domingo, 8 de março de 2015

Hundred Seventy Split - The World Won't Stop

Hundred Seventy Split - The World Won't Stop - 2010

Hundred Seventy Split is an exciting, high energy Blues/Rock power trio showcasing the combined talents of Joe Gooch on guitar/vocals, Leo Lyons on bass and Damon Sawyer on drums. Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch are former members of  Ten Years After. The pair initially formed a song-writing partnership to write for TYA and have continued writing together ever since. Their debut record ’The World Won’t Stop’ was released in 2010.

01. The World Won't Stop
02. Where The Blues Began
03. No Deal
04. Poison
05. The Smoke
06. All My Yesterdays
07. Let The River Flow
08. A Promise Is Forever
09. Yes Man
10. Going Home
11. Wish You Were At Woodstock?

Leo Lyons - Bass
Joe Gooch – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Fuller - Drums
Billy Livsey - Hammond (3,4)
Rob Stennett - Hammond (7)


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