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Dave Mason - Two Hearts

Dave Mason - Two Hearts - 1987

By William Ruhlmann, Allmusic
Dave Mason, who hadn't released a new album in seven years, surprisingly released two in 1987. The second was Two Hearts, a major label stab at a comeback. Steve Winwood, Mason's estwhile partner in Traffic, contributed background vocals, synthesizer and organ on a few tracks ("Something In The Heart" featured that patented "While You See A Chance" synth sound), and the album featured a soft-rock radio hit in "Dreams I Dream," a duet with Phoebe Snow. 
But co-producer Jimmy Hotz tried to update Mason for the '80s by using a heavily synthesized musical backup that wasn't always appropriate to Mason's songs. The album made no commercial impression, and Mason once again was without a record label.

1. Two Hearts 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Background Vocals

2. Just a Little Lovin' 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers, Horns
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals

3. Forever 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Piano, Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Hammond Organ
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals
Steve Neives: Saxophone

4. Dreams I Dream 
(Duet Vocal Performance by Phoebe Snow)
Dave Mason and Phoebe Snow: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Horns
Dave Mason: Solo Guitar
Phoebe Snow: Background Vocals
Ms. Bobbye Hall: Percussion

5. Something in the Heart
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Steve Winwood: Synthesizer
Peter Seibert: Bass, Keyboards
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals

6. Ballerina 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar Solo
Peter Seibert: All Keyboards
Mike Lawler: Slide Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass, Jocko Bass
Dave Mason, Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Additional Vocals

7. Fighting for Love
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Slide Guitar
Steve Winwood: Organ

8. Replace the Face 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Peter Seibert, Mike Lawlen All Keyboards and Horns
Kenny Lewis: Rhythm Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals


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Fábio disse...

Adorei seu blog, cara.
Vou começar pelo Dave Mason.
Valeu aí.

Only Good Song disse...

Valeu a força Fábio

Comece mas não termine de uma só vez.

Deixe um pouco para outras visitas, que são sempre bem vindas.

E comente, não paga nada por isso


Cristiano.Moreira disse...

Não vou baixar, pois já tenho. Mas vou deixar meu recardo para os demais: Este som é bom pra caralho!

Valeu mais uma vez Only!

KDNYfm disse...

This is one of the many Dave Mason albums I have on vinyl...would love to have a copy digitally as well(no turntable right now). I cant access the DL, can you re-up on server you are currently using?

Only Good Song disse...


This album has already been very rare before being reissued on CD.

I myself have only met 3 years ago.

The Reup was done!