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Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte)

Reeves Gabrels - Ulysses (Della Notte) - 1999

ULYSSES (Della Notte) was the second full-length solo album for Gabrels. It appeared originally in 1999 as a then-pioneering digital-only release that comprised eight songs and won a Yahoo! Internet award. E-Magine Entertainment then put it out on CD in 2000, adding a ninth track. After a hiatus of several years in availability, the rights reverted to the artist and the album is now being offered again for digital download and on CD.

Gabrels' inventive style on guitar and ironic style in writing songs--with lyrics by turns acerbic, by turns sweet--both shine in this recording. ULYSSES (Della Notte) is first and foremost a collection of finely crafted songs, all of which organically incorporate genre-bending, mind-bending guitar playing as well. All nine songs feature Gabrels on vocals, and some in addition include notable guest appearances by talented musical colleagues.

"Jewel" is one of these special tracks: it combines vocals by Gabrels with Frank Black (Pixies), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and David Bowie. "Yesterday's Gone" is a beautiful ballad sung by Robert Smith of The Cure and representing a dreamy songwriting collaboration for Gabrels and Smith, who at the time were simply friends. It would take another fifteen years for then to become band mates.

01. Arrow (feat Dan McCarroll / Mark Plati / Amanda  Reisman)
02. Lines
03. Thirteen Years (Della Notte)
04. Jewel (feat Frank Black / David Bowie / Dave Grohl / Mark Plati)
05. Accident
06. Trap (feat Mike Levesque / Mark Plati)
07. Yesterday's Gone (feat Jason Miller / Robert Smith)
08. Standing (feat. Mark Plati)
09. Party Puppet


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Tin House - Winds of Past

Tin House - Winds of Past - 2009

TIN HOUSE was formed in 1969 by original members Floyd Radford (Guitar), Mike Logan (Drums) and Jeff Cole (Lead Vocal and Bass). They were one of the first progressive rock bands to be signed to a major label out of the Central Florida area. Their debut album entitled TIN HOUSE was released on Epic Records in 1970. This album produced by Rick Derringer went on to win international acclaim.

Fast Forward to 2009 TIN HOUSE releases their second  album “WINDS OF PAST”. The new lineup of the band still includes Floyd Radford and Mike Logan. In addition joining them now are new members David Mikeal (Lead Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards), Robby Crouse (Guitar) and Jimmy Smith (Bass).

01. What Your Head Says
02. Thundercloud
03. Don't Destroy Our Future
04. Long Gone
05. World of Ours
06. All Your Love
07. Be Good and Be Kind
08. It's Your Day
09. Allusion
10. Straight and Cold
11. Photograph
12. Winds of Past


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Young Ancients - Fishstory

Young Ancients - Fishstory - 2015

Young Ancients unites three renowned performers - John Magnie (accordion, keyboard, vocals), Cary Morin (guitar, pedal steel, vocals), and Steve Amedée (drums, percussion, vocals) - whose musical roots intertwine in an inspired blend of blues, folk-rock, soul, gospel, Native Americana, and New Orleans R&B. Fusing three remarkable musicians’ signature styles, Young Ancients’ sound features rich vocal harmonies and unexpected instrumentation - soulful accordion, maverick percussion, and deft fingerstyle guitar. This alchemical collaboration combines an acoustic earthiness, brilliant musicianship, and a dynamic, ragged edge - a singular feat of seasoned musicians in the prime of their creative power.

Magnie and Amedée’s previous collaborations include internationally acclaimed band The Subdudes, as well as The 3 Twins, renowned on the Colorado-Wyoming music scene. In 2010, both artists portrayed themselves in New Orleans-based HBO series Treme. Known for his skill as a musician, songwriter, and producer, Magnie’s credits include numerous movie and TV soundtracks and appearances. He is a pioneer of accordion in the rock and roll genre, realizing its untapped rhythmic possibilities. Amedée has been a mainstay drummer/percussionist on the Colorado music scene for decades, and has traveled extensively as a studio musician. His iconic sound is instantly recognizable, particularly his use of tambourine - from which he coaxes a range of tones and effects. With The Atoll and The Pura Fé Trio, and also as a solo artist, award-winning blues/world groove musician Cary Morin has performed internationally on stage, TV, and radio. His stage credits include co-authorship of Turtle Island, a 50-member production that played two consecutive years to sold-out audiences in Northern Colorado. In 2013, Morin was named Colorado’s International Blues Challenge Solo Champion.

Each an accomplished artist in his own right, all three band members have performed across the globe, sharing stages with such legends as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Al Green, and Al Jarreau. They’ve played celebrated venues including New York’s Lincoln Center, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Paris Jazz Festival, and Folk Alliance International. As individual artists, these three have shared many a local stage for over 25 years, and stand side by side in the Jazz Alley Mural in their home base of Fort Collins, Colorado.

01. Live a Little
02. Angels and Devils
03. Cheap Guitar
04. Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do)
05. Me and My Broken Heart
06. Idle No More
07. Rosemary
08. She Caught the Katy
09. Yellowbird
10. Exception to the Rule
11. Going Back to Tulsa
12. Not Ever Again


domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015

Rod Argent - Red House

Rod Argent - Red House - 1988

This comes off as a New Age movie soundtrack, but a good New Age movie soundtrack. It's mostly instrumental, and mostly done on synthesizers - even the drums sound like drum machines - augmented by occasional sax, guitar (Clem Clempson, ex-Humble Pie), or bass (Mo Foster, ex-Jeff Beck). Argent scat sings on "Salvation Song" and delivers fantastic soul vocals on "Helpless" and "Baby Don't You Cry," but that's it. He'd been doing movie and TV scores for years at this point, and he really had the form figured out: even though some of the numbers drag over six minutes, you hardly notice because they're so light, tuneful, and relaxing. When Argent breaks from the New Age thing to deliver a sparkling, slowed-down 3/4-time classical piano solo ("A 4th Gymnopedie," reprised with synth and sax on "In Memory")

01. Teenage Years
02. Salvation Song
03. A 4th Gymnopedie
04. Helpless
05. Sweet Russian
06. In Memory
07. Baby Don't You Cry
08. First Touch
09. Suite T
10. Spirits

Rod Argent - Keyboards, Vocals
Clem Clempson - Guitar (2, 4, 5, 7)
Dave Bronze - Bass (4)
Mo Foster - Bass (9)
Peter Van Hooke - Drums, Percussion
Phil Todd - Soprano Saxophone (5, 6)


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Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77

Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77 - 2015

from RollingStones
In 1977, Alex Chilton was 10 years out from his Box Tops hit "The Letter" and recovering from the recent collapse of his power-pop band Big Star. Still in his mid-twenties, the Memphis singer tried his luck in New York, playing gigs like this one (in strong quasi-boot fidelity) that were as close, in plaintive voice and power-trio scruff, as he ever got live to the open wounds on Big Star's farewell, 3rd. There's a song from that LP here, "Night Time," along with earlier Big Star jewels and odd, magnetic originals from a rejected Elektra demo. It's all clanging pop delivered with scrappy purism — the way Chilton did it forever after. 

01. All Of The Time
02. September Gurls
03. Memphis
04. In The Street
05. Walk Don't Run06. Back Of A Car
07. Windows Hotel
08. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
09. The Letter
10. Nighttime
11. My Rival
12. Wouldn't It Be Nice
13. Way Out West
14. O My Soul
15. She Might Look My Way
16. Dominating Force


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Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry

Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry - 2004

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nathan Asher describes the songs of his band, the Infantry, as "smart music for idiots." The Raleigh, NC band aims to create a distinct, modern version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest, full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash.

Asher, an award winning poet, and playwright, has a unique style of storytelling. His lyrics bridge the gap between hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional folk songwriting.

These six, long-time friends are driven by the rhythm section of Nick Abbate (bass) and Dan Abbate (drums), brothers who have performed together their entire lives. The other members include Turner Brandon (organ and harmonica), Chris Serino (guitar) and Lawson Taylor (piano).

The Infantry released their self-titled, debut album in 2004, which includes the featured track, "Turn Up The Faders." The band's new album, Sex Without Love was released in September 2005.

01. The Last Election
02. They Won't Find Me
03. Turn Up the Faders
04. For Diane
05. The Deficit
06. Into the Fourth World
07. Animal Instincts
08. Tel Aviv, July X
09. The Flag Is Waving You
10. The Great Divide
11. David & Marie
12. No Turning Back


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Tony Galla - ASAP

Tony Galla - ASAP - 2000

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Tony Galla was discovered in Buffalo, New York by renowned disc jockey Joey Reynolds, recording his first hit single, “In Love” (Swan Records). Climbing quickly up the Billboard charts, “In Love” became a national cult hit in the U.S. and throughout the UK and Europe, where it currently remains a popular hit.

Heavily influenced by the soulful sounds of artists like B.B. King and Ray Charles, Tony developed his own bluesy sound and unique passionate style quickly becoming the lead singer of the blues band, Raven.

After releasing their first album, Live at the Inferno (Discovery Records), rock legend Jimi Hendrix helped Raven land a recording contract with Clive Davis and Columbia Records, releasing a second album, Raven and the single, “Feeling Good”.

Soon Tony could be found jamming into the wee hours of the night with Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin at local nightclubs in New York City. Tony toured extensively with Raven gaining worldwide attention and opening for prominent groups like Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, Procol Harem, The Byrds, The Young Rascals, Blood Sweat and Tears, Three Dog Night, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy.

01. The Blues Would Slip Right In
02. A.S.A.P.
03. The Jealous Kind
04. Travellin' On
05. Take A Giant Step
06. Man In My Blues
07. She's All I Ever Need (Angel Of Mercy)
08. Desire
09. Worried Mind Blues
10. That'll Do It For Me


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Tex Perkins' Dark Horses - Sweet Nothing

Tex Perkins' Dark Horses - Sweet Nothing - 2003

from Rockthegate
To discerning fans of Australian music, the work of Tex Perkins holds pride of place. In the popularity stakes, there have been number one albums, ARIA Awards aplenty, and a litany of unforgettable live performances that are the stuff of local rock & roll folklore.

More recently, beyond the rebel rousing status earned from fronting seminal outfits such as The Cruel Sea and The Beasts Of Bourbon, Tex's solo records (1996's Far Be It From Me and 2000's Dark Horses) have revealed a more intimate side of the artist: That of an emotive singer/songwriter, an acoustic guitar strumming balladeer with a voice that delivers its message in a whisper rather than a roar.

And now, Sweet Nothing.

On the creative side of things, Tex has changed everything with Sweet Nothing, moved, as the artist himself puts it, from "portraiture to landscape". "To me, this isn't another journey to the interior, this feels like… standing on the outside…looking out.".

Songs come across like dreams, smoke signals from the subconscious. But their sound, you'll soon discover for yourself, is as broad and textured as the outback.

Much of the credit for the vast vision of Sweet Nothing, Tex hastens to point out, goes to The Dark Horses, the band that came together following the release of the album of the same name. For SWEET NOTHING is not really another solo recording at all. It is, in fact, the debut release by Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses.

"The Dark Horses features the divine and sublime talents of Joel Silbersher (bass) and Charlie Owen (guitar, keyboards), Tendrils by another name. Then there's Tex's closest collaborator of recent years, Murray Patterson (guitarist), and the most recent addition to the outfit, Skritch (drums).

Together, in various configurations as well as a whole, the five men each contributed to the songwriting of SWEET NOTHNG. As a performing ensemble, it's as if their combined talents have invented a new type of music that appears to physically grow as you listen on.

As always, there's a self-assuredness that shines even through apparent despair, such as on the rather direct lament of "Days Like These". But more than just coming on like Tex unplugged, The Dark Horses also show they can crank it up when it comes to the atmospherics stakes in songs like "Lucid" and "A Name On Every One", which sound more suited to a rock stadium than the backyard.

Sweet Nothing is a work of incredible beauty and delicacy. A major new work by one of the most distinctive vocalists and performers this country has ever produced.

01. A Hair Of The God
02. Midnight Sunshine
03. Lucid
04. Cold Feet
05. Great Apes
06. Changelings
07. Days Like These
08. Hang On To My Love
09. This Wind
10. A Name On Every One
11. Everything Or Nothing


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Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim

Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim - 2015

Texas guitarist Gary Clark, Jr. has been compared to guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his playing is a powerful and inspired mix of blues roots with contemporary soul and hip-hop, and when he's rolling at his best, he sounds like nothing so much as a natural hybrid of both the past and the future of the blues. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Clark first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and spent his teens playing whatever gig he could get in the Austin area, eventually meeting Clifford Antone, promoter and owner of Antone's, the city's premier blues club, who began featuring Clark at his venue. An amazing live performer, Clark soon became one of the brightest players on Austin's blues and rock scene. He released an independent album, 2005's Tribute, followed by a pair of self-produced albums in 2008 for Hotwire Unlimited, 110 and Worry No More. An EP, Gary Clark Jr., also appeared from Hotwire in 2010.

But Clark was far from just a one-trick pony guitar gunslinger. He could also sing, write, and arrange. He wrote the original score for the film Full Count and also appeared as an actor in John Sayles' 2007 film Honeydripper. In 2010, Clark was selected by Eric Clapton to perform at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, and a DVD of the show featuring Clark led to a recording deal with Warner Bros. Clark was soon in the studio working on his major-label debut. An EP called Bright Lights was released in 2011 in advance of the new album, Blak and Blu, which appeared in the fall of 2012. His next release was the impressive two-disc Live, recorded during an 18-month-long tour behind Blak and Blu, and one that perhaps better represented Clark's wild, impassioned, and often elegantly graceful live sets. After more touring, including dates opening for the Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters, Clark released his second major-label studio set, 2015's The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.

01. The Healing
02. Grinder
03. Star
04. Our Love
05. Church
06. Hold On
07. Cold Blooded
08. Wings
09. BYOB
10. Can't Sleep
11. Stay
12. Shake
13. Down To Ride