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VA - Woodstock - Back To The Garden The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive - DISC 38/38

VA - Woodstock - Back To The Garden The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive - 2019

Woodstock – Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive is a live album by various artists, packaged as a box set of 38 CDs. It contains nearly all of the performances from the Woodstock music festival, which took place on August 15–18, 1969, in Bethel, New York. The CDs also include many stage announcements and miscellaneous audio material. The box set also contains bonus material such as a Blu-ray copy of the director's cut of the Woodstock documentary film, a hardcover book written by concert promoter Michael Lang, and a replica of the original concert program. It was released by Rhino Records on August 2, 2019, in a limited edition of 1,969 copies

DISC 38/38 - Day 3 - Disc 38 - A Farewell and Four Appendices

01. Chip Monck - "Good wishes, good day, and a good life"
02. "This is Groesbeek"
03. "Hungry wet hordes”
04. "Sun dance"
05. "Cancel out whatever I said about the morning"
06. "Lotsa kooks around here"
07. "National Outdoor Leadership types"
08. "Why aren’t you dishonest like everybody else?”
09. “I just saw the titles on this thing"
10. "We’ve had hassles”
11. "This is up at the hospital tent”
12. "It’s Monday afternoon”
13. "It’s my Geiger counter”
14. "Uh… boys by the American flag”
15. "Magic Terry knows what he’s talking about”
16. “150 logs”
17. "There’s a little tin box full of hash around somewhere”
18. "Here’s a guy slightly freaked out”
19. "Walking up the hill”
20. Appendix 2: The Rain Chant [original field recording]
21. "Please go to the information booth, man”
22. "Around that crane in a three foot radius”
23. "On Sunday, man, the Times gave a very favorable editorial”
24. "It’s gonna take me a few weeks to fully comprehend it”
25. "We are making announcements”
26. "Other people’s pills”
27. Chip Monck -"Please bear with us”
28. "If anybody can understand what I’m saying, stand up and move”
29. "A matter of life and death—dig it!”
30. "Up against the wall, boys”
31. "Rap Central, near the first aid trailer”
32. "For those of you who haven’t heard of the Bindi Bazaar”
33. "Three; Richie’s voice”
34. "Hello!”


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What an incredible collection !!
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Incredible share! Unfortunately I can't open the 37 & 38 files with Winrar. Is it a problem with my computer or not? Anyway it's a good job

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