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Rick Vito - Rattlesnake Shake

Rick Vito - Rattlesnake Shake - 2005

This is the brand new re-mixed and re-mastered U.S. version with alternate takes and different songs than the German Hypertension Music import. Very much a slide-guitar bluesy CD featuring Rick's great touring band, The Lucky Devils (Charlie Harrison, bass, and Rick Reed, drums) Contains 11 tracks, 8 originals, plus great new version of the Peter Green-penned title track, and an instrumental take on Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," that is not to be missed! Other highlights include the gospel-tinged, "Going To Las Vegas," and " I Do Believe," along with the deep blues of such cuts as "My Baby's Hot," "Slide The Blues," and " The Lucky Devil." This one is a sure-fire pleaser for all guitar blues and roots-rock music fans!

01. My Baby's Hot
02. Rattlesnake Shake
03. I Do Believe
04. The Lucky Devil
05. A Change Is Gonna Come
06. The Glory Road
07. Going to Las Vegas
08. Slide the Blues
09. I Am Not Alone
10. Hole in My Shoe
11. Albatross

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Bonnie Bramlett - Live at the Bottom Line

Bonnie Bramlett - Live at the Bottom Line (New York City 01-may-1978) (early show)

This is the first of two shows recorded at New York’s famed Bottom Line club, was presented on a tour designed to be a comeback for blue-eyed soul belter Bonnie Bramlett. Although she had released one solo album on Columbia Records after the dissolution of both her marital and musical partnership with singer/songwriter/guitarist Delaney Bramlett in 1972, she had stopped recording and touring for a while to raise their daughter, Bekka. Eventually, she returned to the music scene and moved over to the Southern rock home base of Capricorn Records.

01. Introduction
02. Living On The Open Road
03. Holding On To You
04. Writing On The Wall
05. Don't Know Why
06. Can't Stay
07. Atlanta, Georgia
08. Can't Find My Way Home

09. I've Just Seen a Face
10. Memories (late show)
11. Two Steps From The Blues (late show)

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Ricky Hirsch, Allen Kaatz - Guitar
Robert Wilson - Bass
Big John Thomassie -  Drums
Rick Allen Sutherland - Piano, Organ
Patty Smith, Carolyn Brandt - Backing Vocals

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Andy Fraser - Fine Fine Line

Andy Fraser - Fine Fine Line - 1984

Andy Fraser - Vocals and Bass
Michael Thompson - Guitars
Davey Faragher - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Bob Marlette - Keyboards

01. Fine, Fine Line    
02. Branded By The Fire    
03. Chinese Eyes    
04. Knocking At Your Door    
05. Million Miles Away    
06. Do You Love Me    
07. Night To Last Forever    
08. Danger    
09. One Night Love Affair    
10. Living This Eternal Dream 


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Marc Benno - Live in Japan

Marc Benno - Live in Japan - 2007

Marc Benno is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He grew up immersed in popular music, because his father managed the Texas State Fair's Music Hall Garden. Backstage he was able to meet stars like Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker, Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka, The Drifters, and Lloyd Price. His first entree into the blues came when he heard and became fascinated with the album Lightnin' In New York by Lightnin Hopkins. He would later get the opportunity to work with Lightnin Hopkins, along with several other top musicians, including Leon Russell, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Rita Coolidge, Mance Lipscomb, Bill Wyman, and Georgie Fame. Read More HERE

01. Good Year
02. Family Full Of Soul
03. Jimmy Reed's Mama
04. Good Times
05. Sweet Home Chicago
06. Lost In Austin
07. Teenie Weenie Bit
08. Vicki
09. Chasin Rainbows
10. Put A Little Love In My Soul
11. Second Story Window
12. Last Train
13. Donut Man

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Bob Mosley - Never Dreamed

Bob Mosley - Never Dreamed - 1974 (2000)

It seems that sometimes triumph and tragedy go hand in hand and the story of Bob Mosley goes well with this theory. His creative highs are closely bound with personal downfalls – in true Moby Grape style, it seems. For this is the musical legend with whose legacy the man's name is ultimately connected. Much has been made of the band's early heydays, the mishaps and scandals, and the great music that came with them. Bob Mosley, singer, bass-player and guitarist, was one of the four songwriters in Moby Grape, next to Peter Lewis, the late Skip Spence and Jerry Miller. Some of his classic contributions to the Grape repertoire: "Mr. Blues", "Come In The Morning", "Lazy Me", "Bitter Wind", "Rose Colored Eyes", "Trucking Man", "It's A Beautiful Day Today", "Hoochie" and more. Listening again to these classic cuts it becomes evident that Bob Mosley's personal style is very much based upon the concept of intensity. His urgent style of singing has distinct expressive qualities and sometimes is reminiscent of John Fogerty. Despite the versatility of the band's music, Bob Mosley's musical priorities can be safely located at the crossroads of country and blues. That's where he seems to be at home. His voice is unmistakable. No matter what.

NEVER DREAMED is a collection of previously unreleased songs. It's a chapter from the man's history that's been completely unknown until now and presents the story of a remarkable encounter: a meeting of rock and country giants from Buddy Holly's "Crickets" and the legendary band of Elvis Presley. To be precise: James Burton and Sonny Curtis (guitars), J.I. Allison (drums), Glen D. Hardin (piano) plus Joe Osborn and Emory Gordy (bass) with fellow "Cricket" Joe B. Mauldin serving as sound engineer. So is this Moby Grape meets Texas meets Nashville meets Memphis? Well, in a way it is. but NEVER DREAMED is first of all the brainchild of songwriter and producer Jean-Pierre "J.P" Whitecloud.  Read More Here

Bob Mosley - Vocals
James Burton - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Sonny Curtis - Acoustic Guitar
Glen Hardin - Piano
Joe Osborn - Bass
J.I. Allison - Drums

Frank Arnett - Steel Guitar
Emory Gordy - Bass
J.P. Whitecloud - Tambourine, Back Vocals

01. There Is The Sun
02. Dead Or Alive
03. Never Dreamed
04. Willy Shakespeare Blues
05. Shoot The Xylophone Man
06. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
07. Louisiana Mama
08. Question
09. Leavin' Through The Back Door
Bonus Tracks
10. Willy Shakespeare Blues (alternate take)
11. Never Dreamed (alternate mix)


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Arlo Guthrie - In Times Like These

Arlo Guthrie & The University Of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra - In Times Like These - 2007

By William Ruhlmann Allmusic

If Arlo Guthrie has always been viewed as the embodiment of a kind of starry-eyed hippie optimism only slightly undercut by a strain of black humor, there has also always been a more thoughtful, spiritual, and even somewhat gloomy side to him that has come out on some of the songs he's written for his albums. It's a less prominent aspect of his persona, to be sure, but remember that this is a man who spent most of his life not knowing whether he had a gene, passed down from his father, that would lead to the development of an incurable, fatal illness starting sometime in middle age. In Times Like These, a live album recorded with the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, was released on Guthrie's 60th birthday, which made him five years older than Woody Guthrie was when he died of Huntington's disease after years of hospitalization; happily, Arlo Guthrie has been spared his father's fate. But the Sword of Damocles under which he has lived has shaped his artistic temperament. Since 1998, he has been performing his music with symphony orchestras, which may seem like an odd practice for an old folkie. But James Burton's arrangements of his songs do put an orchestra through its paces, drawing out their melancholy moods. Be warned: this is not the Arlo Guthrie of "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" or even of 2005's Live in Sydney. The singer says practically nothing on the disc, simply singing one song after another as he accompanies himself on guitar or piano and the orchestra fills out his melodies. And the songs are among his most wistfully reflective, as titles like "Darkest Hour," "Last Train," and "Last to Leave" suggest. An elaborate arrangement of the jazz/blues standard "St. James Infirmary" lightens the mood only musically; after all, it's a song about death. Guthrie dispenses with the orchestra for a single new song, "In Times Like These" itself, and as one might expect, the times he describes are anything but happy. Politicians are up to their usual evil deeds ("When leaders profit/From deep divisions") and even the music stinks ("The singers run/To where the cash is"). The only comfort to be offered is that this, too, will pass ("It's good to remember/These times will go/In times to come"). Toward the album's close, Guthrie turns more to cover material and the tone brightens somewhat, although, even when he pleases the audience with his sole Top 40 hit, "City of New Orleans," the album's overall theme is not actually altered if, for once, one listens beyond the cheery "Good morning, America" line to what the lyrics are really saying: this is a song about a train on its last legs that has only 15 riders for its 15 cars, a train that has "the disappearing railroad blues." Even "Goodnight Irene" and "Can't Help Falling in Love," which close the disc, are songs about romantic notions more desperate than enraptured. By putting his music in an orchestral form, Guthrie may have been trying to take on the mantle of Serious Composer on In Times Like These; he has succeeded at least in coming off as serious, which his fans may appreciate, as long as they don't come to the album looking for laughs. 

01. Applause
02. Darkest Hour     
03. Last Train     
04. St. James Infirmary   
05. If You Would Just Drop By   
06. Last to Leave     
07. Epilogue   
08. In Times Like These   
09. Patriots' Dream   
10. City of New Orleans     
11. You Are the Song   
12. Goodnight Irene   
13. Can't Help Falling in Love

Words & Music by Arlo Guthrie

In times like these when night surrounds me
And I am weary and my heart is worn
When the songs they're singing don't mean nothing
Just cheap refrains play on and on

The storm is here the lightning flashes

Between commercials they're taking names
The singers run to where the cash is
Just another link in slavery's chain

I see the storm clouds rise above me

The sky is dark and the night has come
I walk alone along this highway
Where strangers gather one by one

When leaders profit from deep divisions
When the tears of  friends remain unsung
In times like these  it's good to remember
These times will go in times to come

I see the storm clouds rise above me

The sky is dark and the night has come
I walk alone along this highway
Where friends have gathered one by one

I know the storm will soon be over

The howling winds will cease to be
I walk with friends from every  nation
On freedom's highway in times like these


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Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-74

Mott The Hoople - In Performance 1969-1974 (Live Boxset) (4CDS with bonus tracks) - 2008
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Mott The Hoople were formed in June 1969 by the original line-up of Ian Hunter (vocals/piano), Mick Ralphs (guitar/vocals) Verden Allen (organ), Dale Griffin  (drums) and Overend Watts (bass) and within months they had built up a fearsome reputation live as a ranting, raucous, raving, rioting, rip roaring and above all, real, rock’n’roll band.

This 4CD Box Set lovingly compiled by Buffin provides an important historic and compelling live historic document of their much loved but short lived career. A limited edition release with only 2,000 copies being produced. Rare unseen photos being supplied from the personal archives of Verden Allen, Dale Griffin, Mick Ralphs and Overend Watts.

CD One - Fairfield Halls, Croydon 1970

01. Ohio
02. No Wheels To Ride
03. Rock’n’Roll Queen
04. Thunderbuck Ram
05. When My Minds Gone
06. Keep’a’Knockin
07. You Really Got Me
BONUS TRACKS - recorded 1971 The Konserthuset, Stockholm
08. Long Red
09. The Original Mixed Up Kid
10. Laugh At Me
11. Thunderbuck Ram

CD Two - The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 1972

01. Introduction/Jupiter from The Planets
02 Jerkin Crocus
03  Sucker
04. Hymn For The Dudes
05. Ready For Love
06. Sweet Jane
07. Sea Diver
08. Sweet Angeline
09. One Of The Boys
10. Midnight Lady
11. All The Young Dudes
12. Honky Tonk Woman

CD Three - Live Heaven

01. No Wheels To Ride
02. Whisky Woman
03. Walkin With A Mountain/Jumpin Jack Flash/Satisfaction
04. It’ll Be Me
05. Angel Of Eighth Avenue
06. Drivin Sister
07. All The Young Dudes
08. All The Way From Memphis
09. Sweet Angeline
10. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (wild and rude mix)
11. The Ballard Of Billy Joe (demo)
12. If Your Heat Lay With The Rebel (demo)
13. It Would Be A Pleasure (demo)

CD Four - Live Heaven 11

01. American Pie
02. The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll
03. Sucker
04. Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane
05. Rest In Peace
06. Here Comes The Queen
07. One Of The Boys
08. Born Late 58
09. Hymn For The Dudes
11. Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence
12. All The Way From Memphis
13. All The Young Dudes (This track have a small defective and i can do nothing to correct  (error in source file))

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+@320 CD 02
+@320 CD 03
+@320 CD 04

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Dave Mason - Two Hearts

Dave Mason - Two Hearts - 1987

By William Ruhlmann, Allmusic
Dave Mason, who hadn't released a new album in seven years, surprisingly released two in 1987. The second was Two Hearts, a major label stab at a comeback. Steve Winwood, Mason's estwhile partner in Traffic, contributed background vocals, synthesizer and organ on a few tracks ("Something In The Heart" featured that patented "While You See A Chance" synth sound), and the album featured a soft-rock radio hit in "Dreams I Dream," a duet with Phoebe Snow. 
But co-producer Jimmy Hotz tried to update Mason for the '80s by using a heavily synthesized musical backup that wasn't always appropriate to Mason's songs. The album made no commercial impression, and Mason once again was without a record label.

1. Two Hearts 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Background Vocals

2. Just a Little Lovin' 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers, Horns
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals

3. Forever 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Piano, Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Hammond Organ
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals
Steve Neives: Saxophone

4. Dreams I Dream 
(Duet Vocal Performance by Phoebe Snow)
Dave Mason and Phoebe Snow: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Horns
Dave Mason: Solo Guitar
Phoebe Snow: Background Vocals
Ms. Bobbye Hall: Percussion

5. Something in the Heart
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Steve Winwood: Synthesizer
Peter Seibert: Bass, Keyboards
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals

6. Ballerina 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar Solo
Peter Seibert: All Keyboards
Mike Lawler: Slide Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass, Jocko Bass
Dave Mason, Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Additional Vocals

7. Fighting for Love
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Slide Guitar
Steve Winwood: Organ

8. Replace the Face 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Peter Seibert, Mike Lawlen All Keyboards and Horns
Kenny Lewis: Rhythm Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals