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Chris Richards and The Subtractions - Sad Sounds of The Summer

Chris Richards and The Subtractions - Sad Sounds of The Summer - 2009 

Chris Richards has been kicking around the Detroit music scene for the better part of 20 years, releasing a handful of noteworthy records as a member of Hippodrome and the Pantookas, but he didn't start recording under his own name until 2004 with his fine solo debut Mystery Spot, and Sad Sounds of the Summer, his first disc with his new backing combo the Subtractions, confirms his status as one of the Midwest's unsung heroes of contemporary power pop. Richards has been in the game long enough to have a firm command of the classic hard pop lexicon, and he's learned to write a memorable hook and a ear-catching melody with the same ease and aplomb as Tommy Keene, the Posies, or Sloan. But Richards' tunes have a freshness, energy, and punch that shows he's a kindred spirit, not a follower, and the big guitars, spot-on vocal harmonies, and walloping backbeat of songs like "I Can't Quit Her," "I, Miss July," and "I Do Declare" are pure pop bliss of the sort that was supposed to have died out in the 1990s. Richards' guitar work is straightforward but powerful throughout this album, lending the melodies plenty of body and force, and bassist Todd Holmes and drummer Larry Grodsky (both veterans of Richards' earlier bands) give these performances the rock-solid framework they need. Dave Feeny's clean, resonant recording makes this album sound just as good as the songs deserve, and the result is one of the best examples of Nuevo power pop to emerge from the Rust Belt in many a moon; the title might be Sad Sounds of the Summer, but this disc is 37 minutes of guitar-powered joy that will satisfy your craving for hard-rocking pop all year round.

Chris Richards- Vocals, Guitars
Todd Holmes- Bass
Larry Grodsky- Drums, Percussion, Vocals

01. I Can't Quit Her
02. Consolation
03. I, Miss July
04. Sunny Day
05. Oh Canada (Pt Deux)
06. Take It From Me
07. Ordinary Man
08. I Do Declare
09. Beg or Borrow
10. Southern Belle
11. Consolation (demo)
12. Sunny Day (demo)
13. Oh Canada (Pt Deux) (demo)
14. I Do Declare (demo)


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The Whistlestop - The Whistlestop

 The Whistlestop - The Whistlestop - 2008

The Whistlestop é uma banda de Country/Americana/Southern Gospel/Rock and Roll (como eles se definem) criada pelos guitarristas Mike Roy e Rob Watson. Esse é o seu primeiro e único álbum realizado em 2008.

Um pouco mais sobre o grupo em sua página oficial AQUI

Mike Roy - Guitar, Vocal
Rob Watson - Guitar, Vocal
Peewee Watson - Bass, Backing Vocal
Kevin Boxell - Drums
Jim Crew - Piano, Organ, Accordion
Scotty Miller - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Mark Maynard - Trombone
Allyn Love - Pedal Steel 

01. Originator
02. What They Don't Tell You
03. Come Home Baby Now
04. If You Gonna Get It
05. Throw Down
06. Lord Lord Lord
07. You Better Praise
08. The Well
09. The Money's Tight
10. Fifty Fingers
11. Will Henry
12. Hobo Love Song


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Cactus - Live In The USA

Cactus - Live In The USA - 2013

Revived in the mid-2000s, Cactus played B.B. King's in New York in 2006 – captured on Live in the U.S.A. – as a warm-up for their triumphant appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival. It being the first time Jim McCarty, Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert – with a new lead vocalist in tow – had performed as Cactus since 1972, Live in the U.S.A. documents their return in gloriously ragged fashion. 

 01. Long Tall Sally
02. Let Me Swim
03. One Way or Another
04. Cactus Music
05. Brother Bill
06. Muscle And Soul
07. OLEO
08. Part Of The Game
09. Evil
10. Cactus Boogie
11. Parchman Farm
12. Rock N Roll Children


Insignificantemente Pequeno

Dia 22 de abril, Dia Mundial da Terra

Assista ao vídeo e reflita o quanto você é grande frente ao tempo e ao infinito. Reflita sobre o seu geocentrismo.

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The Rascals - Fillmore West


The Rascals - Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) 20may1971

The Rascals were essentially just a backing band for vocalist/keyboardist Felix Cavaliere by the time this recording was made at the Fillmore West in May 1971. Although original drummer Dino Danelli remained, both guitarist Gene Cornish and vocalist Eddie Bragati were gone by the time A Peaceful World was cut, the album this tour was promoting.

After making some of the best American blue-eyed soul records of the 1960s, including "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore," "Good Lovin'," "It's A Beautiful Morning," "People Gotta Be Free" and "Groovin'," Cavaliere, by the turn of the decade, was determined to take the band in a more jazz and gospel inspired direction.

The group ended its long and fruitful association with Atlantic Records and producer Arif Mardin to work with Clive Davis and Columbia Records, where Cavaliere reshaped the lineup and set the band on its new musical course. Sadly, the fans failed to follow, as none of the material recorded after leaving Atlantic ever saw action in the charts.

Still, this is an important recording, offering a rare live look at this last version of The Rascals. Two female vocalists had been added, in addition to bassist Robert Popwell, who provides a thick, funky bottom end to these recordings. Most of the material is from the group's two, simultaneously released 1971 albums. Atlantic Records produced the original four-piece lineup's final recording, Search and Nearness, at the same time that Columbia was launching A Peaceful World.

Felix Cavaliere - Keyboards, Vocals
Dino Danelli - Drums
Buzzy Feiten & Danny Weiss - Guitar
Robert "Pops" Popwell - Bass
Bobby Matos - Congas

01. Right On
02. Love Me
03. Groovin'
04. Love Letter
05. Sky Trane
06. Little Dove
07. Getting Nearer
08. Superstar
09. Happy Song
10. People Got To Be Free
11. Mustang Sally


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Black Merda - Believe

Black Merda - Believe  - EP - 2012
Black Merda, legendary as the world's first all-black rock band, has released their new EP, "Believe," on Third Child Records. This is Merda's most recent release since 2009's "Force of Nature." Though they have been playing professional music since the early sixties, this will yet be their fourth release in less than five years. Black Merda has inspired thousands to broaden their perspective of music since their beginning, and here they are in 2012 with a collection of smooth, new jams for another generation of music fans to sink their teeth into.

The album itself is Miles-Davis cool with a dash of Jimi Hendrix for funk, with clean-channel guitar work that could just as easily fit onto a jazz record as it could a rock n' roll blues record. This is typical of the Merda, who have never, ever fit into anybody's labeling system with ease, and who have been called all of the following at one time or another: funk rock, black rock, folk rock, blues rock, funk, psych- funk, or even black psychedelic funk. This is owed to their habit of having no habits -- except that their punchy, grooving tunes have always rocked with the best of them.


01. Oh Darling
02. I Just Wanna Go Home
03. Into Your Love
04. Believe
05. Windsong


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Black Merda - Force Of Nature (re-post)

Black Merda - Force Of Nature - 2009


Black Merda (pronounced Black Murder), the first all black rock band to write and play their own music in the late 1960s and early 1970s are considered to be Black Rock pioneers as well as the originators of their own style of Black Psychedelic Rock.

They releasead two albums in the 1970's Black Merda (Chess 1970) and Long Burn The Fire (GRT 1972) which weren't properly promoted when first released, but are now seen as Black Rock classics by a growing number of international music fans. Their 2005 release The Folks From Mother's Mixer (Funky Delicacies 2005) contained both of their 1970 releases and is lauded as the most creative, lyrically and musically diverse albums of the genre.

Now Black Merda is back with a new batch of songs and they're funkier and as musically diverse as ever! From Charles' topical anthem "Stop the War" to Wolfe's autobiographical musical tale "Miss Hawkins' House" to VC's critically philosophical "Get On The Same Road," they're still socially conscious, personal, moody and filled with perspective, often all at the same time.

Aided by the able-bodied drumming of Terry 'Thunder' Hughley, Kenny Tudrick and Bobby Smith, as well as the keyboard talents of Robert Jones, Black Merda have managed to add an album as individualistic and potent as the pair that made them underground legends the first time around over thirty years ago!

01. Can't Get Enough of the Funk
02. Let Go
03. Maintain
04. Stop the War
05. 18 for 20 year
06. Miss Hawkins' House
07. My Inspiration
08. The Solution
09. Take a Little Time
10. I'm Not Coming Back
11. Get On The Same Road

12. Beautiful Thing


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Pete York's New York - Pete York's String Time

Pete York's New York - Pete York's String Time - 1983

Esse disco marca o inicio em direção ao jazz, com pitadas de rock. O som não é muito popular, mas é bom. Nesse disco o rock ainda é solicitado, mas cada vez mais escasso

As faixas, composta na maioria por covers, fazem um passeio entre o jazz, rock e uma pitadinha de pop. Um som bacana de ouvir, ainda mais que os discos do Pete York não tem a menor intenção de mostrar pra todo o mundo o quanto que ele toca, como ouvimos em outros discos-solos de bateristas.

01. Space Race (Billy Preston)
02. Do Something About It (Ben Peters)
03. It Ain't No Use (Steve Wonder)
04. Another Star (Steve Wonder)
05. Fast And Loose (Thorpe/Munns)
06. Another Song (Thorpe/Munns)
07. Just Ain't Room (Thorpe/Munns)
08. Wade In The Water (Jimmie Heath)
09. Something (Harrison)
10. Every Little Thing She Doe Is Magic (Sting)
11. Ebony Slide (Richardson, Broth)
12. Mother Nature's Son (Lennon, McCartney)
13. Allois Manius Syneda (Sanders/Baker)
14. Don't Fret (Sanders/Baker)

Pete York - Drums
Mel Thorpe - Sax, Flute
Roger Munns - Keyboards
Rick Sanders - Bass, Vocals
Steve Richardson - Guitar


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Pete York Presents Spencer Davis and Colin Hodgkinson - Live Together (re-post)

Pete York Presents Spencer Davis and Colin Hodgkinson - Live Together - 1985

Pete York -  Drums
Colin Hodgkinson - Bass
Spencer Davis - Guitar

01. Keep On Running
02. Midnight Special
03. Walking Blues
04. Blood Runs Hot
05. Trouble in Mind
06. Somebody Help Me
07. Gimme Some Loving

Live Together was recorded october, 1984, in Freiburg, Germany.

NB: Uma repostagem para atender a um pedido antigo, cujo esquecimento me proibiu de atender antes.
Queria escrever um pouco sobre esse disco, mas hoje me falta vontade por causa de uma forte gripe.

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Eddie Phillips - Woodstock Daze

Eddie Phillips - Woodstock Daze - 2011

"Nossa música é vermelha com flashes em púrpura". Com essa frase célebre Eddie Phillips definiu o som do The Creation, banda mood contemporânea do The Who, Kinks e adjacências. Talvez justamente por sua banda não ter alcançado os mesmos níveis de sucesso da troupe de Daltrey e Cia, Eddie sempre tenha sido colocado de lado ao se listar os grandes guitarristas de Rock.

Sobre Eddie, Jim McCarty diz que que ele é um guitar hero da mesma classe de Clapton, Beck e Page. Exagero? Não muito se lembrarmos (ou sabermos?) que Pete Townshend chegou a convidá-lo para ser a segunda guitarra do The Who. Mas isso é outra estória

Woodstock Daze traz boas canções, com um viés mais moderno nos arranjos, que pode agradar quem não quer desembarcar diretamente num pub em 1966.

01. Woodstock Daze    
02. Waiting At the Crossroads    
03. Dreamers of Dreams    
04. Work All Day (Sleep At Night)    
05. Biff Bang Pow    
06. If I Ever Stop Moving (I'll Fall Out of the Sky)    
07. Mr X    
08. Always and Forever    
09. I'm Leaving    
10. Good Times    
11. Psycharelic


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Babe Ruth - John Peel Session 2Aug1973

Babe Ruth - John Peel Session 2Aug1973 - 2010

+ 1 EP lançado em 2010 de uma sessão nos estúdios da BBC. Uma pena que contém apenas duas faixas. De qualquer forma ajuda a completar discografia da banda.

01. Lady
02. Cool Jerk


Babe Ruth - Bob Harris Session 18feb1974

Babe Ruth - Bob Harris Session 18feb1974 - 2010

from AMG
Progressive rock unit Babe Ruth was formed in Hertfordshire, England in 1971 by singer Janita "Jenny" Haan, guitarist Alan Shacklock (whose surname lent the group their original moniker), and bassist Dave Hewitt. Pianist Dave Punshon and drummer Dick Powell joined the lineup prior to the 1971 release of Babe Ruth's debut single, "Elusive"; the 1972 LP, First Base - which credited the explosive Haan with "vocal power" - generated the group's best-known song, the Shacklock-penned "Wells Fargo," and despite limited interest at home, the album earned a following on North American shores, going gold in Canada. Drummer Ed Spevock replaced Powell for the follow-up, 1973's Amar Caballero, while ex-Wild Turkey keyboardist Steve Gurl assumed Punshon's duties for Babe Ruth's self-titled third effort; the most pivotal blow, however, was the subsequent exit of Shacklock, with another Wild Turkey alum, guitarist Bernie Marsden, signing on for 1975's Stealin' Home. Though the album seemed poised to finally push the group into the British mainstream, Haan and Hewitt both resigned; singer Ellie Hope and bassist Ray Knott were tapped for 1976's Kid's Stuff, but without a single founding member remaining in the lineup, Babe Ruth disbanded months later. Marsden eventually resurfaced in Whitesnake

01. Amar Caballero
02. Isn't That So
03. Gimme Some Leg
04. Baby Pride


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Topham McCarty Band - Topham McCarty Band

Topham McCarty Band - Topham McCarty Band - 2014

Top Topham recentemente juntou-se novamente com os The Yardbirds - do qual foi seu guitarrista original ainda quando frequentavam a art-school de Londres. Mas essa não é a primeira vez que ele se reuniu com o baterista Jim McCarty. Eles estiveram juntos em 1990 para um sessão de gravações das quais nunca se produziu um álbum.

E agora, desde o último 1º de abril, finalmente os fans poderão ouvir oficialmente o que rolou há mais de 20 anos atrás (já que extra oficialmente existe um conjunto de 3 bootlegs com demos desta reunião).

Participam da banda John Idan (que esteve a frente de uma formação dos Yardbirds entre 1992 e 2009) e o baixista Andy Cleveland. 

01. Judgement Day
02. Double Trouble
03. Backdoor Man
04. You Cant Judge a Book
05. All Your Love
06  Who Will Be Next
07. A Certain Girl
08. Smokestack Lightning
09. Cops and Robbers
10. It's My Life
11. Ten Years Ago
12. Keep On Loving Me Baby
13. Checking On My Baby

Top Topham - Guitar
Jim McCarty - Drums
John Idan - Guitar and Vocals
Andy Cleveland - Bass