites such as “Burning Fingers,” “Moonshine,” “What's Happenin' Jim” and “The Only Logical Conclusion/Get Up Off Your Ass and Dance.” Phillips is touring with a new album, his 25th, a straight-up independent double CD, “Perspective.”

“I don't like listening to albums where every track sounds the same,” Phillips said. “This album is called 'Perspective' because it's the way I'm looking at the world today. These are pieces of music I wanted to get out there. There's quite a few people who still like what I do.”

“Perspective” certainly runs the musical and topical gamut, to include economics.

“Almost every individual on the planet is surviving through World War III, which is an economic war,” he said. “We have cellphones, I talk to my wife in South Africa with Skype, we've made tremendous advances in music technology, we have tremendous medical technology, we've been to the moon, more than once; we communicate with a piece of technology on Mars, but we can't come up with an economic system that's equitable to everyone. It's numbers. It has nothing to do with politics.”

Phillips has spent a lot of time in studios and on stages.

“I turned 70 this February, but I pretend I'm dyslexic, so I'm only 7,” he said, laughing. “I tour alone. It's kickin' my ass. The thing about the studio is what you do will live forever so you've got to get it right. I've toured for 50 years. At some point, it just becomes a job. But, for me, it's still fun.”

Writing still figures heavily into Phillips' routine.

“When music comes to me, it just channels through. Seventy-five to 80 percent of the time, when a song comes through, it comes with words and music. When I write the first line, I don't leave the room until I get the last line finished. The longest it's taken me to finish a song was 'Talking in the Garden' (on the “Furthermore” album). It took me one day short of two weeks.”

Phillips' loyal audience is expanding.

“I'm seeing people I've been seeing for 40 or 50 years,” he said. “And I'm seeing a lot of brand-new people who come with those people, and they're walking out saying they've never seen anything like that. So I have a whole new audience at that point through word of mouth.”

CD 01
01 Brilliance
02 Devil's Highway
03 Infancy
04 Funkin' Country Rock And Roll Stew
05 Beyond The Rain
06 Watch Over Mary Anne
07 Circles
08 Light Of Life
09 Hadeda
10 America

CD 02
01 Radio
02 Silouettes
03 Take The Day - Ascent
04 Storm
05 Going Home
06 Choices
07 Slowly
08 Everything She Gives Me
09 Starlight




 Thanks to my friend Garth J. for original links.

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Crawler - Pastime Dreamer

Crawler - Pastime Dreamer - 2003

from Wikipedia
Following the passing of founding member Paul Kossoff, the remaining members of the band Back Street Crawler (John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, Tony Braunagel, Terry Wilson and Terry Wilson-Slesser) decided that it would be best to move on to both another record label and another manager.[1]

Atlantic Records' Ahmet Ertegun had wanted to replace Paul Kossoff with Mick Taylor, who had left the Rolling Stones, however Taylor did not want to replace a musician who had died. Back Street Crawler bassist Terry Wilson had dinner with ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green in London to find out whether Peter's reclusive and unusual lifestyle had changed his mind about wanting to play or be in the music business. Green was not ready to return to the stage and therefore turned-down Crawler's offer. The band then recruited former If guitarist Geoff Whitehorn. The band was then dropped by Atlantic Records, due to Whitehorn's then relative obscurity. In addition, the label's primary interest had been in Kossoff, rather than the band.
The band switched management to a young American named Abe Hoch, who was working at Swan Song Records at the time with Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant. Hoch had close ties with Epic/CBS Records and obtained an offer from them. Band members then shortened the band name to Crawler.

Crawler initially toured the UK as part of a package tour which included label mates Boxer and Moon. Their debut album, Crawler, did well in the USA, thanks to airplay of the track "Stone Cold Sober", on FM radio stations. The band concentrated on the American market. Working with producer Gary Lyons, they released a second album, Snake, Rattle & Roll.

An exhaustive series of live performances saw Crawler as the support band for Robin Trower, Cheap Trick, and Foreigner, and a 54-date tour across the USA as support band for Kansas. At the end of a US tour in December 1978, keyboard player John 'Rabbit' Bundrick left to work with The Who. The band folded soon afterwards.

In recent years, a number of live albums, including Snakebite (2001) and Pastime Dreamer (2003), recorded during tours in 1977 and 1978, have been released from John Bundrick's private collection of recordings.

01. How Will You Break My Heart
02. Where Is The Money
03. You And Me
04. Devil Run
05. The Shape I'm In
06. First Class Operator
07. Sold On Down The Line
08. Pastime Dreamer
09. Never Loved A Woman
10. Blues My Guitar
11. Blue Soul
12. Worn Out Dream
13 .Stone Cold Sober

Terry Wilson-Slesser - Vocals
Geoff Whitehorn - Guitar
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Keyboards
Terry Wilson - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums, Vocals


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Andy Fraser - Naked... and Finally Free - Repost

Andy Fraser - Naked... and Finally Free - 2005

Para quem conhece seus antigos trabalhos junto com a Free e mesmo sua discografia solo, Naked... pode, na primeira audição, ser um enorme susto para os fans de Andy Fraser. Sua música já não é mais a mesma, não é rock. É uma boa mistura, que alguns anos atrás convencionou-se chamar de "world music", com muitas influências e ritmos.

Nesse álbum Fraser brilha mais como intérprete do que como o músico que desde os tenros anos de sua adolescência já tocava com John Mayall. Acredito que tudo que ele passou, sobrevivendo a um câncer, a uma enorme cirurgia na garganta e aprendendo a conviver com a aids, contribuiu para essa profunda mudança musical. A música de artistas do quilate de Fraser sempre acompanha o homem, independentemente da moda e do mercado. É natural que sua música, principalmente nas letras, sofra influência dos obstáculos que teve que passar.

Foram 21 anos entre Naked... e seu trabalho anterior, "Fine, Fine, Fine" (que já foi postado no blog). Vinte e um anos moldam a vida de qualquer um e no caso dele com marcas profundas. Entretanto, com todas estas mudanças Fraser manteve o alto nível de suas composições, mesmo que, como disse, estas a princípio assustem àqueles que estão presos a um passado que certamente não voltará.

Hoje o blog apresenta o seu primeiro re-post sem que o link original estivesse morto e sem que fosse para atender a algum pedido, senão deste que hoje escreve, grande fã não só do extraordinário músico que fora, mas também do homem que soube lutar por sí e também pelos outros. 

01. Healing Hands
02. Yours Faithfully
03. Stand Ready
04. Too Far To Turn Back Now
05. Don't Leave
06. All I Want Is You
07. Jungle
08. Hands Of Time
09. Deliverance
10. Someone Watching Over Me
11. Family
12. The Night
13. Standing At Your Window

Andy Fraser - Bass, Vocals
Tariqh Akoni- Guitar (Track 1)
Nathan Kaye - Guitar (Track 5)
Heitor Pereira - Guitar (Tracks 2,3,5-7,9,10)
Michael Landau - Guitar (Tracks 4,8,11,12)
Bobby Lyle - Organ (Track 8); Piano (Track 12)
Tommy Henriksen, Jeff Pilson - Vocals (Track 1)
Todd Simon, Tracy Wannomae, Keef Ciancis, Dan Ostermann - Horn (Tracks 7,9,11)
Dorothy Coleman - Backing Vocals (Track 6)
Niki Haris - Backing Vocals (Tracks 2-9)
Brenda Lee Eager - Backing Vocals (Tracks 2-9)
Erik Peterson - Backing Vocals (Track 10)
Curt Bisquera - Jungle Toms (Track 7)
Luis Conte - Congas (Tracks 2,3,5,9,12); Timbales (Tracks 4,9,11); Djembe (Track 7); Bata Drum (Track 7); Shaker (Track 9,11)
Cameron Stone - Cello (Tracks 2,10)


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Roger Hatcher - R & Better


Roger Hatcher - R & Better - 1977

from AMG
Roger Hatcher's biggest claim to fame is being a cousin to Edwin Starr (aka Charles Hatcher). Unfortunately, Hatcher's success hasn't come close to Edwin's. A prolific songwriter, Roger has written more than 1,000 songs. His two biggest successes were an album cut by the Dramatics of his "I Dedicate My Life to You," and Clarence Carter's rendition of "I Got Caught," a deep soul classic. Clarence added a rap and scored on the R&B charts with the Hatcher song. Roger Hatcher was born in Birmingham, AL, in 1946. His two older brothers, Will and Roosevelt, inspired him musically -- Will played sax and Roosevelt sang. Hatcher wrote his first song, "I Need Someone," at Hayes High in Birmingham, where he would develop tunes on the piano in the music room. Hatcher had no formal training and played by ear.

He moved to Detroit in 1964 and signed with Dotty's Records. Two singles were released: "Get a Hold of Yourself" and "Party Over Yonder." The 45s are listed as by "Little Roger Hatcher." The flop of both singles sent him traveling to Nashville, where he secured a contract with Excello Records recording "I Dedicate My Song to You," released in 1968. The flip side, "The Sweetest Girl in the World," gained some recognition in Britain, but neither it, nor the A-side, did much in the States. Disappointed, Hatcher moved on and connected with Don Davis, who had previously recorded Hatcher's "Girl Come on Home" on Major Lance for Volt Records. Davis liked Hatcher's songs and signed him to Volt. The first recording was remaking "I Dedicate My Love to You" into "I Dedicate My Life to You." Stax released it on its Volt label in 1972. Davis was working with the Dramatics at the time and had Hatcher's song killed, then had it cut by the Dramatics and placed on their Dramatically Yours LP. This didn't please Hatcher and he and Davis became bitter enemies for years. 


01. Sleepin' On The Job
02. You Must Have Come From Heaven
03. Let Your Love Shine On Me
04. Daylight Savings Time
05. I'm A Junkie For Your Love
06. Your Love Is A Masterpiece
07. All My Love
08. Kung Fu And You Too
09. Struttin'
10. My Thang


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Freedonia - Freedonia

Freedonia - Freedonia - 2012

Freedonia is a 10 musician band consisting of a mighty rhythm section, a powerful brass-metal wind section. The mixture of all makes the audience feel pure emotions in their shows.

Since their beginning in 2006 the band has been searching for their own style studying different roots of soul, funk and R&B. Artists such as Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, Edwin Starr, Sharon Jones or Barbara Acklin have been a big influence however during these years they have built their own style.

“Freedonia” is also the name of their first album self-edited with the help of the crowdfunding (more than 200 people have co-financed their album). It has been recorded 100% analogue in Funkameba´s studio with the production and advice of Santi Martin (Sweet Vandals & Sweet Records). Masterized by Kai Blankenberg the final result has been a 12" LP, CD and a 6" single (including a Rolling Stones cover). It has been a very long process and enriching. “Freedonia” is a powerful recording different to productions nowadays and licensed under Creative Commons.

After many concerts launching their first album (Madrid, Sevile, Segovia, Valencia, Cádiz, Cáceres, Granada, Oviedo) and festivals (Black is Back, Cultura Inquieta), the numbers of audiences are increasing rapidly, with many coming back for more. The Great Theatre of Cáceres or Sala Caracol in Madrid are just some examples where all the tickets were sold out weeks before the concert.

Part of their success and appeal is down to their interaction with the audience, which includes the Soul Train where the audience dances and participates as part of the show.

Spanish media is also watching closely the launch of “Freedonia”. Interviews in RTVE, Radio 3, Cadena SER, La 2, Onda Cero, Punto Radio, Mondo Sonoro, El País Digital, El Semanal Digital, La sexta, Musicópolis...and many more agree on the authenticity of their Music.

Also, during the past months, the band was nominated for many music awards. The Pop Eye 2012 awards selected Freedonia as best Black Music artist and “Heaven Bells” as best song.

01. I Wont Play Your Game (no more)
02. What Did I Do Wrong
03. It Hurts
04. Girls Are Dancing
05. Shut Up
06. Running To Nowhere
07. Heaven Bells
08. Working Class
09. What a Day
10. Hawaian Cosmic
11. Everything is Alright


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Hundred Seventy Split - The World Won't Stop

Hundred Seventy Split - The World Won't Stop - 2010

Hundred Seventy Split is an exciting, high energy Blues/Rock power trio showcasing the combined talents of Joe Gooch on guitar/vocals, Leo Lyons on bass and Damon Sawyer on drums. Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch are former members of  Ten Years After. The pair initially formed a song-writing partnership to write for TYA and have continued writing together ever since. Their debut record ’The World Won’t Stop’ was released in 2010.

01. The World Won't Stop
02. Where The Blues Began
03. No Deal
04. Poison
05. The Smoke
06. All My Yesterdays
07. Let The River Flow
08. A Promise Is Forever
09. Yes Man
10. Going Home
11. Wish You Were At Woodstock?

Leo Lyons - Bass
Joe Gooch – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Fuller - Drums
Billy Livsey - Hammond (3,4)
Rob Stennett - Hammond (7)


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John Magnie - Now Appearing

John Magnie - Now Appearing - 1984

Best known as part of the killing New Orleans band, the subdudes, John Magnie lets loose on this Rabadash one-of-a-kind release. Backed up by a true New Orleans cast of greats, including songbird Leigh “Little Queenie” Harris, Susie Malone, Kenneth Blevins, Jimmy Messa, and Allison Young, John shows you where he’s at in this live set from Tipitina’s.

01. C'Est La Vie
02. Before I Grow Too Old
03. Mentioned By Her
04. Woman
05. Inspiration
06. Black Haired Girl
07. Never See Me Crying
08. It Will Be Me
09. Have A Little Talk With Jesus
10. Agent 00 Soul

John Magnie - Piano and Vocals
Leigh Harris, Alison Young, Susan Malone - Vocals
Kenneth Blevins - Drums
J. Clyde Messa - Bass


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Leigh Harris - House of Secrets

Leigh Harris - House of Secrets - 1999

Leigh Harris, aka "Little Queenie", is a woman of many talents and accomplishments. Leigh Harris co-founded Little Queenie and the Percolators with John Magnie, and over the years has shared billing with such diverse artists as B.B. King, Elvis Costello, Taj Mahal, Asleep at the Wheel, the Neville Brothers, the Guess Who and NRBQ. She completed her first solo album in 1999.

After winning the prestigious Big Easy Award for Best Female Performer in 2000, she went on to produce and record her second solo record - POLYCHROME JUNCTION in 2001. House of Secrets brings us a very intimate Leigh Harris, artfully breathing life into a program of wildly various selections including songs by Doc Pomus, Brian Wilson, Jagger-Richards and Ray Davies. Supported by a pool of exceptionally sympathetic musicians, Harris stamps each performance with her own personality. There are fine originals by John Magnie and Glenn Patscha, two excellent Harris compositions 'Telephone Sleeping in My Bed" and "Crazy Mirrors" and an exquisite reading of "Paint This Town" in a duet with pianist Joshua Paxton.

01 - Like A Ghost
02 - Incommunicado
03 - Paint this Town
04 - Devel Jumped a Rabbit
05 - Backstreet Girl
06 - Telephone Sleeping in My Bed 
07 - Evening in Paradise 
08 - Caroline No 
09 - Crazy Mirrors 
10 - Oklahoma USA 
11 - Midnight Star