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Deep Feeling - Pretty Colours

Deep Feeling - Pretty Colours - 2009


Deep Feeling were previously known as The Hellions, a well known Worcester-based band which had included guitarist Dave Mason. The Deep Feeling were fronted by former Hellions drummer/vocalist Jim Capaldi with the other members comprising of lead guitarist Luther Grosvenor, Gordon Jackson on rhythm guitar, bass guitarist David Meredith and drummer/vibes player John "Poli" Palmer. The band started using the name Deep Feeling in 1966 (some sources claim Dave Mason was in the group but Dave was never part of the Deep Feeling line-up).

Deep Feeling concentrated on performing around the Birmingham area and managed to build up quite a following. They also started playing a heavier, psychedelic-influenced style of music with Jim Capaldi, Gordon Jackson and Poli Palmer all writing original songs for the group. All the band members sang and Gordon Jackson would substitute on drums when Poli Palmer was playing vibes or flute. Yardbirds manager/producer Giorgio Gomelsky became interested in the group after seeing them perform in Cheltenham. He arranged for them to make an album in London and a number of tracks were recorded in the studio by the band but the only one released to-date has been the Capaldi/Jackson/Palmer composition Pretty Colours.

01. Pretty Colours
02. The Ruin
03. Chicken George
04. The Necessitarian
05. Or Something
06. I Put A Spell On You
07. Coming Home Baby
08. I Don't Know Her Too Well
09. On The Circle Of Life
10. To A Lady In Black
11. Imaginations Of Alice
12. Blues For Witley

Jim Capaldi - Lead Vocal
Luther Grosvenor - Lead guitar, Vocal
Gordon Jackson - Guitar, Drums, Vocal
Dave Meredith - Bass Guitar, Vocal
Poli Palmer - Drums, Vibes, Flute

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