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Too Smooth - live From Mother Earth

Too Smooth - live From Mother Earth - 1974

Too Smooth were an Austin Texas based four piece who specialized in hard edged Southern Rock, but also occasionally dallied with progressive song structures. A legendary band, and a huge live draw in their homestate in the '70's.

Their twin guitar attack and legendary live shows soon garnered the band a huge home-state following. When touring acts such as GOLDEN EARRING, TED NUGENT and LYNYRD SKYNYRD made their initial forays into Austin, bookers would put Too Smooth on as the opening act to ensure a full house. Too Smooth signed with Michael Lang's Just Sunshine label in '74 and recorded an album at the Record Plant in California.

Unfortunately, just as the band were finishing up work on the LP the label was sold to ABC. The new owners didn't know who Too Smooth was, and didn't care, and dropped the band without releasing the album. The band's second chance came in 1976 when they signed to Buddah Records. Too Smooth were dispatched to Criterion Studios in Miami to record another album, but released only one 45 for Buddah, "Song For the World".

The label had decided to concentrate on it's disco acts, and once more Too Smooth were dropped, with another unreleased album in the can. The band then released a single, "Mamie Mama", on the local independent Armadillo Records label.

When Mercury Records began courting the band it looked like it might be 3rd time lucky for Too Smooth, but negotiations broke down before a contract could be finalised.

01. Too Smooth Boogie
02. Spanada Kid
03. Smile
04. Leavin' It Up To You
05. I Beg Your Pardon
06. Crippled Duck
07. Long Hot Night
08. Peach Preserves
09. Tough Times
10. Mamie Mama

Brian Wooten - Guitar & Vocals
Jeff Clark - Guitar & Vocals
Danny Swinney - Bass
Tom Holden - Drums


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Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook Volume 2 (re-repost)

Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook Volume 2

1 In The Court of the Crimson King   
2 Pictures of a City   
3 One Time   
4 Frame by Frame   
5 Inner Garden   
6 Heartbeat   
7 Islands Suite:
a) Press Gang   
b) Zero Dark Thirty   
c) Formentera Lady   
d) Sailor's Tale   
e) The Plank
8 Lament   

Jody Nardone - Piano, Vocal
Tim Landers - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Ian Wallace - Drums

with Mel Collins on Sax


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Yesterday - A Tribute To The Beatles - Live From Las Vegas! (repost)

Yesterday - A Tribute To The Beatles - Live From Las Vegas! - 2007

Performing all eras of Beatles music in their original key, wearing drainpipe trousers and playing authentic instruments, Yesterday - The Beatles Tribute has performed on five continents. Beginning with the British Invasions in 1964, the mop tops from Liverpool began the first wave of Beatlemania. The Beatles forever changed the face of pop music with such songs as "Hard Day's Night", "Help", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "Sgt. Pepper", and "Revolution". Yesterday recreates note for note the music of the Fab Four.

Based in Las Vegas, Yesterday show bands have performed the long running show in among others, Atlantic City at the Tropicana Casino Resort for three years, at the Horizon Casino Hotel in Lake Tahoe for eight months, five months in the Tiffany Theater at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and hundreds of venues across the US.


01. Hard Day's Night
02. Help
03. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
04. All My Lovin'
05. Please Please Me
06. Yesterday
07. I Saw Her Standing There
08. Twist and Shout
09. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - With a Little Help from M
10. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
11. Taxman
12. Got to Get You into My Life
13. I Am the Walrus
14. Here Comes the Sun
15. Revolution
16. Bye Bye Love
17. Wake Up Little Susie
18. All I Have to Do Is Dream
19. Cathy's Clown
20. That'll Be the Day
21. Peggy Sue
22. Everyday
23. Maybe Baby


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District 97 With John Wetton - One More Red Night - Live In Chicago

District 97 With John Wetton - One More Red Night - Live In Chicago - 2014

One More Red Night: Live In Chicago' includes three songs from the iconic landmark album 'Red’; which inspired many musicians including Kurt Cobain. This CD also captures several other well-known songs from the three King Crimson studio albums John Wetton played and sang on, plus their earlier hit “21st Century Schizoid Man”. This is the first release of this recording and features many tracks which are now rarely heard live.

“I've said it before, and I maintain that D97 is the best young progressive band around right now. Gifted players, great material, and a brilliant, charismatic singer in Leslie Hunt. Their shows are an exciting pleasure to attend, and I am proud to work, and be associated with them.” - John Wetton, Annapolis, October 1,2014.

District 97's drummer and 'One More Red Night' producer, Jonathan Schang, says “The first Crimson song I ever played live with John was 'Lament'. To hear 'that voice' coming from right in front of me, seemingly made only stronger by the passage of time, was an experience I shall never forget. Getting to know John more closely, both as a musician and a human being, is an honor and a privilege. I'm thrilled that our joint interpretations of his iconic work with King Crimson are now available for all to enjoy.”

01. One More Red Nightmare
02. The Great Deceiver
03. Lament
04. The Night Watch
05. Fallen Angel
06. Book Of Saturday
07. 21st Century Schizoid Man
08. Starless
09. Easy Money


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The Action - Action Packed (DEMON DELUXE)

The Action - Action Packed (DEMON DELUXE) - 2014

From Wikipedia

The Action foi uma banda britânica mod ativa entre os anos de 1963 e 1969 e era formada por Reg King (vocais), Mike Evans (baixo), Roger Powell (bateria), Alan King e Peter Watson (guitarras) e era produzida por George Martin, famoso por ter trabalhado contemporaneamente com os Beatles.

Contratados da Parlophone, a banda era influenciada pela música soul americana e no seu repertório encontravam-se versões de músicas originalmente gravadas por artistas das gravadoras Motown e Stax, como Wilson Pickett, The Temptations e Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. Apesar de receberem boas críticas na época, a banda nunca foi um sucesso de vendas, tendo seu público limitado aos mods.

Em 1967, Reg King saiu da banda e o The Action mudou de nome para Mighty Baby, agora com Alan King nos vocais, e um estilo mais voltado para o rock progressivo, psicodélico e folk. Enquanto isso, Reg King teve um breve carreira solo, lançando apenas um disco homônimo em 1971 com participação de antigos parceiros do The Action, além de músicos famosos como Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) e Steve Winwood (The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic e Blind Faith). O Mighty Baby acabaria em 1971. Alan King formaria a seguir o grupo Ace, ativa até 1977.

Entre o material disponível do The Action encontram-se compilações dos singles lançados até 1967 (Action Packed e The Ultimate Action), bem como a reunião de material ao vivo intitulada Uptight and Outasight e o disco Rolled Gold, que apresenta remasterizações de músicas do grupo gravadas entre 1967 e 1969 previamente não realizadas. Este último apresenta apenas músicas autorais, onde a banda funde o soul com a psicodelia do final da década.


NB: Action Packed foi originalmente lançado com 17 faixas e este que agora é postado vem com um total de 38 títulos. Foram adicionadas apresentações na BBC rádio nos anos de 1966 e 1967 e, a mais legal, de um show realizado em 1988, em Londres . Este set, é bom frisar, não chega a ser inédito, pois ele está presente no CD 2 da compilação "Uptight And Outasight".

01. Land of 1000 Dances
02. In My Lonely Room
03. Harlem Shuffle
04. I Love You (Yeah!)
05. I'll Keep on Holding On
06. Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
07. Just Once in My Life
08. Wasn't It You
09. Baby You've Got It
10. Since I Lost My Baby
11. Never Ever
12. Twenty Fourth Hour
13. The Place
14. Come on, Come with Me
15. The Cissy
16. Something Has Hit Me
17. Shadows & Reflections
18. Mine Exclusively (Live on Television & BBC Radio 1966-1967)
19. Baby You've Got It (Live on Television & BBC Radio 1966-1967)
20. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) [Live on Television & BBC Radio 1966-1967]
21. I See You (Live on Television & BBC Radio 1966-1967)
22. Shadows & Reflections (Live on Television & BBC Radio 1966-1967)
23. Meeting over Yonder (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
24. The Monkey Time (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
25. Baby Don't You Do It (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
26. In My Lonely Room (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
27. I Love You (Yeah!) [Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998]
28. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) [Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998]
29. Ooo Baby Baby (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
30. Crazy About You Baby (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
31. Heatwave (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
32. People Get Ready (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
33. The Memphis Train (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
34. Since I Lost My Baby (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
35. Harlem Shuffle (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
36. Baby You've Got It (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
37. I'll Keep Holding On (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)
38. Land of 1000 Dances (Live at the Boston Arms, London 1998)


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Jorma Kaukonen - Magic (re-re-post)

Jorma Kaukonen - Magic  - 1985

From Wikipedia

Magic is a live Jorma Kaukonen album containing performances of acoustic songs from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna albums recorded during his solo tour of 1984. After a brief reunion tour in 1983 with Hot Tuna, Jorma had continued to play solo and eventually landed a contract with Relix Records. In addition to releasing Kaukonen's new solo recordings, Relix also released live Hot Tuna recordings from the 70s, with the albums Splashdown and Historic Live Tuna. In 1995, Michael Falzarano remastered the album and produced a new version that Relix released as the CD Magic Two.

01. Walkin' Blues
02. Winin' Boy Blues
03. I'll Be Alright (Traditional)
04. Embryonic Journey
05. Candy Man
06. Roads and Roads &
07. Good Shepherd (Traditional)
08. Mann's Fate


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Jorma Kaukonen - 2003-02-13 Barrelhouse Brewing Company, Cincinnati (repost)

Jorma Kaukonen - 2003-02-13 Barrelhouse Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH - 2012
(with Barry Mitterhoff)

Hoje trago o mais recente álbum do catálogo pessoal de Jorma  (cheque AQUI ), pelo selo Fur Peace Ranch e cujos títulos estão disponíveis apenas digitalmente.

Ainda trago todo o restante desta coleção, quando o tempo livre me deixar. O outro desta série está posto AQUI .

01. Big River Blues
02. True Religion
03. I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now
04. Hesitation Blues
05. Death Don't Have No Mercy
06. Tom Cat Blues
07. Living in the Moment
08. Good Shepherd
09. Quah    
10. I'll Let You Know Before I Leave
11. Prohibition Blues
12. Trouble in Mind
13. Sales Pitch
14. Red River Blues
15. Blue Railroad Train
16. Waiting for a Train
17. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
18. Another Man Done Gone
19. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
20. That'll Never Happen No More
21. Embryonic Journey
22. Flying Clouds
23. Genesis
24. Uncle Sam Blues
25. Tuning
26. 99 Year Blues
27. I Am the Light of This World
28. Tuning Up
29. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
30. Just Because
31. San Francisco Bay Blues (encore)


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Jorma Kaukonen - Fur Peace Ranch (repost)

Jorma Kaukonen - Fur Peace Ranch, Darwin, OH - 2010

Jorma Kaukonen, guitarrista do Jeffeson Airplane e Hot Tuna tem, além de sua discografia conhecida e espalhada por tudo quanto é canto, tem um enorme catálogo pessoal  (cheque AQUI )  cujas gravações estão disponíveis apenas digitalmente.

Fur Peace, gravado em 1999 em seu rancho, traz Jorma acompanhado apenas de seu violão e aonde, como de costume, não economiza em técnica, sentimento e maestria.

01. Hesitation Blues (aborted)
02. Walkin' Blues
03. True Religion
04. How Long Blues
05. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
06. Death Don't Have No Mercy
07. Do Not Go Gentle
08. I See The Light
09. San Francisco Bay Blues
10. Embryonic Journey
11. Good Shepherd
12. Too Many Years
13. 99 Year Blues
14. I Am The Light Of This World
15. Parchman Farm
16. Uncle Sam Blues
17. Nine Pound Hammer
18. Hesitation Blues
19. Genesis
20. That'll Never Happen No More
21. Been So Long
22. Water Song
23. Encore: Police Dog Blues


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Michael Nesmith - Rays

Michael Nesmith - Rays - 2006

A cinematic journey of sound with elements of swing, jazz and instrumental funk that come together to form what Michael Nesmith calls "New Century Modern". “For a time I thought Rays had come together differently than any other project I had worked on, until it dawned on me all the various works I had been involved in had happened the same way and doing Rays was simply the first time I had seen it. Rays was my own personal Copernican Shift. 

For years Rays laid around in bits and pieces, and there were long periods when I would put them all away, like disparate parts of disparate building blocks. As if one was a recipe, another was a blueprint, another was a map. I couldn’t see how they fit together. I kept going, as much for not having anything else to do as for the curiosity of how it would all turn out, but I did keep going, and I’m glad I did. It was when I was putting on the horn parts, dreaming of Memphis and Stax Volt that it all came together. It was as if I had come into the garage one evening, and was looking at the detritus of a failed effort laying all over the floor, when suddenly there was this array, a kind! of order to it that I had never imagined. 

That was exciting. It felt new, and gave me the inspiration I needed to finish. This after four years of wandering in darkness --- which actually happened to be one of the lines from Rays. I had always imagined “emergence” as the gradual appearing of something that already exists but was just unseen. Rays was the first time I ever actually saw that happen. And now that I’ve seen it I am aware that all the past works have happened the same way.” 
Michael Nesmith March, 2006

Michael Nesmith – Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards
John Hobbs – Keyboards, Keyboard Bass
Gregg Bisonette - Drums
Luis Conte – Percussion
Kurt Wagner – Vocals


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William Souffreau - In My Room

William Souffreau - In My Room - 1994

from billybop
We all know BlinkIt the Belgian Rockabilly Band and some of Us might know Irish Coffee the Belgian hard Rock band from the 7t’s. And yes the man that connects those two bands is undoubtedly William Soffreau. Although the first Blinkit Cd was somehow disappointing, this blues album by William Souffreau isn’t disappointing at all. The Cd is dating from 1994 already & I picked it up some weeks ago in the bargain bins of my favorite record shop. Can you believe it only for 1 € (NB: in Amazon for "only" $20.95 used) .

In My room is a very good solo album by Souffreau & he gets the help from some very famous Belgian musicians. On this album you find people like Phillipe Catherine (Jazz guitarist, worked with Marc Moulin, Charles Mingus,Stephane Grapelli,…) Wigbert Van Lierde (aka Wigbert) and ofcourse the ever present Luc De Clus (Irish Coffee & now also in BlinkIt)

01. Broken Heart
02. Gimme Some Lovin'
03. I Got Love
04. Little Town Girl
05. Show Me
06. Need You
07. Mister Taxman
08. The Right Way
09. Highway To The Moon
10. Suburban Road
11. Walk Into My Room
12. Wait For The Sun
13. Masterpiece


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The Small Faces - Beat Beat Beat

The Small Faces - Beat Beat Beat - 2009

Beat Beat Beat was a German music programme than ran during 60'. Not to be confunsed with the other well know German Pop Programme "Beat Club" Beat Beat Beat was broadcast out of Frankfurt commencing in 1966. The Programme ran to 26 epsodies between 1966-1969. The shows were ecletic affairs and included performances by artists as diverse as Eric Burdon and The Animals, The Move and Cat Stevens
This performances taped in october 1966 and the band run through 4 of their greatest hits: Whatcha Gonna Do About It, Sha-la-la-la-lee, Hey Girl and All or Nothing


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John Henry Kurtz - Reunion

John Henry Kurtz - Reunion - 1972

John Henry Kurtz’ “Reunion” album was actually a union of some of the west coast’s best session players,including Larry Knechtel, Ben Beney, Don Randi, Ray Pohlman, Jim Horn and Jim Gordon. etc. Also appearing on this record are Kenny Loggins, (pushing his “Danny’s Song” and some background vocals), Michael Omartian, Doug Dillard, and two members of Steely Dan, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Jim Hodder (though they don’t appear together, Baxter plays pedal steel on “Brand New Tennessee Waltz” and the fade on “Songbird” and Hodder drums on “Light Shine”, they must of been hanging ‘round the studio after their “Can’t Buy A Thrill” lp) The album was well produced by Steve Barri (who also adds percussion on some cuts) and as expected by the musicians involved, features a well polished sound.

Best known for his multi-talented voice on Broadway and TV, actor John Henry Kurtz,  was the announcer and voice of NBC Nightly News, Court TV, numerous commercials and several other shows. He guested on four episodes of Nick, Jr.’s Little Bill. He was a baseball announcer in 2002's Baseball Glovers and Number One On Honeywood Street, and a TV news announcer in Snow Racer and Summertime In The Wintertime (both 2004).

Kurtz was an actor on Broadway and on television, portraying Mr. Poppy on three 1994 episodes of The Cosby Mysteries. He also guested on H.E.L.P., Law & Order and 100 Centre Street. Kurtz was a former Wildwood and Wildwood Crest Life Guard. In recent years ,he enjoyed walking the beaches of Cape May and talking with the numerous friends on the Cape May Beach Patrol.

01. Drift Away
02. Songbird
03. Rock And Roll Love Song For Rosie
04. Danny’s Song
05. Light Shine
06. Get On The Right Road
07. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
08. It Never Hurts To Be Nice To Somebody
09. You Give Me Something Good To Think About
10.  Everything Has Got To Be Free