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John Hammond and Jorma Kaukonen - Live in Austin - 1986

John Hammond and Jorma Kaukonen - Live in Austin - 1986

John Hammond  Live in Austin (with Jorma Kaukonen) é um boot gravado em algum momento de 1986 no Texas. São 13 faixas, incluindo uma pequena entrevista, em excelente qualidade de áudio e embora minha vontade fosse a de disponibilizar maiores informações, ela foi vencida frente à total inexistência de qualquer conteúdo a respeito desta gravação.

01. Step it Up and Go
02. Nobody's Fool
03. My Time After a While
04. Keep On Truckin'
05. Fattening Frogs For Snakes
06. Key To The Highway
07. I Belive I Took Your Place
08. Walkin' Blues
09. I Got My Mojo Working
10. Got To Find My Baby
11. Jorma &  Jack Interview
12. Death Don't Have No Mercy
13. Outro


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The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You (EP) (Repost)

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You [EP] - 2008

The Last Shadow Puppets are Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane from The Rascals. This EP features the fan favorite standout track from the band's debut, "The Age Of The Understatement". Also includes acoustic versions of album tracks and previously unreleased demos and b-sides.

01. My Mistakes Were Made For You
02. Seperate and Ever Deadly (live)
03. Paris Summer (live)
04. My Little Red Book (acoustic)
05. The Age Of The Understatement (acoustic)
06. Standing Next To Me (acoustic)
07. Meeting Place (acoustic)
08. My Mistakes Were Made For You (acoustic)


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Arlo Guthrie with The Dillards - 32 Cents / Postage Due

Arlo Guthrie and The Dillards - Thirty-two Cents / Postage Due - 2008

By amazon.com
Over ten years ago Arlo Guthrie entered the studio in Branson, Missouri, to record a traditional album of his father Woody's most enduring songs. Woody Guthrie was feted in 1998 by the U.S. Postal Service, having a thirty-two cent postage stamp issued in his honor, and Arlo surmised the timing was ideal for his CD 32¢/Postage Due to be a celebration of that high distinction. Wanting to achieve the authentic sound and feel of Woody's music, Arlo looked to his longtime friends The Dillards. Possibly best known for their recurring roles on The Andy Griffith Show as The Darlin' Boys, The Dillards are undeniably extremely influential figures in popularizing blue grass music. "I thought it'd be the closest thing to the kind of music people actually play from that part of the world - Oklahoma is close enough to the Ozarks. I figured my dad would enjoy working with them for that reason," supposed Arlo. Included on this special collection of 13 tracks are Ship in the Sky (My Daddy), never before released by Arlo with his children adding additional vocals; the more obscure and poignant miners' elegy Ludlow Massacre; Grand Coulee Dam, a lively salute to an American wonder; and Tom Joad, Woody's ode to the Oklahoma dustbowl survivors' spirit and homage to Steinbeck. Arlo and The Dillards' sparkling renditions of Hard Travelin'. East Texas Red, Pastures of Plenty, The Sinking of the Reuben James, Sally Don't You Grieve, The Ranger's Command, Do Re Mi, So Long It's Been Good to Know Yuh, and an instrumental version of This Land is Your Land round out this testament to Woody's cherished work. Originally titled 32¢, "Postage Due" was added since your letter won't even cross the street for that these days. 32¢/Postage Due was co-produced by Arlo Guthrie and Rodney Dillard. Recruiting Abe Guthrie for the final mix, the outcome is an honest and thoroughly enjoyable collection of some of Woody's best songs in the genuine tradition of Woody Guthrie as only Arlo could do. 

01. Grand Coulee Dam
02. Hard Travelin'
03. East Texas Red
04. Pastures Of Plenty
06. The Sinking Of The Reuben James
07. Sally Don't You Grieve  
08. Tom Joad
09. Ship In The Sky (My Daddy)
10. The Ranger's Command
11. Do Re Mi
12. So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh
13. This Land Is Your Land (Instrumental)

Arlo Guthrie - Guitar, Vocal
Doug Dillard - Banjo
Rodney Dillard - Guitar, Dobro
Mitch Jayne - Double Bass
Dean Webb - Mandolin


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Clive John - You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard

Clive John - You Always Know Where You Stand With A Buzzard - 1975 (Reissue 2004)

Keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist Clive John was most known for his stint in the Welsh progressive rock group Man from the late '60s through the mid-'70s (before that, he had been in the group from which Man evolved, the Bystanders). In late 1975 he released a little-known solo album, You Always Know Where You Stand with a Buzzard. Like much of what Man had done, it was eclectic, with dips into singer/songwriter rock, blues-rock, riffs with echoes of West Coast psychedelic bands, and Frank Zappa-like fusion and absurdism. Clive John died in Swansea, Wales on August 24, 2011 after a lengthy struggle with emphysema.

01. Out of My Tree
02. Brand 'X'
03. Summer Song
04. Swansea Town
05. Visitin' the Duke
06. Love to You
07. Overflow
08. Bust Again
09. Ferret Interview
10. Hold Your Ferret Aloft

Clive John - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Martin Ace - Bass
Dave Charles - Drums
Andy Fairweather-Low - Guitar Solo on "Brand X" & Interview on "Ferret"
Brian Breeze - Guitar Solo on "Overflow"
Tommy Riley - Drums on "Bust Again"
Pete Hurley - Bass on "Bust Again"
Phil Ryan - Keyboards on "Ferret"
John Williams - Backing Vocals on "Brand X" & Interview on "Ferret"

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Traffic - Live At the Hammersmith Odean

Traffic - Live At the Hammersmith Odean 1970 - 2012

A postagem de hoje é patrocinada integralmente pelo parceiro Celso. Divirtam-se que é coisa fina e que não rola na net na base do 0800.

"Traffic Live At the Hammersmith Odean 1970" é mais um destes álbuns oferecidos digitalmente nas piores casas do ramo, tais como Itunes, 7digital, etc que deixam os compradores (e, consequentemente, seus fans) completamente sem nenhuma informação a respeito.

Pela qualidade da gravação, desconfio de que o áudio foi "remasterizado" a partir de um bootleg dos tempos do vinil (inclusive é possivel ouvir alguns estalos em alguns trechos). Todavia, isso não compromete a audição, cuja qualidade não é  ruim e seu valor como documento da fase mais criativa da banda justificou plenamente os trocados investidos. 

No tracklist, nota-se que quase todas as músicas de "John Barleycorn Must Die" estão presentes ( apenas "Stranger To Himself" ficou de fora). Esse fato fêz-me supor que o pessoal que participou deste show (incrivel que nem isso informam) seja Winwood, Capaldi e Wood e, creio, Reebop na percussão.

As músicas são:

01. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?
02. No Time to Live
03. Every Mother's Son
04. Medicated Goo
05. John Barelycorn Must Die
06. Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory (que nestas lojinhas está creditada como "Evening Blue")
07. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
08. Pearly Queen
09. Empty Pages
10. Glad
11. Freedom Rider

No mais, é baixar e ouvir. Comentar não é necessário porque o blog não corre o risco de ser fechado por falta de babação (eu acho kkkkkkk) (*)  e minhas contas não são quitadas por essa forma  de pagamento.

* NB: Celso, não corre. Mas eu te agradeço.

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Luther Grosvenor - If You Dare

Luther Grosvenor - If You Dare - 2011

If You Dare album by Luther Grosvenor was released Jun 28, 2011 on the Angel Air label. Luther Grosvenor past reads like a who's who of the rock elite. If You Dare music CDs A member of Spooky Tooth, Stealers Wheel, Widowmaker and Mott The Hoople he has constantly delivered a performance as a guitarist that rates among the finest. If You Dare songs Luther has always rewritten the guitar players rule book, simply by remembering that technique isn't everything: you have to have some fun as well. Having released over the years a number of solo albums Luther has been recording for the past year the "If You Dare" album which captures both his stunning guitar playing as well as his substantial song writing & vocal talents.

01. Dusty Track        
02. If You Dare        
03. Say Never        
04. Emi's Song        
05. Fire And Water        
06. Tears Run Dry        
07. Kids        
08. Heroes        
09. Nobody Knows        
10. If You Dare (Version 2 / Original Demo)

Luther Grosvenor - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Marc Eden - Vocals
Jon Hart - Back Vocals
Jim Houghton - Bass
Mike Triggs - Bass & Drum Programming, Keyboards, Back Vocals