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Marc Benno - Live in Japan

Marc Benno - Live in Japan - 2007

Marc Benno is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He grew up immersed in popular music, because his father managed the Texas State Fair's Music Hall Garden. Backstage he was able to meet stars like Sam Cooke, Laverne Baker, Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka, The Drifters, and Lloyd Price. His first entree into the blues came when he heard and became fascinated with the album Lightnin' In New York by Lightnin Hopkins. He would later get the opportunity to work with Lightnin Hopkins, along with several other top musicians, including Leon Russell, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Rita Coolidge, Mance Lipscomb, Bill Wyman, and Georgie Fame. Read More HERE

01. Good Year
02. Family Full Of Soul
03. Jimmy Reed's Mama
04. Good Times
05. Sweet Home Chicago
06. Lost In Austin
07. Teenie Weenie Bit
08. Vicki
09. Chasin Rainbows
10. Put A Little Love In My Soul
11. Second Story Window
12. Last Train
13. Donut Man

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