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Steve Marriott - Rainy Changes

Steve Marriott - Rainy Changes - 2005

This 2CD set features over 25 previously unreleased tracks ranging from alternative versions of 1970's Humble Pie classics right through to the very last recordings he made with Peter Frampton, in Los Angeles, just weeks before he died in 1991. Also included is the 'lost' Official Receivers studio album from 1987 (CD2, tracks 2-14)) which also includes contributions from his 80's Blackberries!, PP Arnold, Sam Brown anbd Margo Buchanan. Add to that the inclusion of the track thought of as the Marriott Holy Grail, the orchestral version of Jo Brown's song 'Soldier'. This previously unreleased track was touted as a possible single back in 1977.


01. Banter
02. Poor Mans Rich Man
03. Banter
04. Thirty Day Shuffle
05. Heartbreaker
06. Midnight of My Life
07. Get Down to It
08. It's All Over
09. Think
10. Banter
11. Sea of Change
12. I Need Your Love (Like a Fish Needs a Raincoat) [Home Demo]
13. Let's Spend the Night Together
14. Infatuation
15. Jesus Loves Me
16. Soldier
17. Rainy Changes
18. Toe Rag
19. Poll Tax Blues
20. Banter


01. They Call It Love (But It Smells Like Pussy)
02. Run Rudolph Run
03. Nobody But You
04. Phone Call Away
05. If You Find What Your're Looking For
06. Say the Word
07. Sweet Nuthins
08. Looking Through at You
09. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl
10. Some Kind of Wonderful
11. Save Your Love for Me
12. Itch You Can't Scratch
13. Two Lane Fever
14. Paying the Price
15. I Never Loved a Woman
16. Stay with Me Baby
17. Oh Well
18. Out of the Blue
19. I Won't Let You Down
20. Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall

+@320 CD 1 
+@320 CD 2

I Don't Need no Mic

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Rock Aid Armenia All Stars - Smoke on The Water

Rock Aid Armenia All Stars - Smoke on The Water - The Metropolis Sessions - 2010

from filemusicmedia

A devastating earthquake rips through the city leaving tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. No, I’m not writing about any one of the natural disasters to have plagued our planet over the last year or so. Sadly, history has a way of repeating itself and Mother Nature is one cruel bitch. 

The year was 1988 and a 6.9 magnitude earthquake tore through Armenia. International charity campaigner, Jon Dee was there working at getting coverage of the devastation and he was so horrified by what he saw (particularly the images of people carrying child size coffins) that he felt compelled todo something and hence, “Smoke On The Water-The Metropolis Sessions” was born. It was to be a reworking of the Deep Purple classic, a song that is almost instilled into our brains at birth and certainly one that any aspiring guitarist worth his weight will work through at some point.

The list of collaborators, i.e. the members of the super group reads like a veritable who’s who of classic and heavy rock. Consider: Dave Gilmour, Brian May, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi,  Paul Rodgers, Bruce Dickinson,  Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Squire, Alex Lifeson, Keith Emerson, Geoff Beauchamp, Roger Taylor, Geoff Downes and Bryan Adams. Perhaps Messer Gillan put it best when he admitted that the project had given him the opportunity to meet his hero (May) and the fact he seemed a little start struck shows it can happen to the best of us!


01. Smoke on The Water (2010 Wermut and Dee Remix)
02. Smoke on The Water (1989 Original Mix)
03. Smoke on The Water (1990 Radio Mix)
04. Smoke on The Water (1989 Ian Gillan Vocal Session)


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Bonnie Bramlett - Memories

Bonnie Bramlett - Memories - 1978

01. Holdin' On To You
02. Writing On The Wall
03. Except For Real
04. Lies

05. I've Just Seen A Face
06. Can't Find My Way Home
07. The Flame Blinds The Moth
08. Can't Stay
09. Memories

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Steve Beckmeier, Ricky Hirsch - Guitar
Deke Richards - Guitar, Electric Piano (2,6,8)
Jim Nalls - Guitar (5, 9)
David Pinkston - Steel Guitar (3)
Fred Beckmeier - Bass
Robert Martin - Piano, Organ, Saxophone
Jay Armentrout - Drums
Joe English - Drums (3, 8)
Clydie King, Venetta Fields, Shirley Matthews - Backing Vocals
Joel Ferguson - Banjo (6)
Jack Gold - Percussion (9)

+@128 LP-Rip

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Simon Kirke - Filling The Void

Simon Kirke - Filling The Void - 2011

Having spent over four decades kicking out the jams with the likes of English blues rockers Free ("All Right Now," "Wishing Well") and their hard rock successors Bad Company ("Feel Like Makin' Love," "Can't Get Enough," "Shooting Star"), Simon Kirke is stepping out from behind the skins for his first proper studio album, the straightforward and polished Filling the Void.

While Kirke plays drums, piano, bass, and guitar throughout this contemporary rock set, the New York-based, south London-bred musician showcases his sharp guitar skills as well as his honest and heartfelt vocal prowess. Such an endeavor has been a long time coming, as Kirke reveals that a stint in rehab for substance abuse just under a decade ago truly inspired him to pen the small indie release, Seven Rays of Hope, in 2005, and ultimately encouraged him to get his singing out there.

Read More HERE

01. Filling The Void

02. I Want You Back
03. Message From The Lost
04. Angel in My Eyes
05. Over There
06. Jaunty Sarcasm
07. Melting On Madison
08. Fly To Your Side
09. Make Up Your Mind
10. Talk To The Hand
11. Going Home
12. One Day Closer to You


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The Sheepdogs - Five Easy Pieces


The Sheepdogs - Five Easy Pieces (EP) - 2011

from wikipedia

The Sheepdogs are a Canadian rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, consisting of Ewan Currie on vocals and guitar, Leot Hanson on guitar, Ryan Gullen on bass and Sam Corbett on drums

The Sheepdogs beat 15 other bands to win Rolling Stone's "Choose The Cover" competition to be featured on the August 18, 2011 cover of Rolling Stone magazine, the first unsigned act to do so. The band is also close to signing with Atlantic Records. The band is planning to go on tour with Kings of Leon.

The band released several recordings independently prior to their Rolling Stone victory.

01. Who?

02. I Don't Know
03. The Middle Road
04. Learn My Lesson
05. How Late, How Long


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Mike Gibbins - Archeology

Mike Gibbins - Archeology - 2002

By Jason Ankeny & Bruce Eder from AMG

Mike Gibbins spent a decade, from 1965 through 1975, as the drummer for the Iveys and their better-known successor group, Badfinger - that alone made him one of the more visible musicians to emerge from what might be called the British Invasion's "third wave," out of the orbit of the Beatles' Apple Records. He was one of two members of the group left behind following a pair of tragic suicides, and he led reorganized versions of "Badfinger" into the 1980s and beyond, often in competition with fellow surviving member Joey Molland. Born Michael George Gibbins in Swansea, Wales, in 1949, he grew up in a crowded household that included six older sisters - he later claimed he took up drumming just so he could be heard. Actually, he was a natural drummer, responding to rhythms and generating them on anything that came into his hands, enough so that his father got him his first drum kit when Mike was 14. He passed through various local groups, including the Planets, the Club Four, and the Misfits, over the next few years. 

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01. Heavy Weather (Gibbins)
02. To The River (Gibbins)

03. Listen To Me (Gibbins)
04. Sad The Clown (Gibbins)
05. Dead Ratz (Warsing/Chapman/Gibbins)
06. The Golden One (Gibbins)
07. Dream Harder (Gibbins)
08. Love Is Lookin' Over Me (Gibbins)

Mike Gibbins - Vocals, Drums, Piano
Paul Chapman - Guitar (5, 7)
Rick Warsing - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Rick Weidley - Electric Violin (1, 3)
Ron Griffiths - Lead Vocal (4)


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Steve Holley - The Reluctant Dog

Steve Holley - The Reluctant Dog - 2003

By Joe Viglione from AMG
Journeyman drummer Steve Holley has provided some of the most solid and creative beats for Paul McCartney, Kiki Dee, Joe Cocker, Julian Lennon, Ian Hunter over the years, and though he recorded a couple of tracks in the U.K. in January of 1980 (included here), those beats never got the opportunity to be heard backing him up until the release of The Reluctant Dog, a 13-track collection of melodies and feelings that are well worth the wait. For those put off by the manufactured pop that Phil Collins runs off the assembly line, The Reluctant Dog will provide much satisfaction. Produced by Holley and bassist/guitarist Keith Lentin, the album is chock-full of surprises -- the short and sweet instrumental "Punta del Este (with daughter Amanda Holley on flute) and a bubbling Genesis-like "Entertain You" to mention just two. Holley (also listed in many credits over the years as Holly without the "e") delivers splashes of Beatles on one of the early tracks, "For Better or for Worse," which resembles the Fab Four's "Free as a Bird" phase, though recorded 15 years before that classic hit the Top Ten. This early recording features Holley on vocals, glockenspiel, piano, and drums, with Nick Pearson's electric guitar and Phil Curtis on bass. The drummer was concerned about adding the two decade-old tracks into this mix, but they bring much to the set.

"Living for Today," the other number from the British sessions, features Wings bandmate Denny Laine on harmony vocals and, with all due respect to Laine (who has numerous classics on his solo recordings), this particular tune would have fit on a Wings album much better than the items Laine chose to contribute to Paul McCartney's band. The keyboards sound accordion-like, an instrument that Sean Fleming brings to the very next track, "Da Da Da, Dee Dee Dee." If it had the chance, "Just Say Goodbye" might have been the perfect sequel to Julian Lennon's biggest hit, "Too Late for Goodbyes," with a slower tempo and darker tones. It's one of the best of many superior tracks. As Joey Molland's This Way Up and Ian McLagan's Best of British were powerful statements by sidemen who were involved in greatness, Steve Holley's work here also demands attention. Titles like "She Gives to Me" and "What Are You Looking For?" would have certainly made noise in another time. Let's hope this material finds the audience it deserves and doesn't go the way of many a Kiki Dee album -- brilliant work lost in the shuffle that is this business of music. The Angel Air label is intent on releasing all things related to Mott the Hoople and Ian Hunter, and The Reluctant Dog is a nice addition to the collection, resplendent in its colorful eight-page booklet containing lyrics, credits, and photos. It's more than an impressive first album and one that should have seen the light of day long before 2003. "Everything Ends Sometime" and "Living for Today" also deserve mention.

Steve Holley - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
Keith Lentin - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion
Justin Jordan - Slide Guitar
Huw Gower - Electric 12-string guitar
Benny Landa - 12-string guitar, Slide Guitar
Lance Doss - Lap Steel Guitar
Amanda Holley - Flute

01. What Are You Looking For?           
02. So Help Me God           
03. Punta Del Este           
04. Evermore           
05. Stronger Everyday

06. Everything Ends Sometime
07. Living for the Day           
08. Da Da, Dee Dee Dee, Da           
09. To Entertain You           
10. For better or worse           
11. Just Say Goodbye           
12. She Gives to Me           
13. Out of England


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George Terry - Guitar Drive

George Terry - Guitar Drive - 2004

from Wikipedia

George Terry is an American blues rock and rock and roll guitarist most known for his live and studio work with Eric Clapton during the 1970s and studio work with a long list of artists. Prior to joining Clapton's band, George was already a well-known South Florida guitarist and session musician and had played with several notable bands including "GAME" who released two albums in 1970 and 1971. George was the featured lead guitarist, bassist, and writer of several tunes on both.

Clapton recorded three of Terry's songs, "Mainline Florida", "Lay Down Sally", "Don't Blame Me". Terry was a member of Clapton's studio and touring band until 1979 when it was dissolved.

Here are some of the better known artists George Terry has done recordings with: Maguin, Clark & Hillman (The Birds), Buddy Miles, Mike Bloomfield (The Electric Flag), Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker, Freddie King, Paul Anka, Dion Demucci (Dion and the Bellmonts), Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, The Bellamy Brothers, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, ABBA, Dionne Warwick, Barbara Streisand,Olivia Newton-John, The Bee Gees, Barry Gibb, Andy Gibb (All his albums), Frankie Vallie (The Movie "Grease" soundtrack), Betty Wright,  Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills and Eric Clapton.

01. That Ain't You
02. It's Only Make Believe
03. She's My Harley Davidson

04. Let Me Stay
05. Don't Ask Me
06. Off to See the Moon
07. Long Way Down
08. Only Love Can Save Me Tonight
09. All Possible Dreams
10. It's Alright
11. Wild Life
12. You Blame It All
13. Get It Right


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Humble Pie - The Atlanta Years

Humble Pie - The Atlanta Years - 2006
review from classicrockmusicblog
Humble Pie’s The Atlanta Years could just as well be called Steve Marriott, The Atlanta Years, as he is the driving force behind these recordings. The singer/songwriter/guitarist had relocated to the Peach State in the 1980s and re-formed Humble Pie once again after the lineup (Marriott, guitarist Bobby Tench, bassist Anthony Jones and drummer Jerry Shirley) from an earlier re-formed Pie called it quits in 1981.

That said, The Atlanta Years is worth investigating. Nine studio cuts are appended with seven live performances from Marriott’s Atlanta days. The studio sides find Marriott still capable of delivering the bluesy rock that he built his name on. His voice is still full of raspy splendor on  “Heartbreaker,” a funky organ-driven R&B shuffle, and laced with whiskey on “Ain’t You Glad (New York Can’t Talk).” The Cockney swagger of “Poor Man’s Rich Man” is classic Marriott, and a bridge between his time with the Small Faces and Humble Pie. The songs have a work-in-progress feel, but are still developed enough to stand on their own. The live cuts are sweaty slices of Marriott in his element. Listen as he takes the crowd through the 15-minute assault of “I Don’t Need No Doctor” or the cranky “Hallelujah I Love Her So,” full of tight guitar licks and double entendres.

Though Marriott lived the rock star life, he was virtually destitute for years. A very personal interview with ex-wife Pam Stephens reveals the couple’s daily struggles of just having enough to eat, all the while being holed up in a Southern mansion. Marriott was a challenging but engaging personality, enough so to keep fans and hangers-on coming back for more until the larger-than-life musician’s life was cut down by a house fire in 1991. Just as talk of a reunion with original Humble Pie mate Peter Frampton was surfacing, Marriott was taken away. In Atlanta, Marriott sang “Trouble You Can’t Fool Me,” and he was singing from experience.

CD 01 - Chattanooga Tennessee 1982 (In the studio)

01. Heartbreaker
02. Ain't You Glad (New York Can't Talk)
03. Sweet Nuthins
04. Trouble You Can't Fool Me
05. Poor Mans Rich Man
06. Middle Age Anxiety

07. Lonely No More
08. I Need a Love
09. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl
10. John Hellier interviews Steve's ex wife, Pam Stephens

CD 02 - Annie’s Club Cincinatti Ohio 1983 (Live in concert)

01. Whatcha Gonna do About It
02. Fool For a Pretty Face

03. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
04. Five Long Years
05. A Rude Little Ditty / Drums Solo / 30 Days In The Hole
06. I Don't Need No Doctor
07. Big Train Stops At Memphis /  Walking The Dog

N.B - Reforçando: Embora o título possa supor tratar-se de uma coletânea do Humble Pie, esse disco é na verdade um álbum de Steve Marriott lançado pela wappingwharf, com material inédito em estúdio e um show completo.  A qualidade do áudio do disco ao vivo assemelha-se à de um excelente soundboard.