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Steve Marriott - Rainy Changes

Steve Marriott - Rainy Changes - 2005

This 2CD set features over 25 previously unreleased tracks ranging from alternative versions of 1970's Humble Pie classics right through to the very last recordings he made with Peter Frampton, in Los Angeles, just weeks before he died in 1991. Also included is the 'lost' Official Receivers studio album from 1987 (CD2, tracks 2-14)) which also includes contributions from his 80's Blackberries!, PP Arnold, Sam Brown anbd Margo Buchanan. Add to that the inclusion of the track thought of as the Marriott Holy Grail, the orchestral version of Jo Brown's song 'Soldier'. This previously unreleased track was touted as a possible single back in 1977.


01. Banter
02. Poor Mans Rich Man
03. Banter
04. Thirty Day Shuffle
05. Heartbreaker
06. Midnight of My Life
07. Get Down to It
08. It's All Over
09. Think
10. Banter
11. Sea of Change
12. I Need Your Love (Like a Fish Needs a Raincoat) [Home Demo]
13. Let's Spend the Night Together
14. Infatuation
15. Jesus Loves Me
16. Soldier
17. Rainy Changes
18. Toe Rag
19. Poll Tax Blues
20. Banter


01. They Call It Love (But It Smells Like Pussy)
02. Run Rudolph Run
03. Nobody But You
04. Phone Call Away
05. If You Find What Your're Looking For
06. Say the Word
07. Sweet Nuthins
08. Looking Through at You
09. Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl
10. Some Kind of Wonderful
11. Save Your Love for Me
12. Itch You Can't Scratch
13. Two Lane Fever
14. Paying the Price
15. I Never Loved a Woman
16. Stay with Me Baby
17. Oh Well
18. Out of the Blue
19. I Won't Let You Down
20. Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall

+@320 CD 1 
+@320 CD 2

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Thank you for the post

Only Good Song disse...


Fun garantee!

Dead or Alive disse...

Me mande um email prq não tenho o seu, deixei um recado no lugar certo mas não sei se foi,rs

LR disse...

Anybody else have a problem with Disc 1, Track 12, I Need Your Love (Like A Fish Needs A Raincoat) (Home Demo 1987).mp3 ? Extracts to a 6,333 KB file, but doesn't play and is not recognized as a MP3 file.

Only Good Song disse...

really exists a error
i will make a new upload for this track tomorrow

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Disc 1 track 12, new upload:
6,18 mb

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Thanks for the quick fix and great site!