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Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio

Dave Mason - Live At XM Satellite Radio [DeLuxe Edition] - 2003

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As co-founder of the legendary rock band Traffic, Dave Mason has always been a powerful force in popular music. His tenure as their guitarist, vocalist & songwriter, along with his friends Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, netted the quartet several hit singles and albums including his signature tune Feelin' Alright and international smashes like Hole In My Shoe.

While collaborating with his friends like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie and George Harrison, Dave Mason continued to develop his trademark sound, while igniting a solo career that took off with his first platinum plus debut album Alone Together from 1970.

Over the next three decades, Dave Mason continued his legendary status as a staple radio artist, riding the top rung of the many music charts with tunes like We Just Disagree, Let It Flow, All Along the Watchtower, Show Me Some Affection, and Something from the Heart.

A few years ago, Dave Mason and his wonderful band entered into the state of the art XM studios in Washington D.C., and recorded this new album Live at XM Satellite Radio. This unique session was performed organically in front of an intimate gathering of friends and fans. From start to finish, it is a solid 100% classic Dave Mason concert.

Things start off with a nod to his Alone Together album with the prog-rock classic World In Changes and his Delaney and Bonnie hit Only You Know and I Know. Mason's vocals and guitar styling are second to none as the crowd roars in approval.

We Just Disagree was Dave's most successful venture at Top 40 radio back in the late seventies. This emotional live reading brings back the memories of this era and skillfully shows the interplay between Mason and his good friend guitarist John Sambataro (Firefall, McGuinn Clark & Hillman). This track is indeed a defining moment of the show.

No Dave Mason concert is complete without the classics All Along The Watchtower, Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy and the surprise groover Feelin' Alright. His fans and new converts will agree, this new live offering will satisfy the classic rocker in all of us.

In addition to this pivotal live recording, Dave has gone into the vaults and found a very rare live interpretation of the Eagles classic Take It To The Limit. Recorded several years ago in the Orange County, California locale, this tune takes on a whole new feeling with the Dave Mason magic.

As a further gift to his fans, Dave has also included two new studio tracks that will truly enhance your listening experience. First, there is the very rare Dave Mason/Jim Capaldi duet of the classic 40,000 Headmen. Recorded shortly before his untimely death, Jim Capaldi truly sings his soul out on this revisit to the Traffic era. Dave shares on the vocal chores, as well as an incredible guitar workout throughout.

The intriguing closer, Deaf, Dumb And Blind, is one of those tunes that his fans have been clamoring years for. Dave's vocals are the ticket here, the amazing music he creates is still intact after four decades of recording, and like a fine wine, his career just gets better all the time. This tune will surely become one of his future classics

01. World in Changes
02 .Only You Know and I Know
03. We Just Disagree     
04. Look at You, Look at Me     
05. Dear Mr. Fantasy     
06. All Along the Watchtower     
07. Feelin' Alright     
08. Take It to the Limit - (Recorded Live In Orange County, CA/Bonus Track)   
09. 40, 000 Headmen - (Bonus Track)   
10. Deaf, Dumb and Blind - (Bonus Track)

Dave Mason - Guitar, Vocal
John Sambataro - Guitar
Alex Drizos - Bass
Alvino Bennett - Drums.
Bill Mason - Keyboards
and Jim Capaldi - vocal on 40,000 Headmen 


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Richie Havens - Nobody Left to Crown

Richie Havens - Nobody Left to Crown - 2008

from http://blogs.epicindia.com

Six of the thirteen songs on Nobody Left To Crown are new originals that Mr. Havens has written for this disc, while the seven covers are ones that speak to either issues of the day or express an idea that he cares passionately about. That last bit might be a tad redundant as I can't think of Richie Havens singing a song if he wasn't able to make an emotional commitment of some kind to it. Interestingly enough one of the covers dates back to the Woodstock era, Pete Townshead's "Won't Get Fooled Again", and Havens' interpretation of it keeps it as pertinent today as it was then.

That's the thing about Nobody Left To Crown that's important to know, Richie Havens maybe a figure some of you think of as belonging to a time in the past, but that is unfair to the man and his music. None of these songs are exercises in nostalgia, nor is the disc some sort of sixties revival thing. This recording has been made for today's world, and the messages it has to impart are relevant to what is going on around us. Listen to the second song on the disc, "Say It Isn't So" and you'll hear what I mean.


Eu upei esse cd há um bom tempo, enquanto eu fazia uns testes com a minha internet e acabei deixando o link solto por aí. Na verdade nem era a minha intenção postá-lo, já que deve ser figurinha fácil em  muitos  fornecedores. Mas, preocupado se deve ser algum pecado mortal tal desperdício, resolvi postá-lo antes que  caia por inatividade. Isso evidentente não quer dizer que trata-se de um disco dispensável, muito pelo contrário. Tanto as músicas inéditas como as covers são dignas de nota. A versão para Won't Get... é especialmente uma bela jóia. Se você não catou ele antes, aproveite e divirta-se.

01. The Key
02. Say It Isn't So
03. Won't Get Fooled Again
04. Standing On The Water
05. Hurricane Waters
06. If I
07. Nobody Left To Crown
08. (Can't You Hear) Zeus's Anger Roar
09. Lives In The Balance
10. We All Know Now
11. Fates
12. The Great Mandala (The Wheel Of Life)
13. One More Day

Richie Havens - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Walter Parks  - Guitar
Keith Christopher - Bass
Shawn Pelton - Drums
Stephanie Winters - Cello


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Robby Krieger - Versions

Robby Krieger - Versions - 1982

By William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
Although the same basic band plays on the two Robby Krieger instrumental albums combined on this disc, they take two different approaches. Former Doors member Krieger is the guitarist, of course, accompanied by former Mothers of Invention keyboard player Don Preston, Arthur Barrow on bass, and usually Bruce Gary on drums. The songs making up 1982's Versions, as the title implies, largely are covers of familiar tunes, starting with the Pretenders' Tattooed Love Boys and including treatments of the Rolling Stones'  Street Fighting Man" and the Four Tops' Reach Out (I'll Be There). The two other surviving Doors, keyboard player Ray Manzarek and drummer John Densmore, join Krieger on a version of the Doors  song Crystal Ship as well as a Krieger original, Her Majesty. Whether originals or covers, the tunes on Versions are tightly played interpretations. The five remaining numbers, making up the 1985 album Robby Krieger, are much more exploratory. All are originals featuring the Krieger/Preston/Barrow/Gary lineup, and for this album they are really a band playing jazz-rock fusion. "Noisuf," which stretches out to almost 15 minutes, is the most loosely structured, leaving room for everything from a drum solo to a quote from "My Sharona," but all the tracks are structures for the band to improvise within. Having been prepared by the more familiar tunes on Versions, the listener may be ready to follow Krieger and company into the universe on Robby Krieger. But it will help to be more of a fusion fan than a Doors fan for most of the album.

1. Tattooed Love Boys (Chrissie Hynde)
2. Her Majesty (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
3. East End, West End (Gale)
4. The Crystal Ship (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison)
5. Street Fighting Man (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
6. Reach Out (I'll Be There) (Dozier, Holland)
7. Gavin Leggit (Krieger, MacKenzie)
8. Underwater Fall (Krieger)
9. I'm Gonna Tell on You (Krieger)
10. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen)

Robby Krieger - Guitar
Ray Manzarek - Keyboards
John Densmore - Drums
Don Preston - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Bruce Gary,   Larry Zack, Deric Roberts - Drums
Arthur Barrow - Keyboards, Fretless Bass, Bass
Lisa Brennis - Bass
Greg Romeo, Sal Marques - Percussion
Sam Rinery - Saxophone
Bruce Gary - Cymbals


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Um passatempo de quem esta em férias

Suplemento de Informática da Folha de São Paulo de hoje, 20 de outubro.

E voce? Com qual carro se identifica? Ou melhor, já sofreu algum acidente com algum desses?

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Jakko M. Jakszyk - Kingdom of Dust

Jakko M. Jakszyk - Kingdom of Dust - 1994

Through his collaborations with the likes of Dave Stewart, Peter Blegvad, John Greaves and Pip Pyle, Jakko M. Jakszyk has become an honorary member of the Canterbury 'family', although he has led a fruitful solo career and earned fame as Level 42's guitarist between 1991 and the band's split in 1994.

In his teenage years, while at school in Watford, Jakszyk's favourite bands were Henry Cow and Hatfield and the North. A big fan of Dave Stewart in particular, he sent him tapes of his band 64 Spoons, which resulted in Stewart coming down to a few gigs, sometimes in the company of Bill Bruford, whom he he was working with at the time. 64 Spoons folded at the turn of the decade, leaving an unreleased album, which finally saw the light of day in 1992 as Landing On A Rat Column on the Freshly Cut label, thanks to the effort of enthusiast Richard Armstrong, who sadly died shortly before the project came to fruition.

Jakszyk's friendship with Stewart resulted in him singing on the original demo for "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?". He eventually sang backup on the final version with Colin Blunstone on lead vocals. Meanwhile, he was a founding member, as guitarist and lead vocalist, of Rapid Eye Movement, a band formed by Stewart after the Bruford group had split up, also including Pip Pyle and Rick Biddulph. This obscure outfit (which left no recorded legacy) toured Europe irregularly for about a year (1980-81). "It was a lot rougher than National Health", Jakszyk remembers, "very structured but performed in a very anarchic way". When "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?" became a hit in England, it was included in the setlist. "Rapid Eye Movement did record some stuff in the studio. There are also a number of reasonably good live tapes and I have recently talked to Dave about releasing something".


Jakko M.Jakszyk's Kingdom Of Dust represented an accessible and melodic fusion of Pop sensibilities and Art Rock ambition that found Jakko working alongside the ever-inventive trio of Jansen, Barbieri and Karn (ex-Japan/Rain Tree Crow)

Jakko M. Jakszyk - Guitars, Vocals
Richard Barbieri - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Mick Karn - Bass
Steve Jansen - Drums, Percussion

1. The Hands of Che Guevara
2. Drowning in My Sleep
3. It's Only the Moon
4. The Judas Kiss


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Bonnie Bramlett - Lady's Choice

Bonnie Bramlett - Lady's Choice - 1976

Lady´s Choice é o terceiro álbum da carreira solo de Bonnie. Com uma coleção de músicas que reúnem autores como Issac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, Bob Dylan e Sam Cooke, desfilam em suas 11 faixas o talento de gente como Gregg Almann,  Bobby Whitlock, Randall Bramlett, além de toda a galera da Muscle Shoals.

01. Think (About It)
02. Hold On I'm Coming
03. You Send Me
04. Never Gonna Give You Up
05. Let's Go Get Stoned
06. Two Steps From The Blues
07. If I Were Your Woman
08. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
09. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
10. Thrill On The Hill (Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go)
11. Forever Young

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Gregg Allman - Organ (track 1), Vocals (track 6)
Bobby Whitlock, Vocals (track 10)
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
David Hood - Bass
Roger Hawkins - Drums
Chuck Leavell - Piano (tracks 8, 9)
Dobie Gray - Vocals (track 4)
Jimmy Hall - Vocals (track 9)
Mickey Thomas, Vocals (tracks 2, 9)
Randall Bramlett - Soprano Sax (track 3)
Harvey Thompson - Tenor Sax
Ronnie Eades - Saxophone
Johnny Sandlin, Tommy Talton - Guitar
Dickey Betts - Guitar (track 8)
Ricky Hirsch - Guitar, Horn (track 5)
Harrison Calloway - Trumpet
Paul Hornsby - Keyboards
Charles Rose - Horn


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Steve Winwood - Royal Albert Hall

Steve Winwood - Royal Albert Hall - 1988

Também conhecido por Roll With It Tour Live at Royal Albert Hall, este show realizado em 30 de setembro de 1988 foi transmitido pela VH-1 e originalmente disponibilizado em VHS.

Existe um tape desse show gravado da audiência (que nunca vi ou ouvi), considerado de qualidade "poor".

O arquivo aqui disponibilizado seguiu outro caminho: rip do VHS para DVD e subsequente extração de seu áudio. 

Há um ou dois pequenos defeitos, como se a fita estivesse 'esmagada' e que não compromete o resultado final. De qualquer forma, se não agradar ainda existe a opção "enviar para a lixeira".

Deem uma olhada no video do Youtube e ouçam a amostra para saberem o que estão levando para casa.  

01 Can't Find My Way Home (pre-concert acoustic performance)
02 Freedom Overspill
03 While You See a Chance

04 Don't You Know What the Night Can Do
05 The Finer Things
06 I'm a Man
07 Low Spark of High-heeled Boys
08 Roll With It
09 Valerie
10 Higher Love
11 Back in the High Life
12 Gimme Some Lovin'

Steve Winwood - Guitar, Synthesizer, Mandolin, Hammond B-3, Cowbell, Piano
Anthony Crawford - Guitar, Fiddle
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Russ Kunke - Drums
Randall Bramblett - Saxophone, Keyboards
Mike Lawler - Keyboards
Bashiri Johnson - Percussion
Hollie Farris - Trumpet
LeeAnn Phelan - Backing Vocals,  Keyboards


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Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean

Speedy Keen - You Know What I Mean - 1975

Ever heard of them eh? Well, Speedy Keen was not really a band but the stage name of one John Keen former lead vocalist of Thunderclap Newman. The Thunderclap's originally put together by The Who's Pete Townsend had one major hit with 'Something In The Air', a song that if you've been within earshot of a radio in the last thirty eight years, you must have heard at least once. An obligatory two month tour of the UK followed, but the band fell apart, understandably not able to match the success of the brilliant and timeless single. Following the split guitarist Jimmy McCulloch went on to Wings and keyboardist Andy Newman released an outstanding progressive album 'Rainbow' in 1971 disappearing soon after never to be heard from again. Not to be left out in the cold, Keen released his first solo album 'Previous Convictions' in 1973 to lukewarm reviews. Following up with 'Y'Know Wot I Mean' found Speedy supported by most of Back Street Crawler and an album that was originally written as a double LP, but eventually was whittled down on the advisement of Island Records.


Seu primeiro álbum, Previous Conviction foi postado em fevereiro aqui e seus links ainda estão ok.
Também já vi esse disco pela rede, mas acredito que não esteja ripado em @320.  Divirtam-se pois é um belo disco.

01 Crazy Love
02 Almost Eighteen
03 Nightmare
04 Fighting In The Streets
05 Bad Boys
06 I Promise You
07 Someone To Love
08 My Love
09 The Profit Of Ecology

John Keen - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano, Organ, Mellotron
Butch Sanford - Lead Guitar
Terry Wilson - Bass
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Emanuel Rentzos, John Bundrick - Keyboards
Liza Strike - Backing Vocals
Peter Vanderpuije, George Lee, Eddie Quansah - Horns


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Steve Marriott's All Stars - Clear Through the Night

Steve Marriott's All Stars - Clear Through the Night - 1999  

01. Midnight Rollin'
02. Wham Bam Thank You Mam
03. Street Rat
04. High n Happy
05. Ruthy
06. Shake
07. Don't Take But a Few Minutes
08. Cocaine
09. Bluegrass Interval
10. You're a Heartbreaker
11. Be My Baby
12. It's All Over
13. The Things You Do
14. Lord Help Me Hold Out
15. I Need a Star in My Life
16. Signed Sealed
17. The Times They Are A Changin'

Steve Marriott - Guitar
Greg Ridley - Bass
Ian Wallace - Drums
Mickey Finn - Keyboards


Clem Clemson - Guiitar
Boz Burrell - Bass
Mel Collins - Saxophone, Horns
BJ Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
Tim Hinckley, Dave Foster - Keyboards
Joe Vicki Brown, Dave Hynes, Lavinia Rodgers, Venetta Rodgers, Clyde King - Vocals