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Windows And Doors - You're Not Stuck in This World

VA - Windows And Doors - You're Not Stuck in This World - 2015

An album discovered by chance and that I don't know about them.

All songs produced/arranged by Wim Oudijk and composed by Tin Pan John and Vocals by Ron E. Smith, Petra de Winter, Andrea Petitta, Wim, James Kerr, Ian Thistlethwaite, Todd Dillingham, Kent Bailey, CATSELF, and Pete Mccabe.

01. Tin Pan John's Little Bluebird Dream
02. Little Bluebird
03. You're More That What I Thought My Life Could Be
04. Hyperloop
05. Barcelona
06. Cat on a Farm
07. Baby Blue
08. The Vale of Caldor
09. Falling in Love
10. You Have Got a Gun
11. Gotta Let the Iodine Dry
12. Rio de Janeiro
13. Tin Pan John's Little Bluebird Dream (Reprise)


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VA - Greasy Truckers '73 - Live at the Dingwalls Dance Hall - 1973

VA - Greasy Truckers '73 - Live at the Dingwalls Dance Hall - 1973

Greasy Truckers Live at Dingwalls Dance Hall is a 1974 live double album by various artists recorded at an October 1973 Greasy Truckers concert at the Dingwalls Dance Hall at Camden Lock in Camden Town, London. The concert featured four bands, Camel, Henry Cow, Global Village Trucking Company and Gong, and was recorded with Virgin Records' "Manor Mobile" recording truck.

Notwithstanding its title, not all the tracks on the album are from the Dingwalls Dance Hall concert. Due to delays in starting the event and a 2am curfew, Henry Cow's set (billed last) was curtailed to 10 minutes, and their contribution here was recorded a week later at Virgin's Manor Studio. An outtake from this session, "Bellycan" was released on the first (re-mixed) CD-release of their album, Legend. The first Gong track was recorded at an open air festival at Tabarka, Tunisia in June 1973, and the second was recorded live at Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield, England in October 1973.

01. Camel - God of Light Revisited (Parts 1,2 & 3)
02. Henry Cow - Off the Map (Solo Piano & Trio" (Hodgkinson, Cutler, Frith)
03. Henry Cow - Cafe Royal  (solo guitar)
04. Henry Cow - Keeping Warm in Winter
05. Henry Cow - Sweet Heart of Mine
06. Global Village Trucking Company - Look Into Me
07. Global Village Trucking Company - Earl Stonham
08. Global Village Trucking Company - You're a Floozy Madame Karma (But I Love Your Lowdown Ways)
09. Global Village Trucking Company - Everybody Needs a Good Friend
10. Gong - General Flash of the United Hallucinations
11. Gong - Part 32 Floating Anarchy


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Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home - Deluxe Edition

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home - Deluxe Edition - 2014

The collaborative studio album by former Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson and The Who lead vocalist Roger Daltrey, ‘Going Back Home’, now comes as a Deluxe Edition 2CD set. This includes the original album plus a second disc including bonus tracks such as Muskrat and live tracks from Johnson’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire show on 25th February 2014 and Daltrey/Johnson’s Teenage Cancer Trust 2014 show at the Royal Albert Hall. 

01. Going Back Home
02. Ice On The Motorway
03. I Keep It To Myself
04. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
05. Turned 21
06. Keep On Loving You
07. Some Kind Of Hero
08. Sneaking Suspicion
09. Keep It Out Of Sight
10. Everybody's Carrying A Gun
11. All Through The City

01. Muskrat (Unreleased track)
02. Some Kind Of Hero (Vocals Wilko Johnson)
03. Keep On Loving You (Vocals Wilko Johnson)
04. Turned 21 (Vocals Wilko Johnson) [03:07]
05. Going Back Home (Radio Edit)

Wilko Johnson Band Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire (25/feb/2014)
06. All Right
07. Barbed Wire Blues
08. The More I Give
09. Dr. Dupree
10. When I'm Gone
11. Roxette

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey (Live At Royal Albert Hall, Teenage Cancer Trust 2014)
12. Going Back Home
13. I Keep It To Myself
14. Keep On Loving You
15. Sneaking Suspicion
16. All Through The City

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey (Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire (25/feb/2014))
17. Everybody's Carrying A Gun
18. Some Kind Of Hero


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Spencer Davis And Peter Jameson ‎- It's Been So Long


Spencer Davis And Peter Jameson ‎- It's Been So Long - 1971

Welsh singer, songwriter, and guitarist Spencer Davis was certainly one of the guiding lights of the 1960s British Invasion. Best remembered for his band's iconic hits "Keep On Running," "I'm A Man," and "Gimme Some Lovin'," and for first recognizing the talented Winwood Brothers (Steve and Muff) who he recruited into the band, Davis has always followed his own path. Although the initial Spencer Davis Group lasted but a few short years, Davis' approach to American blues and R&B had a lasting effect, directly influencing a diverse range of bands in the decade to follow, from Chicago Transit Authority and Traffic to the Allman Brothers Band, all of whom covered Spencer Davis Group material.

Following personnel changes and the eventual demise of his band toward the end of the 1960s, Davis went back to basics, first forming a brief partnership with guitarist and songwriter Alun Davies (a major component to Cat Stevens success) before leaving the UK and relocating in sunny California in 1969, where he would team up with guitarist Peter Jameson at the dawn of the new decade. Now an in-demand collector's item, the duo's 1970 album, It's Been So Long was a drummerless acoustic-oriented affair that featured a mix of soft ballads and traditional blues.

Despite neither being a particularly strong singer, Davis and Jameson displayed a remarkable knack for vocal harmony and their acoustic guitars blended together beautifully and tastefully, whether they were covering Leadbelly songs or exploring their own material, which combined the introspective nature of the early singer/songwriter movement with the musical esthetics of groups like the Incredible String Band.

01. Balkan Blues
02. Brother Can You Make Up Your Mind
03. Crystal River
04. It's Been So Long
05. It's Too Late Now
06. Jay's Tune
07. Mountain Lick
08. One Hundred Years Ago
09. Thinking Of Her

Spencer Davis - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Harp, Autoharp
Peter Jameson - Vocals, Guitar

+@320 LP Rip

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The John Fahey Tribute Album - The Revenge Of Blind Joe Death

The John Fahey Tribute Album - The Revenge Of Blind Joe Death - 2007

from aceredords
REVENGE OF BLIND JOE DEATH - THE JOHN FAHEY TRIBUTE ALBUM is an overdue accolade to a guitarist who revolutionised the instrument by exploring its roots in early 20th Century American music. Unlike many other inferior tribute albums that clog up the CD market, all of the musicians involved in this project are up to the challenge of paying a genuine homage to a musical icon of Fahey’s stature. Many of them are performers who made their own début recordings for Fahey’s Takoma label: George Winston, Peter Lang and Michael Gulezian, among them. Others come from the ranks of musical aggregations like Canned Heat, Country Joe & The Fish and Beausoleil, all bands that have reinforced and slightly skewed traditional music to their own vision in much the same way as have John Fahey’s remarkable guitar explorations. What is most noticeable in all of the performances here is how each of them is alive with John’s spirit. Each musician’s conception is totally his own but John Fahey’s legacy seems to inhabit every tune (and this is not simply because the majority are either composed by or have a close association with him).

The programming is excellent too. Dale Miller’s precise but spirited fingerpicking opens the disc with Sunflower River Blues to be followed by George Winston’s fantastic solo harmonica vehicle Sally Goodin. The grossly under-rated Charlie Schmidt is an acoustic guitar revelation on Desperate Man Blues: ditto for Nick Schillace on Red Pony. Canned Fish brings together Fito de la Parra and Larry Taylor from Canned Heat with The Fish’s Barry Melton plus Phil Kellogg, Henry Kaiser and Mark Hummel. The resulting Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip X1V of Spain brings into close proximity Melton’s acid-rock electric guitar lines and Hummel’s heated blues harmonica. Thinking Of John Fahey is a reflective slide guitar instrumental by Country Joe McDonald. Peter Lang’s In Christ There Is No East Or West is a breakneck version of one of John’s finest melodic tunes. All of the 20 performances are of the same high standard, are beautifully recorded and the package comes with an exemplary booklet stuffed with sleevenotes, photographs and track details. Arguably, this is the best tribute album since “Avalon Blues”, Vanguard’s testimonial to the enduring legacy of Mississippi John Hurt.

01. Sunflower River Blues - Dale Miller
02. Sally Goodin - George Winston
03. St Louis Blues - Michael Gulezian
04. The Alligator Walks Sideways On Sundays - Alex De Grassi
05. Desperate Man Blues - Charlie Schmidt
06. Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip XIV Of Spain - Canned Fish
07. Sun Gonna Shine On My Mardi Gras - David Doucet
08. Thinking Of John Fahey - Country Joe McDonald
09. In Christ There Is No East Or West - Peter Lang
10. Joe Kirby Blues - Terry Robb
11. The Yellow Princess - Sean Smith
12. Steamboat Gwine 'Round The Bend/How Green Was My Valley - Henry Kaiser & John Schott
13. Red Pony - Nick Schillace
14. Assassination of John Fahey - Stefan Grossman
15. And 50 Cents Gets You A Cup Of Coffee - Rick Ruskin
16. Requiem For John Fahey - Phil Kellogg
17. Days Have Gone By In The Halls Of Valhalla - Andrew Stranglen
18. On The Banks Of The Owchita - Nels Cline with Elliott Sharp
19. Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker - Pat O'Connell
20. John Henry - Blind Joe Death


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Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails (re-re-post)

Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails - 2011

One Thousand Sails songs the background history of Max Middleton's legendary keyboard work reads like a musician's who's who of the past four decades. One Thousand Sails album It begins in 1968 after a chance meeting with Cat Stevens and since that day his unique style of playing has found him in the company of Jeff Beck

The new album continues the journey started by Max's highly acclaimed first album 'Land of Secrets'. (catch HERE). One Thousand Sails CD music featuring contributions by Robert Ahwai, Martin Ditcham, Sylvin Marc and Maiuko it represents a move towards a more organic and often retro blend of styles.

01. Sunrise In Jaipur-Nightfall In Mumbai
02. Under Different Skies
03. Club Butel
04. La Cuvee Bleu
05. Sunflowers AndSaris
06. La Cloche De Pouzolles
07. One Thousand Sails
08. Winter Song-Song Of Summer

Max Middleton - Keyboards

Maiuko - Vocals
Robert Ahwai - Guitar
Sylvin Marc, Kuma Harada (5) - Bass
Juan Van Emmerloot (8) - Drums
Martin Ditcham - Drums & Percussion


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Big Boy Pete - Return To Catatonia

Big Boy Pete (Peter Miller) - Return To Catatonia - 1998

from AMG
Although the name may not be familiar to many, Big Boy Pete (aka Pete Miller) has been flogging around the music scene for nearly five decades. He first played in a rock & roll band called the Offbeats, who recorded an EP in 1958, and in 1961, he joined the beat group Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers. With the Jaywalkers, he recorded a number of singles, which were produced by Joe Meek, from whom Pete learned many new and innovative recording techniques. In 1965, he quit the band to concentrate on recording solo projects, and turned to session work to support his recording career. During this period, he became a part-time member of the legendary underground freakbeat band the News, while continuing to write songs for Britain's major publishing houses. Many these songs would eventually end up being recorded by some of the U.K.'s most popular bands. In the mid-'60s, Miller, now sporting the solo name Big Boy Pete, returned to his native Norwich to continue working on his solo projects. His influences during this period came from a wide variety of sources, including the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's, the Stones' Their Satanic Majesties Request, Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix. He recorded a number of demo songs that were seeped in East Indian influences, psychedelic guitar, and experimental production, but they were all rejected by the record companies for being too far off the mainstream sound of the day. In 1969, Big Boy Pete relocated to the United States, where he opened his own recording studio and formed his own record label. Many of his songs that were recorded between 1966 and 1969 lay around in boxes at his studio until the mid-'90s, when suddenly, long-lost psychedelic recordings became sought after by collectors around the world. Tenth Planet Records, a European-based collectors label, contacted Miller and resurrected a number of these recordings, some of which were compiled on the 14-track Homage to Catatonia retrospective. Return to Catatonia contains 14 more long-lost tracks, all recorded between 1966 and 1969. While a bit self-indulgent in places, these songs contain all of the influences that make British psychedelic music what it is. For fans of such artists as early Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, or the Beatles, Return to Catatonia is a must. 

01.'Twas Not So Short Ago
02. Me
03. Summerland
04. Nasty Nazi
05. The Raid
06. Creosote And Cream
07. Crystal's Tune
08. Strontium Ninety Nel
09. Convercircles
10. The Day Stares Straight Back
11. Henry Nut (Part Two)
12. Hung Up
13. Sums
14. The Shelter

Peter Miller - Bass, Guitar, Sitar, Harmonica, Vocal
George Parsons, Harvey Platt - Bass
Luke Watson, Robert Newton - Drums
Pete London - Organ
Granville Hornsby, Robert Newton - Percussion
Paul Gunnell - Piano
Luke Watson, Ricky Southern, Roger Moon - Backing Vocals


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Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands - Snake in the Radio

Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands - Snake in the Radio - 2006 

From PopMatters
Maybe it’s a more natural connection than indicated at first blush, but who would have guessed that the leaders of the ‘90s Seattle grunge explosion would now be making serious inroads in the Americana scene? Sure, there’s earlier evidence of cross-pollination; the Supersuckers have lived in both worlds for years (they once called Seattle’s Sub Pop Records home, you’ll recall), and Pearl Jam buddied up with Neil Young ages ago. Lately though, the grunge-to-Americana connection has been gaining steam, with enjoyable results. Mudhoney’s Steve Turner, uh, turned in the fantastic, if little heard, Steve Turner And His Bad Ideas back in 2004, and Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees has, on his solo albums, been exploring the creepy/gothic side of Americana since his band’s demise. To this list, we can add Mark Pickerel, who was the Screaming Trees drummer during the band’s stint on SST in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. His first solo album, Snake in the Radio, for alt-country outpost Bloodshot Records, puts him near the top of the lengthening grunge-guy-gone-Americana list.

Not that Pickerel’s new to the scene, having worked with alt-country siren Neko Case on the Wanda Jackson tribute album, Hard Headed Woman (they turned in “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”). Still, on Snake in the Radio Pickerel sounds like he’s been an Americana guy since birth. The opener, “Forest Fire”, boasts a friendly lope and plenty of steel guitar (courtesy of Margrethe Bjorklund), while “Come Home Blues” is a convincing mid-tempo desert trail number. You’d never guess he still calls Washington State home.

Throughout, Pickerel sounds like a less-ravaged Lanegan with a more upbeat outlook on life. To wit, there’s the beautiful ballad “I’ll Wait”, where Pickerel’s narrator patiently will “wait another day / To hear the words you want to say” (hint: “I love you”). He loves a shy girl and is in no mood to rush: “Even this panther knows when to move slow,” he promises. Toss in a sweet, shambling guitar solo, and “I’ll Wait” is easily one of the album’s best tunes.


01. Forest Fire
02. Come Home Blues
03. A Town Too Fast For The Blues
04. I'll Wait
05. Graffiti Girl
06. Ask The Wind, Ask The Dust
07. Don't Look Back
08. You'll Be Mine
09. Sin Tax Dance
10. Snake In The Radio
11. Town Without The Blues