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Bulldog (with Dino Danelli & Gene Cornish former members of Young Rascals)

Bulldog - Bulldog - 1973

By Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

Produced and played by drummer Dino Danelli and guitarist Gene Cornish of the Young Rascals, Bulldog's debut in 1972 opens with a heavy version of the Bobby Day number two hit from 1958, "Rockin' Robin," a performance which displays the strength and weakness of this ensemble. Bassist/lead vocalist Billy Hocher is a cross between Bob Tench of the Jeff Beck Group, Ian Lloyd of Stories, and Ralph Mormon of Savoy Brown. On tunes like "Juicin' With Lucy" and "Don't Blame It on Me," the singing becomes overbearing and a bit tedious, despite the journeyman abilities of the ex-Rascals producing this. Interesting that a band called Sweathog in 1971 had a hit with "Hallelujah" and a sound similar to Bulldog. Also worthy of note is that little Michael Jackson took "Rockin' Robin" back to number two nationally the same year this album was released, 1972. There is a real gem here in the song "No," a minor hit in some regions of the country that was written by Hocher and keyboardist John Turi. It suffered the same fate as Stories' excellent "I'm Coming Home," their 1972 almost-hit which is quite similar in sound and performance to Bulldog's "No." The Hocher/Turi songwriting team had some merit, with Billy Hocher's voice a bit more accessible on "You Underlined My Life" and "Have a Nice Day," both songs being somewhat pleasant and more refined than some of the other material here. John Turi gets to sing lead on the almost-funky version of Chuck Berry's "Too Much Monkey Business," featuring guitarists Eric Thorngren and Gene Cornish, who deliver a nice riff-rock sludge to augment Turi's boogie-woogie piano. Inevitable comparisons to the Rascals have the band falling short of what was accomplished when Cornish and Danelli performed with Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere. "Parting People Should Be Good Friends" is nice British pop, and that style of radio-friendly songwriting and structure is where this band shines. It's just that the pop sensibilities are offset by the attempted blues of a song like "Good Times Are Comin'," which, unfortunately, holds this album back. Six years later, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli would form Fotomaker with Wally Bryson of the Raspberries and a lineup similar to the Rascals. Though superior to Bulldog, the problem there as well was that a creative force like Eric Carmen or Felix Cavaliere was missing. The verdict is quite simple -- these energies put into more albums by the Rascals over these lost years is what the fans would have appreciated. Were that the case, "No" might have gotten a huge yes on the charts.

1. Rockin' Robin
2. No

3. Juicin' With Lucy
4. Don't Blame It On Me
5 You Underlined My Life
6. Have A Nice Day
7. Too Much Monkey Business
8. Parting People Should Be Good Friends
9. Good Times Are Comin'
10. I'm A Madman

Dino Danelli - Drums
Eric Thorngren , Gene Cornish - Guitar
Billy Hocher - Vocals, Bass
John Turi - Vocals, Keyboards 


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Gary Wright - Waiting to Catch the Light

Gary Wright - Waiting to Catch the Light - 2008 - EP

1. Silent Choirs of Snowflakes
2. Curtains of Change
3. Lost in the Forest of Time
4. Waiting to Catch the Light
5. Stones, Stars and Sages
6. Fires of Memorie


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Plundered My Soul

The Rolling Stones - Singles - 2010

See details and watch video HERE

01 - Plundered My Soul
02 - All Down The Line

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Buddy Miles - Booger Bear

Buddy Miles - Booger Bear - 1973

A1 Booger Bear   
A2 Thinking of You
A3 Why        
A4 You Really Got Me

A5 Love        
B1 United Nations Stomp
B2 Crazy Love   
B3 You Are Everything
B4 Louie's Blues

Buddy Miles - Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Stephen Busfield - Guitar
Roland Robinson -  Bass
Don Beck - Organ
Bob Ferreira - Saxophone
Mingo Lewis - Percussion
Pat O'Hara -  Trombone
Peter Walker,  Bill Atwood - Trumpet

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The Tremeloes - The Tremeloes Boxed

Formada como Brian Poole e Tremoloes, tiveram o nome mudado para simplesmente The Tremoloes por obra de um erro ortográfico de um jornal local.

Em busca de um "beat group" a Decca escolheu o Tremeloes ao Beatles, o que é considerado um dos maiores erros da história da música. De qualquer forma, os Tremoles mostrou que tinham talento e uma promissora carreira. Como os Beatles,  todos os seus membros cantavam e a base de suas músicas eram o rock and roll.

Originalmente a banda era composta vocalista Brian Poole, o guitarrista Ricky West, o tecladista Alan Blakely, o baixista Alan Howard eo baterista Dave Munden.

Quando Poole e Howard deixaram a banda em 1966, Alan Blakely assumiu a liderança do grupo e Len "Chip" Hawkes substituiu Howard. Poole prosseguiu em carreira solo,  mas a falta de suceso logo o fez deixar o negócio da música.

West e Munden  ainda tocam seus velhos sucessos pela europa, acompanhados de músicos que tocaram em outras bandas na década de 1960 e 1970. Hawkes também esta ativo, tocando com sua própria banda. Alan Blakely faleceu em 1996

Tremeloes Boxed, lançado em 2000 pelo selo holandês BR Music abrange toda a carreira do grupo, com vários de seus sucessos em mais de 100 músicas distribuidas em 4 cds.


01. Blessed
02. Good Day Sunshine
03. What A State I'm In
04. Here Comes My Baby
05. Gentlemen Of Pleasure
06. Silence Is Golden
07. Let Your hair Hang Down
08. Even The Bad Times Are Good
09. Jenny's Alright
10. Be Mine
11. Suddenly Winter
12. Norman Stanley James St. Clare
13. As You Are
14. Suddenly You Love Me
15. E In Silenzio
16. Helule Helule
17. Girl From Nowhere
18. I'm Gonna Try
19. Entu Mondo
20. My Little Lady
21. All The World To Me
22. Rag Doll
23. I'll See You There
24. Travelling Circus
25. I Shall Be Released
26. I Miss My Baby
27. Hello World
28. Jacqueline (Hello World in Italian)


01. Once On A Sunday Morning
02. Fa La La, La La, La Le
03. Sadness Of Tomorrow
04. Number One
05. May Morning
06. All Put Together
07. Till The Sun Goes Down
08. Think Of What You've Said
09. I'll Take You Home
10. Anything
11. I Know You
12. What Can I Do
13. By The Way
14. Yellow River
15. No Comprendes (Yellow River)
16. Remember Looking Back
17. Me And My Life
18. Try Me
19. Long Road
20. Now's The Time
21. But Then I
22. Before I Sleep
23. Boola Boola
24. I Swear
25. Willow Tree
26. Right Wheel Left Hammer Sham


01. Wake Me I'm Dreaming (Mi Ritorni In Menti)
02. Wait A Minute
03. Hello Buddy
04. My Woman
05. No No No
06. No More Sad Songs
07. Too Late
08. If You Ever
09. Hello Sailor
10. How Can You Say Godbye
11. I Like It That Way
12. Wakamaker
13. Heaven Knows Why
14. Blue Suede Tie
15. Yodel-Ay
16. Lauree Lee
17. Ride On
18. Hands Off
19. These Days
20. Make Or Break
21. Movin' On
22. You Can't Touch Sue
23. Story For The Boys
24. The Lady's Got Style
25. Sadie
26. Do I Love You


01. Say OK
02. Pinky
03. The Good Time Band
04. September November December
05. My Friend Delaney
06. Lonely Dolly
07. Lovesong
08. Help
09. Someone Somenone
10. Rocking Circus
11. Don't Let The Music Die
12. Be Boppin' Boogie
13. Friend Of A Friend
14. I'm Lost Without You
15. Ging Gang Goolie
16. Lonely Nights
17. Lights Of Port Royal
18. Silas
19. Tremelodies
20. Words
21. I Will Return
22. Someone

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Felix Cavalieri - Felix Cavalieri

Felix Cavalieri - Felix Cavalieri -  1974

01.  A High Price To Pay
02.  I Am A Gambler
03.  I've Got A Solution
04.  Everlasting Love
05.  Summer In El Barrio
06.  Long Times Gone
07.  Future Train
08.  Mountain Man
09.  Funky Friday
10.  It's Been A Long Time
11.  I Am Free

Felix Cavaliere - vocals, piano, organ
Kevin Ellman, Jack Scarangella - drums
Antonio Arana - Conga, Percussion
Todd Rundfren, John Hall, Elliot Randall - Guitar
Hank Di Vito - Steel Guitar
Pablo Rosario - Percussion
Gualberto Peres - Flameco Guitar
John Siegler, Mervin Bronson - Bass
Barrie Rogers - Trombone
Al Rubin , Larry Spencer, Randy Brecker - Trumpets
Jack Jeffers - Baritone Horns
Paul Fleisher - Baritone Sax. Clarinet, Alto
Julien Barber, Stewart Clarke, Al Brown - Viola
W. Allen, Raymond Kunichi, Noel da Costa - Violin
Kermit Moore - Cello
Cissy Houston, Judy Clay, Deidre Truck, Renelle Stafford - Vocals

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Delaney Bramlett - Class Reunion - 1977

Delaney Bramlett - Delaney & Friends - Class Reunion - 1977

01. Locked Up In Alabama
02. Everyday's A Holiday  
03. I Wish It Would Rain   
04. It's A Touchy Situation 
05. You Can't Measure My Love
06. I Think I Got It
07. Invitation To A Heartbreak
08. For Old Times Sake 
09. Who You Gonna Blame It On
10. You Were The Light  

Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitars
Spider Tayler - Lead Guitars
Randy Sharp - Guitars
Chuck Rainey, Chris Ethridge - Bass
Rick Sutherland, Jim Hobson - Keyboards
Stu Perry, Jim Keltner - Drums
Sidney Sharp & friends - Strings
Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell, Jackie Kelsor, Slyde Hyde, Quitman Dennis - Horns
Clydie King,  Sherlie Matthews, Monalisa Young, Susie Allanson, Pat Erickson, Patti Quatro - Backing Vocals

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Don Nix - Going Down The Songs of Don Nix

Don Nix - Going Down The Songs of Don Nix - 1999

1. Black Cat Moan Listen
2. On the Road Again Listen
3. Right Where You Want Me Listen
4. Same Old Blues Listen
5. Lucinda
6. Palace of the King
7. Going Home
8. Going Back to Luka
9. Like a Road Leading Home
10. One More Repossession
11. Living on the Highway
12. Plastic Flowers
13. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

Bonnie Bramlett, Billy Lee Riley, Jackie Johnson, Dan Penn - Vocals
Susan Marshall - Background Vocals
Billy Lee Riley, John Mayall - Harmonica
Max Middleton - Piano
Steve Cropper,  Bobby Whitlock, Tony Joe White, Billy Crain - Guitar
Leslie West, Jon Tiven, Audley Freed - Electric Guitar, Guitar
Mike Duke - Electric Piano, Piano
David Hood, Michael Rhodes, Dave Smith Bass - Bass
Greg Morrow - Drums
Reese Wynans - Organ


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Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook Vol. 2

Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook Volume 2

1 In The Court of the Crimson King   
2 Pictures of a City   
3 One Time   
4 Frame by Frame   
5 Inner Garden   
6 Heartbeat   
7 Islands Suite:
a) Press Gang   
b) Zero Dark Thirty   
c) Formentera Lady   
d) Sailor's Tale   
e) The Plank
8 Lament   

Jody Nardone - Piano, Vocal
Tim Landers - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ian Wallace - Drums

with Mel Collins on Sax


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Matthew Fisher - I'll Be There (ex Procol Harum)

Matthew Fisher - I'll Be There - 1974

1 It's Not Too Late
2 Not Her Fault
3 Song Without Words
4 Taking The Easy Way Out
5 She Knows Me
6 It's So Easy
7 Do You Still Think About Me?
8 Cold Harbour Lane
9 I'll Be There

Matthew Fisher - Vocal, Organ, Piano, Bells, Tambourine, Guitar, Bass, Maracas, Harmonica, Orchestral Arrangements and Conducting
Mike Japp – Guitar
Alan Coulter, James Frank – Drums
Alan Coulter - Tambourine
Steve Bingham, Jim Ryan – Bass


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Brian Friel - Brian Joseph Friel

Brian Friel - Brian Joseph Friel - 1974

Brian Joseph Friel é um folk/r&roll singer e guitarrista escocês

Em 1973. Brian assinou com a Dawn Records (uma subsidiária da Pye Records) e realizou dois álbuns. O primeiro foi realizado no Reino Unido como 'Brian Joseph Friel', que também ficou conhecido com 'Second Hand Dealer'. Nesse primeiro disco, há participação de músicos como Colin Allen e Steve Thompson, todos do Stone The Crows; Zoot Money, Gary Osborne e Paul Vigrass dos Chocolate Watchband, além de Jimmy McCulloch, que mais tarde se juntaria ao Wings de Paul McCartney. Jimmy McCulloch foi creditado como 'The Phantom' por motivos contratuais.

Eu simplesmente não sei dizer porque esse álbum é tão raro. Não consigo entender como a audição de um disco tão bom pode ter ficado tanto tempo à mão, quer dizer, ao ouvido, de tão poucos.

Para quem gosta de John Martin e Nick Drake, é download obrigatório. Para quem simplesmente gosta de uma boa música, não há como se arrepender.

Só mais uma coisa. Em recente entrevista em janeiro de 2009, Brian Friel admitiu que nunca recebeu um único centavo de royalties da Pye Records ou de qualquer um dos atuais proprietários. Portanto, meus amigos, fazendo o download voce não estará roubando o artista. Não se pode roubar de quem nada tenha.

01. The Rock and Roll's In Me
02. Susan of the Redwoods
03. (I'm Back Inside My) Mailbox Blues (Again)
04. Brown Eyes
05. Song For Ralph
06. Railroad Mama
07. Louise is Loose
08. Don't Let My Dreams Bring You Down
09. Pisces Lady
10. I Think It's Gonna Rain

Brian Friel - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Zoot Money - Keyboards
Colin Allen - Drums and Percussion
Jimmy McCulloch (aka The Phantom) - Lead & Acoustic Guitar
Steve Thompson - Bass
B.J. Cole, Pedal Steel Guitar & Dobro
Captain Looney and the Lobsters - Backing Vocals

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Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor - 1968

Harvey Mandel é um guitarrista norte-americano que ficou famoso principalmete por integrar o Canned Heat. Entre outros, tocou com Charlie Musselwhite, Rolling Stones e John Mayall. Sua carreira solo soma mais de um dúzia de discos. Dono de um técnica única, Mandell é dos pioneiros do moderno blues elétrico.

Cristo Redentor é o seu primeiro álbum e teve sua produção a cargo do pessoal do Canned Heat.

01 - Wade in The Water
02 - Lights Out
03 - Bradleys Barn
04 - You Can't Tell Me
05 - Nashville 1 A.M.
06 - Cristo Redentor
07 - Before Six
08 - The Lark
09 - Snake
10 - Long Wait

Bonus Tracks:

11 - Spirit of Trane (Barry Goldberg 1969)
12 - My Time Ain't Long (Canned Heat 1970)
13 - Let's Work Together (Canned Heat 1970)
14 - That's All Right (Canned Heat 1970)
15 - A Little Soul Food (Pure Food & Drug Act 1972)
16 - What Comes Around Goes Around (Pure Food & Drug Act 1972)
17 - My Soul's on Fire (Pure Food & Drug Act 1972)
18 - Which Witch is Which (Love 1974)

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Graham Bond, Nick DeCaro, Hargus Robbins - Piano
Eddie Hoh - Drums
Chip Martin - Guitar (Rhythm)
Peter Drake - Guitar (Steel)
Bob Moore, Art Stavro - Bass
Charlie Musselwhite, Edna Wright, Julia Tillman, Carolyn Willis - Harp
Jacqueline May Allen - Soprano
Armando Peraza, Carter Collins - Conga
Larry Easter - Sax

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E se o Pink Floyd fizesse trilha sonora para video-game?

Brad Smith desenvolveu uma versão para Dark Side of the Moon como se fosse uma trlha de um console Nitendo 8 bits. Mesmo com toda essa limitação, não é que o rapaz mandou muito bem

Detalhes, demais partes e a posibilidade de baixar tudo em MP3 voce acha aqui.