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Terry Reid - Alive! (Are You Sure)

Terry Reid - Alive! (Are You Sure) - 2004

by Richie Unterberge, AMG

A minor but interesting late-'60s British rock singer, Terry Reid could have been a lot more famous if he had been able to accept the slot of lead singer for the New Yardbirds in 1968. That slot, of course, went to Robert Plant, and the New Yardbirds became Led Zeppelin. Unlike Plant, Reid was also a guitarist, and the opportunity to head his own group no doubt played a part in his decision to gun for a solo career. Leading a guitar-organ-drums power trio, he recorded a couple of respectable, though erratic, hard rock albums while still a teenager in the late '60s. Some bad breaks and creative stagnation combined to virtually bring his career to a halt, and he never cashed in on the momentum of his promising start.

A teen prodigy of sorts, Reid had turned professional at the age of 15 to join Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers. His first couple of singles as a headliner found him singing in a sort of poppy blue-eyed soul vein. But by the time of his 1968 debut Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid, produced by Mickie Most, he'd switched to more of a hard rock approach. Most was also handling Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group at the time, and similarities to both of those acts can be heard in Terry Reid's first two albums -- proto-hard rock on the louder tunes, sweeter folk-rock on the mellow ones (Reid in fact covered a couple of Donovan compositions, although he wrote most of his own material). Reid's high voice was reminiscent of Robert Plant's, though not nearly as shrill, and his folky numbers especially are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's most acoustic early cuts.

Reid, oddly, was considerably more well-known in the U.S. than the U.K. His first album, very oddly, was not even issued in Britain, although it made the American Top 200. It's been reported that he at least in part declined Jimmy Page's offer to join Led Zeppelin owing to his contractual commitments to record for Mickie Most as a solo artist, and to perform as an opening solo artist on the Rolling Stones' late-'60s U.S. tour. He did influence Led Zeppelin's history in a big way by recommending Plant and drummer John Bonham as suitable candidates for the group's lineup, after Plant and Bonham's pre-Led Zep outfit (the Band of Joy) played support at one of Reid's early gigs. Reid felt confident enough in his solo prospects to also turn down an offer to join Deep Purple (Ian Gillan was recruited instead).

An opening spot on the Rolling Stones' famous 1969 tour of America seemed to augur even brighter prospects for the future, but this is precisely where Reid's career stalled, at the age of 20. First he became embroiled in litigation with Mickey Most, which curtailed his studio activities in the early '70s. After a couple of personnel changes, he disbanded his original trio, leading a group for a while that included David Lindley and ex-King Crimson drummer Michael Giles (this quartet, however, didn't release any records). He moved to California in 1971 and signed to Atlantic, but his long-delayed third album didn't appear until 1973. Reid would release albums for other labels in 1976 and 1979, but none of his '70s recordings were well-received, critically or commercially (though 1976's Seed of Memory did briefly chart). He's barely recorded since, though he did play some sessions, and The Driver appeared in 1991. 


"Live" was the first 'new' album in over a decade.  This album was originally recorded 1994 at the Belly Up Club in California. Seven prime cuts of live Terry supported by a great band of musicians including Eliot Easton of the Cars.

01. Secrets
02. Take The Time
03. I Can't Stand The Rain
04. The Road We Chose
05. One Night with You
06. Hong kong
07. I Need Your Lovin

Terry Reid - Guitar, Vocals
Elliot Easton - Guitar
Rick Rosas - Bass
Bruce Malament - Keyboards
Phil Jones - Drums


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Hey Bulldog - New York City Blues - EP

Hey Bulldog - New York City Blues - EP - 2006

By Brett Callwood    
Like many great bands before them, Hey Bulldog began as a germ of an idea of main man Rob Manton. The multi-talented Manchester-based musician, who named his venture after the last song that the Beatles recorded in a room together, recorded the debut EP, New York City Blues, by himself with the help of a drum machine.

Before turning the project into a fully fledged band, Manton subtly started to create a buzz with the help of music websites and a variety of fanzines, leading Manchester's Designer 'zine to say that, "At the time of going to press Hey Bulldog isn't a fully fledged band, haven't played a gig and we're already naming him one of the Best New Artists to look out for".

As word spread, Steve Lamacq named Hey Bulldog his Unsigned Band of the Week on his BBC Radio 6 music show and the band became favourites of XFM djs Clint Boon and John Kennedy.

Those Beatles influences along with the likes of The Kinks and The Black Keys are evident all over Hey Bulldog's music, from the catchiest of melodies to the guitar hero-esque riffs that Hendrix and The White Stripes would be proud of.


Rob Manton - Guitar, Vocal
Matt Parry - Bass, Vocal

01. New York City Blues
02. Let Alone
03. Wait Now
04. I Dream of Freeways
05. Reflux
06. Someone Save My Life
07. Desesperado


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The Coal Porters - How Dark This Earth Will Shine

The Coal Porters - How Dark This Earth Will Shine  - 2004

When released this was the first new material from Sid Griffin since Western Electric in 2000 and it is the Coal Porters first studio acoustic bluegrass effort. Reviews of How Dark This Earth Will Shine were incredibly positive and you can read them elsewhere if you check out the reviews on this web site. Know why the band got invited as one of only thirteen acts to showcase at the October 2004 International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass festival in Kentucky and hear how they could bring audiences to their feet (almost) every time. “Morning Song” was released as a single in March 2005 in the UK and received quite alot of airplay!

01. Fair Play Virginia
02. Yonder Over Canaan
03. Morning Song
04. June Apple Breakdown
05. No Tongue Can Tell
06. Leaves On The Trees
07. Maybe I'll Cry Tomorrow
08. Idiot Wind
09. Teenage Kicks / Old Joe Clark
10. Polly
11. New Cut Road 


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The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause (RE-REPOST)

The Coal Porters - Rebels Without Applause - 1996

01. Roll Columbia Roll
02. I Tell Her All the Time

03. The Light That Shines Within
04. Untitled Track
05. Rhythm and Blue Angel
06. Stealin' Horses
07. Sittin' in an Isle of Palms (Live BBC Rec)
08. Stuck on an Island
09. The John F. Kennedy Blues (Live)
10. The March of the Tapdancin' Rats

Sid Griffin - Guitar, Harmonica, Autoharp, Vocals
Chris Buessem - Banjo, Guitar, Background Vocals
Pat Johnson - Guitar
Billy Bremner - Guitar, Sitar, Vocal Harmony
Ian Thomson - Bass,  Background Vocals
Billy Frank, Greg Sowders - Drums
Billy Block - Percussion, Drums
Neill King - Percussion, Keyboards
Tobie Petrie - Keyboards
Dick Fegy - Mandolin
John Herron - Organ, Keyboards
Andy Kaulkin - Organ, Piano, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord


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Jim Krueger - Sweet Salvation

Jim Krueger - Sweet Salvation - 1978

Jim "Bruiser" Krueger was born and raised in Manitowoc. He was self taught starting with a ukelele and an accordion.

Heavily influenced by the folk movement of the early and mid 1960's, Jim became prolific on the 5-string banjo. The acoustic guitar was next, finally giving way to the electric, from the influence of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

From 1967 to 1970, Jim was a member of the legendary group Grease. In 1971 Jim moved to San Francisco to join the nationally known AB Skhy Band. 1973 was the first year Jim was recording on a major label with the Tim Weisberg/Dreamspeaker Album. That same year Jim joined Dave Mason's Band touring and recording on and off for the next 20 years.

In 1976 Jim wrote and recorded Dave's biggest hit, We Just Disagree, earning Jim's second gold album. The following year, Jim, Mike Finnigan and Les Dudek formed the DFK Band, also on Columbia Records. In the early '80's, Jim joined Mike Finnigan and the Right Band on the live TV concert show "Rock & Roll Tonite." Jim and the band backed up legendary artists Les Paul, Todd Rundgren, Steven Stills, Etta James, Ted Nugent, Paul Butterfield and the Band, along with their own material. In 1987, Jim moved back to Manitowoc, but continued to record and tour with Dave Mason. The local bands, the Traveling Kingsburys and the Normal Adults, were formed in 1991. Jim let everybody in on his fun, creating the Happy Schnapps Combo. Jim died in 1993, but his music was recorded by numerous artists including his boyhood idol, Bob Dylan. Jim's music lives on and as time goes by, seems to sound hipper and timeless with age.

Rich Krueger, Jim's brother

01. Run for Cover
02. Trinidad
03. Sweet Salvation
04. Hotnoggin' Country Raga
05. We Just Disagree
06. How Long Has It Been
07. Lay Down Your Weapons    
08. Don't Call Me Chief
09. Midnight at My Door
10. Last Call

Jim Krueger - Guitars, Vocals
Bob Glaub - Bass
Rick Jaeger - Drums
Mike Finnigan, Michael Omartian - Keyboards
Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Fred Selden, Nino Tempo, Ernie Watts - Horns
David Cassidy, Mike Finnigan, Max Gronenthal, Michael Omartian - Background Vocals


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Dave Mason - Two Hearts (RE-POST)

Dave Mason - Two Hearts - 1987

By William Ruhlmann, Allmusic
Dave Mason, who hadn't released a new album in seven years, surprisingly released two in 1987. The second was Two Hearts, a major label stab at a comeback. Steve Winwood, Mason's estwhile partner in Traffic, contributed background vocals, synthesizer and organ on a few tracks ("Something In The Heart" featured that patented "While You See A Chance" synth sound), and the album featured a soft-rock radio hit in "Dreams I Dream," a duet with Phoebe Snow. 
But co-producer Jimmy Hotz tried to update Mason for the '80s by using a heavily synthesized musical backup that wasn't always appropriate to Mason's songs. The album made no commercial impression, and Mason once again was without a record label.

1. Two Hearts 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Background Vocals

2. Just a Little Lovin' 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizers, Horns
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals

3. Forever 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Piano, Bass, Synthesizers
Steve Winwood: Hammond Organ
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals
Steve Neives: Saxophone

4. Dreams I Dream 
(Duet Vocal Performance by Phoebe Snow)
Dave Mason and Phoebe Snow: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Horns
Dave Mason: Solo Guitar
Phoebe Snow: Background Vocals
Ms. Bobbye Hall: Percussion

5. Something in the Heart
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Steve Winwood: Synthesizer
Peter Seibert: Bass, Keyboards
Phoebe Snow, Mike Finnigan: Background Vocals

6. Ballerina 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Guitar Solo
Peter Seibert: All Keyboards
Mike Lawler: Slide Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass, Jocko Bass
Dave Mason, Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Additional Vocals

7. Fighting for Love
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals
Mike Lawler: Bass, Synthesizer, Slide Guitar
Steve Winwood: Organ

8. Replace the Face 
Dave Mason: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Peter Seibert, Mike Lawlen All Keyboards and Horns
Kenny Lewis: Rhythm Guitar
Larry Cohen: Bass
Mike Finnigan, Steve Neives: Background Vocals

+@320 + Art-Cover

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David Bowie - Serious Moonlight EP

David Bowie - Serious Moonlight EP - 2005

Este EP foi disponibilizado em 2005 como uma espécie de aperitivo ao lançamento do DVD "Serious Moonlight", que ocorreu naquele mesmo ano.

Essa gravação foi extraída de  um show feito no Pacific Exhibition Coliseum, em Vancouver, em 1983 à época da turnê do álbum "Let's Dance"

01. Space Oddity
02. China Girl
03. Breaking Glass
04. Young Americans


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Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy

 Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology - 2010

By Will Hermes - Rolling Stones Reviews

For Jimi Hendrix fanatics, the selling point of this four-disc set is a full CD of songs on which the guitarist doesn't sing lead and barely solos. Instead, he plays sideman to Little Richard, Don Covay and others on 15 R&B smokers. The tracks offer glimpses of a prodigy straining at the bit: The hot-shit solo on the Isley Brothers' 1964 "Testify," all of 10 seconds long, is like an early Marlon Brando screen test, coiled drama springing to life; the reverb-soaked, Curtis Mayfield-style licks on the Icemen's sublime 1966 "(My Girl) She's a Fox" offer a taste of the exploded- soul magic Hendrix cooked up later on "Castles Made of Sand."

The remaining three CDs parse Hendrix's subsequent career chronologically but strictly through alternate takes, demos and live tracks, drawn from the seemingly bottomless vault of recordings that shadow the three studio LPs and one live set released during his lifetime. The material splits the difference between sheer greatness (a gorgeously psychedelic instrumental take of "Are You Experienced?") and novelties like a ragged but deep cover of the Bob Dylan/Band classic "Tears of Rage," the highlight of six intimate tracks recorded in a hotel room in 1968 with singer/harmonica player Paul Caruso. There's also a wonderful, illuminating new DVD documentary narrated in Hendrix's own words — drawn from letters and interviews — by kindred spirit Bootsy Collins (the bit about eating a picnic lunch while watching race riots in Nashville, where Hendrix got his career started, is grimly hilarious). To be sure, this box is for the fans. But even when the tracks don't shed new light, they still burn as bright as the sun.

CD 1
01. The Isley Brothers: Testify - Jimi Hendrix
02. Don Covay: Mercy, Mercy - Jimi Hendrix
03. Don Covay: Can t Stay Away - Jimi Hendrix
04. Rosa Lee Brooks: My Diary - Jimi Hendrix
05. Rosa Lee Brooks: Utee - Jimi Hendrix
06. Little Richard: I Don t Know What You Got But It s Got Me - Jimi Hendrix
07. Little Richard: Dancing All Around The World - Jimi Hendrix
08. Frank Howard & The Commanders: I m So Glad - Jimi Hendrix
09. The Isley Brothers: Move Over And Let Me Dance - Jimi Hendrix
10. The Isley Brothers: Have You Ever Been Disappointed - Jimi Hendrix
11. Ray Sharpe: Help Me (Get The Feeling) Part One - Jimi Hendrix
12. The Icemen: (My Girl) She s A Fox - Jimi Hendrix
13. Jimmy Norman: That Little Old Groove Maker - Jimi Hendrix
14. Billy Lamont: Sweet Thang - Jimi Hendrix
15. King Curtis: Instant Groove - Jimi Hendrix

CD 2
01. Fire (previously unreleased alternate recording)
02. Are You Experienced? (previously unreleased recording)
03. May This Be Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
04. Can You See Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
05. The Wind Cries Mary
06. Love Or Confusion (previously unreleased alternate recording)
07. Little One (previously unreleased recording)
08. Mr. Bad Luck (previously unreleased alternate recording)
09. Cat Talking To Me (previously unreleased alternate recording)
10. Castles Made Of Sand (previously unreleased recording)
11. Tears Of Rage (previously unreleased recording)
12. Hear My Train A Comin (previously unreleased recording)
13. 1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (previously unreleased recording)
14. Long Hot Summer Night (previously unreleased recording)
15. My Friend (previously unreleased recording)
16. Angel (previously unreleased recording)
17. Calling All The Devil s Children (previously unreleased alternate recording) - Jimi Hendrix
18. New Rising Sun ( previously unreleased alternate recording) - Jimi Hendrix

CD 3
01. Hear My Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
02. Room Full Of Mirrors (previously unreleased recording)
03. Shame, Shame, Shame (previously unreleased recording)
04. Messenger (previously unreleased recording)
05. Hound Dog Blues(previously unreleased recording)
06. Untitled Basic Track (previously unreleased recording)
07. Star Spangled Banner [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
08. Purple Haze [LIVE] (previously unreleased original mix)
09. Young/Hendrix (previously unreleased alternate recording)
10. Mastermind (previously unreleased recording)
11. Message To Love (previously unreleased alternate recording)
12. Fire [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
13. Foxey Lady [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)

CD 4
01. Stone Free [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)02. Burning Desire (previously unreleased recording)
03. Lonely Avenue (previously unreleased recording)
04. Everlasting First (previously unreleased alternate recording)
05. Freedom (previously unreleased recording)
06. Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (previously unreleased alternate recording)
07. In From The Storm (previously unreleased alternate recording)
08. All God s Children (previously unreleased recording)
09. Red House [LIVE] (previously unreleased recording)
10. Play That Riff (previously unreleased recording)
11. Bolero (previously unreleased recording)
12. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (previously unreleased alternate recording)
13. Suddenly November Morning (previously unreleased recording)

+@320 CD 1
+@320 CD 2
+@320 CD 3
+@320 CD 4

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Osibisa - AKA KAKRA Acoustic

Osibisa - AKA KAKRA Acoustic - 2001

Começando 2013 como terminou 2012 (imitando a vida), hoje tem um disco gravado ao vivo em 1996  no The Jazz Café de Londres.

Particulamente acho que classificar um disco do Osibisa de de "acustico", chega a ser pleonasmo.

Esse é mais um da série "atendendo a um pedido que não foi feito" ;)

01. The Dawn
02. Djankoso
03. Fire
04. Woyaya
05. Monsore
06. Celebration
07. Ayiko Bia
08. Welcome Home
09. Sunshine Day
10. The Warrior
11. I Feel (Pata Pata)
12. Music For Gong Gong
13. Right Now

Joe Osei - Vocals
Kari Bannerman - Guitar
Gregg Brown - Vocals, Shakers
Victor Mensah - Bass
Sol Amarfio - Drums
Issac Tagoe - Jimbe Drums
Dinesh Pandit - Tabla, Conga
Teddy Osei - Flute, Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals
Errol Reid - Grand Piano