quarta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2017

Steve Gibbons - Chasing Tales

Steve Gibbons - Chasing Tales - 2008

Chasing Tales, was the first record with original compositions since 1996, tracks paths of related pub rocker beyond the 60, Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins salute. Like his eternity Bob Dylan, Gibbons first set his sights behind the controls, transparency and airiness of the production. This work is a mixture of blues, jazz ballad, gypsy swing, calypso and rock.

01. Where Was I Last Night?
02. The Chase
03. Velda
04. Stuck in a Groove
05. The King S New Clothes
06. Jazz
07. Bad Day at the Office
08. Hot Club in Drreamland
09. Still in the Dark
10. Darwin and All That
11. Limbo No More
12. Wonderful Life


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