terça-feira, 29 de agosto de 2017

The Jimmy Nalls Project

The Jimmy Nalls Project - 2017

Guitarist Jimmy Nalls, who died in late June after 20 years afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, lost his ability to play but he never lost the admiration of his fellow guitar players in and out of Music City. Over two years, a number of leading pickers and studio musicians worked pro bono to finish an album Nalls had started. The final product is The Jimmy Nalls Project, which was released just days before Nalls fell at his home and died from his injuries.


Ray Kennedy
D.L. (Dave) Duncan
Lee Roy Parnell
Guthrie Trapp
Brent Maher
Rick Wheeler

And on tracks:

01. Woody And Wire
Gary Nicholson
Charles "Chopper" Anderson
Lynn Williams
Brad Whitford

02. Natural Thing
Robben Ford
Chuck Leavell
Larry Carlton
Brian Allen
Wes Little

03. I Miss The Road
JD Simo
Joe Bonamassa

04. Steal My Heart Away
Jack Pearson

05. One More Chance
Buddy Greene
Dave Pomeroy

06. Just Let Go
Kenny Greenberg
Jimmy Hall

07. Hearts Desire
Warren Haynes
Johnny Hiland
Brent Mason
Herb Shucher
Mandy Shucher


quarta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2017

Steve Gibbons - Chasing Tales

Steve Gibbons - Chasing Tales - 2008

Chasing Tales, was the first record with original compositions since 1996, tracks paths of related pub rocker beyond the 60, Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins salute. Like his eternity Bob Dylan, Gibbons first set his sights behind the controls, transparency and airiness of the production. This work is a mixture of blues, jazz ballad, gypsy swing, calypso and rock.

01. Where Was I Last Night?
02. The Chase
03. Velda
04. Stuck in a Groove
05. The King S New Clothes
06. Jazz
07. Bad Day at the Office
08. Hot Club in Drreamland
09. Still in the Dark
10. Darwin and All That
11. Limbo No More
12. Wonderful Life


sábado, 19 de agosto de 2017

Ross - Ross

Ross -  Ross - 1974

Guitarist Alan Ross played on 2 of John Entwistle's solo albums in the early 70's, "Whistle Rhymes" and "Rigor Mortis Sets In". He was also part of Entwistle's touring band during that period. In 1973, he played guitar on Tim Hardin's album "Painted Head". That same year, he formed a band called Ro-Ro with bass player Warwick Rose and they released an album called "Meet At The Water" on the Regal Zonophone label. By 1974, he formed the group "Ross" with former Indian Summer keyboard player Bob Jackson. The band's career seemed to take off when they landed themselves a contract with RSO Records. 

They recorded 2 brilliant albums for the label, "Ross" and "The Pit And The Pendulum", released in 1974 and 1975. Eric Clapton, who was also an RSO artist toured the USA in 1974 and the Ross band was on the same bill. The band disbanded after two albums. In 1976, he appeared on the band Stars' self titled album. He released another 2 albums in 1977 and 1978, "Are You Free On Saturday" and "Restless Nights", this time for a small British label, Ebony Records under the name Alan Ross Band. In 1980, he appeared on an album by Wilson-Gale called "Gift Wrapped Set". In 1983, he played on Alexis Korner's album "Juvenile Delinquent".

01. Alright By Me
02. You're Looking Down A Road
03. Wherever You Go
04. Caroline
05. Changes
06. Help Me Understand
07. Blackbird
08. I Need Your Love
09. Buxton
10. Leave It All Behind You

Alan Ross - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Steve Emery - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Bob Jackson: Keyboards, Vocals,
Tony Fernandez: Drums, Percussion
Reuben White - Percussion


sexta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2017

JD SIMO- Burnin' Live!

JD SIMO- Burnin' Live! - 2000

Simo grew up in Chicago. He began playing guitar at the age of five. By age 15, Simo had already formed a band and released a live EP recorded in Phoenix Arizona, which sold 5,000 copies.

He quickly earned a strong local following in the Phoenix area, pleasing crowds of all ages with dynamic stage performances that showcased his guitar skills. He spent most of his teenage years touring, either in  his own solo endeavors or in various other bands.

01. Can't You Hear The Wind Howl?   
02. Lost Your Way   
03. The One   
04. Remembering You   
05. Them Changes   

J.D. Simo - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Tom Feigenbaum - Rhythm Guitar
Harley Bonham - Bass Guitar
Thomas Walker - Drums
Mindy Nilson - Backing Vocals



sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Reg King - Looking For A Dream

Reg King - Looking For A Dream - 2012

After re-releasing the official “Reg King” album and “Missing in Action” E.P., several years ago, Circle Records had every intention of releasing another complete album of the former Action vocalist’s original material soon afterwards. However, time passes and things often don’t go as planned: It was only by late 2010 that all official permissions were granted, and a further six months before restoration and editing was complete.

Recorded between Reggie leaving The Action in 1968 and the end of 1969, these songs feature his former bandmates throughout (still trading as The Action without him). With just one exception, the tracks are full-band, not just ‘acoustic sketches’ as many demo. recordings are. Aside from three tracks rescued from unlikely tape sources and an acetate, the majority are in perfect ‘finished master’ quality. For some reason, all of this material was left aside when the time came for Reggie’s 1971 album. In comparison, they are brighter and more uplifting than that record, not hampered by a similar busy / heavy production. The music ranges from the soulful pop of his Action days, shows influences of jazz and just hints at the ‘progressions’ yet to come. Nothing is overlong and all tracks show just what a tremendous songwriter the man was. This record bridge’s the gap between The Action’s “Rolled Gold” and Mr. King’s ‘official’ solo record perfectly. If it had been released as a last Action record, or as a ‘first’ solo album, maybe Reggie’s career and our and respect for him would have been even bigger. 

01. Get Up, Get Away
02. Let Me See Some Love In Your Eyes
03. You Gotta Believe Me
04. All Up To Heaven
05. So Full Of Love
06. Merry Go Round
07. Suddenly
08. Picking Up Nancy's Grin
09. In And Out
10. Put Something Together
11. Live Forever
12. Magenta
13. Thinkin' About Getting Out
14. They Must Be Talking About Me
15. You'll Be Around

Reg King - Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Martin Stone – Acoustic, Lead Guitar
Mike Evans - Bass
Roger Powell - Drums
Ian Whiteman - Hammond, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Kevin Westlake- Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Nick Jones - Congas


quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2017

The Lachy Doley Group - Live At Blues On Broadbeach 2016

The Lachy Doley Group - Live At Blues On Broadbeach 2016 - 2017

Lachy Doley is an outfit from the land Down Under, Australia. A hi-energy, howling band with a dynamic power and performance. Ever popular festival as an act in their native homeland, this release captures the essence of the band’s live performance with a roaring, rattling and raucous rip-tide of self-composed live blues, always with a driving, pushing electric base.

Tracks are powered by searing electric guitar at times, followed by some top-dollar harp work and B3 keys that simply roar along. Doley’s own vocals are always centre-stage, strong and powerful. The band itself clearly draws on the modern Chicago blues tradition for fundamental inspiration at times and never loses sight of the southern-blues edge, with a deliberate down and dirty feel that seeps out of many of the fifteen tracks on offer here.

This is music best played loud. Indeed, it’s hard to see how it could be played any other way. And, for me at any rate, this poses a minor problem. The music tends to merge, track on track, until much of it has a just too much of a similar, samey sound and quality. It can be difficult to distil live performance into a recording, and much is inevitably missed or lost in the process. I’ve no doubt at all that The Lachy Doley Group is a quality live festival act, a band of journeymen giggers who know exactly what they’re about, what sound they want and need, and achieve it easily. Sadly, for me, it all becomes just too overwhelming with this release.

01. Conviction
02. Use Me
03. Talk 1
04. Make It Up
05. Talk 2
06. Jealous Guy
07. Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give A Damn
08. If Looks Could Kill
09. Betcha I’ll Getcha
10. Talk 3
11. Stop Listening To The Blues
12. Two Leslies Are Better Than One
13. Lazy
14. Talk 4
15. Still In Love

Lachy Doley - 1957 Hammond, C3 Organ, Whammy Clavinet, Vocals
Jan Bangma - Bass
Jackie Barnes - Drums