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Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry

Nathan Asher and the Infantry - Nathan Asher and the Infantry - 2004

Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nathan Asher describes the songs of his band, the Infantry, as "smart music for idiots." The Raleigh, NC band aims to create a distinct, modern version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest, full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash.

Asher, an award winning poet, and playwright, has a unique style of storytelling. His lyrics bridge the gap between hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional folk songwriting.

These six, long-time friends are driven by the rhythm section of Nick Abbate (bass) and Dan Abbate (drums), brothers who have performed together their entire lives. The other members include Turner Brandon (organ and harmonica), Chris Serino (guitar) and Lawson Taylor (piano).

The Infantry released their self-titled, debut album in 2004, which includes the featured track, "Turn Up The Faders." The band's new album, Sex Without Love was released in September 2005.

01. The Last Election
02. They Won't Find Me
03. Turn Up the Faders
04. For Diane
05. The Deficit
06. Into the Fourth World
07. Animal Instincts
08. Tel Aviv, July X
09. The Flag Is Waving You
10. The Great Divide
11. David & Marie
12. No Turning Back


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