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2nd Vision - Firsts Steps

2nd Vision - Firsts Steps - 1980
from wikipedia
2nd Vision was a British jazz-rock band notable for including guitarist John Etheridge and violinist Ric Sanders, both former members of Soft Machine. It released the album First Steps, which has been re-released on Blueprint Records (Voiceprint Group) in 2006.

The roots of 2nd Vision were sown in 1977 when Sanders invited keyboard player Dave Bristow and drummer Mickey Barker, both of whom he'd already played with in his Birmingham days, to form an improvising unit named Surrounding Silence, which debuted at the Riverside Jazz Festival in August 1977.

After Etheridge and ex-Gryphon bassist Jonathan Davie joined them, the band, renamed 20/20 Vision, played a well-received gig at the Alexandra Palace in May 1979. The band were offered a management deal by Jo Lustig, who had already represented the likes of Richard Thompson, Pentangle and the Chieftains, and signed with Chrysalis, recording their debut LP in the autumn of 1979, with John Cameron producing. The material was composed by either Sanders or Bristow, with Etheridge contributing one piece, a new version of his Soft Machine solo acoustic guitar piece "Etika".

"It was a jazz-rock group, in the mould of Weather Report, Mahavishnu, that kind of things", Etheridge remembered. "The one album we made was a very good record. It sounds dated now of course, because it was done using the Yamaha CS-80... But of all the records that I've made, it's the one that the most trouble was taken over making. I was very pleased with the guitar on it, we took a lot of time to do it. I was quite happy with that... But this was in the late 70's, so it was all punk and new-wave...".

The album was launched with a four-night residency at London's Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on May 7–10, 1980, with a different guest (Richard Thompson, Gordon Giltrap, Jethro Tull's David Palmer, June Tabor) joining the band each night. Unfortunately, all the British music papers went on strike for several weeks, so there was almost no coverage of the event, and the album failed to sell. 

01. Ice Bells
02. Dancing Circle
03. Putting Out The Bish
04. August 4
05. First Steps
06. Even In Sadness
07. Star Dance
08. Coanda
09. Wynsmead

John Etheridge - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Ric Sanders - Violin
Dave Bristow - Piano, Electric Piano & Synths
Jonathan Davie - Bass
Micky Barker - Drums, Percussion

NB: It was originally titled First Steps, and was by Second Vision. When it was reissued in 2000, it was re-titled "Second Vision"  and listed as being by John Etheridge and Ric Sanders.


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Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation

Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation - 2009

from allthatisheavy.com
The members of Aeolian Race may like to dress in psychedelic colors and rock out to the Beatles and the Doors, but when you listen to their jarring time changes, skittering guitar work, and brutal precision, it doesn't take long to realize they are knee-deep in prog rock.

I'll bet these guys have a lot of Pink Floyd albums in their collections, especially the early ones. And some of the mid-period King Crimson ones, too. The result of the melding of all these different influences and directions is an album that's definitely rooted in prog / psych tropes, but still poppy enough to appeal to people beyond prog and psych circles. There's plenty of tripped-out freakouts and psychotronic guitar to keep the acid-heads happy, but the more pop-oriented structures and vocals make their potential appeal much broader than one might first suspect. This is definitely worth checking out.

01. The Hidden Queen Of The Drone Throne
02. Hawks
03. Dead Soldier's Brain
04. Insanity
05. Tethys Ocean
06. The Great SpaceCoaster
07. Lady Blue
08. Alligator
09. Stillborn
10. The Caspian Sea

Mike Elliott - Guitar, Vocal
Adam Abrams - Bass, Vocal
Andrew Nicklas - Drums


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Doug Brockie's Jet Bluesbrakers - From Humble Origins

Doug Brockie's Jet Bluesbrakers - From Humble Origins - 2011

From Humble Origins é um CD com  cover de 11 canções, que, como diz o guitarrista, foram essenciais em sua juventude e forjou a sua música. Esse álbum ele dedicou aos seus Mestres Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Son House, Elmore James, Howlin Wolf, Albert King, Michael Bloomfield, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, BB king, Eric Clapton, Duane e Greg Allman, Willie Dixon, Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughn e Jim Morrison.

01. Outside Woman Blues
02. Rollin And Tumblin
03. I Love Everybody
04. Memory Pain
05. The Good Love
06. Politician
07. Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
08. Born Under a Bad Sign
09. Mean Town Blues
10. Rock Me Baby
11. Sunshine Of Your Love

Doug Brockie - Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Janoff- Bass, Vocals.
Stevie Maury - Drums



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Fifty Foot Hose - Sing Like Scanffold AND Live And Unrealeased (Two Re-Posts)

Fifty Foot Hose - Sing Like Scaffold - 1996

San Francisco’s Fifty Foot Hose were certainly one of the innovators of a sound that took Psychedelia to new heights and was captured on the band’s one record, “Cauldron”. Band leader, Cork Marcheschi, used homemade electronic devices to create crude and experimental soundscapes and instrumental compostitions that were sprinkled throughout the album. However, these passages are not characteristic of the whole albums. “Cauldron” passes through many other styles, which include Folk & Jazz and is anchored by Nancy Blossom’s Grace Slick-esque vocals, creating a wholly unique listening experience. In addition to his work sculpting, Cork Marcheschi brought the Hose back to the public eye for a new record in 1996 and still performs periodically. 

Cork Marcheschi - Electronics
Elizabeth Perry - Vocals
Walter Funk III - Electronics
Reid Johnston - Guitube, Guitar, Horns, Harmonium
Lenny Bove - Bass, Electronics, Vocals
Dean Cook - Drums

01. Fantasy
02. Volumentric Overscan
03. I Flew at the Speed of Smell           
04. 5: 00 to 5:11:33           
05. Cameltracks           
06. Jet Lag           
07. Birds
08. Picture the Sky           
09. You Ruuuined Me (L. Bove)

Fifty Foot Hose - Live And Unrealeased - 1997

01. If Not This Time
02. The Rose (6:18)
03.  Lenny's Tune
04. Roll Out The Larvae
05. God Bless The Child
06. Cauldron
07. Red The Sign Post
08. Come Home It's Time For Dinner

Elizabeth Perry - Vocals
Nancy Blossom - Vocals
Cork Marcheschi - Electronics
Walter Funk III - Electronics
David Blossom  - Guitar, Piano
Larry Evans - Guitar, Vocals
Reid Johnston - Guitar, Horns, Harmonium
Lenny Bove - Bass, Electronics, Vocals
Terry Hansley - Bass
Kim Kimsey - Drums, percussion
Dean Cook - Drums

+@320 Sing Like....

+@192 Live

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FreightTrain - The Great Space Coaster

FreightTrain - The Great Space Coaster - 2005

Antes de gravarem este primeiro e único disco, a Freightrain se estabeleceu como um banda ao vivo, tendo feito em 2004 cerca de 150 shows. E segundo pouca coisa que consegui obter sobre eles, este disco incorpora esse gosto de "ao vivo", com boas jams.

Este disco foi o primeiro e único. E não deveria ser. O som, além de ser competentemente executado, passeia entre o rock 'n' roll básico e sem frescuras (como em "Mexico"), passando por pegadas mais jazz, presente em "Boogie on Brighton Ave"; funkeado como em "Give Me a Sign", além de muito space rock como na faixa-título ou uma boa Jam como em "Dog".

Esse álbum é um verdadeiro caleidoscópio musical. Tem Rock, Jazz, Blues, Psico.... nem todos tão claros, mas todos perfeitamente sincronizados como numa incrível e contínua jam.

Dos integrantes da banda, Mike Eliott e Adam Abrams mais tarde ainda tentaram a vida formando a Aerolian Race, num som nos mesmos moldes e que também teve vida curta, registrando igualmente um único álbum. Mas isso é para um próximo post (talvez).

01. Boogie On Brighton Avenue
02. Give Me A Sign
03. Farm Song
04. The Great Space Coaster
05. Dog
06. Brown
07. Noon
08. Mean Old Betty
09. Fhetha
10. Whiskey Mouth
11. Mexico
12. Make Up Yer Mind

Benjamin Cuiffo - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Elliott - Guitar, Vocals
Yoshino Ishii - Keys, Saxophone
Adam Abrams - Bass
Jim Levin - Drums, Vocals


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The Alabama State Troupers - Road Show AND Live Troupers For The Lord

The Alabama State Troupers - Road Show - 1972

from Amazon
One of the great, lost, legendary live albums in '70s rock finally sees a legitimate, full-length release with Real Gone Music's deluxe, two-CD issue of The Alabama State Troupers: Road Show. The brainchild of Elektra president Jac Holzman and Memphis music legend Don Nix, the 'Troupers were supposed to be a traveling roadshow highlighting the talents of various Southern musicians who were signed to Elektra, most prominently Nix, singer Jeanie Greene (best known for her work with Elvis and at Muscle Shoals), and guitarist Lonnie Mack. Days before the tour, Mack quit, having had a self-described Biblical vision telling him not to go, so Nix found quite the replacement: legendary bluesman Furry Lewis, whose solo set takes up the first side of the double album. The rest of the record features Nix and Greene with what amounts to be the backup group of your Southern R&B wet dreams; dubbed the Mt. Zion Band and Choir, it featured such stellar talents as guitarists Wayne Perkins and Tippy Armstrong, vocalists Marlin Greene and Brenda Patterson, keyboardist Clayton Ivey, bassist Bob Wray and other Muscle Shoals sidemen. Recorded at two October 1971 California performances, Road Show is kind of like the American version of Joe Cocker s Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour, a rollicking, boisterous and most of all soulful blend of gospel, R&B and rock in which one can hear the nascent stirrings of what would come to be known as Southern rock a little later in the decade.

CD 1
01. Furry's Blues
02. Brownsville
03. I'm Black
04. A Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird
05. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
06. Amos Burke
07. Mighty Time
08. Jesus on the Mainline
09. Mary Louise
10. Yes, I Do Understand

CD 2
01. Opening
02. Living in the Country
03. Joa-Bim
04. Dixie
05. Heavy Makes You Happy
06. Iuka
07. Asphalt Outlaw Hero
08. Olena
09. My Father's House
10. Going Down


The Alabama State Troupers - Live Troupers For The Lord - 2010

An other album only with GOSPEL SONGS from the Tour

01. Oh What A Mighty Time
02. Christian Cowboy
03. Jesus On The Mainline
04. I Been A Long Time Gone
05. Mary Louise
06. Living In The Country
07. Oh Yes I Do Understand
08. Let The Children Know
09. The Lord Be Right
10. My Train Done Come And Gone?
11. I Saw The Light



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The Long And Winding Road

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Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman - LIVE

Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman - LIVE - 1997

from AMG
Two years after the demise of the Grateful Dead, guitarist/singer Bob Weir put a tentative toe in the water of a post-Dead career with this release, his first non-Dead disc since 1984. Part of what made it so tentative was that it was in fact archival material, all but one track coming from the fall of 1988, and that one from the summer of 1992. Weir has been touring with bassist Wasserman since their partnership began with the show recorded for this album, in recent years with extra players under the name Ratdog. Most of the material here is familiar from the Dead's repertoire ("Victim or the Crime," "Throwing Stones") or Weir's ("Looks Like Rain," "Heaven Help the Fool"). But especially when the two break into "Walkin' Blues," the spare acoustic guitar/bass arrangements are liable to remind you not so much of the Dead as of Hot Tuna. Of course, Weir doesn't have Jorma Kaukonen's chops, but he is an enthusiastic singer, and Wasserman remains a wonderfully melodic bass player.

01. Festival
02. Walkin' Blues
03. The Winners
04. KC Moan
05. Victim Or The Crime
06. Looks Like Rain
07. Easy To Slip
08. Fever
09. Eternity
10. This Time Forever
11. Shade Of Grey
12. Heaven Help The Fool
13. Blue Sky Bop
14. Throwing Stones

Bob Weir - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rob Wasserman - Electric Upright Bass


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3 Twins - De Nada!

3 Twins - De Nada! - 2013

The 3 Twins started as a trio in 1998 for three members of the Subdudes; John Magnie, Steve Amedee, Tim Cook and friends will be joining

01. Ride Your Pony
02. Station On Down The Line
03. How Could You Not?
04. Now I See
05. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine
06. Little Bird
07. I’ll Never Get Out Of  This World Alive
08. Since Then
09. The Best Place
10. I Always Cry At The Movies

John Magnie – Vocals, Accordion, Piano
Tim Cook – Vocals
Steve Amadee – Drums
Nicole Zentvelo -Vocals
Marty Rein – Bass
Johnny Giordanengo – Trombone
Phoung Nguyen – Sax
Greta Cornett – Trumpet