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Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77

Alex Chilton - Ocean Club 77 - 2015

from RollingStones
In 1977, Alex Chilton was 10 years out from his Box Tops hit "The Letter" and recovering from the recent collapse of his power-pop band Big Star. Still in his mid-twenties, the Memphis singer tried his luck in New York, playing gigs like this one (in strong quasi-boot fidelity) that were as close, in plaintive voice and power-trio scruff, as he ever got live to the open wounds on Big Star's farewell, 3rd. There's a song from that LP here, "Night Time," along with earlier Big Star jewels and odd, magnetic originals from a rejected Elektra demo. It's all clanging pop delivered with scrappy purism — the way Chilton did it forever after. 

01. All Of The Time
02. September Gurls
03. Memphis
04. In The Street
05. Walk Don't Run06. Back Of A Car
07. Windows Hotel
08. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
09. The Letter
10. Nighttime
11. My Rival
12. Wouldn't It Be Nice
13. Way Out West
14. O My Soul
15. She Might Look My Way
16. Dominating Force


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