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Richard Studholme - Life

Richard Studholme - Life - 2012 

By BRIAN HARMAN Bluesinthenorthwest

Richard Studholme’s interest in music was first aroused by the music of The Shadows, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, at the age of 13 he began to play semi- professionally, he at the same time started to seriously investigate who the writers of their early recordings actually were. By the age of 26 in 1977 he had moved to New York City and was playing in a well respected local band with Bill Dicey, Charles ‘Honeyboy’ Otis, and Sherman Holmes.

After about ten years he returned to England and promptly became the main session guitarist/bandleader for the JSP label which recorded and promoted such blues artists as; Carey and Lurrie Bell, Louisiana Red, Larry Johnson, ‘Lucky’ Lopez Evans, ‘Lefty’ Dizz, Lowell Fulson and Hubert Sumlin.  It was through working with these legends that the evidence of Richard’s undoubted skill, ability and professionalism led directly to the ‘raising of the bar;’ greatly increasing and enhancing the reputation of English backing bands.

Currently, he divides his time between recording, performing and hosting his own radio show; as ever with his discrete nature he has quietly released his new album which is a collection of originals and fine covers. As with the likes of Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe, Richard has the innate and sublime ability to create and infuse an atmosphere of warmth, care and affection within each individual number, whether they are slow groovers as in “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me,” and the exquisite Peter Green influenced “I Just Go,” or the instrumental, hip swinging, ivory pushing floor sweeper “2120 South Michigan Avenue.” Joining Richard; guitar/vocals is Jim Leverton; bass, Josh Phillips; organ, Andy Newmark, drums and The Incognito Horns.

The drivingly infectious, “She Put the Whammy In Me,” is a definite toe-tapper as is “Little Mystery,” wonderful reminders of good tines past. “How Ya Doin,” has a lovely loping, swampy horn driven Southern Soul feel. While the delightful, “Love Is Amazing,”  “New Day,” and “Working On The Bottom,” contain dreamily entwined urban organ and horn passages.The whole album oozes a singular confidence matched with calming understatement. Delectable!

01. How Ya Doin'?        
02. 2120 South Michigan Avenue        
03. Love Is Amazing        
04. New Day        
05. Little Mystery        
06. Gotta Get Right        
07. She Put the Whammy to Me        
08. Working On the Bottom        
09. You've Really Got a Hold On Me        
10. I Just Go

Richard Studholme - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Leverton - Bass
Josh Phillips - Harmond B3
Andy Newmark - Drums
The Incognito Horns:
Hamish Stuart, Nico Ramsden, Tom Jaworski (also guitar) and Aloma Reid (vocals)

NB: Esse é o 100º e último post de 2013. Aproveito a oportunidade para desejar um Feliz 2014 a todos: amigos reais e virtuais, visitantes incognotos e, claro, aos titulares dos blogs parceiros (mesmo aqueles que assim me consideram e insistem em não me linkar (rs))

Muitas novidades (não tão novas assim, mas inéditas) já no dia 1º de janeiro.  

Sempre no mesmo ritmo, melodia e harmonia.



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Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick's SILVER CONDOR - Live Across America (RE-RE-POST)

Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick's SILVER CONDOR - Live Across America - 2006

From Cerisano´s Site

Silver Condor "Live Across America" was recorded at different venues large and small during the summer of 1981. That was the year that Silver Condor attempted to take flight. In a leased Dodge extended cab van they started in Los Angeles and worked their way across America playing a series of 30 one-nighters ending in Dover NJ. Like a shooting star Silver Condor got lost in the corporate halls of Columbia Records. At that time at Columbia Records, one hand didn’t know what the other one was doing. There are are casualties all along the road to success. With a little luck some bust on through to the other side. It’s said that some of the best music doesn’t make it to the radio. Well, this cd proves that to be a fact.  READ MORE HERE

About Joe Cerisano HERE
About Earl Slick HERE

01. It's Over
02. Angel Eyes
03. Standing in the Rain
04. The One You Need

05. We're in Love
06. You Could Take My Heart Away
07. Carolina
08. Sayin' Goodbye
09. For the Sake of Survival
10. Goin' for Broke
11. Long Tall Sally
12. Rip It Up


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Ian McLagan - Rise & Shine (re-re-post)

Ian McLagan - Rise & Shine - 2004

By Matt Fink, Paste Magazine

Over three decades since Ian McLagan joined Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane to form the best mod band this side of The Who, The Faces remain one of the most brilliant overlooked bands of their generation. Given the rock ’n’ roll muse’s tendency to abandon musicians who ply their trade in the genre for more than 20 years, there was plenty of opportunity for this album (only McLagan’s second solo outing in the last 24 years) to end up a nostalgia piece for a man few currently recognize as more than a session keyboardist for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. To that extent, Rise and Shine is an unmitigated success, better than just about any release from his reasonable British rock facsimiles. Having set down roots in Texas, more than a little heartland twang creeps into the tracks such as the effervescent power-pop of “Rubies in Her Hair” and the quasi-choir sing-along in the clever “The Wrong Direction.” Even better are the delicately soulful ballads, evoking Exile on Main Street-era Stones on the earnest “Anytime” and the bluesy dobro and gospel piano of “Lying.” He even channels a bit of Faces swagger in the rollicking “Been A Long Time,” one of the greatest blasts of mod rock since the band’s run ended. Sure, they aren’t all winners here, and the point can be reasonably argued that the sentiments once befitting him as a young man seem more than a little awkward springing from the mouth of a rock veteran nearing his 60th birthday, but the personality and distinction invigorating his work is truly stunning.

01. You're My Girl
02. Been a Long Time
03. Date With an Angel
04. Anytime 05. Price of Love
06. She Ain't My Girl
07. Your Secret 08. Lying
09. The Wrong Direction
10. Rubies in Her Hair
11. Wishing Hoping Dreaming

Ian McLagan - Vocals, Pianos, Harmond, Organ, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Gurf Morlix - Electric Guitars
"Scrappy" Jud Newcomb - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
George Reiff - Bass
Don Harvey: Drums

Patty Griffin - Vocals (4, 8, 9, 11)
Brian Standefer - Cellos (4, 8)
John Bush - Congas, Percussion (6, 11)
Joe Sublett - Tenor Sax (5)
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet (5)


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Shawn Phillips - Beyond Here Be Dragons (re-re-post)


Shawn Phillips - Beyond Here Be Dragons - 1988

Shawn has twenty albums to his credit and a host of associations with some of the most respected names in the industry including Donovan, Paul Buckmaster, J. Peter Robinson, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bernie Taupin, and many others, yet he is virtually forgotten except by his cadre of loyal fans, despite remaining active through today.

Re-issue of 'Beyond Here Be Dragons' originally released only for a short time in 1988 due to the demise of the original label, Chameleon. 9 tracks including 'Of Love', 'It Takes No Time' and 'Share The Wealth'. 2000 release. Standard jewel case

01. Of Love       
02. Circles
03. Sands of Time
04. It Takes No Time
05. Share the Wealth
06. Wind of the Angels
07. Discoveries
08. Spaghetti Inquistion
09. Moments

Shawn Phillips - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Caleb Quaye - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Ralph Humphrey - Drums
J. Peter Robinson - Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson - Bass


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Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin' (Re-Re-Post)

Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys & Blowin' - 1975 & 1976

By William Ruhlmann from allmusic.com
Clonakilty Cowboys
Former Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding's second attempt to lead a group (following Fat Mattress), the Noel Redding Band were more of a cooperative effort than their name would suggest. Redding may have been the organizing principal behind the unit, but David Clarke wrote or co-wrote almost all the material as well as singing lead vocals, while Eric Bell played lead guitar. Whoever dominated the band, however, their debut LP, Clonakilty Cowboys, was very much a British rock album of its time. There were hints here of the Faces and there of Mott the Hoople in a mainstream rock sound that seemed utterly familiar in the mid-'70s, but didn't much remind you of Redding's work with Hendrix. When Bell took off on his solo, for example, at the end of "Eight Nights a Week" (a paean to being a rock & roll star), his high-pitched work was out of Rock Guitar 101, but it had none of Hendrix's inventiveness. Maybe it's not fair to make such a comparison, but one falls into comparisons in discussing the music because it had little distinctive character of its own. As singers, neither Clarke nor Redding made it out of the rusty-voiced ranks of generic rock vocalists. Clonakilty Cowboys didn't make any noise on the charts and it didn't deserve to. Redding and company had made a fairly typical album for their time, but hadn't done anything that distinguished them from the pack.

01. There´s A Light
02. Throw Me A Buoy
03. After All
04. Roller Coaster Kids / Whatever Became Of The Children
05. Eight Nights A Week
06. Clonakilty Cowboys
07. Snowstorm
08. Born To His Name
09. If I Had
10. Gotta Move Awaya
Noel Redding emphasized his primacy in the band named after him on their second album, Blowin', putting close-up photographs of himself alone on the front and back covers, albeit with humorous intention. (He was pictured on the front blowing up a big bubblegum bubble and on the back with the burst bubble stuck to his nose.) He also took over production duties on the record and wrote a couple of songs on his own. But this was still a group effort on which lead singer and primary songwriter David Clarke took a prominent, if not dominant, role. The album rocked harder than its predecessor, Clonakilty Cowboys, and, recorded largely in the U.S., seemed to have more of an American, on-the-road feel, beginning with its opening track, "Back on the Road Again." But the Noel Redding Band were still a faceless, nearly generic rock group with a rusty-voiced singer mouthing rock & roll clichés and a standard-issue guitarist. Blowin' didn't sell any better than Clonakilty Cowboys had, and that was about the end of the Noel Redding Band.
11. Back On The Road Again

12. California
13. Yes It´s Alright
14. I´d Rather Go Blind
15. You Make Me Feel So Good
16. Take It Easy
17. Love And War
18. Before The Photograph
19. I`m Just A Sinner
20. Hold On To What You´ve Got


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Little Queenie & the Percolators - Home

Little Queenie & the Percolators - Home - 2007
featuring Leigh “L’il Queenie” Harris, John Magnie, Tommy Malone and others (1977-1982)

By Grant Britt from nodepression.com

In New Orleans, she’s considered royalty. As Lil’ Queenie, she fronted the Percolators, a rowdy, raucous amalgamation of bluesy rockers with a jazzy side as well who rattled the Crescent City in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Today, under her commoner name of Leigh Harris, she makes her home in Rural Hall, North Carolina, not far from Andy Griffin’s hometown and Mayberry touchstone of Mt. Airy.

But just because Harris has chosen a quieter and drier setting to live in doesn’t mean that she’s not still percolatin’. Ex- Percolator partners and current Subdudes Tommy Malone and John Magnie may not be with her when she plays this far south, but she’ll still bring a rowdy, funky bunch of backers when she plays Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse this Friday night.

Harris started singing before she could walk, and by her late teens was standing shoulder to shoulder on stages with a who’s who of New Orleans musical royalty including Professor Longhair, Dr. John and the Nevilles. “It was just kind of neighborhood guys, and I was just too young and stupid to be intimidated,” she says with a throaty chuckle. “ I had too much hubris, or somethin’.”

Whatever you called it, the crowds who packed Tipitinas loved her work, as did the artists, especially Fess. “Johnny and I did this duet at Tipitinas every Monday night,” Harris recalls. “All the Nevilles would come in, because it was a really neighborhoody thing, and Fess would too, and George Landry, who was Art and them’s uncle, Big Chief Jolly. And Fess would say, (she drops down into a gravely croak) “sang that  ’Ode To Billie Joe.’” Which I really didn’t do with Johnny, he had heard me do it when I was even younger, doing a solo act, playing guitar. He said one of his great lines ever, one of his great malaprops: ‘You sang that real nice, dahlin’- I likedted it.’ ”

The Percolators grew out of that duo, adding future Subdude Tommy Malone as well as a rotating cast of characters that included some of the city’s finest horn players and even slide guitar wizard Sonny Landreth  for a time. The band name came from a quote in clarinetist/ saxman/viper Mezz Mezrow’s book, Really The Blues. “Mezz is describing this situation where all the musicians all one by one are all achieving collective satori, and someone in the house screams out, ‘percolate you fool, percolate!” But she says few people got the reference. “I’ve had people give me toy coffepots, with my face on these appliances for years,” she says. I tell her  it seems obvious that anybody who heard the band and got caught up in the pulsating riddims would realize that it was not something as common as caffeine but an internal  lava flow that was bubbling up to splash all over them. “No shit, man,” she says with a sigh.


01. I Gotta Song I Gotta Sing
02. My Dawlin New Orleans           
03. Gumbo Heaven
04. Wild Natives
05. Inspiration           
06. I Was Just Practicing           
07. Cant Get Ridoma Smile           
08. Surrender           
09. Telephone Sleeping in My Bed           
10. Hum Hum           
11. It Will Be Me           
12. Blackhaired Girl


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Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio (re-re-post)

Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio [DeLuxe Edition] - 2003

from amazon.com

As co-founder of the legendary rock band Traffic, Dave Mason has always been a powerful force in popular music. His tenure as their guitarist, vocalist & songwriter, along with his friends Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, netted the quartet several hit singles and albums including his signature tune Feelin' Alright and international smashes like Hole In My Shoe.

While collaborating with his friends like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie and George Harrison, Dave Mason continued to develop his trademark sound, while igniting a solo career that took off with his first platinum plus debut album Alone Together from 1970.

Over the next three decades, Dave Mason continued his legendary status as a staple radio artist, riding the top rung of the many music charts with tunes like We Just Disagree, Let It Flow, All Along the Watchtower, Show Me Some Affection, and Something from the Heart.

A few years ago, Dave Mason and his wonderful band entered into the state of the art XM studios in Washington D.C., and recorded this new album Live at XM Satellite Radio. This unique session was performed organically in front of an intimate gathering of friends and fans. From start to finish, it is a solid 100% classic Dave Mason concert.

Things start off with a nod to his Alone Together album with the prog-rock classic World In Changes and his Delaney and Bonnie hit Only You Know and I Know. Mason's vocals and guitar styling are second to none as the crowd roars in approval.

We Just Disagree was Dave's most successful venture at Top 40 radio back in the late seventies. This emotional live reading brings back the memories of this era and skillfully shows the interplay between Mason and his good friend guitarist John Sambataro (Firefall, McGuinn Clark & Hillman). This track is indeed a defining moment of the show.

No Dave Mason concert is complete without the classics All Along The Watchtower, Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy and the surprise groover Feelin' Alright. His fans and new converts will agree, this new live offering will satisfy the classic rocker in all of us.

In addition to this pivotal live recording, Dave has gone into the vaults and found a very rare live interpretation of the Eagles classic Take It To The Limit. Recorded several years ago in the Orange County, California locale, this tune takes on a whole new feeling with the Dave Mason magic.

As a further gift to his fans, Dave has also included two new studio tracks that will truly enhance your listening experience. First, there is the very rare Dave Mason/Jim Capaldi duet of the classic 40,000 Headmen. Recorded shortly before his untimely death, Jim Capaldi truly sings his soul out on this revisit to the Traffic era. Dave shares on the vocal chores, as well as an incredible guitar workout throughout.

The intriguing closer, Deaf, Dumb And Blind, is one of those tunes that his fans have been clamoring years for. Dave's vocals are the ticket here, the amazing music he creates is still intact after four decades of recording, and like a fine wine, his career just gets better all the time. This tune will surely become one of his future classics

01. World in Changes
02 .Only You Know and I Know
03. We Just Disagree     
04. Look at You, Look at Me     
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy     
06. All Along the Watchtower     
07. Feelin' Alright     
08. Take It to the Limit - (Recorded Live In Orange County, CA/Bonus Track)   
09. 40, 000 Headmen - (Bonus Track)   
10. Deaf, Dumb and Blind - (Bonus Track)

Dave Mason - Guitar, Vocal
John Sambataro - Guitar
Alex Drizos - Bass
Alvino Bennett - Drums.
Bill Mason - Keyboards
and Jim Capaldi - vocal on 40,000 Headmen


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The Bossmen - The Complete Bossmen (The Singles '64-'67) (with Dick Wagner and Mark Farner)

The Bossmen - The Complete Bossmen (The Singles '64-'67) - 2009 

The Bossmen were a very successful band operating out of Saginaw, Michigan in the mid to late 1960\'s. They released several singles, all of them reaching the top of the charts on Michigan radio. This CD is a compilation of all their work, including three tracks recorded by The Bossmen in their transition period as they changed members and evolved into The Frost, another hugely successful band who really swept the state of Michigan and shared the spotlight with the likes of The MC5, during the explosive late 1960\'s in Detroit. Fronted by noted guitarist and songwriter, Dick Wagner, who went on to notoriety with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper, The Bossmen were essentially the Michigan Beatles. This CD is essential listening for any 1960's music fans.

01. Take A Look
02. It's A Shame
03. Thanks To You
04. Help Me Baby
05. Here's Congratulations
06. Bad Girl
07. Wait And See
08. You're The Girl For Me
09. On The Road
10. Tina Maria
11. Baby Boy
12. You And I
13. Rainy Day
14. Sunshine
15. Little Girl
16. Easy Way Out
17. I Cannot Stop You
18. Listen My Girl

Dick Wagner - Lead Guitar, Vocal (later went on to the Frost, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper)
Mark Farner - Guitar, Bass, Vocal ( went on to Grand Funk Railroad)
Warren Keith - Piano, VocalLanny Roenicke - Bass, Vocal (Later played wih Hank Williams Jr.)
Pete Woodman - Drums (Later went on to Popcorn Blizzard a.k.a. Meatloaf)
Lanny Roenicke (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet)


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Steve Marriott - I Need Your Love

Steve Marriott -  I Need Your Love - 2013
(like a fish needs a raincoat) 1962-1991

An album of rarities from the archives of the Marriott estate covering four decade, includes ultra rare unreleased material from pre Small Faces days. Features the very first recordings Steve ever made and the last with Peter Frampton. 

Stephen Peter "Steve" Marriott (30 January 1947 - 20 April 1991) was an English musician, songwriter and frontman of two notable rock and roll bands, spanning over two decades. Marriott is remembered for his powerful singing voice which belied his small stature, and for his aggressive approach as a guitarist in the mod rock bands- Small Faces (1965-1969) and Humble Pie (1969-1975 and 1980-1981).

Disc One

01. Louisiana Blues 1975
02. Nobody But You 1975
03. You're A Heartbreaker 1975
04. Street Rat 1976
05. Bluegrass Interval 1976
06. Signed Sealed 1976
07. Saylarvee 1977
08. Brown Man Do 1978
09. Wossname 1979
10. My Lovers Prayer 1980

11. Baby Don't Do It 1980
12. Restless Blood 1981
13. Tin Soldier 1981

14. You Spent It 1981
15. Law Of The Jungle 1984
16. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 1986
17. I Need Your Love (Like A Fish Needs A Raincoat) 1987
18. Gypsy Woman 1989
19. Out Of The Blue 1991( With Peter Frampton )
20. Bigger They Come Harder They Fall 1991( With Peter Frampton )

Disc Two

01. Give All She's Got (Demo October 1964
02. Imaginary Love - Alt. Version (As Steve Marriott 1963 Uk 7")

03. Give Her My Regards (As Steve Marriott 1963 Uk 7")
04. Blue Morning (With The Moments 1964)
05. You Really Got Me (With The Moments 1964 U.S 7" Only)
06. Money Money (With The Moments 1964 U.S 7" Only)
07. You'll Never Get Away From Me (With The Moments 1964)
08. Imaginary Love (With The Moonlights 1962 Demo)
09. What'd I Say (With The Moonlights 1962 Demo)



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Paul McCartney - Live At ICA Festival

Paul McCartney - Live At ICA Festival - EP - 2007

The first installment of the iTunes Festival: London took place in the spring of 2007 with different artists performing over a succession of nights. Paul McCartney helped inaugurate the event with this storming set of six songs, four of which were from his Memory Almost Full album. With a cracking band behind him and his own voice in sharp form, McCartney puts forth some of his most rocking tunes. The funky "Coming Up" sounds positivelyStevie Wonder-ized while "Jet" comes across as both raucous and triumphant.

All tracks performed by Paul McCartney, Brian Ray, Abe Laboriel Jr., Rusty Anderson and Paul Wickens

01. Coming Up
02. Only Mama Knows
03. That Was Me
04. Jet
05. Nod Your Head
06. House of Wax


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Leigh Harris - Polychrome Junction (re-post)

Leigh Harris - Polychrome Junction - 2001

from CDUniverse

Recorded in New Orleans in 2000 by the innovative keyboard/percussion/vocal quintet, Roy G Biv, led by vocalist Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris, Polychrome Junction opens with Harris's "Dog Days" (later tapped for re-release on Sony's Doctors, Professors, Kings, and Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans) : a funk-drenched, witty paean to Crescent City weather ("Down here in the land of the dreamy dream/the air condition stay on past Halloween"), complete with authentic howling about the heat and a blistering tuba solo by "honorary Biv-ouac" Matt Perrine. Jazz standard "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" receives a major groove overhaul with percussionist Michael Skinkus's multilayering of shekere, congas, djali, shakers and bells, and pianist Joshua Paxton & organist David Ellington's adroit, joyous cross-pollination of New Orleans and Afro-Carribean polyrhythms; kit drummer Karl Budo picks up his sticks and lays down a subtle but definite NOLA street beat on "Poinciana". Young tenor saxophonist Rebecca Barry guests on "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" to great effect in both her solo and interplay work with Harris .

The dizzying rendition of "Cloudburst" is a standout, and Harris's take on "Candy" will send many listeners to the bedroom or the kitchen--or both. Harris's two other compositions, "Crazy Mirrors" and "Paralyzed" (written with Subdude John Magnie and Bruce MacDonald),are vivid tales of unrequieted love and sexual obsession. "You Always Knew Me Better (Than I Knew Myself"), written for Harris by Dr John and Doc Pomus, is a soulful, heartwrenching ballad performed as a duet between Harris and Paxton. The final track, Earl King's "Make a Better World", provides ample forum for Paxton and Ellington's James Booker/Professor Longhair chops and Harris's undeniable take-no-prisoners way with an R&B classic. Polychrome Junction is a fine archive of an extremely creative group comprised of top-notch musicians living and working in contemporary New Orleans, in energetic, fertile flower, containing superb playing and vocalising throughout.

01.  Dog Days
02.  Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
03.  Oh What A Beautiful Morning
04.  Paralyzed
05.  Poinciana
06.  You Always Knew Me Better (Than I Knew Myself)
07.  Crazy Mirrors
08.  Cloudburst
09.  Candy
10.  Make A Better World

Leigh Harris - Vocals
Josh Paxton - Piano, Clavinet
David Ellington - B3 Organ
Karl Budo - Drums
Michael Skinkus - Baata, Bongos, Congas, Djali, Djimbe, Cowbells, Sleighbells, Tiny Bells, Bones, Shells, Skerkeres, Vibraslap, Marracas, Bicycle Horn, Tambourine
Rebecca Barry - Tenor Sax (3)
Matt Perrine - Tuba  (1), Bass (9)

N.B: Esse disco eu subi para primeiramente atender a um pedido num destes foruns da vida, sem a intenção de postá-lo no blog, mas, confesso que fiquei com pena de perder um link para esse disco um tanto quanto dificil de se achar. Se serviu para 1, pode ser que sirva para mais 5 ou 6. Essa é a lógica.


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Corky Laing And The Perfect Child - Playing God

Corky Laing And The Perfect Child - Playing God - 2013

from Gonzomultimedia
Legendary Mountain drummer Corky Laing teams up with two internationally acclaimed philosophers (Prof. Matti Häyry and Dr. Tuija Takala) in this joint effort that brings together '70s style music and contemporary moral problems of gene technology. 'Playing God' is a concept album. 'Playing God' is a musical metaphor for today's attempt to attain perfection. Musically the album covers many feels and approaches from soft ballads to riff-driven guitar rock, from meditative instrumentals to operatic melody lines.

At its core, the guitar-bass-drums combo is complemented with powerful singing. While Corky Laing, the drummer, is known - and his forceful, innovative and mesmerizing drumming features heavily on the album - 'Playing God' also introduces Corky Laing, the singer. There is such strength and depth to his voice that one can only wonder why the world has not, prior to this, known him as the lead singer he is. The main female leads are sang by Maya Paakkari (an entrancing raspy voice from Finland), Bonnie Parker (a wide-ranging singer from the band Tang), and Denny Colt (another voice of power and attitude from Tang). The album also features Eric Schenkman (from Spin Doctors) on guitar. 'Playing God' was recorded and produced in Finland and further benefits from the local talent of Finnish musicians, singers, and sound engineers. While 'Playing God' is a rock album, it is also a soundtrack to a rock opera. It takes the listener to tomorrow's world by introducing the small town of Happyville, where the people have enjoyed the benefits of genetic engineering for years without any thought. There's a man who sells science and parents seeking to perfect their children, there are difficult choices and the need to find someone to blame when things don't go to plan. The choices these people are making are not new, it is just that the tools available are more sophisticated.

'Playing God' is a study of the human condition. The themes of the rock opera are based on theoretical research, but the practical questions it poses are relevant to us all. 'Playing God' is something new. It represents a crossover between academic research and rock. The ethical and philosophical questions raised by modern biotechnologies are made accessible by using rock music as a medium. On the surface, the storylines are easy to follow, but they also lend themselves to deep philosophical questions about the future of humanity. Just enjoy the music - or allow yourself to be taken on a journey into your own moral convictions. In both cases, you will find something new amidst the familiar.


Canadian powerhouse drummer Corky Laing is essentially associated with rock and roll folklore and as one of the elite drummers in the world. Laing is a longtime member for hard rock/heavy metal giant’s Mountain and the blues-rock power trio of West, Bruce & Laing. But Laing’s musical collaborations are seemingly endless. A list that includes alliances with John Lennon, Jack Bruce, Meat Loaf, Noel Redding, Mahogany Rush, Ten Years After, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Bo Diddley and Gov’t Mule …to name a few. Laing is also a producer and composer.

Corky Laing has recently added a brand new chapter to his illustrious musical career. Laing’s most recent project is a fascinating collaboration with two internationally acclaimed professors (Prof. Matti Häyry and Dr. Tuija Takala) intermingling the decree of genetic engineering with a rock opera music scheme. The concept album entitled … Playing God is performed by the Perfect Child, an incredible ensemble of musicians and singers. At the core of the rock opera is Corky Laing who astounds instrumentally, lyrically and vocally. The album concept is brilliant and the music is colossal. It’s an awe-inspiring rock musical production and a cross between … Welcome to my Nightmare, The Wall and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Corky Laing - Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitar
Special Guest: Eric Schenkman - Guitar
Bonnie Parker - Bass, Vocals
Tuija Takala, Denny Colt - Guitar, Vocals
Lasse Väyrynen - Guitar, Guitalele, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Matti Häyry - Guitar, Guitalele, Keyboards, Vocals
Harri Väyrynen - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mikaela Mansikkala, Maya Paakkari, Hanna Paatero - Backing Vocals

01. God's March
02. Luke's Blues
03. Terrace of the Gods
04. Perfect Boy
05. Tony's return
06. College Girls
07. Silent Dream
08. My Brother's Gonna Die
09. Open Up Your Imagination
10. Here is Our Blood
11. Jupiter
12. Tim's Requiem
13. Not Good Enough
14. Father's Lament
15. Crying Shame
16. Journey
17. Sisterhood
18. Vital Stream
19. Revelations I
20. Meltdown
21. Revelations II
22. Eyes in the Mirror
23. Revelations III
24. Mr C's Demise
25. In This World


quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013

Steve Ellis - Rollin' with the 69 Crew

Steve Ellis - Rollin' with the 69 Crew - 2013

from Steve´s official site
Steve Ellis, lead singer with Love Affair - London based pop, soul, R&B group formed in 1966. With Number One success "Everlasting Love". The band had several other Top 20 hits including "Rainbow Valley", "A Day Without Love" ,"One Road" and "Bringing on Back the Good Times".

From recently uncovered long lost tapes which have been lovingly remixed to the highest of modern standards, we have unearthed this treasure trove of classic tracks . We are so pleased to be able to release this wonderful selection of music from the vaults of SONY.

Featuring one CD of tracks with the Keith Mansfield Orchestra and followed by a more standard group set up for disc two. This album features many top artists including Herbie Flowers, Zoot Money, Hookfoot, Clem Cattini and many more.
One of the best ‘not to be missed’ Lost Gems re-located and cleaned up to absolute perfection.


01. Good Time Livin'
02. Somethin's Gotten Hold of my Heart
03. It’s a Man’s Man’s Man's World
04. Bread and Wine
05. Lean on Me
06. Rainy Night in Georgia
07. Holly Holy
08. Sympathy
09. Evie
10. Take Your Love

01. Charley Patton Rides the Delta
02. I Don't Know Why
03. Gimme Shelter
04. Fat Crow
05. Pisces Apple Lady
06. Way Up on the Hill
07. I Got a Feelin'
08. Can't Stop Worryin'
09. Take Me to The Pilot
10. Hold On


domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

Steve Marriott And The Official Receivers - Some Kind of Wonderful

Steve Marriott And The Official Receivers - Some Kind of Wonderful  - 2006

Some Kind Of Wonderful é um 2 CD set lançado em 2006 pela Wappingwharf - selo criado por fans do Small Faces e que de tempos em tempos, brinda um mercado ávido por novidades com demos, shows, gravações inéditas e outros tipos de "raridades".

Foi assim com lançamentos anteriores (a sua maioria colocada aqui no blog) tais como Wham Bam, Humble Pie Atlanta Years, Rainy Changes e Lend Us a Quid. 

Em "Some Kind", o primeiro CD traz um show gravado em Hammersmith em 09 de julho de 1987 (NB. Esse mesmo show consta do duplo lançado apenas como "Steve Marriott & The Official Receivers, que voce pode encontrar no blog). Trata-se por tanto de uma enganação sob o pretexto que este vêm com outra remasterização, e o segundo CD registra um show no Park Hotel Tynemouth em 05 de fevereiro daquele mesmo 1987. Este Show, embora com uma qualidade de áudio fraca, registra bem o momento em que Steve passava, fazendo shows em tudo quanto era birosca. Para os fans, é um registro imperdível daquela fase.

A banda é composta, além de Marriott na guitarra, por Jim Leverton no baixo, Ian Wallace na bateria e Mick Weaver nos teclados.

Aproveitem e curtam mais esta exclusividade do blog.


CD 01 - Steve Marriott and the Official Receivers live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1987 


05. I KNOW


CD 02 - Steve Marriott and the Official Receivers Live at the Park Hotel, Tynemouth 1987

05. I KNOW
14. Swinging Radio England interview with Steve 1988 (bonus)


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Travis Wammack - Snake, Rattle & Roll in Muscle Shoals

Travis Wammack - Snake, Rattle & Roll in Muscle Shoals - 2000

There are some names you never forget.  Names like Narvel Felts, Felton Jarvis, Elvis Presley...Good Southern names for self-styled boys that made some of rock-n-roll’s great wild records.  Such a name and such a man is Travis Wammack. Born in Walnut, Mississippi, he began his professional music career when he wrote and recorded his first record at the tender age of eleven, and also became the youngest member ever voted into the musicians union.

After moving to Memphis, Tennesse, the young guitarist made his mark on the music world at the age of sixteen with his 1963 number one hit “Scratchy”.  He was the first to develop and use the fuzz tone for an electric guitar.  

By 1969, Wammack’s skills landed him in Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he teamed with legendary producer Rick Hall at Hall’s FAME Records. Travis’ guitar licks can be heard on hit records that have sold over 'SIXTY Million' copies.


01. Cookin' On The Front Burner
02. Counterfeit Love
03. Tell You About My Girl
04. Still Some Good Rockers
05. Keep On Running
06. Greenwood Mississippi
07. Keep The Fire Burning
08. Training Wheels
09. Linda Lou (Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't)
10. Get Outta Here

Travis Wammack - Vocal, Guitar
Junior Lowe, Pete Carr, Will McFarlane - Guitar
Lonnie "Big Arms" Ledford - Bass
N. C. Thurman, Jim Jackson - Keys
Brad Guin - Sax
Robbie Stout - Trumpet
Phillip Oliver - Tambourine
Travis Wammack Jr., Brian Vick, Chris Forrest - Drums

or / ou

terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2013

Corky Laing & the Memory Thieves - House of Thieves (re-post)

Corky Laing & the Memory Thieves - House of Thieves - 2012

Legendary drummer Corky Laing and his band of Memory Thieves take you on a mind-blowing musical journey through time, performing hits Laing wrote, recorded and performed with MOUNTAIN and West, Bruce & Laing - rock anthems like "Mississippi Queen," "Nantucket Sleighride," and "The Doctor." The Memory Thieves also beat the drum of pulsing modern rock with edgy, newly-minted originals to deliver an unforgettable show where past meets present and nothing gets old.

Corky Laing - Drums, Vocal
Josh Horton - Lead Vocal
Denny Colt - Guitar, Keys, Vocal
Bonnie Parker- Bass, Vocal

01. Promised Land
02. House of Thieves
03. Rockafella's Lament
04. Eve of Destruction
05. Roadkill

Um pequeno repost para atender ao nosso amigo russo, Boris.


quarta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2013

RO RO - Meet At The Water

RO RO - Meet At The Water - 1972

Não existe muita coisa quando pesquisamos sobre a RO RO, a não ser que ela foi formada pelo guitarrista Alan Ross e pelo baixista Warwick Rose.

Pouco além de que a RO RO é anterior à banda Ross e existiu somente por um único e especial disco e teve, segundo li pela net, a produção do Tony McPhee.

Pra quem conhece os dois discos da Ross - um cult com o advento da internet - e os dois álbuns solos  que o guitarrista Alex Ross gravou após a debandada daquela banda, dizer que aquele prima pela qualidade é o mesmo que tocar um rock de um nota só (se bem que rock de uma nota só atende pelo nome de punk).

A cópia aqui disponibilizada vem de um EXCELENTE ripagem de vinil (que não fui eu quem fiz). É uma pena que eu (ainda) não tenha em CD, relançado junto com toda a obra correlata naquele maravilhoso formato japonês.

Leia alguma coisa sobre a genialidade do Alan Ross AQUI .

Bom, o que era raridade até agora tá aqui. Altamente recomendado pra quem quiser um som nota 10.

Deixe-me saber do interesse de virem postados aqui os dois álbuns solos do Alex.

Alan Ross - Vocals, Guitar
Rose Warwick - Bass
John Weider - Guitar, Violin
Neil Sheppard - Keyboards, Vocals
Rod Coombes - Drums, Vocals
Brian Rogers – Orchestration

01. Goin Round My Head
02. Beautiful Lady
03. Something About Her
04. Down On The Road
05. Meet At The Water
06. Mandala
07. Give Me The Benefit
08. June
09. Wild, Wild Woman
10. Whole Fire Burning


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Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers (Re-post)

Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers - 1972

 By Richie Unterberge, cduniverse.com

Melton, Levy and the Dey Brothers' sole album has a bit of a come-down-from-the-reckless-heights-of-Haight-Ashbury vibe, but is a reasonably accomplished and pleasing record, if an unassuming one. It's got the characteristic San Francisco Bay Area blend of blues, country, rock, and good counterculture cheer, with a more laid-back, soul-influenced approach than Barry Melton had taken with his first band, Country Joe & the Fish. Everyone from the quartet contributes original material, with Melton, Rick Dey, and Jay Levy taking roughly equal shares of the writing credits. Some of the more keyboard-oriented tracks sound a little like Paul McCartney's early solo work, as unlikely as that comparison might seem; check the chorus of Jay Levy's "Been So Fine" for an illustration. It's easy to imagine this as suitable rustic rock to play on your escape from the big bad city of San Francisco to a more laid-back locale with similar progressive hippie ethos, but more space and less angst, even if that journey would probably go no further than Marin County. A little bit of Melton's more radical past sneaks through on "Taxpayer's Lament," with its opening bursts of reverb guitar and anguished anti-war lyrics, in a vocal that falls between John Fogerty and Burton Cummings.

01. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
02. She Dances Through
03. Closer
04. Been So Fine
05. Sweeter the Peaches
06. S.O.S
07. Highway
08. Hold on to the Good Times
09. Play Little Children
10. Be With the One
11. Newsboy
12. Taxpayer's Lament
13. Bye Bye Sequence

Barry Melton - Vocals, Guitar, Trombone
Jay Levy - Vocals, Keyboards
Rick Dey - Vocals, Bass
Tony Dey - Vocals, Drums


Michael Bloomfield - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Bruce Brymer - Drums, Vocals
Carol Davis - Horns
King Errisson - Congas
Rick Jagger - Percussion
Ginette Melton - Vocals


sábado, 9 de novembro de 2013

Denny Newman - Sleepwalking with You

Denny Newman - Sleepwalking with You - 2005

Denny has been in and around the music scene since 1970, as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Working as a song writer for various artists Denny now records his own solo albums. These are a rarity only being sold by mail and at gigs. The first "Bless Tupelo", was recorded in 1990 on vinyl, sold out of it's original 1,000 pressings and has since been transferred to cd. It features 13 original songs and has long time pal Geoff Whitehorn guesting on guitar. An album recorded live in the studio, reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac, and British electric blues. After a live broadcast on London's GLR radio, presenter Mary Costello described Denny as "the best kept secret in British blues".
In 1995 Denny recorded his next album,"Noah's Great Rainbow". Tired of the normal 'my woman left me and I'm broke' blues lyrics, he noted that blues was everywhere, in all of us for different reasons, "you don't have to come from the delta, or chicago to feel blues". The songs penned are about his own experiences, ie, house reposession, taxes systems, and why modern youth has become so ignorant of it's own history. Of course, there's the odd 'I love my girl' song to cheer things up, but if you like English style guitar and dylanesque lyrics, give this one a whirl. In the ten tracks here there's "a world of emotion that just keeps turning", "intense guitar", and "blues poetry", to pull out some radio quotes from various sources.
Denny's third album 'SLEEPWALKING WITH YOU'  it features 10 original songs, and the inclusion of Max Middleton on keys

Denny Newman - Guitar, Vocals
Max Middleton - Keyboards
Scott Newman - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Allen - Drums

01. Livin' for the Past
02. Sleepwalking with You
03. This World Keep Turning
04. Burying Ground
05. I'Ll Get Over You (when You Get Over Getting Over Me)
06. The Case Is Closed
07. Frenchman
08. Potato Boat Blues
09. When the Sun Don't Shine
10. Goin' Down


quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

Pete Townshend - Live Brixton Academy '85 (re-re-post)

Pete Townshend - Live Brixton Academy '85 - 2004

Pete Townshend and the Deep End Band played live for two benefit outings - November 1 and 2, 1985 at the Brixton Academy - to help support Townshend's own "Double O' Charities. The performances are excerpted and were used in a made-for-home-video, also called Pete Townshend's Deep End Live!.  However, significant interest in the project would ultimately yield a 10-song LP which was issued to retail a few months later. Townshend is backed by an ensemble that includes a core band of John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Chucho Merchán, Simon Philips and David Gilmour.

This is THE COMPLET SHOW. The double CD set presents many Who and Solo tracks, including some rare performances of tracks from the White City album, as well as covers of fifties and sixties classics.

Disc 1

01. Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
02. Won't Get Fooled Again
03. A Little Is Enough
04. Secondhand Love
05. That’s Alright, Mama
06. Behind Blue Eye
07. The Shout
08. Harlem Shuffle
09. Barefootin’
10. After The Fire
11. Love On The Air
12. Midnight Lover
13. Blue Light
14. I Put A Spell On You
15.  I'm One

Disc 2

01. Driftin’
02. Magic Bus
03. Save It For Later
04. Eyesight to the Blind
05. Walkin’
06. Stop Hurting People
07. The Sea Refuses No River
08. Boogie Stop Shuffle
09. Face The Face
10. Pinball Wizard
11. Give Blood
12. Night Train

Pete Townshend - Guitar, Vocals
David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Philips - Drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - keyboards
Chucho Merchan - Bass
Peter Hope-Evans - Harmonica
Jody Linscott - Percussion
Gina Foster, Chris Staines, Coral Gordon, Billy Nicholls, Ian Ellis - Backing Vocals
"The Kickhorns" - Simon Clarke, Tim Saunders, Peter Thoms, Roddy Lorimer, Dave Plews


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Bobby Parker - Bent Out Of Shape

Bobby Parker - Bent Out Of Shape - 1993

from classicrockmagazine

Born in Louisiana in August 31, 1937 (+ November 1, 2013) and raised in Los Angeles, Robert Lee Parker’s first professional gig was with Otis Williams and the Charms in the 1950s, followed by stints with Bo Diddley, Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry and Little Richard.

Watch Your Step inspired the Beatles’ song I Feel Fine, with John Lennon once saying they’d used the riff “in various forms” throughout their career. Led Zeppelin made use of it in Moby Dick. The track was also covered by the Spencer Davis Group, Dr Feelgood and Carlos Santana, who once said: “Bobby inspired me to play guitar – he’s one of the few remaining guitarists who can pierce your heart and soothe your soul.”

In 2008 Parker reflected: “Watch Your Step was a culmination of blues rock guitar that nobody else had ever thought of. Mine was First. The United States was engulfed by Motown, but the whole world knew when I recorded Watch Your Step that I broke the brick wall of the sameness of Motown.

“I sent music in another direction worldwide, especially for guitarists like Jimmy Page, Santana, Eric Clapton and millions of others. Everybody who was anybody knew Bobby Parker alone penned the lick that created what’s known as the British revolution.

“I heard 600 or more blatant copycat recordings – everybody was playing my lick and trying to claim it, the Beatles included. Even now I hear copycat riffs in TV commercials.” He laughed: “I wish they’d come up with a different riff and leave mine alone…”

The track’s success led to international touring and an offer of a record deal from Jimmy Page, which didn’t work out. Parker spent the 1970s and 1980s based in Washington DC and out of international acclaim, but returned to the spotlight with his first solo album Bent Out Of Shape in 1993, followed by Shine Me Up in 1995. He remained active until his death, having played a series of blues festivals during the summer. Recently he said: “I keep doing it for the music and the people – I love the people.”

Parker has songwriting credits for a total of 55 tracks including his two other singles, Blues Get Off My Shoulder from 1958 and It’s Hard To be Fair from 1968.

01.Fast Train
02.It's Hard But It's Fair
03.Bent Out Of Shape 
04.So Glad I Found You
05.I Call Her Baby 
06.Watch Your Step 
07.Break It Up 
08.Let That Be The Reason
09.I've Got A Way With Women 
11.Blues Get Off My Shoulder


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Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails (Repost)

Max Middleton - One Thousand Sails - 2011

from cduniverse.com
One Thousand Sails songs the background history of Max Middleton's legendary keyboard work reads like a musician's who's who of the past four decades. One Thousand Sails album It begins in 1968 after a chance meeting with Cat Stevens and since that day his unique style of playing has found him in the company of Jeff Beck

The new album continues the journey started by Max's highly acclaimed first album 'Land of Secrets'. (catch HERE). One Thousand Sails CD music featuring contributions by Robert Ahwai, Martin Ditcham, Sylvin Marc and Maiuko it represents a move towards a more organic and often retro blend of styles.

01. Sunrise In Jaipur-Nightfall In Mumbai
02. Under Different Skies
03. Club Butel
04. La Cuvee Bleu
05. Sunflowers AndSaris
06. La Cloche De Pouzolles
07. One Thousand Sails
08. Winter Song-Song Of Summer

Max Middleton - Keyboards

Maiuko - Vocals
Robert Ahwai - Guitar
Sylvin Marc, Kuma Harada (5) - Bass
Juan Van Emmerloot (8) - Drums
Martin Ditcham - Drums & Percussion

Repost atendendo um pedido do Sidewell
A new link with 8 tracks is on


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Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders - Zone-O-Tone

Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders - Zone-O-Tone - 2013

by Dean Pedley from themidlandsrocks.com

Andy Fairweather Low has become a renowned sideman over the past few decades, touring with the likes of Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman and Roger Waters and appearing as a backing vocalist on Who Are You. Back in the 60’s Andy led chart topping psychedelic Welsh rockers Amen Corner who were part of the Christmas ’67 package tour headlined by Hendrix that also included Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd on the bill. With such a long and rich history Andy has stepped out of the shadows and invested more time into his solo career of late and Zone-O-Tone finds him debuting twelve new songs that have been inspired by his love of Stax and Atlantic Soul, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Lonnie Donegan and The Shadows amongst others. 

Backed by a top-notch three piece band there is something here that will appeal to all; from blues to gospel, country to rock and more than a little bit of soul, the overall vibe being very much rooted in the 50’s and 60’s. For the large part mellow and laid back the band does crank it up a notch on occasion, most notably with the up-tempo opener ‘Dance On’ and jaunty ‘Roll Ya Activator’. Andy has a distinctive croon and when combined with some dazzling guitar work it is easy to see why he has all too often found himself much in demand from some of rocks most distinguished names. The songs are Andy embarking on a personal journey that is unashamedly about nostalgia and those that have grown up with him throughout the decades will doubtless find much here that will inspire.

01. Dance On 
02. Deep River Blues 
03. Let Me Be Your Angel 
04. Roll Ya Activator 
05. Hard Way To Go 
06. Breakin’ Chains 
07. Love, Hope, Faith & Mercy 
08. La La Music 
09. Unclouded Day 
10. Mother Earth 
11. You’ll Never Beat The Devil 
12. Blood Toys 
13. Unclouded Day (slight return)


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The Charlie Watts Riots - A Break in the Weather

The Charlie Watts Riots - A Break in the Weather - 2013

By Corvozine.com
Singer-guitarist-songwriter Seth Powell of the Charlie Watts Riots is a music engineer and producer who has worked with Graham Parker, the Figgs and other artists at his Soundcheck Republic Studios in East Greenbush, New York. But when it came time to mix his own band’s sophomore album, A Break in the Weather, Powell turned to Nashville producer Nick Raskulinecz – a force behind some of the biggest names in rock.

Raskulinecz – a three-time Grammy winner and producer of albums by Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Rush and many more – really liked what he heard of the demos for A Break in the Weather and signed on to polish the album’s tracks. From the stadium-worthy single “Bottom” – about coming to terms with life’s disappointments – to the spirited power-pop ballad “Luanne,” A Break in the Weather got its amped-up final form thanks to Raskulinecz’s skills as a veteran producer. 

“He made the album sound bigger than I could or would have made it,” says Powell. “He made it sound huge and polished without making it sound over-produced. The drums are big. The guitars are in your face. It’s just a big, professional sounding record.”

Working with Raskulinecz at Dark Horse Recording studio was a thrill for Powell, a big fan of Raskulinecz’ work with alt-rockers Superdrag. “Nick is a big fan of the music he’s working on,” says Powell. “He knows every drum hit, every lyric. That was impressive. He knows every note of every song. At the end, he wanted to know who was putting our album out. That was when he offered to put it on his label.” 

A Break in the Weather is one of the first releases from the Los Angeles-based MCDMAN music label, a boutique management company that represents top record producers, including Raskulinecz. The label is a collaboration between the management company and the record producers to help talented, unsigned artists reach a broader audience. Raskulinecz will also produce the follow-up to A Break in the Weather next year. 

01. Bottom
02. Curtains
03. Luanne 
04. When You’re Around 
05. Caveman Town 
06. Omaha 
07. No Idea 
08. Destroyed 
09. Metal 
10. The More that You Change 
11. The Band that Killed Disco (Bonus Track)