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Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates

Luther Grosvenor - Floodgates - 1996

Luther Grosvenor (AKA Ariel Bender) é um guitarrista inglês que integrou bandas como Mott The Hoople, Spooky Tooth, Widomaker, The Vips e Deep Feeling

Floodgates é seu segundo album solo e traz uma coleção de vários estilos musicais, passeando entre o rock, blues e - por que não? - um pop de qualidade. A ficha técnica, a relação de quem toca e o de sempre podem ser encontradas no art-cover disponibilizado.

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by Dave Thompson allmusicguide

Luther Grovesnor's second solo album was a long time coming. The first, back in 1972, caught him midway between stints with Spooky Tooth and, in the guise of glam rock hooligan Ariel Bender, Mott the Hoople. The second, almost a quarter of a century later, caught him somewhere between forgotten hero-dom and absolute obscurity, and in the handful of interviews he gave around that time, he seemed to prefer it that way. He talked of living a normal life and playing guitar for fun. But back in the studio for the first time in years, it was as though he'd never been away. This is not, if any stray Mott fans are passing, an Ariel Bender album. Returning to his given name, he also returned to the style which distinguished both Spooky Tooth and Under Open Skies, the understated melody that has always been his songwriting signature, the underexposed flash which peels out of his guitar, and the underground exuberance which made his the first number the Stones called after Brian Jones left in 1969.

Slammed down in ten days with a revolving door of guest friends (Jim Capaldi, Mike Kellie, Jess Roden) dropping by, it relies on Grovesnor's own persona for charm and effect, keeps fancy production tricks at farthest arm's reach, and it never shows off. Understated, underexposed, underground. Comparisons can be found. "Ninsky Prospect" has a vaguely Lou Reed feel to it, while Kellie's "Fullness of Time" brags a distinctly (but, ironically, pre-Bender) Mott swagger. Elsewhere, a cover of Bob Seger's "Fire Down Below" follows the old Spooky Tooth trick of taking someone else's song and making it their own forever, and there's a thunderous Roden-led romp through Joe Tex's "I Wanna Be Free," which could, in fact, be Free, so there's irony for you. And those are only the most obvious highlights - one could also dwell forever on the autobiographical opener "Evesham Boy," the stunningly tuneful title track, and if you missed it first time around (a lot of people did), the 2001 Floodgates Anthology reissue turns up even more marvels. Eight bonus tracks include an acoustic version of "Floodgates" previously available only on a rare promo sampler, two tracks recorded for the Peter Green tribute Rattlesnake Guitar, and three cut in 1997 for an attempted Spooky Tooth reunion - all good enough to make you wish the project had been taken to fruition. Then comes one track recorded by the teenaged Grovesnor with schoolmate Jim Capaldi in 1966, produced by Giorgio Gomelsky and never before released in any form, while the album closes with another marvel, a live version of "Here Comes the Queen," taken from Grovesnor's debut album, and performed by Mott the Hoople in 1974. And from the collectors' point of view, it's probably true that those two cuts alone are worth the price of admission. True, but very, very misleading. 

1. Evesham Boy
2. Best Years of My Life
3. Floodgates
4. Fullness of Time
5. I Wanna Be Free
6. Ninsky Prospect
7. Lonliest Man in Town
8. Fire Down Below
9. Cathy

All preview tracks HERE


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The Pretty Things - Balboa Island

The Pretty Things - Balboa Island  - 2007

By Daryl Easlea  from BBC

You have to hand it to the Pretty Things. If trophies were distributed for tenacity alone, their cabinet would be overflowing. The original hellraisers, the group were peers of the Stones (guitarist Dick Taylor was the Rolling Stones' original bassist) and influenced David Bowie and many others.

Recorded on aged analogue equipment, their 11th studio album, Balboa Island is probably the best record you're going to hear from artists 40 years into their career. Although its budgets may be considerably smaller than some of their remaining peers, the album's ambitions are suitably widescreen. Lead vocalist and lynchpin Phil May (the man of whom Bowie once wrote 'is God') could really milk his role as time-ravaged troubadour (say, like on "Livin' In My Skin"), but he stays just the right side of cliché throughout.

01. The Beat Goes On
02. Livin' In My Skin
03. Buried Alive
04. Blues for Robert Johnson
05. Mimi
06. Pretty Beat
07. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
08. In The Beginning
09. Feel Like Goin' Home

10. Freedom Song
11. Dearly Beloved
12. All Light Up
13. Balboa Island

Phil May - Vocals
Dick Taylor - Guitar, Banjo
Frank Holland - Acoustic & Lead Guitar, Vocals
John Povey - Jeyboards, Harp, Vocals
Wally Waller - Bass, Vocals
Skip Alan - Drums & Percussion
Mark St John ancient Trixon - Drums, Vocals


Scarlett Wrench (lots of great vocals & a capella)
James Cheetham (piano & organ on "Robert Johnson")
Rupert Cobb (trumpet)
Duncan Taylor-Jones (extra vocals on "Dearly Beloved")


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Deep Feeling - Pretty Colours

Deep Feeling - Pretty Colours - 2009


Deep Feeling were previously known as The Hellions, a well known Worcester-based band which had included guitarist Dave Mason. The Deep Feeling were fronted by former Hellions drummer/vocalist Jim Capaldi with the other members comprising of lead guitarist Luther Grosvenor, Gordon Jackson on rhythm guitar, bass guitarist David Meredith and drummer/vibes player John "Poli" Palmer. The band started using the name Deep Feeling in 1966 (some sources claim Dave Mason was in the group but Dave was never part of the Deep Feeling line-up).

Deep Feeling concentrated on performing around the Birmingham area and managed to build up quite a following. They also started playing a heavier, psychedelic-influenced style of music with Jim Capaldi, Gordon Jackson and Poli Palmer all writing original songs for the group. All the band members sang and Gordon Jackson would substitute on drums when Poli Palmer was playing vibes or flute. Yardbirds manager/producer Giorgio Gomelsky became interested in the group after seeing them perform in Cheltenham. He arranged for them to make an album in London and a number of tracks were recorded in the studio by the band but the only one released to-date has been the Capaldi/Jackson/Palmer composition Pretty Colours.

01. Pretty Colours
02. The Ruin
03. Chicken George
04. The Necessitarian
05. Or Something
06. I Put A Spell On You
07. Coming Home Baby
08. I Don't Know Her Too Well
09. On The Circle Of Life
10. To A Lady In Black
11. Imaginations Of Alice
12. Blues For Witley

Jim Capaldi - Lead Vocal
Luther Grosvenor - Lead guitar, Vocal
Gordon Jackson - Guitar, Drums, Vocal
Dave Meredith - Bass Guitar, Vocal
Poli Palmer - Drums, Vibes, Flute

+@320 ALBUM

+@ART-COVER & BOOKLET in High Quality WITH 56 Mb

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Bob Weir - Heaven Help the Fool

Bob Weir - Heaven Help the Fool - 1978

Weir's second solo album, the first without assistance from the Grateful Dead. The title track was briefly part of the Grateful Dead repertoire.

1. Bombs Away
2. Easy to Slip
3. Salt Lake City
4. Shade of Grey
5. Heaven Help the Fool
6. This Time Forever

7. I'll Be Doggone
8. Wrong Way Feelin'

Bob Weir - Guitar, Vocals
Nigel Olsson, Michael Baird - Drums
Richard Wachtel, Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Mike Porcaro, Dee Murray - Bass
David Paich - Keyboards
David Foster, Lynette Gloud, Peggy Sandvig - Keyboards
Venette Gloud, Carmen Twillie - Vocals
Bill Champlin - Organ, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Vocals
Lynette Gloud -  Keyboards, Vocals (Background)


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Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells

Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells - 2002

from wikipedia

Sadler's Wells 2000 is a live album released by Pete Townshend in 2000. Townshend presented the music from Lifehouse at two concerts at Sadler's Wells in London on February 25 and 26, 2000, supported by a number of musicians and vocalists and The London Chamber Orchestra.Musicians included Pete Townshend, Chucho Merchan, Phil Palmer, John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Peter Hope-Evans and Jody Linscott. Vocalists included Chyna, Cleveland Watkiss and Billy Nicholls. Violinist and orchestra leader Gaby Lester performed the violin solo on "Baba O'Riley".  The live recording was issued on a CD album titled Pete Townshend Live: Sadler's Wells 2000 and a video/DVD titled Pete Townshend - Music from Lifehouse in 2002.

Disc 1

01. One Note
02. Purcell (Quick Movement)
03. Teenage Wasteland
04. Time Is Passing
05. Love Ain't For Keeping
06. Goin' Mobile
07. Greyhound Girl
08. Tragedy
09. Mary
10. I Don't Even Know Myself
11. Bargain
12. Gettin' In Tune
13. Pure And Easy
14. Baba O'Riley - Orchestral

Disc 2

01. Baba O'Riley
02. Hinterland Rag
04. Behind Blue Eyes
05. Let's See Action
06. Sister Disco
07. Relay
08. Who Are You
09. Join Together
10. Won't Get Fooled Again
11. Tragedy Explained
12. The Song Is Over
13. Can You Help The One You Really Love?

In 3 parts. First download all for unzip
Em 3 partes. Baixe todos antes de descompactar

+ part 1/3 @320
+ part 2/3 @320
+ part 3/3 @320

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Greg Lake - From the Underground II

Greg Lake - From the Underground II - Deeper Into The Mine - 2010

From The Underground Volume 2 Deeper Into The Mine, is a second collection of rare and previously unreleased recordings dating back to 1969 and Greg Lake's days in King Crimson. Also included are several never before-heard finished studio recordings taken from the sessions for Lake's two Chrysalis solo albums released in the 1980s; rare live recordings from Emerson, Lake & Palmer; and unreleased tracks from two Greg Lake splinter projects, EL & Powell and Greg Lake's Ride The Tiger (which included Yes/ Buggles /Asia keyboardist, Geoff Downes). Among the most rare of the recordings found on From The Underground Volume 2 Deeper Into The Mine are several finished studio masters of outtakes from the two Lake Chrysalis solo albums. He was backed by his 1981/83 solo band featuring guitarist Gary Moore and also by the Grammy Award winning pop band, Toto. Also included is a 1971 studio-quality live recording of Lake's most popular group, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, doing a previously unreleased song entitled Preacher

Detalhes de cada faixa, no booklet e covers.


01. Black Moon - Emerson Lake & Palmer
02. Check it Out - Greg Lake's Ride The Tiger
03. Love Under Fire - Greg Lake's Ride The Tiger
04. Cold Side of a Woman - Greg Lake with Toto
05. Step Aside - Emerson Lake & Palmer
06. Preacher Blues - Emerson, Lake And Powell
07. Hold Me - Greg Lake
08. Heart on Ice - Emerson Lake Band
09. Blue Light - Greg Lake's Ride The Tiger
10. You´re Good With Your Love - Greg  Lake With Toto
11. You Really Got a Hold on me - Greg  Lake With Toto
12. Epitaph - King Crimson
13. Fanfare For The Common Man - Greg  Lake Band Featuring Gary Moore 


+ Cover & Booklet

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Ex-Guitarrista das Portas - Novo Álbum

Robby Krieger - Singularity - 2010

Read About

01. Russian Caravan (Intro)
02. Russian Caravan
03. Southern Cross
04. Event Horizon (Intro)
05. Event Horizon
06. Coffin Dodger
07. Trane Running Late
08. Let It Slide
09. Solar Wind
10. House of Bees

+@320 + cover

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PSP - PSP Live

PSP - PSP Live - 2009

Philippe Saisse - Keyboards
Simon Phillips - Drums
Pino Palladino - Bass 

from Facebook
Phillips and Palladino recently joined forces on Saisse’s CD “At World’s Edge. It was that collaboration, which sparked the idea of incarnating the trio into a full-fledged working unit.

“I’ve always had such tremendous respect and admiration for Simon and Pino as musicians, so playing with them in this trio is a dream come true for me,” admitted Saisse. “We discovered that we have an incredible synergy, and really compliment each other as live musicians,” added Phillips.

The trio will also continue to pursue their solo endeavors as well. Phillips has all ready completed tours featuring his own band in Japan, Indonesia, and Europe earlier this year, and is working on his own solo record. Palladino, who did recent tours with The Who and The John Mayer Trio, continues to work with Mayer on various projects, and the Welsh born bassist, remains to be one of the most sought after session players in the UK.

British born Phillips moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and set up his Phantom Recording Studios in San Fernando Valley. French born Saisse last year moved to Los Angeles after an 18-year stint living in New York, and now shares space at Phillip’s studio complex.

The international rooted ensemble intends to make PSP stick, “We realized after our live gigs together, that what we’re doing musically feels pretty special, “ attests Palladino, “so we’re committed and excited about seeing how far we can take it.”

01. Mancala
02. What Wong With You
03. Monday Afternoon
04. Blue Rondo A La Turk
05. Keyboard Improv #1
06. Masques
07. Drumesque
08. Roppongi Blues


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Brian Joseph Friel - Arrivederci Androssan

Brian Joseph Friel - Arrivederci Androssan - 1975
Hoje posto o segundo - e extremamente raro - álbum deste músico e compositor escocês. Seu primeiro álbum já foi postado aqui. e  sobrevive por aparelhos. Como não acredito em reencarnação, aproveite e pegue logo sua cópia.

Um pouco mais na  Wikipedia 

1. Folk Hero
2. Sweet Vinicoombe Street
3. Growing Stronger
4. Circles
5. Ashes and Matchsticks
6. Roll That Train
7. The Least I Could Do
8. Fat City
9. Salad Green Geraldine

10. San Francisco Streetcar Fire

Brian Friel - Guitar, Vocals
Zoot Money -  Keyboards
Mick Devonport, Tim Renwick, Andy Roberts, Arthur Rodman, Colin Pincott - Guitar 
Craig Pruess -  Keyboards
Paul Vigrass - Vocals
Paul Francis - Drums
DeLisle Harper - Bass