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Hey Bulldog - New York City Blues - EP

Hey Bulldog - New York City Blues - EP - 2006

By Brett Callwood    
Like many great bands before them, Hey Bulldog began as a germ of an idea of main man Rob Manton. The multi-talented Manchester-based musician, who named his venture after the last song that the Beatles recorded in a room together, recorded the debut EP, New York City Blues, by himself with the help of a drum machine.

Before turning the project into a fully fledged band, Manton subtly started to create a buzz with the help of music websites and a variety of fanzines, leading Manchester's Designer 'zine to say that, "At the time of going to press Hey Bulldog isn't a fully fledged band, haven't played a gig and we're already naming him one of the Best New Artists to look out for".

As word spread, Steve Lamacq named Hey Bulldog his Unsigned Band of the Week on his BBC Radio 6 music show and the band became favourites of XFM djs Clint Boon and John Kennedy.

Those Beatles influences along with the likes of The Kinks and The Black Keys are evident all over Hey Bulldog's music, from the catchiest of melodies to the guitar hero-esque riffs that Hendrix and The White Stripes would be proud of.


Rob Manton - Guitar, Vocal
Matt Parry - Bass, Vocal

01. New York City Blues
02. Let Alone
03. Wait Now
04. I Dream of Freeways
05. Reflux
06. Someone Save My Life
07. Desesperado


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