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Rock Aid Armenia All Stars - Smoke on The Water

Rock Aid Armenia All Stars - Smoke on The Water - The Metropolis Sessions - 2010

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A devastating earthquake rips through the city leaving tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. No, I’m not writing about any one of the natural disasters to have plagued our planet over the last year or so. Sadly, history has a way of repeating itself and Mother Nature is one cruel bitch. 

The year was 1988 and a 6.9 magnitude earthquake tore through Armenia. International charity campaigner, Jon Dee was there working at getting coverage of the devastation and he was so horrified by what he saw (particularly the images of people carrying child size coffins) that he felt compelled todo something and hence, “Smoke On The Water-The Metropolis Sessions” was born. It was to be a reworking of the Deep Purple classic, a song that is almost instilled into our brains at birth and certainly one that any aspiring guitarist worth his weight will work through at some point.

The list of collaborators, i.e. the members of the super group reads like a veritable who’s who of classic and heavy rock. Consider: Dave Gilmour, Brian May, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi,  Paul Rodgers, Bruce Dickinson,  Ritchie Blackmore, Chris Squire, Alex Lifeson, Keith Emerson, Geoff Beauchamp, Roger Taylor, Geoff Downes and Bryan Adams. Perhaps Messer Gillan put it best when he admitted that the project had given him the opportunity to meet his hero (May) and the fact he seemed a little start struck shows it can happen to the best of us!


01. Smoke on The Water (2010 Wermut and Dee Remix)
02. Smoke on The Water (1989 Original Mix)
03. Smoke on The Water (1990 Radio Mix)
04. Smoke on The Water (1989 Ian Gillan Vocal Session)


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